Tips & Results 22nd December 2018

Brisbane Races
BR1 TRIFECTA1.h1 Dubious 2.h7 Country Cocktail 3.h6 Lets Chill Again 4.h8 Devine Factor

Dubious 1st sp($1.75)/place$1.20, Devine Factor 2nd/$2, Country Cocktail 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; Vic.$22.10, N.S.W.$20.10, Qld.$21.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.40/$8, N.S.W.$5.40/$5.40, Qld.$5.70/$8.70

BR21.h5 Mishani Vaidira 2.h11 Bronzegate 3.h17 Lucky Captain 4.h8 Oakfield Monarch

Bronzegate 3rd/$3, Oakfield Monarch 4th($12)

BR3 TRIFECTA1.h1 A Man To Match 2.h2 Trusty Lad 3.h3 Ceol Na Mara 4.h4 Miss Sara

Trusty Lad 1st sp($3.80)/place$1.30, Ceol Na Mara 2nd/$2.30, A Man To Match 3rd/$1.20; Trifecta; Vic.$59.20, N.S.W.$48.50, Qld.$38.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$17.60/$31.80, N.S.W.$20.30/$32.70, Qd.$18.60/$27.20

BR41.h2 Archer’s Paradox 2.h1 Unconditional 3.h4 Spending My Time 4.h3 Mittere


BR51.h3 Awesome Pluck 2.h2 Malvern Estate 3.h6 Basara 4.h4 My Girl Hayley

Awesome Pluck 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.40, Basara 3rd/$2

BR61.h14 Als Kingdom 2.h19 Rancho Montoya 3.h5 Private Hero 4.h16 Nashville Skyline

Al’s Kingdom(0.4L) 2nd/$1.70, Nashville Skyline 4th($8.50)

BR7 TRIFECTA1.h3 Desert Man 2.h12 Le Scopa 3.h15 Le Beau Renard 4.h11 Cabin Fever

Desert Man 1st sp($4.80)/place2.30, La Scopa 2nd/$4.30, Cabin Fever 3rd/$7.60; Trifecta; Vic.$1.368.90, N.S.W.$1,541, Qld.$920; Q/Ex;Vic. $65.60/$73.60, N.S.W.$51.30/$54.30, Qld.$34.90/$56.20

BR81.h9 Primal Flight 2.h7 Hingus Rose 3.h11 Big Tree 4.h12 DIvine Dice h8 Mogador

Hingus Rose 4th($4.80)

BR91.h4 Natch 2.h1 Snitch 3.h2 Oink 4.h7 Looks Like Elvis h14 Realing

Looks Like Elvis 3rd/$5.70, Oink 4th($7.50)

Sydney Races
SR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Sebrekate 3.h7 Girls Are Ready 4.h3 Deterge

Girls Are Ready 1st sp($6)/place$2.60, Sebrekate 2nd/$3.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$20/$51, N.S.W.$17.70/$32.80, Qld.$22.90/$39.20

SR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Hemmerle 2.h9 Foxie La Belle 3.h5 Sostenido 4.h2Moobi

Moobi 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.70, Hemmerle 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$4/$11.80, N.S.W.$3.50/$9.80,Qld.$4.30/$13.50

SR3 FIRST FOUR1.h2 Ghostly 2.h5 Difficult To Get 3.h7 Heart Conquered 4.h1 Revenire

Heart Conquered 1st sp(2)/place$1.50, Revenire 2nd/$2.10, Ghostly/n.t.d. Difficult To Get 4th($8); First Four; Vic.$83.70, N.S.W.$82.40, Qld $83.20; Trifecta; Vic.$26.60, N.S.W.$29.20,Qld.$24.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.80/$4.30, N.S.W.$3/$3.90,Qld.$3.10/$4.90

SR41.h6 Follow Suit 2.h4 Araaja 3.h1 Naval Warfare 4.h9 Solo Mission

Naval Warfare 1st sp($5)/place$1.80, Solo Mission 3rd/$,1.80, Araaja 4th($6)

SR51.h9 Deft 2.h1 Astoria 3.h5 Intueri 4.h10 Cést Davinchi

Astoria(0.2L) 2nd/$1.90, Intueri 3rd/$3.40

SR6 TRIFECTA1.h4 Velocita 2.h8 The Art Of The Bar 3.h7 Bella Success 4. h2 Sweet Victory, h3 Nicci’s Gold

Nicci’s Gold 1st sp($10)/place$2.50, The Art Of The Bar 2nd/$1.30, Sweet Victory 3rd/$2.70; Trifecta; Vic.$162.40, N.S.W. $192.60, Qld.$205.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.40/$30.60, N.S.W.$8.50/$25.60,Qld.$9.30/$34.50

SR71.h1 Pecans 2.h4 Invincible 3.h12 Catesby 4. h3 Spectroscope, h9 Sayed

Spectroscope(0.4L) 2nd/$2, Invinzabeel 4th($8.50)

SR81.h9 Prembroke Castle 2.h1 Let’s Party Marty 3.h5 Kapjack 4.10 Lilith

let’s Party Marty(0.5L) 2nd/$3.80

SR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h11 Bel Sonic 2. h1 Bon Amis 3.h12 Samadoubt 4.h3 Easy Eddie

Easy Eddie 1st sp($5)/place$2.30, Bel Sonic 2nd/$2.10, Bon Amis 4th($5.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$17.50/$32.30, N.S.W.$15.40/$31.20, Qld.$14.60/$33.50

Melbourne Races
MR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 My Pendant 2.h5 Covert Miss 3.h2 Notation 4.h7 Vivi Valentina

