Tips & Results 19th January 2019

Brisbane Races
BR11. h9 Underwood 2. h8 Epaumada 3. h1 Mad Irish Tycoon 4.h2 Arnwood

Epaumada 1st sp($4.40/place$1.90, Arnwood 3rd/$2.20

BR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Connoisseur 2. h16 Hel fuchi 3. h1 Boom Chicka Boom 4. h10 Showus Ya Diamonds

Connisseue 1st sp($5)/place$1.90, Boom Chicka Boom 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$15.80/$27.60, N.S.W.$12.40/$27.60, Qld.$13.90/$28.70

BR31. h1 Upstart Pride 2. h8 Paradis Imperial 3. h5 Star Reflection 4. h7 Primal Flight

Star Reflection(1.3L) 2nd/$1.40, Upstart Pride 4th($13)

BR41. h4 High Power 2. h1 Capital Gain 3. h2 I Feel Good 4. h7 Miss Shanti

Miss Shanti 4th($4.20)

BR5 TRIFECTA1. h10 Arazona 2. h16 Pierro Bizel 3. h13 Takings 4. h7 Pinch Passion

Takings 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.90, Arazona 2nd/$4.20, Pierre Bizel 3rd/$2.70; Trifecta; Vic.$467, N.S.W.$421.40, Qld.$381.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$32.70/$48.80, N.S.W.$33.10/$52, Qld.$29.30/$43.90

BR61. h3 Viral 5 Ramtastic 3. h1 Mishani Hustler 4. h9 Elixir

Mishani Hustler 4th(4.60)

BR7 TRIFECTA1. h4*** Emphasis 2. h3 Aqua Vite 3. h1 Bergerac 4. h7 Mamselle Corday, h11 Constantine

Emphasis 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.70, Bergerac 2nd/$1.85, Aqua Vite 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta; Vic.$269, N.S.W.$261.90, Qld.$177.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$17.60/$64.40, N.S.W.$26.90/$54.70,Qld.$24.70/$49.90

BR81. h4 Pressway 2. h13 Enterprise March 3. h18 Mishani Electra 4. h14 Mogador

Mishani Electra 1st sp($6)/place$3.20, Mogador 4th($7)

BR91. h10 Coral Bay 2. h4 Bluebrook 3. h13 Lucky Tom 4. h2 Glitra, h5 Ecker Road

Bluebrook 3rd/$2.60

Sydney Races
SR1 FIRST FOUR1. h2 Igniting 2. h1 Accession 3. h11 Avon River 4. h14 Giselle Anne

Accession 1st sp($3.20)/place$1.90, Avon River 3rd/$2, Giselle Anne 3rd/$6.50, Igniting 4th($2.60); First Four; Vic.$94.10, N.S.W.$102.10, Qld. $102.20; Trifecta; Vic.$50.90, N.S.W.$63.30, Qld.$53.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.50/$8.10, N.S.W.$5.20/$9.40,Qld.$4.90/$9.30

SR2 TRIFECTA1. h2 Ljungberg 2. h6 Vegadaze 3. h3 Above And Beyond 4. h10 Zourhea

Vegadaze 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.50, Ljungberg 2nd/$1.30, Above And Beyond 3rd/$3.60; Trifecta; Vic.$44.70, N.S.W.$45.30, Qld.$43.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.90/10.70, N.S.W.$3.70/$11.70, Qld.$3.50/$12.40

SR3 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h4 Alassio 2. h7 Miss Celebration 3. h1 In Good Time 4. h8 Connemara

Alassio 1st sp($3)/place$1.50, In Good Time 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.90/$12.10, N.S.W.$7.20/$12.40, Qld.$7.10/$12.40

SR41. h11 Midweek Hustler 2. h3 Risk And Reward 3. h2 Hit The Target 4. h1 Nicconita

Nicconita 3rd/$2.30

SR51. h9 Platinum Tycoon 2. h4 All Over Bosanova 3. h3 Paret 4. h2 Bon Amis

Bon Amis 1st sp($2.30)/place$1.60, Paret 3rd(n.t.d.)

SR6 TRIFECTA1. h2 Sweet Scandal 2. h10 The Pharoah 3. h1 Mapmaker 4. h4 Schubert

Sweet Scandal 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.30, Schubert 2nd/$1.70, Mapmaker 3rd/$2.90; Trifecta; Vic.$35, N.S.W.$35.70,Qld.$41.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$4/$6.20, N.S.W.$4.20/$5.20, Qld.$4.10/$7.20

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h4 All Too Royal 2. h5 Poetic Charmer 3. h1 Suspense 4. h3 The Avenger

All Too Royal 1st sp($2.30)/place$1.30, Poetic Charmer 2nd/$1.60, The Avenger 4th($12); Q/Ex; Vic. $2.80/$4.70, N.S.W.$3.60/$4.70, Qld.$3.70/$4.80

SR81. h3 Dalmatia Prince 2. 9 Creedence 3. h1 Collatereal 4. h2 Asterius

Asterius 2nd/$1.50, Creedence 3rd/$1.50

SR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h2 Dawn Raid 2. h1 Reflectivity 3. h6 Harmattan 4. 11 Nikkas In A Twist, h12 Zidane

Harmattan 1st sp($3)/place$1.60, Zidane 2nd/$2.70, Reflectivity 4th($4.80); Q/Ex; Vic.$13.40/$20.50, N.S.W.$13.80/$23.10, Qld.$13.50/$20.60

Melbourne Races
MR1 FIRST FOUR1. h1 Free Of Debt 2. h2 Viking Warrior 3. h7 Maozi 4. h5 Game Keeper

