Tips & Results 18th May 2019 Doomben Track Soft ( upgrade), Rosehill Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h11 Sacred Day 2. h7 Fabulonh 3. h12 Dansez 4. h13 Red Colour

Red Colour First $7/$2.40, Fabulonh 2nd/$2.60; Q/Ex; $35.30/$67.40

BR21. h3Ruby Guru 2. h12 Za Za Gabor 3. h16 Guise 4. h18 Duchess Of Lennox

Duchess Of Lennox(0.2L) 2nd/$1.75, Guise 3rd/$1.59

BR31. h2 Gem Of Scotland 2. h1 Miss Cavallo 3. h8 Take Tea 4. h9 California Zimbol

Gem Of Scotland(0.1L) 2nd/$1.65

BR4 FIRST FOUR1. h1 Zoustyle 2. h4 Ronstar 3. h7 Jami Lady 4. h3 Plague Stone

Zoustyle First $1.60/$1.14, Plague Stone 2nd/$1.35, Jami Lady 3rd/n.t.d., Ronstar 4th(9.50); First Four; $46.70; Trifecta; $24.50; Q/Ex; $1.60/$2.50

BR51. h1 Quilista 2. h3 Indecision 3. h6 River Racer 4. h5 Epidemic

Quilista First $2.35/$1.26, River Racer 3rd/$1.55

BR61. h2 Mr. Marbellouz 2. h8 Volkoff 3. h7 Isaurian 4. h14 Meet Mr. Taylor

Isaurian First $2.10/$1.18

BR71. h5 Niccanova 2. h10 Chapter And Verse 3. h6 Tyzone 4. h1 I’m A Rippa

Tyzone First $11/$3.50, I’m A Ripper 3rd/$3.10, Chapter And Verse 4th($2.70)

BR81. h10 Fierce Impact 2. h12 Kenedna 3. h17 Sixties Groove 4. h1 Big Duke, h14 Savvy Cool

Kenedna First $10/$3.30, Sixties Groove 3rd/$6


MAIN QUADDIE; Isaurian/Tyzone/Kenedna/Etana; Divi; $1,770.00

1. h2 Aliferous 2. h1 Scarlet Dream 3. h14 Etana 4. h4 Light Up The Room

Etana First $4/$1.65, Aliferous 2nd/$4; Q/Ex; $27.90/$46.20

Sydney Races
SR11. h2 Espinola 2. h1 Diamond Thunder 3. h3 Hulk 4. h6 Freaky Freckles

Espinola(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Diamond Thunder 3rd/$1.40

SR21. h1 Mick The Hat 2. 9 Elm Court 3. h6 Green Riegn 4. h3 Zardoro

Elm Court First $6.50/$2.30, Green Reign 4th($3.30)

SR31. h5 Maddison Avenue 2. h2 Mushaireb 3. h1 So You Win 4. h11 Wild About Her

So You Win First $4.40/$1.65, Mushaireb 3rd/$1.45, Wild About Her 4th($21)

SR41. h4 Star Of The Seas 2. h5 Turnberry 3. h6 Savacool 4. h9 Insensata

Star Of The Seas First $3.60/$1.55


EARLY QUADDIE; Elm Court/So You Win/Star Of The Seas/Hostwin Supreme; Divi.; $2,180.00

1. h6 Call Me Royal 2. h14 Burning Crown 3. h4 Oxford Tycoon 4. h13 Hostwin Supreme

Hostwin Supreme First $10/$3.20, Call Me Royal 2nd/$1.80, Oxford Tycoon 3rd/$2.05; Trifecta; $470.10; Q/Ex; $35.10/$75.90

SR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h9 Reelim In Ruby 2. h1 Shokor4o 3. h11Alnaas 4. h3 Strome

Strome First $16/$4, Rellim In Ruby 2nd/$1.30; Q/Ex; $15.80/$51.90

SR71. h8 Emperor’s Way 2. h3 Abdon 3. h12 Live And Free 4. h14 Tamarack

Live And Free(0.3L) 3rd/$1.70

SR81. h6 Deprive 2. h14 La Chica Bella 3. h5 Newsfan 4. h7 Piracy, h16 Oriental Runner

Oriental Runner 3rd/$2.60, Newsfan 4th($7.50)

SR91. h12 Calculated 2. h2 Mapmaker 3. h3 Manhattan Mist 4. h5 Asterius, h13 Red Currant

