Tips & Results 30th June 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11. h1 Really Reilly 2.h3 Drumbeat’s Choice 3.h12 All That Is 4.h4 Giltra

Giltra 3rd/$3.90

BR21. h11 Hingus Rose 2.h8 Cadogan 3.h2 Victory Eight 4.h6 Shogun Sun

Shogun Sun 1st sp($3.10)/place$1.35, Victory Eight 3rd/$1.85, Cadogan 4th($6)

BR31. h13 Balius 2.h1 Sabkhat 3.h8 Rosie Posie 4.h5 Our Gravano

Our Gravano(0.1L) 2nd/$180, Sabkhat 3rd/$2.70, Balius 4th($6.50)

BR41. h7 Tipping 2.h1 Unconditional 3.h2 King Of The North 4.h10 Show Deck

Unconditional(0.5L) 2nd/$1.80, Tipping 4th($9)

BR51. h4 Exceedingly 2.h12 Sister Pattie 3.h17 Jetsonic 4.h13 Rocky Supreme

Rocky Supreme(0.1L) 2nd/$2.70, Jetsonic 3rd/$1.75

BR61. h3 Irish Constabulary 2. h4 Tarzan 3. h8 Bonsho 4. h6 Ringo’s A Rockstar

Ringo’s A Rockstar 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.65, Tarzan 2nd/$1.70, Irish Constabulary 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; Vic.$69.60,N.S.W.$61.70,Qld.$52.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$13.30/$26.50,N.S.W.$12.10/$23.20,Qld.$11.50/$23.50

BR71. h2 The Bostonian 2. h3 Seaway 3 h8 Heir To There 4. h12 Fighting Teo

The Bostonian 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.35

BR81. h2 Megablast 2. h1 Tradesman 3. h10 Sergeant Blast 4. h9 My Diamantine

Megablast 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.55, Tradesman 3rd/$1.40

BR91. h13 Aqua Vite 2. h10 Privlaka 3. h4 I’m A Ripper 4. h19 Fit For Purpose h18 Jamaican Rain

Jamaican Rain 1st sp($3.60)/$1.55, Privlaka 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$15.50/$25.60,N.S.W.$16.80/$23.20,Qld.$18.50/$29.30

BR101. h2 Winter Bride 2. h4 Sacred Rebel 3. h3 Mail Escort 4.h11 Don’t Leave Me Out

Winter Bride 1st sp($2.80)/place$1.35, Sacred Rebel 4th($7.50)

MAIN QUADDIE; The Bostonian/Megablast/Jamaican Rain/Winter Bride; DIVIS:Vic.$95, Qld.$98

Sydney Races
SR11.h2 Toulouse 2.h3 Sokudo 3.h5 Pohutukawa 4.h1 Dio d’ Oro

Toulouse(D.H) 1st sp(2.80)/place$1.45, Dio DÓro(D.H.) 1st sp(5.50)/place$2.30, Pohutukawa 4th($9); Q/Ex; Vic.$7.20/$4.40,N.S.W.$4.60/$5.60,Qld.$4.80/$8.20

SR21.h3 Tim’s Principle 2.h4 Bocelli 3.h5 Gitan 4.h12 Salad Dodger

Gitan 3rd/$1.70, Borcelli 4th($3.10)

SR31.h3 Lisdoonvarna 2.h11 Pride Of Darci 3.h5 Arterius 4.h2 Curdled

Asterius 1st sp($6.50)/place2.20

SR41.h1 Upscale 2.h2 Brook Magic 3.h7 Duchess Pedrille 4.h3 Difficult To Forget

Brook Magic 3rd(n.t.d.), Difficult To Get 4th($3)

SR51.h14 Tornado Girl 2.h12 Lady Evelyn 3.h2 So Splendid 4.h1 La Chica Bella

Tornado Gal 1st sp($4)/place$1.70, So Splendid 3rd/$2.70

SR61.h2 Sayed 2.h6 Douhkan 3. h1 Destiny’s Kiss 4.5 Araaja

Destiny’s Kiss(0.5L) 2nd/$4.40, Araaja 2nd(n.t.d.), Doukhan 4th($2.50)

SR71.h13 Flow 2.h1 Jungle Edge 3.h6 Mister Sea Wolf 4.h15 Monolo Blahniq

Flow 3rd/$2.25, Jungle Edge 4th($4.60)

SR81.h13 Mapmaker 2.h4 The Avenger 3.h8 Cosmic Engine 4.h6 Feelin’ The Love

The Avenger 4th($6)