Free Of Debt 1st sp($8)/place$3, Viking Warrior 2nd/$1.30, Maozi 3rd/$2.60, Game Keeper 4th($7); First Four; Vic.$134.80, N.S.W.$153, Qld.$160.40; Trifecta; Vic. $58.60, N.S.W.$51.20, Qld.$47.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.80/$18.50, N.S.W.$5.50/$18.10, Qld.$4.40/$16.70

MR21. h2 Lycurgus 2. h7 One For Later 3. h3 Pleasuring 4. h6 Pedro Ximenez

One For Later(0.2L) 2nd/$6, Pedro Ximenez 3rd(n.t.d.), Pleasuring 4th($3.90)

MR31. h7 English Gambler 2. h11 Weapon 3. h14 El Magnificence 4. h9 Paremuus Bay


MR4 TRIFECTA1. h3 Royal Performance 2. h9 Dream Big 3. h1 Oceanex 4. h11 Necessitas

Oceanex 1st sp($6)/place$2.10, Royal Performance, Necessitas 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta; Vic.$117.40, N.S.W.$123.60, Qld.$117.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.90/$25.30, N.S..W.$11.70/$23.40, Qld.$11.90/$24.10

MR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h3 Thorondor 2. h7 Tropezina 3. h8 Du Well 4. h4 Beerz With Clint

Tropezina 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.70, Beez With Clint 2nd/$2.25; Q/Ex; Vic.$27.30/$59.30, N.S.W.$25.60/$56.50, Qld.$29.70/$42.20

MR61. h8 Set To Sparkle 2. h10 Hay Now 3. h4 Mastering 4. h3 Heptagon, h11 Mount Kilcoy

Heptagon(0.2L) 2nd/$3.30, Set To Sparkle 4th($3.80)

MR71. h1 Thermal Current 2. h2 Champagne Cuddles 3. h3 Heart Of A Lion 4. h5 Glenali

Glenali(0.3L) 2nd/$1.50,Champagne Cuddles 3rd/$1.60

MR81. h6 Five Kingdom 2. h13 Laure Me In 3. h3 Black Sail 4. h5 Mr. One Eleven

Laure Me In 1st sp($2.40)/ploace1.50,

MR91. h4*** Just Hifalutin 2. h11 Intuition 3. h15 Langhro 4. h1 Ruettiger, h16 Tbilisi

Just Hifalutin 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.60, Langhro 3rd/$2

MR6 H8 Set To Sparkle($6); Very strong win last start and just lipped the start before by Hay Now, which meets him 2.5kgs better here after the claim but we think Set To Sparkle has more ability over this course. She will probably race up on the speed which will be a huge bonus in this field. Set To Sparkle($6 – $3.80); 4th beaten 1.2L,sat outside leader and looked to be travelling well when let down in the straight struggled, battled on. BR7 H4 Emphasis($7.50); We had this horse as our best longshot and ran a very good third. Dropping back 200m here but that wont cause any issues, the big straight will be a bonus and The Maestro will have him with a full head of staem at the distance. GIDDYUP!!! Emphasis ($7.50 – $8.80); FIRST; Lloyd had him back last coming to the corner but was following up Bergerac,that horse got away a bit but Lloyd used the the entire Eagle Farm straight to get him home in the shadows. MR9 H4 Just Hifalutin($10); she is an under rated mare and her first up run was good. She is at her most vulnerable first up and second up is a pistol. In pretty well here(56.5kgs) after the claim against an all male line up. The distance is her speciality and the straight holds no fears for her, we think the boys here will indeed find that it is no longer just a man’s world. SHE IS OUR BEST.  Just Hifalutin($10 – $7); FIRST, back last at the 300m and nowhere to go but 3kilo claimer Riordan rode her with patience and never panicked at any stage somehow got her into clear running with 100m to go and she steamed home to get there on the line. Very good mare aided by a gun ride. HAPPY DAYS!!!  

Midweek Hustler($26); he is in good form this prep, third up here and should be cherry ripe for this with a nice trial between runs having Corey Brown aboard is huge bonus. The form lines out of his last two races been very good. Gets back but gets home hard will be staeming home.

Midweek Hustler($26 – $15); 10th beaten 5.5L,enjoyed a good run in third made a run at them at the distance but it was short lived. Distance query for mine or wrong part of track probably not good enough on the day.

Brisbane Track Good, Sydney Track Good and Melbourne Track Good; Good day last Saturday with19 winners in our top 4 selections and 7on top also first four race 6 Gold Coast which paid $3,000.00 and the trifecta $380 with 7 trifectas in total with the best being Flemington race 6 $475.00, so a pretty good day for multi runner and exotic players. Our Best certainly wasn’t that with Husson Eagle and Dalmatia Prince both a little unlucky being caught wide entire trip, Stanley Park ran well for a third and Sir Donald was outclassed on the day.Interesting to note that Dalmatia Prince is backing up today at Rosehill ($26) we have him on top again today as this is a weak affair and he must have done well during the week for trainer Howlett to be backing him up it certainly would not surprise us to see him lob today. Just remember stay away from odds on favourites(especially mid weeks) they are usually this price out of hype or assumption not weight of money there are plenty of good priced favourites out there to entertain you. We here at Horsebuck$ think value more bang for our buck but having said that if we like a favourite we will have them in our selections and if we think a favourite is a somewhat dubious conveyance we drop them like the plague. Racing is fun so ENJOY IT FOR WHAT IT IS and take our tips along on race day remember you can always drop a horse or two of your own with ours. For all results jump on our web site and check them out. We had a great time at the Magic Millions barrier draw meeting some great racing people we have posted two on our site this week. So on that note have a great weekend and above all ENJOY YOUR RACING and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$