Results14th of April 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h6 Stanley 2.h3 Irish Optimisim 3.h10 Ruby Guru 4.h2 Great Glen

Stanley 4th($4.60)

BR21.h1 Blue Book 2.h2 Hopes Eternal 3.h4 Pinch Passion 4.h3 Mishani Hustler

Mishani Hustler 1st sp($3.10/place$1.60, Blue Book 3rd/$2.40

BR31.h3 Clockwise 2.h4 Fish ‘n’Snitz 3.h6 Zoom By 4.h1 Miss Sara

Zoom By 1st sp($3.80)/place$2.10, Fish ‘n’ Snitz 2nd/$2.20, Clockwise 3rd/$1.70, Miss Sara 4th($6.50); First Four; Vic.$270.60, N.S.W.$299.50, Qld.$231.60; Trifecta; Vic.$84.40,N.S.W.$94.80,Qld.$86.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.30/$21,N.S.W.$12/$18,Qld.$11.30/$16.50

BR41.h2 Bergerac 2.h8 Hidden Gold 3.h9 Shockfactor 4.h3 Trois Choix

Bergerac(0.2L) 2nd/$1.90, Shockfactor 4th($12)

BR51.h7 Real Ego 2.h5 Martenelli 3.h2 Fabs Cowboy 4.h9 Mr Bellagio

Real Ego(0.1L) 2nd/$3.20

BR61.h2 Dreams Aplenty 2.h3 Fortensky 3.h9 Spur Le Jour 4.h8 Monteux

Dreams Aplenty(0.6l) 3RD/$2.40

BR71.h1 Skate To Paris 2.h8 Dixyville 3.h7 Ponytales 4.h2 Improvise

Improvise 1st sp($12)/Place$3.40, Skate To Paris(0.5L) 3rd/$1.60

BR81.h12 Sista Act 2.h2 Jhonny Whitesox 3.h5 Love And Rock It (4.h4 Setoga h10 Coral Bay)


BR91.h3 Gracida 2.h2 Privlaka 3.h13 Ringos A Rockstar 4.h4 Guard Of Honour

Ringo’s A Rockstar 1st sp($8)/place$2.20, Guard Of Honour 2nd/$1.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.70/21,N.S.W.$6.80/$23.90,Qld.$6.30/$18.90

Sydney Races
SR11.h6 Aristocratic Miss 2.h1 Muswellbrooke 3.h11 Bold Arial 4.h12 Greysful Glamour

Musswellbrook(0.4L) 2nd/$2.60, Aristocratic Miss 3rd/$1.60, Greysful Glamour 4th($11)

SR21.h2 Isaurian 2.h3 Renewal 3.h8 California Turbo 4.h6 Waimeabay

California Turbo 1st sp($18)/place$4.40, Renewal 3rd/$1.60

SR31.h4 Outback Barbie 2.h3 Khulaasa 3.h6 Pure Elation 4.h10 Sista Sledge

Pure Elation 1st sp($4)/place$1.70, Outback Barbie 3rd/$2

SR41.h4 Bon Amis 2.h11 Princess Posh 3.h1 Just Dreaming 4.h12 Mandy Lion


SR51.h9 Houtzen 2.h1 Viridine 3.h10 Iam Excited 4.h6 She Will Reign

I Am Excited 3rd/$1.90

SR61.h4 Savvy Coup 2.h2 Hiyaam 3.h8 Danzdanzdance 4.h3 Unforgotten

Unforgotten 1st sp($4)/place$1.80, Hiyaam 2nd/$2; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.60/$14.60,N.S.W.7.80/$15.40,Qld.$7.30/$12.40

SR71.h9 WINX 2.h1 Happy Clapper 3.h3 Humidor 4.h2 Gailo Chop

WINX 1st sp($1.24)/place$1.04, Gailo Chop 2nd/$2.70, Happy Clapper 3rd/$1.70, Hunidor 4th($14); First Four; Vic.$51.90,N.S.W.$51.60,Qld.$48.80; Trifecta; Vic.$20.30,N.S.W.$23.40,Qld.$21.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.20/$6.90,N.S.W.$6.20/$7.50,Qld.$5.80/$7.40

SR81.h1 Almandin 2.h10 Aloft 3.h2 Who Shot Thebarman 4.h7 Five To Midnight

Who Shot Thebarman 1st sp($18)/place$4.80

SR91.h3 Dixie Blossoms 2.h17 Alizee 3.h14 Samovare 4.h7 Spanish Reef

Alizee 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.90

SR101.h2 Ghisoni 2.h11 Sugar Bella 3.h10 Quilista (4.h3 Spright h4 Raiment)

