Results 26th May 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h3 Havasay 2. h13 Swords Of Justice 3. h10 Tango Rain 4. h7 Tyzone

Tyzone 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.75, Sword Of Justice 2nd/$3; Q/Ex; Vic.$19.10/$33.40,N.S.W.$21.90/$31.70,Qld.$21.30/$44

BR21. h1 Mahamedeis 2. h2 Dark Dream 3. h4 California Turbo 4. h6 Han Xin

Han Xin(0.2L) 2nd/$4.80, Dark Dream 3rd/$1.14

BR31. h6 Nozomi 2. h13 Aqua Vite 3. h7 Sedanzer 4. h2 Interlocuter

Sedanzer 3rd/$2

BR41h1 It’s Somewhat 2. h2 Red Excitement 3. h3 Duca Valentinois 4. h13 Sheiswhatsheis

Duca Valentinois 1st sp($3.40)/place$1.40, Sheiswhatsheis 2nd/$2.90, Red Excitement 4th($5); Q/Ex;Vic.$14.10/$21.70,N.S.W.$16.50/$24.20,Qld.$14.40/$20.90

BR51.h3 Zousain 2. h2 Blue Book 3. h11 Shamurt 4. h12 Sizzling Belle

Zousain(0.8L) 2nd/$1.50

BR61. h3 Ghisoni 2. h8 White Moss 3. h7 Pedrena 4. h14 Plucky Girl

Pedrena 1st sp($10)/place$3.30 PLUCKY GIRL(L.SCR.)

BR71. h1 Impending 2. h9 English 3. h4 Most Important 4. 2 Le Romain

Impending 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.65, Le Romain 2nd/$1.70, English 4th($6); Q/Ex; Vic.$5.70/$7.70,N.S.W.$4.40/$13.70,Qld.$5.40/$10.80

BR81h2 Sheezdashing 2. h4 Savacool 3. h3 Youngstar 4. h1 Aloisa, h8 Joyfilly Ours

Youngstar 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.50, Sheezdashing(0.2L) 3rd/$2.50

BR91. h3 Perast 2. h8 Marsupial 3. h4 Assimilate 4. h5 Snitz

Perast 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.70, Assimilate 2nd/$1.80, Marsupial 4th($9); Q/Ex; Vic.$10.70/$20.90,N.S.W$11.70/$19.40,Qld.$13.20/$23.40;

QUADDIE; Pedrena/Impending/Youngstar/Perast; DIVIS; Vic.$786.60, Qld. $942

Sydney Races
SR11. h5 The Autumn Sun 2. h2 Pembroke Castle 3. h7 Mickey Blue Eyes 4. h9 Brilliant Mind

The Autumn Sun 1st sp($2)/place$1.20

SR21.h2 Vontaine 2. h3 I Am Kalani 3. h4 Heat Haze 4. h5 Oria

Vontaine(0.2L) 2nd/$1.30, Oria 3rd/$2.30

SR31h2 Sasso Corbaro 2. h1 Savatiano 3. h3 Savaan 4. h6 Mollyfield

Savatiano 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.25, Savvan 2nd/$2.10, Sasso Caorbaro 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; Vic.$29.90,N.S.W.$31.90,Qld.$31; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.20/$12.60,N.S.W.$8.40,Qld.$7.80/$12.40

SR41. h2 Larlabrook 2. h6 Princess Lottie 3. h1 She Knows 4. h10 Odds Or Evens

She Knows 1st sp($2.90)/place$1.35, Larlabrook 3rd/$2.10, Princess Lottie 4th($13)

SR51h4 After All That 2. h3 Philosophy 3. h6 Bastia 4. h2 Veladero

Bastia 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.40, Philosophy 4th($4.20)

SR61.h3 Live And Free 2. h14 Savvy Ken 3. h13 Princess Mia 4. h8 Turnberry

Live And Free 1st sp($2.30)/place$1.30, Turnberry 4th($8.50)

SR71h2 Destiny’s Kiss 2. h1 Ecuador 3. h6 Naval Warfare 4. h3 Our Century

Destiny’s Kiss 1st sp($21)/place$4, Naval Warfare 2nd/$1.35, Our Century 3rd/$1.20; Trifecta; Vic.$175,N.S.W.$148.40,Qld.$169.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$34.50/$65.70,N.S.W.$39.90/$90,Qld.$38.60/$91.50

SR81. h4 To Excess 2. h5 Dal Cielo 3. h11 Perizado 4. h3 Pecans, h7 Dreamforce

Dreamforce 1st sp($16)/place$4.20, Dal Cielo 3rd/$4.60, Perizada 4th($13)

SR91. h4 Beacon 2. h5 Schubert 3. h17 Volpe 4. h9 Sparky Lad

Beacon(0.7L) 2nd/$1.90, Sparky Lad 4th($7)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h4 Scottish Rogue 2. h5 Holy Raise 3. h10 Gangika 4. h6 Prince Of Caviar

Scottish Rogue 1st sp($5)/place$1.85, Prince Of Caviar 4th($5.50)

MR21. h1 Princeton Spirit 2. h19 Tahi 3. h14 Overstep 4. h9 Highland Beat

Highland Beat 1st sp($13)/place$4.20, Princeton Spirit 4th($4.40)

MR31.h11 Noumea 2. h5 My Psychiatrist 3. h8 Lycurgus 4. h10 Mr. Lebrock

Lycurgus 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.30

MR41.h1 Gold Medals 2. h6 The Dominator 3. h2 Zataglio 4. h5 Abebe

Gold Medals(3L) 2nd/$2, Abebe 4th($18); The Dominator (fell)

MR51.h2 Two Hats 2. h7 Self Sense 3. h4 Honey Steel’s Gold 4. h1 Ancient King

Self Sense 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.30, Two Hats 2nd/$2.25, Honey Steel’s Gold 3rd/$3.50, Ancient King 4th ($8.50); First Four; Vic.$128.30,N.S.W.$114.20,Qld.$86.40; Trifecta; Vic.$56.4,N.S.W.$58.80,Qld.$50.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.60/$8.30,N.S.W.$5.70/$7.90,Qld.$4.50/$6.90

MR61. h1 Lucky For All 2. h12 Mr. Monaco 3. h5 Mr. Dependable 4. h4 Nothin’ Like A High

Mr. Monaco(0.8L) 2nd/$4.60, Nothin’ Leica High 4th($41)

MR71.h2 Peacock 2. h8 Galaxy Raider 3. h10 Castelo 4. h9 Jaws Of Steel

Peacock 1st sp($5)/place$1.65, Galaxy Raider 2nd/$1.35, Castelo 4th($12); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.80/$13.70,N.S.W.$6.80/$17.70,Qld.$5.90/$12.30

MR81.h3 Velocita 2. h4 Honey Esprit 3. h7 Truly Discreet 4. h1 Palazzo Vecchio (h5 Light Romance)

Truly Discreet 1st sp($11)/place$3.70

MR91.h1Fifty Stars 2. h10 Duality 3. h6 Mr. Moneybags 4. h4 Wassergeist (h3 Exceltara)

Fifty Stars 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.30, Duality 3rd/$2.05, Mr. Money Bags 4th($15)

SR4 H2 Larlabrook, BR6 H3 Ghisoni

Larlabrook;(2.7L) 3rd ($4.70 – $7); dwelt slightly at the start but enjoyed a great run in transit 3rd on the fence loomed at the distance, but She Knows always seemed to have their measure.

Ghisoni;(14.9L) last ($7 – $9.50); endured a torrid run extremely wide whole trip (gate 6) on the shifty surface and wilted through sheer exhaustion

BR3 H6 Nozomi, SR7 H2 Destiny’s Kiss

Nozomi;(4.5L) 6th ($15 – $18); also endured a wide trip entire race did well to finish where he did. (Doomben curse)

Destiny’s Kiss; FIRST ($8 – $13- $19 – $25 – $21); as soon as Ford started to move on him at the 800m the shillelagh’s were produced here at horsebuck$ (suspended for life for breaking the whip rule) as soon as he was there at the distance we knew he would power home.

Destiny’s Kiss delivered big time for Best followers at CRAZY odds of $21 getting out from $8. The reason for this ridiculous price fluctuation was the massive “SPRUIK” on Our Century. He was touted like he was the only horse in the race, he is a good horse but we certainly didn’t think he deserved all the attention he was receiving in the forums. We hope Horsebuck$ punters kept putting it on everytime Destiný’s Kiss drifted. We have documented on previous posts our thoughts on what we define as a “Spruik” horse. Impending did the right thing for us in the Kingsford Smith Group1, this galloper absolutely flies up here in the Queensland Winter. Sheezdashing almost won the Oaks for us going down by a small margin. Youngstar was good but we feel that had Sheezdashing not had to duck back to the inside at a crucial stage in the straight she might have got the prize. Twenty winners in our top4’s with eight on top and some nice value for multi runner players (documented in our results pages on and the main quaddie in Brisbane $941, a couple of small trifectas but a pretty good day all round. Doomben Track; we are not going to blame track personnel, this course has copped an absolute flogging in the last few years, racing week in and week out with huge fields and sometimes twice a week(why?) anyhow my only criticism would be that the track was shifty right from the word go (no rain for at least a week) why not put up soft from the get go. So on that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK ” to all from Horsebuck$

Doomben Track Good; Randwick Track Good; Sandown Track Good; Our Best; Randwick race 4 Laralabrook($4.70) a pistol first up can lead or take a sit, not badly in here in comparison to the top weight, track and distance no problems. Doomben race 6 Ghisoni($7) this mare has a touch of class, her fourth run in she will be cherry ripe, we expect her to be up close to the pace and be right in the finish. Doomben race 3 Nozomi($15) big run last start and is no stranger to Group level, should sit around mid field and the Bynster should have him pumping with a full head of steam at the top of the straight, great odds and this just might be his grand final. Randwick race 7 Destiny‘s Kiss($8) the old boy is ready to fire, he is a knob on wet ground but just as adept on a Good 4 if he is anywhere near Ecuador at the distance he will stretch him. The Queensland Oaks has attracted a very good field Sheezdashing($8) is due for a change of luck, if the tempo is on from the start she just might be the one to finish over the top of them. Also the Kingsford Smith Cup another cracker personally I can’t see Impending being beaten here, he was finishing like a train in the Ten Thousand and the $4 on offer (barrier 9 only negative) is succulent. Might have to take the $8 about him in the Starddie before todays race. Queensland has turned on another PEARLER of a day at Doomben with CRACKING fields in every race, watch out for some of these horses that are up here from down south when they race in the spring. GOUGUDTHINGS! So on that exhuberant note have a cracking weekend and GOOD LUCK to all Horsebuck$ followers.

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