Tips & Results 13th October2018

Brisbane Races
BR1 ABANDONNED 1. h10 Niedorp 2. h5 Ready To Party 3. h3 Cubix 4. h9 Mishani Spirit
BR2 ABANDONNED1.h5 Zofonic Dancer 2. h1 Anto En Avant 3. h3 Exoteric 4. h4 My Giuliano
BR3 ABANDONNED1. h6 Old Habits 2. h10 Balius 3. h7 Bodega Negra 4. h3 Trois Choix
BR4 ABANDONNED1.h5 Sister Patti 2. h2 Tawfiq Boy 3. h6 Dream Kisses
BR5 ABANDONNED1.h1 Tversky 2. h2 Hi I’m Back 3. h7 Taillevent 4. h4 Isis Magic
BR6 ABANDONNED 1.h6 Miss Sara 2. h8 Say I Cee You 3. h3 Thunderous Strike 4. h7 Staying Black
BR7 ABANDONNED 1. h13 Red Colour 2. h6 Straight Home 3. h12 Sweet Adeline4. h16 Prince Of Tie
BR8 ABANDONNED1. h16 Clockwise 2. h12 Adoradancer 3. h7 Scorcha 4.h4 Bella Occhi
BR9 ABANDONNED1. h10 Saint Patrick’s Day 2. h2 Courtza King 3. h9 Deconstructed 4. h13 Impasse, h16 Bon Rocket
Sydney Races
SR11. 5 Valour 2. h2 Disruptor 3. h8 Deviate 4. h7 Zoushack

Disruptor 2nd/$2.10, Zoushak 4th($5.50)

SR21. h2 Meditteranean 2. h6 My Blue Jeans 3. h14 Ave 4. h3 Saxton Rocks


SR3 TRIFECTA*1. h5 Bubbles “n’ Troubles 2. h1 Cristobal 3. h7 I Like It Easy 4. h9 Evalina

I Like It Easy 1st sp($11)/place$2.90, Evalina 2nd/$2.25, Bubbles ‘n’ Troubles 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$389.30,N.S.W.$335.80,Qld.$476.80; Q/Ex; Vic. $41.90/$67.80,N.S.W.$35.20/$79.60,Qld.$42.20/$67.80

SR4 FIRST FOUR*1.h10 Goodfella 2. h9 Kaonic 3. h7 Testashadow 4. h2 Stampede

Stampede 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.60, Testashadow 2nd/$4.40, Goodfella 3rd/$1.45, Kaonic 4th($4.60); First Four; Vic.$1,948, N.S.W.$1,376.70,Qld.$1,430.20; Trifecta; Vic.$612.10,N.S.W.$449.60,Qld.$427.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$93.30/$120.90,N.S.W.$79.30,Qld.$84.40/$145.20

SR51.h1 The Monstar 2. h5 Victorem 3. h12 Awesome Pluck 4. h8 Snitz

Awesome Pluck 3rd/$2.60

SR6 FIRST FOUR*1.h3 Jungle Edge 2. h9 Tactical Advantage 3. h5 Pierata 4. h1 Clearly Innocent

Pierata 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.75, Jungle Edge 2nd/$1.75, Clearly Innocent 3rd/$2.90, Tactical Advantage 4th($5); First Four; Vic.$405.30,N.S.W.$303.80,Qld.$337.10; Trifecta; Vic.$107.30,N.S.W.$96.60,Qld.$88.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.70/$14.40,N.S.W.$8.50/$15.80,Qld.$7.70/$13.40

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA*1.h10 Shoals 2. h1 Redzel 3. h3 Le Romain 4. h2 Santa Ana Lane, h4 Trapeze Artist

Redzel 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.90, Trapeze Artist 2nd/$3.30, Le Romain 4th($9); Q/Ex; Vic.$ 45.10,N.S.W.$34.50/$69.40,Qld.$39.90/$70.60

SR8 OUR BEST EACH WAY*1. h4 Moss ‘n’ Dale 2. h12 Egg Tart 3. h3 It’s Somewhat 4. h2 Comin’Through

Moss ‘n’ Dale 1st sp($5)/place$1.95, Egg Tart 3rd/$1.40

SR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA*1. h5 One Foot In Heaven 2. h12 Big Blue 3. h8 Sikandarabad 4. h10 Haripour

Big Blue 1st sp($31)/place$7.50, One Foot In Heaven 2nd/$2.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$77.50/$63.80,N.S.W.$60.80/$165.90,Qld.$80.10/$164.40

SR10 1. h2 Revenire 2. h7 Royal Hootenanny 3. h3 Noble Joey 4. h11 Prince Mayted

Revenire 2nd/$2.15, Noble Joey 4th($9)

Melbourne Races
MR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA*1. h5 Biscara 2. h6 Champagne Boom 3. h8 Lady Cornelia 4. h13 Utzon

Champagne Boom 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.40, Biscara 2nd/2.40; Q/Ex;Vic.$26.90/$55.60,N.S.W.$25.90/$56.80,Qld.$25.40/$54.90

MR2 TRIFECTA*1. h4 Fastnet Tempest 2. h9 Iconoclasm 3. h8 Sircconi 4. h2 Duca Valentinois

Iconoclasm 1st sp($5)/place$1.80, Fastnet Tempest 2nd/$2.80, Sircconi 3rd/1.60; Trifecta;Vic.$154.70,N.S.W.$190.20,Qld.$170.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$27.20/$41.90, N.S.W.$27.40/$45.30,Qld.426.20/$36.10

