Tips & Results 6th of April 2019 Track Brisbane Good, Track Sydney Soft, Track Melbourne Good

Brisbane Races
BR11.h2 Gem Of Scotland 2.h7 Bold Eos 3.h9 Quart Pot 4.h8 Magic Palace

Gem Of Scotland First $3.30/$1.35

BR21.h4 Light Up The Room 2.h1 Crusher 3.h2 Splitter 4.h10 Hold On

Splitter First $8/$2

BR31.h4 Beacon 2.h3 Tabbing 3.h2 Hang 4.h12 Pressway


BR41.h3 Spirit’s Choice 2.h16 Veranes 3.h8 Shamurt 4.h13 Burning Crown

Veranes(0.4L) 2nd/$4.20, Burning Crown 3rd/$3; Spirit’s Choice L.SCR.

BR5 TRIFECTA1.h10 Countess De Galvez 2.h11 Gem Dealer 3.h6 Resendahl Red 4.h5 Barefoot

Rosendahl Red First $22.90/$4.40, Barefoot 2nd/$1.26, Gem Dealer 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta; $435.70; Q/Ex; $21/$70.20

BR61.h10 Ponytales 2.h2 Reiby The Red 3.h12 Francisca 4.h13 Money Talk

Francisca 3rd/$1.35

BR71.h3 Emphasis 2.h4 Mishani Vaidra 3.h5 The Lord Mayor 4.h9 Vaucluse Bay

The Lord Mayor First $4.20/$1.70, Mishani Vaidra 3rd/$1.85

BR81.h3 Tyzone 2.h6 Mr Mabellouz 3.h11 Apoloboom (4.h8 Mishani Hustler h12 Boomwaa)

Mishani Hustler 3rd/$1.45

BR91.h3 Capital Connection 2.h2 Snitch 3.h13 I’ve Gotta Nel 4.h10 Tallievent

I’ve Gotta Nel(0.1L???) 2nd/$3.90, Capital Connection 3rd/$1.35

Sydney Races
SR11.h8 Athiri 2.h1 Bivouac 3.h2 Stronger 4.h9 Evening Slippers

Bivouac First $6/$1.95, Athiri 3rd/$1.30

SR21.h3 Dealmaker 2.h2 Ranier 3.h6 Fun Fact 4.h1 Ringerdingding

Ringerdingding First $3/$1.35, Dealmaker 3rd/$1.35

SR31.h1 Princees Jenni 2.h5 Maracaibo 3.h6 Amangiri 4.h4 Clementina

Amanigirl(0.2L) 2nd/$1.40, Maracaibo 3rd/$5.50; Princess Jenni L.SCR.

SR41.h7 Bocelli 2.h10 Texas Strom 3.h14 La Scopa 4.h1 Noble Boy

Noble Boy First $2.80/$1.50

SR51.h5 Sir Charles Road 2.h12 One Foot In Heaven 3.h15 Semari 4.h19 Supernova

Semari 3rd/$6. Sir Charles Road 4th***

SR61.h1 Castelvecchio 2.h11 Probabeel 3.h2 Microphone 4.h10 Kiamichi

Microphone First $4.80/$2, Castelvecchio D.H3rd/$3.10, Kiamichi D.H. 3rd/$2.35

SR71.h7 Stars Of Currum 2.h5 Chapada 3.h3 In A Twinkling (4.h7 Platinum Invader h8 Global Exchange)


SR81.h4 Pierata 2.h7 Osbourne Bulls 3.h11 Sunlight (4.h9 Shoals h2 Trapeze Artist )
Osbourne Bulls 2nd/$1.55, Sunlight*** 3rd/$2.10
SR91.h1 Hartnell 2.h3 Alizee 3.h6 Dixie Blossoms (4.h18 Fundamentalist h20 Brutal)

Brutal First $6.50/2.70, Hartnell 3rd/$2.45

SR101.h1 Spanish Whisper*** 2.h2 Fiesta 3.h3 My Xpression (4.h10 Madam Rouge h15 Laburnam)


Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h2 Order Of Valour 2.h6 Peak 3.h7 Meuse 4.h1 Memphis Rock

Meuse First $4/$1.55, Memphis Rock 3rd/$2.30

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h9 Intueri 2.h12 Angelucci 3.h7 Zabalan 4.h10 I Got You

Intueri First $6/$2.20, Angelucci 2nd/$4; Q/Ex; $52.40/$71.70

MR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Pure Scot*** 2.h2 Think Bleue 3.h5 La Tigeresa 4.h7 Remeber The Name

