Tips & Results 15th September 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Baccarat Lady 2. h3 Thunderous Strike 3. h4 Fish ‘n’ Snitz 4. h5 Red Doulton

Baccarat Lady 1st sp($4.20)/place$2.15, Thunderous Strike 3rd/n.t.d., Red Doulton 4th($4.40

BR21.h2 Exoteric 2. h1 Outraged 3. h8 Sir Barnabus 4. h6 Kubis

Kubis 1st sp($5.50)/place$2, Exoteric(1.8L) 2nd/$1.75, Outraged 4th($8); EQ/Ex; Vic.$13.70/$26.10,N.S.W.$14.30/$27.80,Qld.$14/$30.60

BR31.h3 Jungilised 2. h6 The Mechanic 3. h5 Taillevent 4. h1 Puzzling Wonder

Taillevent 4th($12)

BR41.h6 Dream Finnish 2. h2 Niccanova 3. h5 Tversky 4. h4 Tisani Tomso

Tversky 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.45, Niccanova 2nd/$2.80, Dream Finnish 4th($20)

BR51. h2 Mr. Bellagio 2. h15 Miss Quaintly 3. h9 Francisca 4. h6 Umberto

Mr. Bellagio 3rd/$5, Miss Quaintly 4th($3)

BR61. h3 Bonsho 2. h9 Goldfinch 3. h 6 High Cost 4. h8 Annatime

Goldfinch 1st sp($3)/place$1.40, High Cost 4th($18)

BR71. h3 Order Again 2. h6 Prioritise 3. h1 Show A Star 4. h7 Glendara

Prioritise 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.35, Glendara 3rd/$10, Order Again 4th($2.70)

BR81. h2 Courtza King 2. h6 Arena Salon 3. h12 Backslapper 4. h8 Reach For Heaven, h7 Desmon’s Pride

Reach For Heaven 2nd/$1.35

BR91. h5 Polemic 2. h12 Tedder Avenue 3. h8 Madam Shazam 4.h1 Anzio

Madam Shazam 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.70

Sydney Races
SR11.h2 Rhyming Puppet 2. h4 Lifesaver 3. h3 Bocelli 4. h11 Prince Planet

Lifesaver 2nd/$2.15, Prince Planet 3rd/$4.80

SR21.h1 Santos 2. h3 Neutrality 3. h4 Charge 4. h6 Omar

Charge 3rd/$1.55, Neutrality 4th($2.80)

SR31. h5 Another Dollar 2. h3 Goodfella 3. h4 Muraqeb 4. h1 Luvaluva

Muraaqeb 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.35, Another Dollar 2nd/$1.95, Goodfella 3rd/$3.50; Trifecta; Vic.$207,N.S.W.$199.10,Qld.$178.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$12.10/$31.20,N.S.W.$11.90/$25.10,Qld.$10.30/$27.30

SR41. h5 Ball Of Muscle 2. h2 Brave Smash 3. h9 Invincible Star 4. h4 English

Ball Of Muscle 1st sp($5)/plac$2.30, Invincible Star 2nd/$1.45, Brave Smash 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; Vic.$42.40,N.S.W.$45,Qld.$42.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.20/$14,N.S.W.$6.10/$14,Qld.$5.60/$16.80

SR51.h8 Siege Of Quebec 2. h2 Pierata 3. h1 Music Magnate 4. h4 Tom Melbourne

Siege Of Quebec 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.50, Pierata 2nd/$1.35, Music Magnate 3rd/$3.50; Trifecta; Vic.$78.90,N.S.W.$88.80,Qld.$82.40; Q/Ex;Vic.$4.80/$12.60,N.S.W.$5.20/$11.50,Qld.$4.90/$10.70

SR61. h6 WINX 2. h8 Unforgotten 3. 5 Ace High 4. h1 Le Romain

WINX 1ST SP($1.10)/PLACE$1.01, Le Romain 2nd/$2.05, Ace High 4th(31); Q/Ex;Vic.$2.20/$2.50,N.S.W.$2.30/$2.60,Qld.$2.10/$2.60

