Tips & Results 6th October 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h3 Fairlighting 2.h1 Impavido 3.h6 Monaco Snub 4.h2 Future Event

Monaco Snob 1st sp ($3.30)/place$1.75, Impravido 2nd/$1.60, Fairlighting 4th($6.50); Q/Ex; Vic. $2.90/$6.70, N.S.W. $2.80/$6,Qld.$3.20/$5.10

BR21.h1 Guntantes 2.h7 The Carpenter 3.h6 Soldati 4.h3 Magic Beans

Guntantes 1st sp($1.70)/place$1.20, The Carpenter 3rd/ n.t.d., Magic Beams 4th($10)

BR31.h6 Country Cocktail 2.h3 Buckets Of Pride 3.h1 Courseshewill 4.h9 Kodai

Courseshewill 1st sp($4)/place$1.45, Buckets Of Pride 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$19.60/$32.30,N.S.W.$…, Qld.$17.10/$43.90

BR41.h1 Mr Bellagio 2.h3 Rich Affair 3.h9 Lulu Express 4.h8 Il Riccio

Mr. Bellagio 1st sp($3.40)/place$1.50, Il Riccio 3rd/$3, Rich Affair 4th($12)

BR51.h3 Niccanova 2.h2 Fiery Heights 3.h1 Fresponal 4.h7 Old Habits

Niccanova 1st sp($2)/place$1.26, Fiery Heights 2nd/$1.35, Old Habits 4th($11); Q/Ex; Vic.$1.90/$2.60,N.S.W.$1.60/$2.70, Qld.$1.70/$2.90

EARLY QUADDIE; Guntantes/Courseshewill/Mr. Bellagio/Niccanova; Divis.Vic.$56.00

BR61.h6 Misery 2.h3 Prompt Return 3.h1 Volkoff 4.h8 Just Orm

Volkoff 2nd n.d, Misery 3rd/n.d., Prompt Return 4th($3), 4 starters ; Just Orm (L.SCR.)

BR71.h1 Defence Missile 2.h9 Keirabella 3.h6 Fish ‘n’ Snitz 4.h4 Snicki Minaj

Defence Missile 1st sp($1.90)/place$1.12

BR81.h5 Hingus Rose 2.h8 Prue’s Angel 3.h12 Seductive Dream (4.h13 Happy Hooves h10 Rosie Posie)

Hingis Rose 1st sp($6.50)/place$2, Seductive Dream 2nd/$4.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$89.90/$102.50,n.s.w.$82.50/$114.30,qLD.$82.50/$181.10

BR91.h6 Zofonic Dancer 2.h10 Stanley 3.h11 El Campeador (4.h7 Hang h8 Bodegra Negra)

Zofonic Dancer 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.70, El Campeador 2nd/$3.20, Hang 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta; Vic.$193.80, N.S.W.$….., Qld.$205.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$23.50/$40.80,N.S.W…..,Qld.$25.50/39.70

Sydney Races
SR11.h2 Silent Explorer 2.h4 Nicco Lad 3.h1 Royal Celebration 4.h3 Yulong January

Yulong January 1st sp($2.90)/place$1.55, Royal Celebration 2nd/$1.55, Silent Explorer 3rd/ n.t.d.; Trifecta; Vic.$27.70,N.S.W.$30.90,Qld.$29.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.10/$6.70,N.S.W.$3.20/$7.50,Qld.$3.30/$8.50

SR21.h4 Ribs 2.h12 Blinkin Fast 3.h3 Evopex 4.h8 Rapture Miss

Evopex 1st sp($6)/place$2.25

SR31.h10 Keep Up 2.h3 Tamarack 3.h5 Excelsior 4.h7 Royal Stamp

Royal Stamp 4th($7)

SR41.h4 Magic Alibi 2.h8 Doubt Defying 3.h6 Super Tycoon 4.h7 Insensata

Doubt Defying 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.50, Insensata 4th($6.50