Think Bleue First $3/$1.60, Remember The Name 2nd/$2.35; Q/Ex; $7.40/$12.50

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Starouz 2.h1 Mr Quickie 3.h6 Grinzinger Star 4.h5 Esthetic

Grinzinger Star First $10/$2.20, Mr. Quickie 2nd/$1.10; Q/Ex; $7.20/$28.20

MR5 EARLY QUADDIE; Intueri/Think Bleue/Grinzinger Star/Lady Pluck; DIVI:$1,050.001.h1 Enbihaar*** 2.h2 Tell Me 3.h3 News Girl 4.h5 Lady Pluck

Lady Pluck First $3.30/$1.20, Tell Me 3rd/$1.90

MR61.h5 Flying Krupt 2.h4 Mamzelle Tess 3.h8 Lather ‘n’ Lace 4.h6 Khutulun

Mamzelle Tess First $11/$4.20, Flying Krupt 3rd/$1.95

MR71.h1 Streets Of Avalon 2.h2 Ashlor 3.h5 Inn Kepper (4.h8 Bandipur h12 Mastering)

Bandipur First $7/$2.30

MR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h13 Naantali 2.h9 Monolo Blahniq 3.h5 Snippets Land (4.h14 Heptagon h1 Hellova Street)

Naantali First $7.50/$2.40, Manolo Blahniq 2nd/$2.90; Q/Ex; $30/$65.70; Snippets Land***

MR9 MAIN QUADDIE; Mamzelle Tess/Bandipur/Naantali/Our Libretto; DIVI;$6,495.001.h3 Emperor’s Way 2.h7 Our Libretto 3.h2 Odeon (4.h8 Sopressa h13 Thunder Cloud)

Our Libretto First $11/$3

SR10 H1 SPANISH WHISPER; Great win last start when wide no cover over the 1400m in the Kewney Stakes(G3). She has had a 4 week break leading into this race and dropping back to the 1200m which suits. She is great 3rd up and loves the distance. She can be up near the pace with barrier 5. She loves soft going as well. If she isn’t caught wide again she should run a great  race. She’s our best.

Spanish Whisper($11); 9th beaten 2.8L, never got a look at them last 100m, a big follow from us.

MR3 H1 PURE SCOT; Ran a great race in the (G3) Matron stakes. She drops back to a benchmark 84 race only with 56.5 kgs on her back after the claim. There is only 1 leading horse in this race and that is Pria Eclipse . So from barrier 9 if she jumps well she can get a sit in behind that leader and get a nice run in transit. She can race from the back if need be. Loves the distance. She has won at Caulfield. We expect her to be in the finish and hopefully saluting a nice odds.

Pure Scot($8); 7th beaten 2.4L, every chance sat up outside leader, gave in quickly.

MR5 H1 ENBIHAAR($11); this filly is very good when she can be ridden on pace, and is thrown in here with 57kegs after her claim. She lost her way a bit last prep but we fully expect her to bounce back here over her favourite course and distance, she is Group 1 placed and a Group 2 winner . We think she is nice overs here.

Enbihaar($11 – $9.50); 8th beaten 3.6L, poor ride wide no cover back last on corner made a belated effort in straight but was a spent force.

MR9 H3 EMPEROR’S WAY($7); this is not an overly strong assignment and he does relish the distance. He hasn’ t won for a while but all his runs this time in suggest he is ready to win, he has drawn gate 10 but he can race up or back. This is definitely a winnable race.

Emperor’s Way($7 – $10); 7th beaten 1.7L, 7th into the straight blocked for a run at the 1oom.

No sugar coating todays proceedings a super tough day with massive fields everywhere, exotic players should be skirting wide today and in the main quaddies we have provided an extra runner in each leg. Group 1 day at Randwick with great fields, we highlighted Stars Of Carrum quite a few weeks ago now as having a “nice” run for 4th in an open class race at the Valley then he followed that up with another nice 4th in the Mornington Cup. The Australian Derby was always the race he was heading to this this prep, we know he can stay, soft tracks he has had 3 goes for nil but all 3 were first or second up when he doesn’t fire a shot, $11 looks attractive. Doncaster, If everything was equal you would have to say Hartnell($9.50) is one of the best weighted horses going around today anywhere. Fifty Stars is one of the best wet track horses going around(top2 with Verry Elleegant) but his gate(24) is the big concern here. Tread carefully at Toowoomba it can be a serious horses for courses track race 5 here I will be having a little flutter on Rosendahl Red($34) this filly eats up this track and the fact that McGillvray has been booked is a plus. Should be some great value around today GOUGUDTHINGS!!! on that confident outburst have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$