SR71.h2 Ohood 2. 1 El Dorado’s Dreaming 3. h3 Fiesta 4. h4 Outback Barbie, h13 Sangita
Fiesta 2nd/$1.95, Ohood 4th($7)
SR81. h11 Patrick Erin 2. h5 Avilius 3. h15 I Am Serious 4. h12 Alward

Avilius 1st sp($2.90/place$1.40, I Am Serious 3rd/$3.30, Patrick Erin 4th($16)

SR91.h12 Eawase 2. h4 Right Or Wrong 3. h2 Trekking 4. h13 Warranty

Trekking 1st sp($3)/place$1.40, Right Or Wrong 2nd/$2.80, Warranty 4th($13); Q/Ex;Vic.$12.60/$16.90,N.S.W.$14/$22.50,Qld.$12.20/$15.80

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h2 Jameeh 2. h6 The Staesman 3. h7 Tiffany’s Lass 4. h4 Hush Writer

Jameeh 1st sp($5.50)/place$1.90, Hush Writer 2nd/$1.75; Q/Ex; Vic.$13.40/$30.10,N.S.W.$12.80/$21.90,Qld.$14.40/$20.80

MR21.h8 Thine Is The Power 2. h3 Satin Slipper 3. h7 Smart Melody 4. h4 Multaja

Smart Melody 1st sp($2.25)/place$1.28

MR31.h1 Theanswermyfriend 2. h2 Dollar For Dollar 3. h3 Flow 4. h6 Sully

Dollar For Dollar 2nd/$2.30

MR41.h2 Good ‘n’ Fast 2. h3 Brutal 3. h6 The August 4. h11 Leonardo Da Hinchi

Brutal 1st sp($2.90)/place$1.40, Leonardo De Hinchi 2nd/$2.80, Good ‘n’ Fast 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta; Vic.$102.70,N.S.W.$108.90,Qld.$104.10; Q/Ex;Vic.$12.30/$18,N.S.W.$11.90/$20.70,Qld.$11.80/$18.80

MR51.h1 Hey Doc 2. h6 First Among Equals 3. h4 Rich Charm 4. h3 Dothraki

Dothraki 1st sp($14)/place$4, First Among Equals 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$73.90/$110.50,N.S.W.$57.70/$119.50,Qld.$59.30/$219.60

MR61.h2 Bella Martini 2. h11 Mrs. Gardenia 3. h13 Petition 4. h1 I Am A Star

I Am A Star 1st sp($10)/place$3.30, Bella Martini 2nd/$2.90; Q/Ex;Vic.$22.20/$50.30,N.S.W.$19.50/$39.30,Qld.$27.60/$38.90

MR71. h6 Comin’Through 2. h11 Kementari 3. h3 Humidor 4. h10 King’s Will Dream

Kings Will Dream 2nd/$1.85, Kementari 4th($3.70)

MR81.h4 Ef Troop 2. h3 Native Soldier 3. h2 Marcel From Madrid 4. h12 Tavisan


MR91. h10 Mr. Garcia 2. h12 Chequered Flag 3. h9 Seaburge 4. h15 Furrion

Furrion 1st sp($2.10/$1.22

MR6 H2 Bella Martini($5.50); this mare has drawn the car park but Dunn should know every blade of grass here at Flemington. She is a pistol second up and ran a touch out of her class last start and a tad unlucky back to mares today should be hard to hold out.

Bella Martini 2nd($8.50); beaten by a bees lip(0.1L) great ride by Dunn he controlled the race in front always new I Am A Star would be tough to beat sitting on her hammer, they fought it out tooth and nail the last 100m.