Asterius(0.3L) 3rd/$3.30

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h7 La Lucciola 2. h11 St. Edwards Crown 3. h4 Fabulanski 4. h1 Three Legs In

La Lucciola 4th($4.20)

MR21. h8 Ice Girl 2. h11 Absolute Heaven 3. h2 Ocean Deep 4. h9 Pria Eclipse

Ice Girl 4th($9.50)

MR31. h4 Invincible Al *** 2. h2 Bandipur 3. h3 Miss Leoidas 4. h6 Super Hard

Miss Leonidas(0.4L) 2nd/$1.35, Bandipur 4th(3.70)

MR41. h2 Seberate 2. h1 Outrageous 3. h3 Big Night Out 4. h10 Ollivander

Big Night Out First $3.20/$1.40, Outrageous 4th($6)

MR51. h4 Kentucky Breeze 2. h15 Persian Empire 3. h11 Enbihaar 4. h8 Arancini

Arancini(1L) 2nd/$6.90, Kentucky Breeze 4th($18)

MR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Fidelia 2. h1 Sure Knee 3. h4 Indigo Lass 4. h6 Tysonic

Fidelia First $2.30/$1.26, Sure Knee 2nd/$1.40

MR71. h1 Declares War 2. h5 Predecessor 3. h2 Phoneme 4. h14 El Vincentore

Declares War First $6/$2.25

MR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h7 Masculino 2. h6 Mamzelle Tess 3. h11 Spanner Head 4.h9 One More Try

Spanner Head First $4.40/$1.60, Mamzelle Tess 2nd/$2.50; Q/Ex; $19.60/$21.80

MR91. h1 Boom Time 2. h13 Our Peaky Blinders 3. h8 Willie Willie 4. 2 Home By Midnight, h3 Pascodali


MR3 H4 Invincible Al($8.50); this horse is a pistol second up, with 51kegs after the claim down the straight he will be humming.

InvincibleAl($7.50); 7th beaten 5.25L very disappointing on face value. Pulled up sore across the back after jumping awkwardly.

BR5 H1 Quilista($4); big weight 60kgs but she is probably a little better than these over this distance, she will  fly the gates she is quick no doubt GOUGUDTHING.

Quilista($2.35); FIRST simply ran them off their legs.

MR7 H1 Declares War($6); this horse should have bolted in Anzac Day caught up behind a wall of horses at the distance. This is a big field with limited chances and he should get an ideal run from his good draw. We expect him to be fighting out the finish.

Declares War($6); FIRST glorious run on the fence behind the leaders got the upper hand late to score. Very well ridden.

AR3 H3 Chequered Flag($16); Maher is on song with this horse a strong hurdle win last start, but this horse is very capable on the flat. This is another big field with limited chances and we expect this galloper to be there when the whips are cracking.

Chequered Flag($21); 4th beaten 2.8L, funny run really settled back last or second last ran home nicely. There is a race for him next start. 

Today a  is great days racing and the Doomben Cup is a strong line up. We thought Fierce Impact($11) could win the Hollindale at the Coast but never got into the race, he ran 2 nice races in W.F.A. in the Sydney carnival before a good second in the Wagga Cup, he will be cherry ripe for this. Also Savvy Cool($51) in the same race, last start was a much better run and forget her runs first up and on heavy tracks where she does nothing, is a Group winner and capable of winning this so a little “FLUTTER CORNER” action for me. Big fields are the order of the day in Brisbane but the first race is a steer clear event if you must have a punt here the Kiwi horse might be the go Sacred Day. Goodwood handicap also in Adelaide is an interesting race and our top 4 is Gytrash, Spright, Jamaican Rain, Despatch and if Humma Humma($10) AR6 can run 1200m he would be a nice each way chance. Voting today but we won’t  let that ruin our day(: so on that note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$ 

POST RACE; Doomben Cup great win by Kenedna($11) we had her in our top 4 Savvy Cool($81) got poleaxed at the 300m would she have finished in the top 4 we will never know. Fierce Impact($17) missed the start settled last he was running on nicely at the finish, we will certainly be following up next start. Goodwood Group One Despatch saluted at $21 and Spright had every chance for a nice third so if you followed us in there a nice result. Never sighted Gytrash$17 and Jamaican Rain($31) sat 3 wide on the speed entire race I thought she did very well to finish 7th about 4.5L from the winner. Maybe Laming might bring her to Brisbane.

Brisbane Track Heavy, Sydney Track Good and Melbourne Track Good.