Tips & Results 9th of February 2019

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Raay Of Dreams 2.h1 Guntantes 3.h2 Bigboyroy 4.h5 Sizzling Babe

Raay Of Dreams 1st sp($8.50)/place$1.80, Bigboyroy 2nd/$1.07, Sizzling Babe 4th($13); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.70/$23.80, N.S.W.$5.10/$15.30, Qld.$6.40/$34.50

BR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h9 Notonya Nelly 2.h2 Recklees Choice 3.h3 Saxton Rock 4.h11 Tatcee

Reckless Choice 1st sp($2.80)/place$1.30, Tactee 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.70/$13, N.S.W.$7.30/$11.30, Qld.$7.20/$12.70

BR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Evolo 2.h7 Miss Sara 3.h5 Pickelhaube 4.h10 Perfect Witness

Miss Sara 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.70, Perfect Witness 2nd/$2.25, Evolo 4th($3.70); Q/Ex; Vic.$14.10/$30.20, N.S.W.$16/$24.10, Qld.$16/$41.80

BR41.h3 Archer’s Paradox*** 2.h8 Godfather’s Girl 3.h1 Mishani Hustler 4.h2 Defence Missile

Mishani Hustler 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.28, Archer’s Paradox 3rd/$2.20

BR51.h5 Desert Cowboy 2.h6 Kid Flash 3.h2 Love and Lies 4.h4 Whycatchhim

Whycatchim(0.8L) 2nd/$1.50

BR6 TRIFECTA1.h10 Langhro 2.h5 Super Suave 3.h3 Curdled 4.h11 Goodonya Sonja

Curdled 1st sp($3.20)/place$1.35, Langhro 2nd/$1.24, Super Suave 3rd/$3.80; Trifecta; Vic.$70.80, N.S.W.$77.80, Qld.$82.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.30/$7.40, N.S.W.$3.60/$8.20, Qld.$3.10/$7.30

BR71.h4 Mystic Mist 2.h3 Enterprise Prince 3.h2 Alpine Dancer 4.h6 Boomtown Lass

Boomtown Lass 1st sp($2.70)/place$1.35

BR81.h9 Oink 2.h6 Star Reflection 3.h8 Busy 4.h15 Urban Ruler

Oink 3rd/$1.50

BR91.h3 Le Juge 2.h6 Shadel 3.h8 Denbern 4.h2 Kubis

Le Luge 1st sp($3.10)/place$1.35, Shadal 3rd/$2, Denbern 4th($12)

Sydney Races
SR11.h1 Time To Reign 2.h4 Escaped 3.h7 Steel Diamond 4.h2 Bivouac

Bivouac 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.25, Steel Diamond 3rd/n.t.d.

SR2 TRIFECTA1.h2 Noble Boy 2.h8 Sunlit 3.h9 Sausedge 4.h3 Acquittal

Noble Boy 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.16, Acquittal 2nd/$2.25, Sausedge 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; Vic.$28.60, N.S.W.$32.50, Qld.$31.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$7/$10.20, N.S.W.$6/$10.90,Qld.$7.60/$8.70

SR31.h7 Akasaki 2.h4 She Knows 3.h8 Latin Boy 4.h5 Single Bullet

Akasaki(0.4L) 3rd/$2.40, Single Bullet 4th($3.80)

SR41.h1 Sandbar 2.h3 Charge 3.h5 Master Ash 4.h6 Germ Song

Gem Song 1st sp($5)/place$2.05, Charge 3rd/n.t.d., Sandbar($1.80)

SR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Royal Celebration 2.h7 Estijaab 3.h8 Fiesta 4.h13 Wonderbabe

Fiesta 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.80, Estijaab 2nd/$1.75; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.40/$17.80, N.S.W.$5/$13.10, Qld.$5.70/$13.80

SR6 FIRST FOUR1.h3 Egyptian Symbol 2.h4 Champagne Cuddles 3.h2 Cool Passion 4.h9 Alassio

Chmpagne Cuddles 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.30, Cool Passion 2nd/$1.55, Alassio 3rd/$1.55, Egyptian Symbol 4th($5); First Four; Vic.$66.80, N.S.W.$68.80, Qld.$63.60; Trifecta; Vic.$35, N.S.W.$39.40, Qld. $33.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.70/$8.30, N.S.W.$6.30/$10.10, Qld.$5.50/$10.40

SR71.h2 Dawn Passage 2.h12 Pretty Brazen 3.h1 Accession (4.h10 Avon River h7 Espaaniyah)

Accession(2L) 2nd/$1.24, Dawn Passage 3rd/$1.30, Avon River 4th(19)

SR81.h8 Gresham 2.h9 New Universe 3.h2 Morton’s Fork 4.h12 Rodrico

New Universe(1L) 2nd/$1.40, Gresham 3rd/$1.40, Rodrico 4th($17)

SR91.h5 Sondelon 2.h10 Matowi 3.h12 Cisco Bay (4.h4 Rapido Chaparro h1 Looks Like Elvis)

Cisco Bay 1st sp($6)/place$2.25, Looks Like Elvis 3rd/$3.30

Melbourne Races
MR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA 1.h11 Laure Me In 2.h7 Cool Chap 3.h5 Silentz 1 Yogi

