Tips & Results 29th June 2019; Sunshine Coast Track Heavy, Rosehill Track Heavy; Caulfield Track Soft

Brisbane Races
BR11.h6 Jeweliana 2. h3 Embattled 3. h11 Karaja 4. h7 Kaoru King

Karaja(1.5L) 2nd/$1.70, Jeweliana 3rd/$1.60

BR21.h2 Tycoon Ace 2. h9 Bachelor’s Art 3. h1 Tarzan 4. h4 Boomwaa

Tarzan First $4.70/$1.50, Bachelor’s Art 3rd/n.t.d., Boomwaa 4th($10)

BR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h12 Red Colour 2. h6 Hingus Rose 3. h4 Savacool 4. h2 Aqua Vite

Red Colour First $6.40/$2.30, Savacool 2nd/$1.80; Q/Ex; $11.70/$30.30

BR41.h10 Bella Success 2. h9 Angel Dane 3. h14 All That Is 4. h3 Le Dude

Le Dude(3.8L) 2nd/$6.30

BR5 TRIFECTA1. h5 Denarius 2. h4 Tisani Magic 3. h11 Removal 4. h7 Tardis

Tisani Magic First $8.80/$2.80, Removal 2nd/$1.80, Tardis 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; $132.50; Q/Ex; $18.30/$42

BR61. h9 Baccarat Baby 2. h1 Leonardo De Hinchi 3. h11 Zavance 4. h14 Statuesquely

Baccarat Baby First $3.80/$1.90, Zavance 3rd/$4.60

BR71.h1 Big Duke 2. h10 Travistee 3. h5 Igraine 4. h4 Saunter Boy

Igraine First $4.20/$1.90, Travistee 3rd/$2.30

BR81. h3 Jamaican Rain 2. h2 Niccanova 3. h11 Demonetization 4.4. h4 Chapter ‘n’ Verse, h21 Intrinsic

Niccanova(1.8L) 2nd/$2.90, Chapter ‘n’ Verse 3rd/$2.70

BR91. h2 Defence Missile 2. h11 Perfect Aim 3.h7 Boomtown Lass 4. h3 Blue Book

Boomtown Lass(1L) 2nd/$2.10, Perfect Aim 4th($12)

Sydney Races
SR11. h1 Mr. Wong 2. h2 Assault ‘n’ Bathory 3. h4. h16 Gemmahra 4.h6 Fortune’s Path

Assault ‘n’ Bathory(0.8L) 2nd/$4.30

SR2 TRIFECTA1. h2 So You Win 2. h6 White Boots 3. h1 Master Of Arts 4. h5 He Ekscels

He Ekscels First $19/$6.50, So You Win 2nd/$1.50, White Boots 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $171; Q/Ex; $16.50/$67.80

SR31. h6 Lilith 2. h1 Phaitos 3. h8 Think Free 4. h10 Isilmo

Phaitos(0.4L) 2nd/$1.70, Think Free 4th($5)

SR41. h7 Itz Lily 2. h8 Toryjoy 3. h16 Royal Anthem 4. h13 Celtic Love

Toryjoy First $3.90/$1.80. Itz Lily 3rd/$1.50, Celtic Love 4th($10)

SR51. h1 Destiny’s Kiss 2. h2 High Bridge 3. h9 Terwilliker4. h6 Kellstorm

High Bridge 3rd/$2.50

SR6 TRIFECTA1. h8 Handle The Truth 2. h9 Traumatised 3. h14 River Bird 4. h1 Drachfenels

River Bird First $2.90/$1.30, Traumatised 2nd/$2.50, Drachfenels 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta; $55.80; Q/Ex; $9.10/$13.70; HANDLE THE TRUTH L.SCR.

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h10 Gauloius 2. h1 Deploy 3. h4 First Hand 4. h13 Nicci’s Gold

Gaulois First $8/$2.40, First Hand 2nd/$2.90, Nicci’s Gold 4th($5.50); Q/Ex; $34.60/$71.50

SR81.h1 Bon Amis 2. h13 Gongs 3. h3 Tonsor 4. h6 Brook Magic

Tonsor 4th($21)

SR91. h3 Gayatri 2. h10 Clevannic 3. h4 Destiny’s Own 4. h11 Nicochet, h15 No Escape

No Escape First $15.40/$4.30

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h2 King Of Hastings 2. h7 Deference 3.h3 Sizzlefly 4. h6 Scorpius

King Of Hastings First $2.50/$1.20, Sizzlefly 2nd/$1.30; Q/Ex; $2.60/$5.70

MR21. h2 Five Kingdom 2. h10 Shrouded In Mist 3. h13 Tavistock Dancer 4. h11 Pria Eclipse

Pria Eclipse 3rd/$3.60, High Kingdom 4th($4.60)

