Tips & Results 13th April 2019; Brisbane Track Good, Sydney Track Soft 5 upgrade likely, Melbourne Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11. h11 Kaoru King 2. h1 Conquering Judas 3. h4 Scout 4.h6 Class Of Royalty

Scout 4th($8)

BR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Epaumada 2. h2 Button Pusher 3. h8 Brazen Gem 4. h4 Longbottom

Longbottom First $5/$1.60, Epaumada 2nd/$1.20; Q/Ex; $4/$15

BR31. h6 Monaco Snob 2. h4 Fighting Teo 3. h5 Sir Barnabus 4. h3 High Opinion

High Opinion(0.2L) 2nd/$2, Sir Barnabus 4th($9)

BR41. h7 Mail Escort 2. h3 New Horizons 3. h5 Totally Charmed 4. h4 Star Boy

New Horizons(2.5L) 2nd/$2.70, Totally Charmed 3rd/$3.20

BR51. h12 Hold The Line 2. h2 Excelebrazione 3. h5 Suilven 4. h3 Maserati

Hold The Line(2.3L) 2nd/$1.60

BR61. h10 Soxagon 2. h2 Trusty Lad 3. h1 Defence Missile 4. h16 Ceol Na Mara

Trusty Lad(2.3L) 2nd/$3.50, Defence Missile 3rd/$1.95

BR71. h1 Le Juge 2. h4 Brains 3. h3 Chillin With Dylan 4. h14 Red Colour

Le Juge First $6/$2.25

BR81. h7 From Within 2. h5 Straturbo 3. h1 Belflyer 4. h8 Volkoff

From Within First $2.90/$1.90

BR91. h7 Tonsor 2. h9 Courtza King 3. h11 Scallopini 4. h2 Cannyescent, h5 With A Promise

Scallopini First $2.70/$1.28

BR101. h2 Constant Flight 2. h10 Monaco Playboy 3. h8 Lucky Proprieter 4. h3 Happy Hooves, h16 Calzini

Happy Hooves 4th($15)

Sydney Races
SR11. h1 Amercement 2. h2 Vinco 3. h7 Lucky Imperator 4. h4 Power Scheme

Power Scheme First $7.50/$2.45

SR21. h4 Wild Planet 2. h1 Gem Song 3. h9 Tahitian Dancer 4. h12 Millard Reaction

Millard Reaction(0.1L) 2nd/$2.25, Wild Planet 3rd/$2.30, Gem Song** follow 4th($13)

SR31. h5 Golden Tycoon 2. h2 Archedemus 3. h1 Turnberry 4. h12 Bye See

Bye See** follow

SR41. h1 Kiamichi 2. h6 Athiri 3. h3 Pin Sec 4. h2 Anaheed

Anaheed First $9/$2.80, Athirti 4th($6.50)

SR51. h11 Avantage 2. h12 Spanish Whisper 3. h8 Baller 4. h3 Lean Mean Machine

Avantage 3rd/$1.80

SR61. h2 Aristia 2. h1 Verry Elleegant 3. h3 Frankely Awesome 4. h5 Maracaibo

Verry Elleegant First $2/$1.20, Franklyu Awesome 3rd/$1.60

SR71. h7 WINX 2. h2 Hartnell 3. h1 Happy Clapper 3 Harlem

WINX FIRST….. Hartnell 3rd/$2.10

SR81. h5 Big Duke 2. h2 Sound 3. h15 Rondinella 4. h10 Dubhe, h16 Shraaoh

Shraaoh First $13/$4, Rondinella 4th($9.50)

SR91. h16 Amphitrite 2. h4 Dixie Blossoms 3. h1 Alizee 4. h2 Prompt Response, h5 Invincible Gem

Dixie Blossoms(0.2L) 2nd/$2.60

SR101. h6 Winter Bride 2. h5 Spright 3. h1 Invincibella 4. h3 I Am Excited, h10 Resin

Winter Bride 3rd/$2.40

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h4 Super Seth 2. h1 Hightail 3. h6 Free Thrills 4. h9 Fiorente’s Girl

Super Seth First $1.65/$1.10

MR21. h3 Fragment 2. h10 Call It A Day 3. h13 Snogging 4. h11 Spirit Or Lager

Call It A Day First $6/$2.25

MR31. h7 Ocean Deep 2. h1 La Bella Diosa 3. h5 Temple Of Bel 4. h8 Ice Girl

Ocean Deep(0.4L) 2nd/$1.60, Temple Of Bel 3rd/$2.40

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Bondeiger 2. h3 Steel Prince 3. h9 Rockarral 4. h2 Sin To Win

