Tips & Results 1st September 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h5 Red Doulton 2. h1 Sugar Sizzle 3. h3 Mywifesaidno 4. h6 Belle Roc

Belle Roc 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.35, Sugar Sizzle 2nd/$2.35, Red Doulton 4th($5.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$11.80/$13.70,N.S.W.$10.10/$17.40,Qld.$8.60/$12.30

BR21.h2 Bergerac 2. h1 Order Again 3. h4 Glitria 4. h5 Prioritise

Prioritise 1st sp($4.40)/place$2, Order Again(1L) 2nd/$1.40, Glitra 3rd(n.t.d.), Bergerac 4th($3.40); First Four; Vic.$79.60,N.S.W.$76.30,Qld.$84.80; Trifecta; Vic.$51.60,N.S.W.$45.80,Qld.$57; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.70/$14.10,N.S.W.$5.80/$15,Qld.$4.60/$15

BR31.h3 Tactical Advantage 2. h9 Just Orm 3. h1 Misery 4. h10 Truculent

Tactical Advantage 1st sp($1.30)/place$1.02, Truculent 2nd/$6.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$35.40/$27.90,N.S.W.$30.60/$29.80,Qld.$36.20/$30.30

BR41.h3 Racecourse Road 2. h1 Snicki Minaj 3. h6 Gypsy Toff 4. h4 Spending My Time

Spending My Time 1st sp($11)/place$3.50, Racecourse Road(0.1L) 2nd/$2.30, Snicki Minaj 4th($6.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$31/$71.70, N.S.W.$32.10/$66.70,Qld.$27.50/$103.10

BR51h1 Courtza King 2. h5 Looks Like Elvis 3. h8 Backslapper 4. h3 Bel Burgess

Bel Burgess 1st sp($10)/place$2.45, Courtza King(0.2L) 2nd/$1.50, Backslapper 3rd/$2.35; Trifecta; Vic.$246.30,N.S.W.$289, Qld.$343.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$21.70/$41.50,N.S.W.$22/$48.90,$22.20/$43.80
EARLY QUADDIE; Prioritise/Tactical Advantage/Spending My Time/Bel Burgess; Divis $1,146.00

BR61.h9 Darbadar 2. h7 FightingTeo 3. h5 Kubis 4. h10 Sir Barnabus

Fighting Teo 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.30, Sir Barnabus 2nd/$1.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.70/$9.60, N.S.W.$6.30/10,Qld.$6.30/$9.80

BR71. h5 Fiery Heights 2. h2 Frespanol 3. h9 My Girl Hayley 4. h10 Tversky

Tversky 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.45, Fiery Heights(0.4L) 2nd/$1.90, My Girl Hayley 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; Vic.$57.30,N.S.W.$64.20,Qld.$54.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.90/$16.20,N.S.W.$9.40/$16,Qld.$9.30/$15.60

BR81.h8 Crab Boy 2. h7 Comic Story 3. h1 Scrabble 4. h10 Jardin Rouge, h14 Treasure Gallery

Jardin Rouge 1st sp($2.80)/place$1.40, Comic Story 3rd/$3

BR91.h8 Reckless Choice 2. h1 Rippin ‘N’Tearin 3. h5 Cedarwood 4. h3 Saxton Rock

Reckless Choice 1st sp($3.50)/place $1.40, Saxton Rock 3rd/$1.35;

MAIN QUADDIE; Fighting Teo/Tversky/Jardin Rouge/Reckless Choice; Divis; Vic.$113.60, Qld.$110.60

Sydney Races
SR11. h9 More Sundays 2. h4 Ranier 3. h5 Aristocratic Miss 4. h3 Condemned

Condemned(1.5L) 2nd/$4.60, Ranier 3rd/$2.25

SR21.h9 Streets Of Avalon 2. h7 Goodfella 3. h5 Abdon 4. 1 Faralitos
Goodfella 1st sp($10)/place$2.80, Abdon 2nd/$2.25; Q/Ex; Vic.$35.40/$75.10,N.S.W.$37.20/$80.90/Qld.$32.10/$67.70
SR31.h2 Athonis 2. h3 Cisco Bay 3. h7 Arugula 4. h5 Safe Landing

Cisco Bay(0.2L) 2nd/$3, Athonis 3rd/$2.50

SR41.h4 Just Shine 2. h5 Quick Defence 3. h6 All To Soon 4. h12 Boomtown Rat

Quick Defence(0.2L) 2nd/$4.20

SR51. h1 Redzel 2. h5 Invincible Star 3. h4 Kaepernick 4. h3 The Monstar

Redzel 1st sp($2.30)/place$1.10, Kaepernick 2nd/$3.30, Invincible Star 3rd/$1.10; Trifecta; Vic.$52.90, N.S.W.$50.30,Qld.$52.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$18.60/$20.60,N.S.W.$17.80/$19.20,Qld.$17.40/$20.40

SR61.h2 Comin’Through 2. h1 Le Romain 3. h9 Lanciato 4. h11 Dixie Blossoms

Comin’Through 1st sp($8)/plkace$2.40, Dixie Blossoms 3rd/$3.40

SR71.h10 Cabeza De Vaca 2. h13 Single Gaze 3. h7 Prized Icon 4. h14 Sedanzer, h5 Religify

Sedanzer 4th($9)

SR81. h4 Outback Barbie 2. h5 Fundamentalist 3. h8 Pretty In Pink 4. h2 Fiesta, h3 Pure Elation