SR91.h5 Perizada 2.h15 Easy Eddie 3.h16 Clear The Beach 4.h7 Tango Rain

Easy Eddie 1st sp($11)/place$3.50

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h6 Ruban Bleu 2.h8 Trilli 3.h1 Beerz With Clint 4.h2 Bricktop

Ruben Bleu(4L) 2nd/$1.60, Bricktop 3rd/$2.50, Trilli 4th($4.20)

MR21.h3 Al Galayel 2.h8 Mantastic 3.h2 I Boogie 4.h15 She’s Got Speed

Mantastic(0.1L) 2nd/$1.50, Al Galayel 3rd/$1.24

MR31.h1 Masculino 2.h.h9 High Dude 3.h5 Borella 4. h13 Jeddah Aheadah

Masculino 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.35, Jeddah Aheadah 3rd/$4.60, Borella 4th($9)

MR41.h1 Summer Sham 2.h4 Miss Norway 3.h9 Stylish Missile 4.h5 Josephine Sea

Josephine Sea(0.1L) 2nd/$2.15

MR51.h7 Rillito 2.h11 Run Gypsy Run 3.h12 Bellaria 4.h6 Mamzelle Tess

Rillito 1st sp($2.25)/place$1.30, Mamzelle Tess 3rd/$2.15

MR61.h6 My Nordic Hero 2.h4 Trap For Fools 3.h14 Hursley 4.h1 Pacodali

Pacodali 1st sp9$80/place$2.50, Trap For Fools 3rd/$3.40

MR71.h7 Street Sheik 2.h11 Captain Harry 3.h8 Elite Drake 4.h2 Lord Sundowner

Street Sheik(0.2L) 2nd/$2.15

MR81.h3 Malaise 2.h8 Mr Individual 3.h10 So Poysed 4.h13 My Paisann

Malaise(0.4L) 2nd/$1.80

MR91.h5 Wise Hero 2.h7 Princeton Spirit 3.h14 Kennedy 4.h11 Lord Barrington, h6 Call Me Handsome

Call Me Handsome(1L) 2nd/$1.80

MR9 H5 Wise Hero($7); very consistent horse, 58kgs is about as much weight as he likes but he certainly does relish this course. Ideally he would be better served being right up on the pace and once he gets a break on them down the straight and just might be game set and match.

Wise Hero(5.3L) 11th ($7); sat 4 wide no cover early, was poleaxed in the straight when going to make his run(stewards report). Ashlor was impressive though under 63kegs.

SR9 H5 Perizada($11); this mare is adept to any conditions, she will get back and need a little luck but if King can extricate her from the ruck at the right time she has a powerful finish and should be able to overhaul Tango Rain.

Perizada(4.5L) 6th ($11 – $17); wrong part of track in the straight but no excuses she was disappointing maybe she hasn’t come up this time.

Saturday 30th June was a tough day at the office with double priced winners down south, we have documented a couple of times in our short 2 year existence that there are at least 2 meetings a year that will throw out some crazy results. We did manage 13 winners in our top four selections along with ten seconds in the other .races 8 of which were beaten 0.5L or less that’s racing a “Game of Inches”. We did get the Main Quaddie at the Sunnie Coast it paid a paltry $98.00 next week! We had a pre race topic last Saturday about horses that are winning after a long, long run of outs and then reverting back to their same routine at the very next start, well Saturday didn’t let us down with Ruling Dynasty scoring after 141 weeks out at $17(seriously!!!) form was ordinary to say the least, Liapari at $50 right price his form was dismal also and 51weeks out and then there was Harper’s Choice 76weeks out of the winners list and starts $2.60 in a listed race and leads all the way. Lets see where this trio goes at their next start AH! you have to love racing. To check out all our results check out our web site On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from Horsebuck$

Sunshine Coast track Soft, Rosehill track Heavy and Caulfield track Good; another good day last week with 5 Trifectas, 2 quaddies ( early Melbourne, main Sydney), numerous quinellas and 20 winners in our top 4 selections and we were desperately unlucky in Our Best when Tumbler finished a close second ah! that” GAME OF INCHES”. There has been a number of horses over the last twelve months that haven’t won for a couple of preps but lob for that one win and then straight back into their previous pattern what the? A lot of these horses had picket fences beside their name a few preps back (obviously busted) which brings me today and 2 races in particular Race 6 Caulfield and Race 6 Rosehill both are chock full of horses that have been winless for a long period, at Caulfield there are only 2 horses that are in form My Nordic Empire and Jaminza lets see how that race pans out. Multis( multi runners per race also as long as the value is there) and Exotics are the way to go these days. On that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to all horsebuck$ followers.