Tips & Results 9th of March 2019

Brisbane Races
BR11.h2 Sizzling Babe 2.h5 Just Cosmos 3.h4 Voltri 4.h3 Dark Archer

Sizzling Babe First $2.25/$1.35, Dark Archer 3rd/n.t.d.

BR2 FIRST FOUR1.h9 Totally Charmed 2.h5 Raiden 3.h4 I’ve Gotta Nel 4.h8 Crusher

Crusher First $4.80/$1.75, Totally Charmed 2nd/$1.65, I’ve Gotta Nel 3rd/$1.70, Raiden 4th{$6}; First Four; $207.70; Trifecta; $80.20; Q/Ex; $7.40/$17.80

BR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Perfect Witness 2.h1 Kubis 3.h8 Kopella 4.h6 High Wind

Kubis First $6/$2.25, Perfect Witness 2nd/$1.75; Q/Ex; $13.30/$32.20

BR41.h6 Seductive Dream 2.h12 Shalwa 3.h7 Splitter 4.h3 Foxy Housewife

Seductive Dream{4.3L} 2nd/$4.60, Splitter 3rd/$2.50

BR51.h9 Francisca 2.h12 Zoucara 3.h11 Winnings Ways 4.h4 Beacon

Beacon 3rd/$1.50

BR61.h2 Tatcee 2.h1 Alpine Dancer 3.h11 Rocknaver 4.h5 Borazon

Rocknaver First $2.80/$1.35

BR71.h3 Tumbler 2.h9 Impasse 3.h2 Order Aagin (4.h6 Veladero h4Jaminzah)

Tumbler First $3/$1.40, Impasse 3rd/$2.40

BR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Tabbing*** 2.h4 Capital Connection 3.h7 On The Spot 4.h1 King Lear

Capital Connection First $2/$1.24, Tabbing(0.3L) 2nd/$3.90; Q/Ex; $14.80/$20.60

BR9 QUINELLA EXACTA; MAIN QUADDIE; $139.501.h4 Reckless Choice 2.h8 Shadal 3.h15 Ponytales (4.h10 Get Stuck In h1 Eminent)

Get Stuck In First $4.40/$1.65, Ponytales 2nd/$7.50; Q/Ex; $70.90/$100.80

Sydney Races
SR1 Trifecta1.h3 Winter Bride 2.h4 La Bella Diosa 3.h5 Resin 4.h1 Spright

Winter Bride First $6.50/$2.30, Spright 2nd/$1.50, Resin 3rd/$1.85; Trifecta; $72.40; Q/Ex; $6.50/$14.50

SR21.h1 Santos*** 2.h2 Sandbar 3.h6 Baller 4.h10 Humma Humma


SR3 FIRST FOUR1.h1 Exhilarates 2.h2 Anaheed 3.h3 Vincere Volare 4.h4 Tenley

Tenley First $3.50/$1.40, Exhilarates 2nd/$1.55, Vincere Volare 3rd/$2.20, Anaheed 4th($4.40); First Four; $120.80; Trifecta; $66.10; Q/Ex; $6.40/$12.20

SR4 TRIFECTA1.h1 Dubious 2.h2 Time To Reign 3.h4 Yes Yes Yes 4.h9 Bellevue Hill

Yes Yes Yes First $4.40/$1.50, Bellevue Hill 2nd/$1.50, Dubious 3rd/$2.25; Trifecta; $136.10; Q/Ex; $11.30/$24.90

SR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Redzel 2.h7 Estijaab 3.h2 Ball Of Muscle 4.h4 Kaepernick

Ball Of Muscle First $11/$3.40, Redzel 2nd/$1.14; Q/Ex; $5.10/$21.50

SR61.h5 Shoals 2.h3 Kementari 3.h8 Brutal 4.h2 Pierata

Shoals(1.2L) 2nd/$2.35

SR7 FIRST FOUR1.h1 The Autumn Sun 2.h7 Nekeeta Jane 3.h8 Fundementalist (4.h3 Vegadaze h2 Madison County)

The Autumn Sun First $1.80/$1.10, Fundamentalist 2nd/$2.70, Nakeeta Jane 3rd/$1.35, Madison County 4th($21); First Four; $220.70; Trifecta; $36; Q/Ex; $10.80/$13.20

SR81.h3 All Too Soon 2.h4 Karavali 3.h8 Oceanex 4.h1 Luvaluva

Luvaluva(1.5L) 2nd/$2.70

SR91.h11 High Bridge 2.h2 Jameeh 3.h9 Emporor’s Way 4.h7 Hiyaam

Hiyaam First $3.60/$1.40, Emperor’s Way 3rd/$1.80

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h8 Crown Witness 2.h2 Bandipur 3.h3 Belwazi 4.h7 Mystyko

Belwazi(1.3L) 2nd/$2.80, Bandipur 3rd/$3

MR21.h2 Rox The Castle 2.h7 Greyworm 3.h6 Kazio 4.h1 Antah

Greyworm(0.1L) 2nd/$1.14, Antah 3rd/$1.70; ROX THE CASTLE(L.SCR)

MR3 TRIFECTA1.h6 Thunder Cloud 2.h8 Valac 3.h11 Hang Man 4.h3 Exemplar

Hang Man First $3.70/$1.40, Valac 2nd/$2.25, Thunder Cloud 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; $52.70; Q/Ex; $10.90/$18.40