MR7 H6 Comin’Through($11); Wintered in Queensland and went to another level, has come back in good shape with a great win at G2, certainly races extremely well fresh handles all conditions,track & distance, we expect him to shine brightly today. (we were all over Kementari last start, just beaten after a wide trip throughout a gut buster maybe, although looked good at trackwork  he will run a good second)

Comin’ Through 6th($8); beaten 3.3L at the back wide throughout went to the middle of the track in the straight the last 200m was impressive, definitely a big follow up next start no matter what race they decide to go to.

SR9 H12 Eawase($6); another that benefited from the Queensland sunshine, very good win in Brissy in a LR, tends to get a long way back but finishes powerfully, she ticks a lot of boxes here and with 53kgs we expect her to be running home over the top of them.

Eawase 9th($10); beaten 3.3L hooked widest at the top of the straight made a short lived run at them, then battled on UNSURE!! 

SR 8 H11 Patrick Erin($21); we are going away from the general consensus here (Avilius) who could very well be something special, but Patrick Erin showed us enough first up to suggest he will be an undeniable chance in this. His record second up record is outstanding, handles all conditions and loves the distance, this horse has the perfect form lines for a race like the Epsom(strong 2,000m horse) so if you fancy him and you think he is going there, we would suggest you have a play at him in early markets before todays race.

Patrick Erin 4th($16); jumped in front then drifted back made his run between horses held up slightly but ran on well when clear. We now know he is not going to the Epsom but is entered in the Metropolitan($15), a race he is certainly capable of winning.

BR9 H5 Polemic($21); Northern Rivers galloper that relishes this distance, he has been here 3 times before for a placing so he knows his way around. He meets Tedder Avenue 4kgs better here even though beaten 2.5L by that horse at their last meeting but his win at Lismore last start was very good,never underestimate Rivers gallopers that are in winning form. GIDDYUP!!!

Polemic 6th($14); back last on the fence until they turned then continued that trek until well into the straight then switched to the centre of the track and finished the race off strongly. Where to next start?? hopefully back in town at juicy odds.                         

Eighteen winners in our top four selections once again along with four trifectas and ten quinellas, no quaddies this week. Our Best once again we were beaten by the proverbial when Bella Martini($8.50) went down by a pimple. We gleaned a lot of positives out of last Saturday’s meetings none more so than Comin’ Through where ever they decide to go with him we will definitely be with him and Patrick Erin whereas we thought he was a serious winning chance at Randwick he ran a great 4th and is certainly on track for the Metropolitan($15) with 51kgs, if indeed he starts there. Santos forget he went around on Saturday should have won easily it was a jog trot for him. Taillevent in Brisbane never really got clear would have figured prominently if he had only one provisio with him was it a peak run? lets see where he goes. Kings Will Dream how well is this horse going he is having the perfect prep for a cups horse. Finally Kementari is a good horse but his best runs are his first three in a prep where to from here maybe back to the Doncaster. Followers make sure you read the pre race summary on Saturday mornings sometimes we will dissect a race or two late on that morn. just before publication and come up trumps. For example Siege Of Quebec($5) won for this segment and Ef Troop($9.50) pulled up lame, wet track? One thing I don’t believe in is watering tracks to keep them at a good4(dead in the old vernacular) there are a lot of horses out there that don’t handle this kind of surface (skating effect) and it used to be marked in the  old form guides food for thought. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$. to get last weeks and all previous results go to our web site

Doomben Track Good; Randwick Track Good; Flemington Track Good; The mighty mare WINX goes around today GOUGUDTHING!! Our thought process on the Bill Ritchie at Randwick is don’t disregard Siege Of Quebec($5) today, remember he is by Fastnet Rock whose progeny in my opinion do not handle HEAVY tracks. So we are giving him another chance today. We are not suggesting you have a play in Doomben race 2 but Exoteric should have saluted last start never tested the last 100m. Ef Troop($9.50) if this horse uses his brilliance down the straight at Flemington he just might be extremely hard to hold out. Doomben race 4 is a very tricky affair every starter is a chance so don’t be sucked in by hype.  Great racing down south today expecting some great results so on that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” from HORSEBUCK$.