Tips & Results 16th of March 2019

Brisbane Races
BR11. h10 Drumadoir 2. h4 She The Master 3. h13 Sornja 4. h7 Our Sweet Way

See The Master First/$5/$1.95, Our Sweet Way 3rd/$5

BR2 TRIFECTA1. h7 Fighting Teo 2. h2 Vaucluse Bay 3. h8 Wu Gok 4. h3 Follow Suit

1. h8 Wu Gok First/$4.80/$1.60, Fighting Teo 2nd/$1.45, Vaucluse Bay 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; $86.10; Q/Ex; $7.20/$20.60

BR3 TRIFECTA1. h2 Bonsho 2.h4 Awahneechee 3. h6 High Cost 4. h1 Allround Glory

Allround Glory First/$9/$2.80, Bonsho 2nd/$1.45, High Cost 3rd/$4.40; Trifecta; $506.10; Q/Ex; $18.20/$49.60

BR41. h5 Boom Boy 2. h9 Fabulonh 3. h8 Madluce Missile 4. h6 Cool Drafts

Cool Drafts(1.5L) 2nd/$1.85

BR51. h12 Winter Passage 2.h5 Bold Warrior 3. h6 Char Char 4. h11 Scorcha

Winter Passage 3rd/$1.85

BR61. h11 Looks Like Elvis 2. h9 Mishani Vaidra 3.h6 Xebec 4. h1 Singing

Mishani Vaidra First/$6.50/$2.30; SINGING(3.1L) 4th

BR71. h2 The Odyssey 2. h5 Girls Are Ready 3.6 Perudo 4. h10 Sugar Boom

The Odyssey First/$3.30/$1.40

BR8 ABANDONED DUE TO WEATHER(run 23/3/19 Eagle Farm)1. h3 Defense Missile 2. h1 Mishani Hustler 3. h14 Trail Of Glory 4. h10 Barefoot
BR9 ABANDONED DUE TO WEATH (run 23/3/19 Gold Coast)1. h5 Mr. Marbellouz 2. h1 Tyzone 3. h10 Malvern Estate 4. h2 Cannyescent, h9 Divine Dice
BR10 ABANDONED DUE TO WEATHER1. h2 Tawfiq Boy 2. h7 Secret Mo 3. h1 Brains 4. h5 Lota Creek Road, h20 Red Colour
Sydney Races
SR1 TRIFECTA1. h4 You Make Me Smile 2. h7 Mahalangur 3. h9 Star of the Seas 4. h6 Got Unders

Star of the Seas First/$4.20, Mahalangur 2nd/$2, Got Unders 3rd/$11; Trifecta; $562.10; Q/Ex; $13.30/$21

SR21. h3 Fiery Heights 2. h5 Trekking 3. h4 Easy Eddie 4. h1 Music Magnate

Easy Eddie First/$4/$1.60

SR31. h4 Athiri 2. h1 Probabeel 3. h2 Lankan Star 4. h6 Kiamichi

Kiamichi First/$23/$5.50, Athiri 3rd/$1.70

SR4 TRIFECTA1. h1 High Tail 2. h2 Cosmic Force 3. h6 Born A Warrior 4. h3 Stronger

Cosmic Force First/$3.50/$1.50, Born a Warrior 2nd/$2.35, Stronger 3rd/$3.50; Trifecta; $168.00; Q/Ex; $11.50/$19.60

SR5 TRIFECTA1. h11 Verry Elleegant 2. h7 Seabrook 3. h4 Rock 4. h6 Aristia

Verry Elleegant First/$2.30/$1.28, Seabrook 2nd/$2.45, Aristia 3rd/$2.05; Trifecta; $70.10; Q/Ex; $8.50/$11.70

SR61. h7 Brimham Rocks 2. h1 Patrick Erin 3. h10 Samadoubt 4. h3 Red Cardinal

Red Cardinal First/$3.80/$1.50; ***BRIMHAM ROCKS(3.3L) 4th

SR71. h6 Alissio 2. h8 Noire 3. h11 I Am Serious 4. h17 Jamaican Rain


SR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 Fifty Stars 2. h11 Seaway 3. h9 Fierce Impact 4. h10 Mask Of Time

Fifty Stars First/$2.90/$1.35, Mask of Time 2nd/$3.90; Q/Ex; $24.40/$30.20

SR91. h15 Fabricator 2. h1 King Tomlola 3. h3 Supernova 4. h2 Desert Path

Supernova First/$2.90/$1.40

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h5 Just Hifalutin 2. h10 Clarice Cliffs 3. h2 Moonlover 4. h1 Quilista

Just Hifalutin(1.4L) 4th($5)

MR21. h7 Jumbo Ozaki 2. h8 East Indiaman 3. h2 Scottish Rogue 4. 4 Cristal Eyes

East Indiaman(0.5L) 2nd/$1.60, Jumbo Ozaki 3rd/$1.14

MR31. h2 Talented 2. h1 Pelican 3. h6 Varda 4. h10 Judgement

Talented 3rd/$1.35

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h1 Lady Horsepower 2. h8 Aperitif 3. h7 Thine is the Power 4.h9 Causeway Girl

Causeway Girl First/$5.50/$2.10, Thine is the Power 2nd/$2.50; Q/Ex; $25.70/$49.10

MR51. h14 Bering Sea 2. h13 Sacred Theme 3. h12 Pour Vous 4. h1 Belgravia


MR61. h10 Von Mystic 2. h12 Diplomac Jack 3. h14 Remember The Name 4. h8 Earth Angel

Remember the Name 3rd/$2.25

MR71. h1 Widgee Turf 2. h13 Zebulon 3. h9 Streets of Avalon 4. h2 Chamois Road

Widgee Turf First/$4.40/$1.85, Streets of Avalon 3rd/$2.40

MR81. h14 Amphritite 2. h1 Happy Clapper 3. h11 Alizee 4. h2 Hartnell,h15 Le Romain

Hartnell 2nd/$3.60, Aizee 3rd/$1.60

MR91. h5 Mastering 2. h4 Blue Tycoon 3. h3 Highland Beat 4. h13 Sagarra

Mastering 3rd/$1.40

SR4 H1 High Tail($4.80); This Horse ran so well in the magic Millions after being 4 wide no cover. Ran third to Exhillarates  who is now 2nd favorite for the golden slipper. Won on a Heavy track before. Likes the distance. Won a trial by a length and judging by that he looks ready for a first up win. Should just sit in behind the pace and be there to pounce at 150m. Great Chance.

High Tail($4.80 – $5.50); 6th beaten 12L, torrid run in the heavy conditions being wide entire journey. not convinced he handled conditions.

MR1 H5 Just Hifalutin($6.50); This horse is flying this prep. In our opinion she was so unlucky last start in the Group (3) Bellmaine Stakes. The start before she won over this track and distance. Her stats down the straight are insane 5 goes for 2 wins and 3 placings. 1200m is definitely her go with 8 goes for 5 wins and 2 placings. The drop in class suits. She will get back but she will steaming home and pouncing on them at 50m !!. Great chance and over the odds in our opinion.

Just Hifalutin($6.50 – $5); 4th beaten 1.4L, every possible chance, disappointing. 

SR9 H15 Fabricator($15); this horse is drawn wide but the heavy conditions should nullify that, he is a natural pacemaker and the distance suits. King Tomlola will make it interesting but Fabricator might just get the break at the distance at that could be enough. He relishes wet conditions. GIDDYUP!!!

Fabricator($15 – $12); 8th beaten 7.9L, did some work to get the lead early but travelled well in front until seriously challenged in the straight, gave in probably didn’t run the distance in the heavy conditions. No excuses.


Gold Coast Track Heavy, Sydney Track Heavy, Melbourne Track Good; insane weather here on the Gold Coast from late yesterday and track is now heavy. Rosehill same scenario there with track being a heavy 10, usually with conditions like this VALUE can be hard to find. Last night we sent out to players our thoughts on the two main races at The Valley in the Abell Stakes we fancied Battle Hero($12) each way, thought he was travelling well into the corner and skipped a couple in front only to be run down by Mystyko(we had him penciled in for the last at Flemington today). Alister Clark Stakes we thought Star of Carrum could beat Global Exchange and Cossetet but not to be he ran home into a “NICE” fourth. We are hoping he is heading towards the South Australian Derby and we will be on. The two main races today are the All Star Mile and the Coolmore Classic both are super tough with lots of chances especially the Coolmore. We had Noire in Our Best last start but forget that run she has a bit of class and does have conditions she likes today(she is our second pick though) we have Alassio on top she is in great form and if she handles the heavy conditions could lob at nice odds, as we said a super tough race. All Star, Happy Clapper, Hartnell, Alizee, Amphritite and Le Romain all serious chances here.We had 18 winners in our top four last week along with 3 First Fours, 7 Trifectas, 14 Quinella/Exactas. Main Quaddie and a narrow second in Our Longshot so plenty of action for everyone there. Plenty of placegetters in Our Best of over the last few weeks at great odds lets hope we can salute today although the value is not there to be had today.On that positive note lets all have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$