Tips & Results 16th of February 2019

Brisbane Races
BR11. h3 Follow Suit 2. h2 Ingeegoodbee 3. h4 Ready For Danger 4. h1 Estikhraaj

Follow Suit FIRST;$3.70/$1.90

BR2 FIRST FOUR1. h5 Vincere Volare 2. h8 Iamican 3. h4 Xanthus 4. hy6 Centrefire

Vincere Volare FIRST;$1.40/$1.08, Xanthus 2nd/$3.30, Centrefire 3rd/$3.10, Iamiacan 4th; FIRST FOUR; $21.30/ TRIFECTA; $12.70/ QUINELLA/EXACTA; $4.80/$4.60

BR31. h2 Emphasis 2. h3 Bratislava 3. h1 First Crush 4. h6 Smooth Consul

Emphasis FIRST; $3.20/$1.65

BR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h6 Ponytales 2. h9 Arazona 3. h4 Get Stuck In 4. h10 Speaking Bad

Get Stuck In FIRST/$1.85/$1.14, Ponytales 2nd/$2.35; QUINELLA/EXACTA; $7.40/$9.80

BR5 EARLY QUADDIE; $ 202.401. h2 Knock Off 2. h13 Tojours LÁmour 3. h4 Beacon 4. h3 Raiden

Raiden FIRST;$16/$2.80, Beacon 3rd/$1.50

BR61. h6 Fuji Flyer 2. h2 Zoom By 3. h1 Macewen 4. h9 Tambo’s Mate

Macewen 3rd/$1.35

BR71. h1 Meet Mr. Taylor 2. h3 Mr. Markou 3.h6 Uno Best 4. h8 Foxy Housewife

Mr. Markou FIRST;$6.50/$1.35, Foxy Housewife 3rd/$1.85

BR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Eminent 2. h8 Caberian 3. h4 Impasse 4. h3 Fabulonh

Eminent FIRST; $4.80/$1.65, Impasse 2nd/$1.50; QUINELLA/EXACTA;$7/$13.90

BR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA; TREBLE;$157.901. h9 Mr. Marbellouz 2. h5 Spurcraft 3. hy4 Tumbler 4. h1 Cannyescent

Spurcraft FIRST;$3.50/$1.40, Mr. Marbellouz 2nd/$2; QUINELLA/EXACTA; $9.10/$14.40

Sydney Races
SR11. h1 Garibaldi 2. h3 Covert Ops 3. h6 Fiery Red 4. h9 Tenley

Tenley FIRST; $11/$3.30

SR21. h7 Tobermory 2. h4 Weston 3. h14 Trumbo 4. h5 Fui San

Fui San FIRST; $6.50/$2.20

SR31. h5 Gayatri 2. h8 Art Attack 3. h6 Equipped 4. h1 Our Gravano

Gayatri 2nd(0.5L)/$1.18, Our Gravano 3rd/$2.35

SR41. h2 Don’t Give A Damn 2. h10 Diplomatico 3. h6 King Lear 4. h3 Karavali

Diplomatico 2nd(1.8L)/$1.30

SR51. h2 Dreamforce 2. h1 Dothraki 3. h9 Brutal 4. h3 Kaepernick

Dothraki 2nd(0.2L)/$3, Brutal 3rd/$1.18

SR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h5 WINX 2. h1 Happy Clapper 3. h4 Tom Melbourne 4. h3 Brimham Rocks

WINX FIRST;$1.10/$1.01, Happy Clapper 2nd/$1.35; QUINELLA/EXACTA;$1.90/$2.10

SR71. h2 Ele Dorado Dreaming 2. h1 Oohood 3. h6 Miss Fabulass 4. h8 Sylvia’s Mother

El Dorado Dreaming 4th($15)

SR8 TRIFECTA1. h1 I Am Excited 2. h3 Princess Posh 3. h10 Alassio 4. h6 Siren’Fury, H7 Manicure

Alassio FIRST;$11.90/$3.20, Manicure 2nd/$1.70, I Am Excited 3rd/$2.30; TRIFECTA; $394.60; QUINELLA/EXACTA; $24.70/$78.10

SR91. h10 The Avenger 2. h4 Penske 3. h3 Cosmologist 4. h1 Almost Court

Penske FIRST;$4.40/$1.75

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h10 Abyssinian 2. h9 Mountain Breath 3. h7 Ocean Deep 4. h6 Remember My Name


MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 Schabau 2. h2 Looks Like Elvis 3. h1 Hang Man 4. h11 Ayers Rock

Schabau FIRST;$2.40/$1.24, Looks Like Elvis 2nd/$3.10; QUINELLA/EXACTA; $17.10/$25.80

MR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h9 Mystyko 2. h6 Order Of Command 3. h4 Princeton Spirit 4. h8 Intuition