SR51.h2 Abdon 2.h9 Zourkhan 3.h8 Drochaid 4.h5 Instant De Reve

Zourkhan 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.55, Abdon 2nd/$3.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$22.30/$35.90,N.S.W.$21.70/$29.10,Qld.$22.10/$33

SR61.h1 Sandbar 2.h2 Alymerton 3.h8 Spin 4.h7 Legend Of Condor

Sandbar(1.3L0 2nd/$1.45, Spin 3rd/$2.15

SR71.h1 Thinkin’ Big 2.h2 Tarka 3.h6 Mickey Blue Eyes (4.h9 Home Ground h5 Dealmaker)

Thinkin’Big 3rd/$1.45, Tarka 4th($10)

SR81.h1 Dixie Blossoms 2.h5 Iam Serious 3.h2 Shumookh 4.h8 Mandylion

I Am Serious 1st sp($1.90)/place$1.12, Mandylion 2nd/$3.40,Dixie Blossoms 3rd/$1.40, Shumookh 4th ($9); First Four; Vic.$171.60,N.S.W.$158, Qld.$155.40; Trifecta; Vic.$50.70,N.S.W.$53.60,Qld.$55.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.90/$16,N.S.W.$10.90/$13.60,Qld.$11/$13

SR91.h10 Arties Dreamwinner 2.h17 Man Of Peace 3.h15 My Maher 4.h4 Za Zi Ba

Man Of Peace 1st sp($6)/place$2.70, Za Zi Ba 3rd/$2.35

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h8 Unite And Conquer 2.h9 California Honey 3.h7 The Astrologist 4.h4 Memphise Rock

Unite And Conquer 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.35, Memphis Rock 4th($9)

MR21.h9 Peaceful 2.h7 East Indiaman 3.h4 Ranier 4.h3 Wild Planet

Wild Planet 1st sp($3.80)/place$1.50, Ranier 2nd/$1.35; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.40/$8.90,N.S.W.$3.80/$9.90,Qld.$4.20/$9

MR31.h9 Holbien 2.h2 Sovereign 3.h3 I’m Wesley 4.h1 Crack me Up

I’m Wesley 4th($8)

MR41.h7 Farooq 2.h8 Louie The Legend 3.h5 Savoie 4.h6 Thunderdome

Savoie 3rd/$1.35, Louie The Legend 4th($51)

MR51.h2 WINX 2.h4 Kings Will Dream 3.h5 Jon Snow 4.h3 Mighty Boss

WINX FIRST, King’s Will Dream 3rd/$1.45

MR61.h7 First Among Equals 2.h1 Dothraki 3.h11 I am Excited 4.h4 Dreamforce

I Am Excited 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.85

MR71.h9 Jaameh 2.h12 Hush Writer 3.h10 Yogi (4.h1 Avilius h2 Our Venice Beach)

Avilius 1st sp($2.35)/place$1.30, Jaameh(0.1L) 2nd/$3.80, Yogi 3rd/$1.85; Trifecta; Vic.$68.30,N.S.W.$59.40,Qld.$64.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$12.90/$15,N.S.W.$13.20/$12.20,Qld.$15.80/$16.70

MR81.h2 Krone 2.h5 Amphitrite 3.h10 Oregon Dreamer (4.h11 Thousand Wishes h15 Very Elleegant)

Amphritite 1st sp(3.20)/place$1.40, Krone 2n/$1.80, Verry Eleegant 3rd/$1.60, Thousand Wishes 4th($41); First Four; Vic.$97.60,N.S.W.$83,Qld.$114.60; Trifecta; Vic.$40.40,N.S.W.$35.80,Qld.$45.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.20/$12.90,N.S.W.$7.50/$12.10,Qld.$7.30/$10

MR91.h6 Tulip 2.h5 Bella Martini 3.h16 Shoko (4.h9 Savatiano h3 Invincibella)

Invincibella 1st sp($3.20)/place$1.40, Savatiano 2nd/$1.45, Tulip 4th($7); Q/Ex; Vic.$5.20/$9.40,N.S.W.$5.40/$8.30,Qld.$5.10/$9.20

MAIN QUADDIE; I Am Excited/Avilius/Amphitrite/Invincibella; Divis; Vic.$194, Qld.$221.60

BR 6 H6 Misery($5.50); very good run last start in Open grade and handles good and soft conditions. Three runs over this exact course for one second but the two unplaced runs were in Listed grade (3 wide no cover in the Lightning) with gate 2 we expect him to get a beaut run, lead or sit second either way he will be there when the whips are cracking.