Steel Prince First $1.90/$1.10, Rockarral 2nd/$1.80; Q/Ex; $5.10/$7.20

MR5 TRIFECTA1. h3 Transact 2. h8 Americain In Paris 3. h1 Secret Blaze 4. h10 Alaskan Honey

Secret Blaze First $2.50/$1.30, Transact 2nd/$2.10, Americain In Paris 3rd/$3; Trifecta; $81.10; Q/Ex; $6.70/$12.40

MR61. h8 Wham 2. h2 Phoneme 3. h4 Saccharo 4. h10 Due To Pass

Phoneme 3rd/$4.60, Due To Pass 4th($16)

MR7 TRIFECTA1. h10 Viduka 2. h11 Columbus Circle 3. h6 Propelle 4. h7 Ollivander, h15 Leiter

Columbus Circle First $8.50/$2.40, Leiter 2nd/$1.35, Propelle 3rd/$2.90; Trifecta; $317.30; Q/Ex; $11.15/$14.80

MR81. h3 Eduardo 2. h6 Desert Lashes 3. h9 Creativity 4. h1 Malibu Style

Eduardo 3rd/$1.22, Creativity 4th

MR91. h4 Call Me Handsome 2. h7 Plein Ciel 3. h1 Pacodali 4.h8 Jumbo Prince

Plein Ciel 3rd/$1.45, Call Me Handsome 4th($6)

MR9 H4 Call Me Handsome($6.50); what can you say about this horse other than he is a model of consistency and dropping back to the 1600m here is a bonus and he is at home here at Caulfield. Not an ideal gate in 10 but if he can get up behind the speed and enjoy the run of the race he will be extremely hard to hold out.

Call Me Handsome($6.50 – $6); 4th beaten 1.6L, led them into the straight fought hard but wilted.

SR10 H6 Winter Bride($5.50); she is a serious racehorse this mare building an imposing record. Tommy Berry rode her a treat last start and from gate 1 we expect more of the same today. Second up she has been placed 2 from 2 but we think that stat will change today. She is adept in all conditions and this is her optimum distance, a great win last start over a similar field we expect her to deliver again. She is our best.

Winter Bride ($5.50 – $7); 3rd($2.40 place) beaten 1.6L, long way back in 14th place at the 400m ran home strongly follow up.

BR3 H6 Monaco Snob($12); forget his last two runs when inconvenienced both times, but he invariably doesn’t fire a shot his first 3 runs back so he should be ready to fire here. He is in very well here after his claim(53.5kgs) and he might race a little closer here with his light weight and good gate. The distance is right up his alley, he will be there when the whips are cracking.

Monaco Snob($12 – $20); 10th beaten 5.7L, great run in transit did nothing.

We stated last week that the fields were massive and we would be skirting wide in the main quaddie legs, the same applies for today, the fields are enormous with a plethora of chances in each. By skirting wide last week we snared the main quaddie at Caulfield paying  a healthy $6,500 we also had the early quaddie there paying $1,050 so a pleasing result. In our summary we highlighted a horse called Rosendahl Red in “FLUTTER CORNER” and he duly saluted at great odds of $22 after $41 was available and also Hartnell which ran a great third in the Doncaster paying $2.90 a place. This week we sent an email to followers that Big Duke was our Sydney Cup horse and the $8 was good value well he drew gate 21 and his price has now drifted to $11 but we are sticking solid as he likes to drift back and be rolling into the race as they swing Avdulla will have him primed at the distance and he ill be there when the whips are cracking. This week in “FLUTTER CORNER” we are highlighting Spanish Whisper in the Group 2 Arrowfield Sprint once again we don’t have her on top but I am certainly having a flutter on her at the odds of $41, she was in our best last week and she never got a crack at them. She is a genuine Group filly with her fair share of ability, if Avantage wasn’t in the race we would have her on top. Verry Elleegant might very well blow them away in the Oaks but we are going with Aristia($8) here she has had the perfect lead up to this and she will definitely be better suited on a drier surface, the favourite would have the edge on a wet track. WINX what a CHAMPION an absolute SUPERSTAR. On that salubrious note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$