Pure Elation 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.10, Fiesta 2nd/$1.90, Pretty In Pink 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta; Vic.$175.50,N.S.W.$195,Qld.$206.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$15/$32.20,N.S.W.$15.50/$31.30,Qld.$13.50/$38.10

SR91. h9 Another Dollar 2. h1 Almost Court 3. h2 Show A Star 4. h7 Best Of Days

Best Of Days 1st sp($3.20)/place$1.40, Another Dollar(1L) 4th($4.20)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h3 Jaameh 2. h6 Red Alto 3. h8 Zilbiyr 4. h2 High Church

High Church 1st sp($13)/place$3.30

MR21. h4 Sheriff John Stone 2.h10 Holbein 3. h16 Lady Of Flanders 4. h2 Parwan Prince

Holbien(0.6L) 3rd/$2.40, Lady Of Flanders 4th($5.50)

MR31.6 Istria 2. h2 Mrs Gardenia 3. h3 Soho Ruby 4. h10 Sharing

Miss Gardenia D.H. 1st sp($3.20)/place$2.25, Istria 4th($6)

MR41.h9 Night’s Watch 2. h2 Life Less Ordinary 3. h12 Muraaqeb 4. h8 Willi Willi

Night’s Watch 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.45, Muraaqeb 3rd/$1.80

MR51.h12 Miss Admiration 2. h11 Sin To Win 3. h8 Call Me Handsome 4. h16 Lord Durante

Call Me Handsome 1st sp($2.70)/place$1.35, Sin To Win 3rd/$2.70

MR61.h4 Toni Nicconi 2. h15 Granny Red Shoes 3. h7 Bondi 4. h6 Seabrook

Seabrook 3rd/$2.60

MR71.h8 Kementari 2. h3 Vega Magic 3. h2 Black Heart Bart 4. h1 Happy Clapper, h11 Oregon’s Day

Kementari0.1L) 2nd/$1.70, Vega Magic 4th($2.50)

MR81. h3 Voodoo Lad 2. h1 Santa Ana Lane 3. H4 rich Charm 4. h7 Whypeeo

Voodoo Lad(1L) 2nd/$1.40, Rich Charm 4th($21)

MR91. h1 Catchy 2. h6 Jamaican Rain 3. h2 I’m Excited 4. h9 Creativity,h17 Leather ‘N’ Lace

I Am Excited(2.3L) 2nd/$2.15

BR7 H3 Niccanova($7.50); there is a lot of speed in this race with the likes of Tversky, Fiery Heights,My Girl Hayley and Allknight Saint and even Dal Cilelo took it up last time. This fellow will be sitting just behind them and will let rip at the distance Big Chance.( SCR. another day for this horse)

MR9 H1 Catchy($6); very good race mare, would like to see her up running midfield or better from this draw(1) instead of at the back she flies around here and the distance is perfect. If she is within coo-ee of the leaders at the distance WATCH OUT!  (10th $8) beaten 10.1L suffered cardiac arrhythmia  forget that she went around.

MR7 H8 Kementari($4.40); No guts no glory they say, it is documented below the reasons I think he can win. The son of Lonhro is a very good horse and will put the acid test to Vega Magic. (2nd $5) beaten 0.1L sat 3 wide the entire trip ran exceptional considering.

SR7 H10 Cabeca De Vaca($7.50); Waterhouse, Bott will have this fellow primed, he could lead or take a sit behind Religify either way you know he will be there at the distance. Good run last start in the WINX stakes and has an exceptional 2nd up record, track and distance good so ticks a lot of boxes, my colleague is super keen. GIDDYUP! (13th $6.50) beaten 5.7L sat behind leaders every chance ( maybe needs to lead)

SR9 H9 Another Dollar($8.50); This mare kept improving every run in her first prep culminating in a second in the Group 1 Qld. Oaks. The perfect distance for her first up she can be right up on the speed here but no matter, as long as she is within striking distance at the 100m it could be GIDDYUP! (4th $4.20) beaten 1L got a long way back (lost) ran home okay.

MR2 H4 Sheriff John Stone($11); Drawn to get a beaut run here(5), nicely weighted in this class(57kgs) after the claim. His record reads 1 from 6 here but has always run pretty well and last start ran in Listed class, finished last only 4.5L from the winner back to this level he is certainly worth an each way play. (10th $15) beaten 5.8L beaut run behind leaders did nothing when asked, maybe end of prep.


  • Sunshine Coast Track Good; Randwick Track Good; Caulfield Track Good; Group 1 Memsie is on at Caulfield, I feel Kementari was harshly dealt with in racing forums after the run. He finished 4th beaten easily by the CHAMP, in his pre race interview Cummings in my humble opinion was saying “read my lips”, never giving the horse any realistic hope of beating WINX but probably running a nice second. The fly in the ointment was the BM horse Oriental Runner who took up the running and was never going to run it at Group pace the entire trip (slowed down in middle) and that was it. Remember the mighty mare can come off any speed and win and delivers the death knell in the last 200m the most devastating last 200m in the world of racing. So in my opinion Kementari can win tomorrow and Black Heart Bart was lame after his last run so expect an improved run and Vega Magic in the lead will be super hard to run down. We search for VALUE in every race hence a play at Multi runners(per race) can be very rewarding, multis(personal choice) and exotics are the key to getting some big results, we are due for another big QUADDIE( we have landed some crackers) Our Best have had 2 weeks of placegetters now we hope to turn up the HEAT, GIDDYUP! On that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to horsebuck$ players.