MR31. h2 Persuader 2. h3 Smart Elissium 3. h5 Fabric 4. hy4 Robe De Fete

Smart Elissim First $8.20/$2.10, Fabric 3rd/$1.50, Persuader 4th/$4.40

MR41. h6 Pariano 2. h1 Tell Me 3. h2 News Girl 4. h5 Final Choice

Tell Me 4th($12)

MR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h6 Like To Think So 2. h7 Torpenhow 3. h9 Kalashani Lad 4. h4 Highland Beat

Highland Beat First $6.90/$2.10, Like to Think So 2nd/$2.30, Torpenhow 4th($5); Q/Ex; $26.40/$60.50

MR61. h1 Dogmatic 2. h2 Tysonic 3. h12 Scherzer 4. h10 Green Ivy

Dogmatic(3.5L) 2nd/$1.80

MR7 FIRST FOUR1. h5 Masculino 2. h1 Carzoff 3. h7 One More Try 4. h2 Guizot

Masculino First $3.40/$1.90, One More Try 2nd/$1.60, Guizot 3rd/n.t.d., Carzoff 4th($8); First 4; $57.80; Trifecta; $19.20; Q/Ex; $3.60/$11.20

MR8 TRIFECTA1. h5 Eurack 2. h2 Fragonard 3. h4 All About Nicci 4. h7 Miss Iano

Miss Iano First $21.30/$5.20; All About Nicci 2nd/$10, Fragonard 3rd/$2.25; Trifecta; $2,830.60; Q/Ex; $237.20/$747

MR91. h4 Street Sheik 2. h6 Elite Drake 3. h7 Angelic Spirit 4. h1 Snitzepeg, h3 Onslaught

Elite Drake First $3.10/$1.40, Onslaught 4th($19)

SR7 H10 GAULOIS($6.50); he hasn’t won for a while but we expect that to change today he handles all conditions but relishes the soft tracks. He has been racing back but could race closer today on the heavy track, if he does it could be game,set and match. 

GAULOIS($8); FIRST, enjoyed a nice run in transit got to the front at  the distance from a closing pack just too strong.

MR7 H5 MASCULINO($4.40); this horse might just take it up today with 52kgs dropping 8kgs on his last start. He loves Caulfield which is always a bonus and the only negative is that Dr. Drill was scratched and dropped his price from $8 to $4.40. He is Our Best

MASCULINO($3.40); FIRST straight to the front controlled the race way too good on the day.

BR9 H2 DEFENCE MISSILE($13); He is a wet tracker that likes this circuit and distance we expect him to roll forward here and forget his last run when 3WNC in a very strong class 6 plate and his young rider C. Gallagher has won 2 rces on him. He will give them something to catch. GIDDYUP!!!

DEFENCE MISSILE($4.40); 5th beaten 3.9L, strange run!!! finished off well.

LONGSHOT; BR5 H5 DENARIUS($51); We think he is way over the odds absolutely loves these conditions and fires second up. He gets a long way back but should be ploughing through the mud out wide at the distance. The whips will be cracking.  

DENARIUS($26); 6th beaten 2.2L; got back like we thought ran home okay 

Wet trackers are the order of the day and the Sunshine Coast in particular could be a real slogfest with some good racing there. The Glasshouse(L) at the Sunnie Coast(: Jamiacan Rain is an absolute pistol in the wet and she was a tad unlucky last week in the Tatt’s Tiara, there is a Kiwi horse in this race Demonetization($61) he is also an absolute swimmer they have raced him in 2 races since coming here both over longer distances than is his norm back to 1400m(unbeaten over this distance) today he is one that could make the exotics pay big time. Big Duke($2.50) Caloundra Cup(L) he hasn’t won in 10 goes this time in but have a look at the races he has contested is an absolute knob in the heavy conditions. Not as good as he was but he doesn’t have to be to towel this lot up. Baccarat Lady($3) Guineas(G3) just forget her last run a torrid one for sure she will go close here and Leonardo De Hinchi($11) will improve out of sight. The winter carnival really wraps up today and we are excited about the chances in spring of some horses that enjoyed the Queensland winter sunshine one in particular Brave Song he just might explode when next produced. On that futuristic note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and  “GOODLUCK” to all HORSEBUCK$ 

POST SUMMARY; GAULOIS($8) & MASCULINO($3.60) made it 2 from 2 in OUR BEST BETS HAPPY DAYS!!! Excellent value once again in our top 4 selections(16winners) for multi runner players MISS IANO $21/45, HE EXSCELS $19/46.50 and NO ESCAPE $15.40/$4.30 to name a few also a nice Trifecta MR8 $2,830 & Q/Ex $237/$747 in total 1 F4, 5 Trifectas & 7 Q/Ex’s plenty of action for all players once again. Jump on our web check out all our results past and present and while there read our WEEKLY OBSERVATIONS as well. Above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and ” GOOD LUCK” to all from  HORSEBUCK$