My Pendant 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.60, Notation 2nd/$2.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.10/$16.30, N.S.W.$10.50/$18, Qld.$9.60/$17.20

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h9 Phaistos 2.h1 O’Tauto 3.h8 Mischa 4.h4 Poised To Strike

Poised To Strike 1st s($5)/place$2, O’Tauto 2nd/$2.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$18/$39.10, N.S.W.$15.10/$36.50,Qld.$18.90/$35.10

MR31.h5 Supre 2.h4 Tea For Chiox 3.h1 Shokora 4.h7 Teodora

Supre(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10, Teodora 3rd/$2.60, Tea For Choux 4th($12)

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Oncidium Ruler 2.h7 Etymology 3.h5 Master Zephyr 4.h4 Lycurgus

Etymology 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.70, Lycurgus 2nd/$1.80, Master Zephyr 4th($9.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$8.20/$15.70,N.S.W.$6.80/$13, Qld.$9/$13.10

MR5 QUINELLA/EAXACTA1.h7 Renegade 2.h6 Fallen Empire 3.h5 Cash Affair 4.h9 So You Dream

Fallen Empire 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.50, Cash Affair 2nd/$1.70, Renegade 4th($4.20); Q/Ex; Vic.$5.30/$12.50, N.S.W.$5.40/$10.50, Qld.$5.20/$14.70

MR6 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Order Of Command 2.h4 Saint Valorem 3.h3 Prezado 4.h5 Demolition

Order Of Command 1st sp($2.25/place$1.30, Demolition 2nd/$1.50, Saint Valorem 4th($12); Q/Ex; Vic.$3.20/$5.20, N.S.W.$2.70/$4.30, Qld.$3.30/$4.50

MR7 TRIFECTA1.h4 Haunted 2.h 3.h9 Mr Money Bags 3.h16 Kazio 4. h1 King’s Command

Mr. Money Bags 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.50, Kazio 2nd/$2.60, Haunted 3rd/$1.20; Trifecta; Vic.$66.80, N.S.W.$63.60, Qld.$55.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$15.10, N.S.W.$16/$28, Qld.$13.20/$19.30

MR81.h1 Top Prospect 2.h11 Creedence 3.h8 Friedensberg 4.15 Single Handed h7 Lamborghini

Lamborghini 1st sp($7)/place$2.20, Creedence 4th($3.50)

MR91.h9 Beacon 2.h1 Exceltara 3.h12 Mastering 4.h11 Brahmos h15 Rox The Castle

Mastering92.8L) 2nd/$1.70, Beacon 4th($10)

BR4 H4 Natch($6); this is the hardest race of the day at Eagle Farm but we feel this galloper sizzles second up and is drawn to either lead or at least take a sit. With 57kgs we feel he isn’t harshly treated here.

Natch($6 – $8.50); 9th beaten 3.8L, travelling on the corner in the lead they swamped him with 50m to go. We feel he didn’t run the distance. ( apologies it was BR9)

SR9 H11 Bel Sonic($6); good win last start in slightly better class and his run prior to his spell he was a nice 4th behind Nature Strip in Listed grade with 57.5kgs. With 55.5kgs we think he is well in here races well 2nd up does relish wet conditions, his only negative would be he can get a long way back but Tim Clark will rectify that.

Bel Sonic($6 – $5.50); 2nd($2.10)  beaten 0.2L ,got back like we anticipated and really started to motor at the distance, Clark rode it a treat and didn’t miss a beat as he drove to the line. 

BR7 H3 Desert Man($15); he has a had 3 goes at the old Eagle Farm track for a couple of placings, he is drawn to get the perfect run here from gate 1 and remember he did win a race by leading. If the track becomes rain affected our opinion is he will be okay (his only run on soft was after a 100week layoff) expecting  a huge run from him today at good odds.

Desert Man($15 – $11- $4.80); our confidence grew by the minute as the hoops realised the rail was on. Guthermann – Chester rode the horse accordingly back in 4th place on the fence then let rip along the fence he held on for a narrow win. GOUGUDTHING!!! 


Eagle Farm Track Good; Warwick Farm Track Heavy; Flemington Track Soft; We would suggest punters be mindful today of track conditions in every state as changes are likely. Just want to mention Deploy we thought he was a chance last week even with his 61kgs but the way the race panned out nothing went his way. Vying for the lead early 3 wide eased and then raced 3 wide the entire trip all on a track bordering on heavy, his jockey stated in the stewards report he was disappointed in his finishing effort IN OUR OPINION a ridiculous statement at best. Oncidium Ruler($10) race 4 Flemington we stated that at his last start(1/12) he raced like a horse that needed the run (he had good second up stats) back here today 3rd up would suggest to us he is ready, his 3rd up stats are even better (best on good or heavy tracks tho). Beacon($13) in the last race at Flemington we find it interesting that Cummings has bought him back to the straight, watching the replay(several times) of his last start(10/11) here it wasn’t one of JMAC’S greatest performances. After their last starts we suggested in our post race summary for these 2 horses that we would be following them up at their very next start well here they are and at very playable odds. Eagle Farm back in business today which is fantastic for Queensland racing and this time they seem to have the right people in place. Another super tough day with big fields which is fantastic, we love our weekend racing here at Horsebuck$. We have gone quaddieless the last couple of weeks after giving ourselves a decent wrap on our great results over the last 2 years (the old saying that self praise is no recommendation (:) we hope to rectify that this week big time. For all our previous  results go to our web site an check them out they are there for all to see. To all those racing fans that follow us and support us my colleague and I would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS filled with lots of good cheer. So on that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$.