MR3 FIRST FOUR*1.h1 Sunlight 2. h3 Meryl 3. h6 Humma Humma 4. h2 Enbihaar

Sunlight 1st sp($2.20)/place$1.20, Humma Humma 2nd/$2.20, Meryl 3rd/$1.50, Enbihaar 4th($51); First Four; Vic.$351.40,N.S.W.$362.10,Qld.$350.60; Trifecta; Vic.$27,N.S.W.$27.20,Qld.$27.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.80/$7.60,N.S.W.$7.40/$9.70,Qld.$6.60/$8.30

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA*1.h3 Winter Bride 2. h2 Cool Passion 3. h12 Our Malambo 4. h1 Booker

Winter Bride 1st sp($4.80)/place$2, Booker 2nd/$4; Q/Ex;Vic. $27/$41.90,N.S.W.$27.60,Qld.$26.80/$39.70

MR51.h13 Snitty Kitty 2. h2 Voodoo Lad 3. h11 Miss Rock 4. h12 Savannah Amour

Miss Rock 3rd/$3, Voodoo Lad 4th($2.70)

MR61.h1 El Dorado Dreaming 2. h5 Smart Melody 3. h4 Thrillster 4. h13 Peaceful


MR71 h1 Hartnell 2. h17 Waging War 3. h4 Shillelagh 4. h14 Muraaqeb, h19 Fierce Impact

Hartnell 2nd/$3, Shillelagh 4th($8)

MR81.h6 Homesman 2. h1 Benbatl 3. h12 Unforgotten 4. h10 D’Argento

Benbatl 1st sp($9)/place$2.90

MR91.h15 Oohood 2. h1 The Autumn Sun 3. h7 Muswellbrook 4. h2 Native Soldier

The Autumn Sun 1st sp($1.70)/place$1.12, Oohood 3rd/$2.30

MR101. h5 Gallic Chieftan 2. h8 Brimham Rocks 3. h10 Odeon 4. h1 Big Duke, h6 Lord Fandango

Brimham Rocks 2nd/$3.50, Gallic Chieftan 4th($4.80)

MR5 H13 Snitty Kitty($4.80); we expect her to take it up today from her good draw and has a great record around here.  She is super tough to run down once there and is a pistol second up she just might run them off their legs.

Snitty Kitty($5); 5th beaten 3.3L kept the rails just shading Ball Of Muscle($9.50) but he outgunned her and she wilted in the straight.

MR7 H1 Hartnell($6.50); saluted for us in the Epsom at $20 and we see no reason why he can’t do it again here. He looked very strong last start actually we think this race is a little easier than the Epsom. This horse has been an elite racehorse for a long time and JMAC will give him the run of the race GIDDYUP!

Hartnell($9); 2nd($3) beaten 1.3L got further back than I thought but moved into the race at the distance ran his heart out but the winner’s 6kgs pull in the weights was just too much of an advantage.

SR8 H4 Moss ‘n’ Dale($9.50); this horse is a model of consistency with an outstanding record in wet conditions. This is his first go at W.F.A. and at the distance but his style of racing would suggest he will handle both. There is some real hardened group performers here but we expect this bloke to be right in the finish.

Moss ‘n’ Dale($5); FIRST had a glorious run behind the leaders ran to the lead as they turned and that was the end of the section GOUGUDTHING!!!

MR9 H5 Gallic Chieftan($6.50); This horse has a good record over this trip and is pearler third up. He has hit form straight up this prep and we hope that Lane takes him forward here, he had a good winter in Queensland and we are expecting big things from him today.

Gallic Chieftan($4.80); 4th beaten 5L he got a mile back to be second last and when the overseas horse Yucatan took off  just after the 800m and put a big break on them it was game over great ride JMAC. Gallic Chieftan will be winning somewhere very soon. THE WINNER WAS SUPER IMPRESSIVE.

Another GOLDEN DAY for our best bets when MOSS ‘n’ DALE saluted at $5 after $9 early Saturday morning with plenty of $6.50 available and HARTNELL running second paying $3 a place. Once again we showed the IMPORTANCE of reading our pre race summary when BIG BLUE scored in the St. Ledger at big odds $31 with better available earlier in the day. Another EXOTICA  MASTERCLASS with 3 FIRST FOURS SR4 $1,950, SR6 $405 & MR3 $362, 5 TRIFECTAS best being SR3 $476 & SR4 $612 and nine QUINELLA/EXACTAS SR9 $165 so there was something for everyone which is the norm for our site. Remember ACE HIGH in the Caulfield Cup on a dry surface and the Hayes  filly Enbihaar wherever she goes next we will follow with great interest. Oohood if they take her to the Oaks you would have to think she would be super hard to beat. For all results visit our web site and on that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$


Doomben Track bottomless; Randwick Track Heavy; Caulfield Track Good;  The St. Leger at Randwick is an interesting race we have One Foot In Heaven($7) on top but would not be surprised to see the bolter BIG BLUE($35) run enormously here, he can stay loves conditions and is Group placed in France. We are really strong on Oohood($9.50) in the Caulfield Guineas to beat The Autumn Sun($1.85) Tony McEvoy is an elite trainer and for him to forgo the Thousand Guineas for this is an enormous push we are following his lead. Jungle Edge($5.50) gets conditions to suit today they might find it tough to run him down in the sludge. Doomben will be bottomless today if they even race at all but on the off chance they do Red Colour($7) in race 7 is an absolute swimmer. An absolute MEGA day’s racing at Caulfield with great fields so on that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to all.