Misery($2.40); beaten 1L 3rd in 4 horse field, once the track went to heavy her chances were minimised.

BR8 H5 Hingus Rose($6); we think she is extremely well placed here with 52.5kgs and she also handles all conditions. Drawn a little tricky from gate 9 but she has the pace to get herself into a good possie behind Prue’s Angel, drops some 6.5kegs on her last run when wide throughout. She ticks a lot of boxes here GIDDYUP!


MR7 H9 Jaameh($10); see summary below.

Jaameh($14); 2nd beaten 0.1L a cracking ride by M. Walker back second last early and up challenging for the lead at the distance but Avilius proved a shade too good in a close driving finish.

MR9 H6 Tulip($13); this mare is over the odds here she is a proven performer at group and listed level, G 1 is just a little beyond her, but this level won’t phase her. Her win last start was very good albeit in a BM90, really like this mare when she is ridden just off the pace early and coming into it on straightening. This is a very good group of mares but we think she will prevail.

Tulip($7); 4th beaten 2.8L another gun ride here this time M.Zahra 3rd and 4th on the fence all the way a run presented itself in the straight, just thought she was a little reluctant to take the run initially eventually did and got to the front at the distance but could always see Invincibella cruising in the middle of the track. Thought she might have hung on for a place.

Another big day for Our Best followers once again when Hingis Rose($6.50) saluted at great odds considering how well placed she was. Also Our Best each way Jaameh($14) ran 2nd beaten a breath by Avalius and paying $3.80 a place. We also highlighted Thinkin’ Big in our pre race summary and certainly won’t be dropping off him next start where ever he goes he did it tough early in the sludge and fought on strongly for 3rd. We know he is entered for the Victoria Derby and certainly has the right racing pattern for this event in front and free wheeling. Shoals for us on Saturday in the Everest and if we thought the track was definitely going to be good for the Caulfield Cup (2oth October) we would take the early odds about Ace High. Two first fours, 5 trifectas, 11 quinellas and 2 quaddies(small divis tho) plus 21 winners in our top 4 selections with 8 on top Let’s keep the momentum going. For all results for Saturday and previously go to our web site On that note have a great week and ” GOOD LUCK “ to all from Horsebuck$.

Doomben Track Soft, Randwick Track Heavy and Flemington Track Good; The Bart Cummings today Avilius($2.15) has great form lines and a great turn of foot at the end of 2000m but we think Jaameh($10) is an up and coming stayer (loves Flemington), typical Hayes type stayer improving all the time into the big races. We certainly adhere to the old adage that there are no certainties in racing. The Spring Champion Stakes Thinkin’ Big($3.50) the 2000m should be right up this blokes alley, he likes to jump and run and is super strong at the end of his races, the heavy track won’t be a problem. Today at Randwick swimmers will be grinners (:   the last race there in particular Artiedreamwinner($7.50) and My Maher($26) Artiedreamwinner will be right up on the speed and if she is in front at the distance might be hard to hold out, this particular stable is in form. My Maher loves heavy tracks settle just off them although this is a different level wet tracks are a great leveller, could be a very good race to play some exotics, food for thought. WINX goes around today in the Turnbull, the CHAMP looks fantastic and will continue on her winning way. Mighty Boss at W.F.A. not sure but his last run was a beauty an could sneak a place. Missed out on both teams in the Grand Finals last week but that’s footy and on that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK”  to all from HORSEBUCK$