Intuition FIRST;$7/$2.40, Mystyko 2nd/$2.30; QUINELLA/EXACTA;$20.30/$42

MR41. h1 Microphone 2. h9 Art Collection 3. h4 Lanigera 4. h3 Alburq (h16 Moneefa)

Microphone FIRST;$4/$1.70

MR5 EARLY QUADDIE;$322.801. h4 Fundamentalist 2. h5 My Pendant 3. h3 The Closer 4. h1 Amphitrite

Amphitrite FIRST;$3.90/$1.50, Fundamentalist 3rd/$1.40

MR61. h3 Heptagon 2. h10 Antah n3. h11 Critical Thinking 4. h9 Valac, h16 Maclairey

Antah 2nd(0.1L)/$1.95

MR71. h11 O’Tauto 2. h10 Scottish Rogue 3. h2 Extra Brut 4. h13 Adana, h16 Expansion

O’Tauto 3rd/$3.30

MR81. h9 Lean Mean Machine 2. h7 Written By 3. h10 Sunlight 4. h1 Osborne Bulls

Osborne Bulls 2nd(0.1L)/$2.60, Sunlight 3rd/$1.40

MR9 TRIFECTA1. h11 Zebulon 2. h16 Streets Of Avalon 3. h3 Theanswermyfriend 4. h1 Widgee Turf, h12 Fox Hall

Streets Of Avalon FIRST;$7/$2.45, Theanswermyfriend 2nd/$2.60, Widgee Turf 3rd/$2.50; TRIFECTA;$315.30; QUINELLA/EXACTA;$22.70/$67.30

BR9 H9 Mr. Marbellouz($6.50); 51kgs and second up this horse will fly here he handles all conditions. Last start he settled back and ran home nicely after racing 3 wide no cover. We know he can go forward but there is a lot of pace here so from the outside gate ? maybe use his weight to advantage. He is Our Best.

Mr. Marbellouz($6.50 – $4.40); 2nd/$2place beaten 0.4L, began fast in early speed with Spurcraft then eased to sit second, that horse got away in the straight and it took Mr.Marbellouz the length of the straight to make an impression even with 51kegs. Spurcraft is better than we envisaged.

SR5 H2 Dreamforce($7.50); we are taking on Brutal here, there are some serious hard heads in this race no more so than our selection. He performs very well first up and we would prefer him to race closer to the speed in this and if he is within coo-ee of them at the distance he might just take some holding out.

Dreamforce ($7.50 – $6); 8th beaten 2L, ridden just in behind the leaders and everything was going to plan as Bowman was keeping the favourite Brutal 3 wide no cover as they swung, then it all got ugly as Brutal didn’t drop off and the gap for Dreamforce appeared and closed just as quick certainly was going to be in the finish but THAT’S RACING!!! Goes just as well 2nd up a big follow up from us!!!

MR9 H11 Zebulon($15); two years off but won his trial in good fashion, we are not in the habit of selecting horses on trial form but the fact Luke Currie has stayed on here is a plus. The only real failures this horse has is at the elite level(G1), he has been placed at G2 and won at Listed level. This is not an easy assignment by any stretch but he was a dual acceptor and they have settled on the harder of the two  probably because he is well in here(55kgs) and from his good gate(5) he should take up a prominent position he will be hard to hold out.

Zebulon($15 – $16); 6th beaten2.1L, got further back than we anticipated, 12th at the 800m to the 400m then ran home strongly and we will be mindful that he has won 2nd up in the past. Definite follow up.

BR5 H2 Knock Toff($26); we think he is better than a longshot chance, although he was well beaten last start by Meet Mr. Taylor(pretty smart) he was actually held up and tightened for room and could have probably finished second. This class certainly holds no fears for him and is not badly in here after the claim(57kgs), he will race just up behind the speed here and does relish this distance. We think nice overs. 

Knock Toff($26 – $31); 5th beaten 2L, ran home okay to be in a blanket go for 3rd ran to his best.

Brisbane Track Good; Sydney Track Good; Melbourne Track Good; the Queensland 2year old Garibaldi($7) is in race 1 at Randwick today, this colt is pretty smart and Tony Gollan has engaged Bowman so lets take the lead. Group One Lightning at Flemington today with the best sprinting three year olds on show. Now there is a lot of pace here as you would expect with Jedastar, Written By, Sunlight and the West Oz horse Battle Hero all like racing right on the speed, we feel Lean Mean Machine($8) will lurk right in behind this group and pounce at the 50m mark and grab them late. THE GREAT MARE WINX goes around today what a SUPERSTAR nothing more to say. More controversy this week in racing which helps explain a lot of the form reversals witnessed over time but we here at Horsebuck$ only concentrate only on the positives and keep churning out great results and to find all our past results go to our web site and check them out for yourself. On that note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$.