MR41.h2 Sunset Watch 2.h3 Bleu Roche 3.h6 Thorondor 4.h7 Marcel From Madrid

Sunset Watch(1.3L) 2nd/$1.85

MR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Hawker Hurricane 2.h3 Outlandos 3.h2 Dalasan 4.h10 La Tene

La Tene First $12/$3.60, Dalasan 2nd/$1.55; Q/Ex; $21.40/$64.60

MR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Osbourne Bulls 2.h2 Santa Ana Lane 3.h23 Lean Mean Machine (4.h22 Sunlight h19 En cryption)

Sunlight First $13/$4, Osborne Bulls 2nd/$1.80; Q/Ex; $30/$82.60

MR7 TRIFECTA1.h1 Angelic Ruler 2.h1 4 Princess Jerri 3.h11 Victory Kingdom (4.h2 Spanish Whispers h10 Zoubou)

Spanish Whispers First $7.50/$2.35, Victory Kingdom 2nd/$3.30, Angelic Ruler 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; $291.60; Q/Ex; $50.40/$110.60

MR81.h3 Ace High*** 2.h4 Trap For Fools 3.h7 Avilius (4.h13 Sikandarabad h12 Night’s Watch)

Trap For Fools 3rd/$3.40

MR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Iam a Star 2.h10 Naantali 3.h4 Think Blue 4.h2 Spanish Reef

Spanish Reef First $5.50/$2, Naantali 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; $7.20/$21.10

SR2 SANTOS($8); From our memory we had this horse as a best bet last prep 1st up and it was extremely unlucky. If this horse can be up near the lead or even lead this field. He will be very hard to beat. Loves the track and distance. Has had three lead up trials (winning the third one) and is ready for  a first up assignment. At the 9.50 quote is ridiculous and great value in our opinion. Tim Clarke aboard is a huge bonus. Great Chance.

Santos ($8 – $7); last beaten 6.7L), he was in a foul mood at the barriers and we were hoping they would scr. him. They persevered with him and got him in and then he proceeded to race 3 deep the entire journey. He is on our banned list unless his manners improve.

MR8 ACE HIGH($13); This horse has been trained differently to most of his preps before. Usually third up this horse is still running over shorter trips like 1400m , 1500m and 1600m. This time in he had his first up run over 1600m. Then his second up run over 1800m. Now third up is over 2000m. Every thrid up run he has had has been over unsuitable distances. Likes the track and loves the distance. Good Track is a huge bonus to this horse. Hates any track with  moisture in it. Great chance at great odds. He is our best !!!.

Ace High ($13 – $19); 6th beaten 1.6L, he had a great run in transit and looked like figuring for the minor end of the prize when the gap closed (that’s racing). We will be on him next start over something a little longer on a dry track.

MR9 H1 I Am A Star(7.50); this mare performs every prep, her second up run is usually her flat run (1 from 6 2nd up) and if this was a handicap she would be carrying a lot more than her 58.5kgs. She has had 2 runs at Caulfied this time then straight to the big stretches of Flemington, she will be right up on the speed here from her great draw(4) leading is not beyond her as  she has won some nice races from there. “Spruik” horse Spanish Reef is being touted as the likely leader here, I hope they are right and give our mare a beaut trail behind and third up she is very good she is a quality mare  with great stats (good/slow tracks) she will be there when the whips are cracking.

I Am A Star (7.50 – $9); 9th beaten 5.4L, Ben Melham rode her a treat in the lead and appeared to be travelling entering the straight, but when he went for her she found nothing. Extremely disappointing and the  “SPRUIK” horse got up at nice odds.

BR8 TABBING. This horse sat wide last start,but doesn’t do much 2nd up off a spell. Today he is third up with a good record fr0m 3 starts for a win and 2 placings. Drops 1kg from last start and Loves the distance for 10 starts with 4 wins and 3 minor placings. Expecting a huge run from barrier 5  and loves good tracks. Only failure in this grade was on a soft track which he does not handle. Great chance  and should be there when the whips are cracking !!!.

Tabbing ($31 – $16); 2nd( place/$4.30) beaten 0.3L, rated beautifully by his jockey and found plenty when asked for an effort in the straight, big run and he won’t be those odds next start.

Brisbane Track Good, Sydney Track Good and Melbourne Track Good; great day last Saturday for players with 19 winners in our top four (multi runner players) and some nice exotics with 3 first fours, 6 trifectas, 11 quinella/exactas, early quaddie Brisbane and the main quaddie Sydney(small divi there with the mighty WINX winning the first leg) in OUR BEST we were counting the cash when Fundamentalist($16) kicked at the distance and looked like holding them until Nakeeta Jane arrived and grabbed her right on the peg. Also Zebulon($17) ran a great third and Aristia($17) also a very good third albeit a little unlucky so we were very close but no cigar, some great place divis though. For all our results go to our web site and check them out. Our mobile phone site is the best option here for checking out the results. Newmarket Handicap, 23 starters and 16 with a chance a super race down the straight with the charge of the Light Brigade. Osborne Bulls super hard to beat along with Eduardo I am having something on Lean Mean Machine and Encryption “GOOD LUCK” here. Australian cup we are taking the favourite on here, a very good horse though but we think we have come up with one that just might get the job done(in OUR BEST). Super days racing especially at Flemington super pumped!!! bring it on. On that exuberant note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBCK$