Results 12th May 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11. h12 Tango Rain 2. h13 In Times Of War 3. h15 Snitzel’s Joy 4. h2 Havasay

Havasay 1st sp($5.50)/place$1.90, Tango Rain 4th($3)

BR21.h11 Manaya 2. h7 Eminent 3. h4 Oink 4. h5 Old Habits (h6 Bushy)

Bushy 1st sp($31)/place$7.50, Oink(0.3L) 2nd/$1.80, Old Habits 3rd/$5; Trifecta;Vic.$1,207,N.S.W.$527.40,Qld.$656.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$43.10/$117.20,N.S.W.$30.10/$103.40,Qld.$32.20/$75.60

BR31. h10 Aqua Vite 2. h14 First Crush 3. h12 Sheiswhatsheis 4. h1 Hopfgarten

Sheiswhwtsheis 1st sp($7)/place$2.40, Aqua Vite(0.1L) 2nd/$1.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$12.30/$30.10,N.S.W.$14.20/$32.30,Qld.$14.70/$28.50

BR41. h3 Jumbo Prince 2. h14 Lovani 3. h1 Megablast 4. h6 Rising Red

Lovani (0.5L) 2nd/$3.30, Rising Red 3rd/$2.50

BR51.h1 Mishani Hustler 2. h2 Blue Book 3. h10 Pennino 4. h11 Sizzling Ace

Mishani Hustler(2.5L) 2nd/$2.30, Blue Book 3rd/$4.40, Sizzling Ace 4th($6.50)

BR61. h4 Marsupial 2. h13 Warranty 3. h1 Snitz 4. h8 Oneness, H14 Femme Fireball

Marsupial(1.3L) 2nd/$1.80, Oneness 4th($15)

BR71. h14 Youngstar 2. h4 Chilly Cha Cha 3. h12 Play That Song 4. hh1 Torvill, h5 Another Dollar

Youngstar 1st sp($4)/place$1.75, Another Dollar 2nd/$1.95; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.80/$20.60,N.S.W.$9.20/$19.20,Qld.$9.60/$22.40

BR81.h1 Redzel 2. h5 Most Important 3. h3 Le Romain 4. h2 Impending

Impending(0.2L) 2nd/$3.10, Le Romain 3rd/$4, Redzel 4th($2.50

BR91. h2 Zofonic Dancer 2.h 2 Higher Ground 3. h8 Dark Dream 4. h3 Salsamor

Dark Dream 1st sp($2.45)/place$1.35, Higher Ground 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.30/$8.30,N.S.W.$5/$8.70,Qld.$4.70/$7.40

Sydney Races
SR11. h6 Equipped 2. h9 Mandalay Bay 3. h5 Mornington 4. h4 Mazaz

Equipped(2.8L) 2nd/$1.65

SR21.h10 Nic’s Vendetta 2. h7 Raiden 3. h2 Cradle Mountain n4. h1 Akasaki

Akasaki 1st sp($15)/place$3.40, Raiden 2nd/$6.50, Nic’s Vendetta 3rd/$3.40; Trifecta; Vic.$3,130.20, N.S.W.$3.453.60,Qld.$3,175.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$205.40/$441, N.S.W.$261.40/$331.60,Qld.$236.20/$366.50

SR31.h1 Miss Invincible 2. h2 Miss Scorcher 3. h9 Countercurrent 4. h5 Invictus Salute

Invictus Salute(2L) 2nd/$2.10, Miss Invincible 4th($6.50)

SR41.h7 Frolic 2. h4 Reflectivity 3. h8 Moss Trip 4. h8 Moss Trip 4. h9 Tycoon Street

Moss Trip 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.40, Frolic 3rd/$2.40, Reflectivity 4th($26)

SR51.h4 Sheikha 2. h3 Sasso Corbaro 3. h1 Demerara 4. h7 Envy Of All (h8 Boorooj)

Sheikha(0.4L) 3rd/$4.60, Envy Of All 4th($21)

SR61.h4 Invincible Gem 2. h10 Osborne Bulls 3. h11 First Hand 4. h2 Red Excitement

Osborne Bulls 1st sp($2.20)/place$1.24, Red Excitement 2nd/$4.80, Invincible Gem 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; Vic.$145.20, N.S.W.$133,Qld.$134.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$29.60/$35.10,N.S.W.$23.80/$34,Qld.$29.60/$22.90

SR71.h1 Ghisoni 2. h2 Nancy 3. h10 Dyslexic 4. h9 Shazee Lee (h7 Schism)

Schism(0.5L) 2nd/$2.20,Ghisoni(0.9L) 3rd/$1.60

SR81. hh5 Quatronic 2. h11 Spending To Win 3. h3 Glenall 4. h1 Terravista h5 To Excess

To Excess 1st sp($4.20/place$1.65, Spending To Win 3r/$2.35

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h1 Rock Hard 2. h6 That Song 3. h9 Trunfio 4. h5 So Magnifique

Rock Hard 1st sp($2.35)/place$1.26, That Song 2ND/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.80/$8.70,N.S.W.$3.60/$7.90,Qld.$4.20/$7.20

MR21.h6 Run Gypsy Run 2. h7 World Of Hope 3. h1 Sullivan Bay 4. h2 Hear The Chant

Hear The Chant 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.90, Run Gypsy Run(1.2L) 3rd/$2.40, Sullivan Bay 4th($8)

MR31.h4 Snoana 2. h5 Kenjorwood 3. h3 Jacquinot Bay 4. h9 My Paisann

Jacquinot Bay(0.2L) 2nd/$1.75, My Paisann 4th($4.60)

MR41. h6 Honey Esprit 2. h2 Light Romance 3. h10 Mahlani 4. h4 Miss Belisa

Honey Esprit(1.3L) 2nd/$1.55

MR51.h3 Silvera 2. h8 Maximus 3. h1 Curragh 4. h13 Jaws Of Steel

Jaws Of Steel 1st sp($3.90)/place$1.55, Maximus 3rd/$1.40

MR61.h2 Vainstream 2. h3 Sun Quan 3. h4 Written Choice 4. h1 Bel Sonic

Bel Sonic(0.4L) 2nd/$3.20, Sun Quan 3rd/$1.50, Written Choice 4th($4.20)

MR71.h3 Wise Hero 2. h8 Inn Keeper 3. h6 Urban Ruler 4. h12 Princeton Spirit

Inn Keeper 1st sp($2.35)/place$1.14, Wise Hero 3rd/$1.14

MR81.h1 Mahamedeis 2. h3 Lucky For All 3. h10 Under Oath 4. h2 Furrion

Lucky For All 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.45, Furrion 2nd/$1.18, Mahamedeis 3rd/$2.45; Trifecta;Vic.$46.90;N.S.W.$48.20,Qld.$45.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.40/$7.80,N.S.W.$3.50/$8.60,Qld.$3.10/$11.60

MR91. h5 Our Peaky Blinders 2. h1 Hursley 3. h3 Survived 4. h11 Noumea

Our Peaky Blinders 1st sp($2.15)/place$1.26, Hursley 3rd/$2.20

BR3 H10 Aqua Vite, MR4 H5 H3 Silvera, MR 9 H5 Our Peaky Blinders

Aqua Vite;(0.1L) 2nd ($5 – $4); when is a winner not a winner, looked like he had lobbed on the slow – mo., but the print showed he was beaten a pimple. He enjoyed a beautiful run behind the speed, really surged the last 100 to just miss.

Silvera;(0.9L) 5th ($6 – $9.50); got further back then we envisaged but travelling, no room late finished strongly (definite follow up)

Our Peaky Blinders; FIRST ($4 – $3.30 – $2.15); beautiful run in transit bolted in

SR 2 H10 Nic’s Vendetta

Nic’s Vendetta;(1.7L) 3rd ($15 – $13); beaut run behind the leader dashed to the lead at the distance tried hard

SR 8 H5 Quatronic

Quatronic;(7.7L) 11th ($41 – $26); glorious run behind the leaders challenging at the distance, but weakened out of it. Class maybe? we will follow up in a suitable race.

Doomben Track Good; Scone Track Good; Caulfield Track Heavy; Our Best; Doomben race 3 Aqua Vite($5) the gate is the key here will get a nice run behind the speed and still down on the minimum.  Caulfield race 5 Silvera($6) gate 1 a pistol first up and the wetter the better Gougudthing! Caulfield race 9 Our Peaky Blinders ($4) drawn a little awkward but if he gets a nice run up behind them (still weighted okay here) he will give them something to catch at the distance. Scone race  2 Nic’s Vendetta($15) did the right thing by us last start, this is definitely a better race but he is up to it. Will enjoy a good run again  and still down in the weights(52.5kgs) will be there at the distance. Scone race 8 Quatronic($41) do not underestimate, his last run he sat 3wide outside the leader and was still there at the distance, only faded last 100. He goes extremely well second up and ticks a lot of boxes here a great chance at huge odds. The Doomben Ten Thousand is a cracker Redzel is the key but underestimate the local sprinter Most Important at your own peril. He is a cracker at this course and distance and has come back in great form I will be having something on him at great each Way odds. Track rating today at Doomben is a bit ambiguous, we have decided to run with Good.The weather in Brisbane is an absolute pearler and we can’t wait to get on course. So on that note have a great weekend and ” GOOD LUCK”  to all horsebuck$ followers