Yogi 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.25, Cool Chap 2nd/$2.05, Laure Me In 4th($2.70); Q/Ex; Vic.$25.90/$54.30, N.S.W.$23.80/$54.60, Qld.$29.10/$50.10

MR2 TRIFECTA1.h1 Tropezina 2.h8 News Girl 3.h3 Crack The Code 4.h7 Aperitif

Crack The Code 1st sp($2.25)/place$1.24, News Girl 2nd/$2.30, Aperitif 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$59.80, n.s.w.$64, Qld..$59.50; Q/Ex; Vic..$8.70/$12.90, N.S.W.$9.60/$13.90,Qld.$7.90/$17.10

MR31.h1 Iam A Star 2.h4 Teleplay 3.h5 Princess Of Queens 4.h7 Just Hifalutin

Princess Of Queens 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.80, I Am A Star 3rd/$1.75

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Voodoo Lad 2.h2 Nature Strip 3.h5 Illustrious Lad 4.h3 Jungle Edge

Nature Strip 1st sp($1.75)/place$1.20, Jungle Edge 2nd/$3.80, Voodoo Lad 4th($3.80); Q/Ex; Vic.$8.70/$10.40, N.S.W.8.40/$10.80, Qld.$8.40/$15

MR5 TRIFECTA1.h1 Hawker Hurricane 2.h2 I am Immortal 3.h10 Shotmaker 4.h4 Auxin

I Am Immortal 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.35, Shotmaker 2nd/$2.50, Hawker Hurricane 3rd/$3; Trifecta; Vic.$109.80, N.S.W.$122.90, Qld.$112.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.20/$16.70, N.S.W.$11.60/$17.50, Qld.$10.40/$15.80

MR61.h6 Brooklyn Hustler 2.h1 Catch Me 3.h4 Lanken Star 4.h5 Athiri

Athiri 3rd/$1.55, Lankan Star 4th($15)

MR71.h4 Social Spin 2.h8 Sercret Blaze 3.h6 Declares War (4.h2 Aramayo h1 Rinderding Ding)

Ringerdingding 3rd/$1.75, Aramayo 4th($13)

MR81.h4 Kementari 2.h5 Material Man 3.h14 Fifty Stars (4.h7 Land Of Planty h16 Whispering Brooke)

Kementari(0.5L) 2nd/$1.35, Land Of Plenty 3rd/$2.45

MR91.h7 Call Me Handsome 2.h4 Avilius 3.h10 Bring Me Roses 4.h5 Arbeitsam

Avilius 1st sp($3.10)/place$1.40

BR4 H3 Archer’s Paradox($7); excels around this circuit and is beautifully placed once again after the claim with 53.5kgs. She handles all conditions and can lead or be up on the speed she is Our Best.

Archer’s Paradox($7 – $7.50); 3rd PLACE$2.20, beaten 1.5L, led them up still in front at the distance but winner too good on the day

MR9 H7 Call Me Handsome($17); on a day that is super tough to find value this bloke just might provide us with a huge bonus here. He is fit no doubt and although awkwardly drawn he will roll forward and lead or take the sit behind Arbeitsam. Really likes Caulfield and the distance a solid each way chance.   Call Me Handsome($17 – $18); 7th beaten 3.8L, worked a little early to get to secondd outside the leader then got to the front in the straight but weakened quickly. Due to his overracing the first half of the race.

BR7 H4 Mystic Mist($19); this race is not overly endowed with class, therefore this galloper gets her chance to win a metropolitan race. She handles give in the track and third up should be cherry ripe probably go forward from her good gate (4) and she should be there when the whips are cracking.

Mystic Mist($19 – $21); 6th beaten 3.5L, settled back and never looked likely



Brisbane Track Soft, Sydney Track Good and Melbourne Track Good; The old adage “if it seems too good to be true it usually is” has never rang truer than in the racing world the last few weeks with D.K.WEIR being disqualified a great horseman but bad decision maker. The sad reality is that corruption is rife in this country at the minute in every industry and the singular driving force is GREED. Back to racing and it seems to be that time of the year again where the horses that haven’t won since Noah lobbed on Mount Ararat are getting their chance. One such horse is Fuhryk, this mare has not won for 67 weeks and her first up form is not flash, but there is a big “SPRUIK” on her in the tipping forums in Melbourne, they say because her jump out was good well it must have been one hellova a jumpout, we don’t have her in but let’s just see how this particular race pans out. Nature Strip is really fast but remember the old bloke Jungle Edge is in and he will roll forward also regardless of track conditions and Voodoo Lad might just get the drop on them he relishes the track and distance and first up he is a pistol just saying!! Last week we had 20 winners in our top four selections (for multi runner players) along with eleven quinellas, 2 trifectas and a first four , we were spanked in our best bets last week a rarity for us, our opinion here on Horsebuck$ is that the fence at Eagle Farm last week was not the place to be go to our website and check them out for yourself. Value bets for subscibers this week were hard to find but we have come up with a couple that just might fill the coffers. Quaddies are an expensive exercise and to go skinny in certain legs is fraught with danger and if you are a win or each way player and like playing most races and play one horse per race your chances of success are minimal, our forum here is play a number of horses per race using the odds to your advantage. “DISCIPLINE AND STRATEGY” are the key and remember racing is an enjoyable past time if played within your budget. On that note have a great weekend and above all ENJOY YOUR RACING and “GOOD LUCK” to all from Horsebuck$