Quilista 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.25

QUADDIE; WINX/Who Shot Thebarman/Alizee/Quilista; divis; N.S.W.$1,411, Qld.$1,544

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h1 Heart Conquered 2.h3 Youlong Pluto 3.h10 Sizzleme 4.h2 Virtual Insanity

Sizzleme 2nd/$3, Virtual Insanity 4th($6)

MR21.h7 Amortentia 2.h5 Kapaulenko 3.h4 Ma Jones 4.h2 Boxachocolates

Kapaulenko 1st sp($5.90)/place$2.10, Boxachocolates 2nd/$2.80, Amortentia 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; Vic.$195,N.S.W.$196.80,Qld.$190.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$28.20/$44.50,N.S.W.$29.40/$50.30,Qld.$28.80/$49.70

MR31.h1 Palazzo Vecchio 2.h4 Double The Magic 3.h6 Princess Mia 4.h2 Savacool

Savacool 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.80, Palazzo Vecchio 4th9$3.80)

MR41.h10 Heptagon 2.h1 Magic Consol 3.h5 Abdon 4.h16 Lycurgus

Magic Consul 1st sp($6)/place$2.20, Abdon 4th($7.50)

MR51.h2 Han Xin 2.h6 Creedence 3.h12 Maheera 4.h4 Alpha

Hans Xin(0.6L) 3rd/$2.20

MR61.h9 Prima 2.h3 Grey Lion 3.h4 Golden Mane (4.h5 Montoya’s Secret h6 Magnapal)

Magnapal 1st sp($28)/place$6, Golden Mane 4th($7); PRIMA (L.SCR.)

MR71.h4 Catesby 2.h13 Villa Sarchi 3.h17 Naantali 4.h5 Regimen


MR81.h1 Milwaukee 2.h12 Brahmos 3.h14 Highland Beat 4.h7 Mr Individual

Brahmos 2nd/$1.90, Highland Beat 3rd/$2.30

MR91.h4 Sullivan Bay 2.h1 Cool Passion 3.h6 Mamzelle Tess 4.h20 I Love This Lady

Cool Passion 3rd/$2.70, Mamzelle Tess 4th($7)

SR4 H4 Bon Amis, MR9 H4 Sullivan Bay, BR9 H3 Gracida

Bon Amis;(2.5L) 5th ($7 – $5); outstanding run considering the torrid run he endured. Three wide entire trip struck the lead at the distance but weakened to finish fifth.

Sullivan Bay;(2.1L) 5th ($10 – $12); had a beautiful run behind the leader, moved into the race at the distance not god enough on the day.

Gracida;(4.6L) 7th ($6.50 – $8); slipped in the tie up stall, vetted but allowed to start. Replated at the barrier also, not ideal. Sat behind the leaders was there to win in the straight but didn’t go on.

AR2 H6 Fox Swift, SR10 H2 Ghisoni

Fox Swift;(1.8L) 5th ($12 – $9); had to work early t get the lead, once there travelled well and skipped clear in the straight, felt the pinch at the 200m, held on for 5th.

Ghisoni;(2.7L) 6th ($10 – $12); slowly away, made up a ton of ground in the straight.


Sunshine Coast track GOOD; Randwick track GOOD; Caulfield track GOOD; Our Best; Morphettville race 2 Fox Swift($12) this galloper was desperately unlucky last start when unplaced behind Miss Vixen, we expect Linda Meech to get the best out of him today. Randwick race 4 Bon Amis($7) another galloper that didn’t have a lot of luck last start and only went down .5L to Princess Posh meets her 1.5kgs better here. Does tend to get back in his races but can unleash with clear running, Shinn should have him powering with a full head of steam at the distance. Randwick race 10 Ghisoni($10) this mare is chockfull of class and is a pistol fresh, would like to see her racing closer here being fresh, she is in very well here only 2kgs above the limit. Bowman should be pumped after winning on the great mare WINX and if she is in clear running at the distance WATCH OUT. Sunshine Coast race 9 Gracida($6.50) this galloper loves the track and distance and has an outstanding record to boot. He will be right up on the steel and handles all conditions, we think he is SUPER VALUE here. Caulfield race 9 Sullivan Bay($10) this mare is not a great weight carrier and with only 51.5kegs today we envisage her highballing it out front. We know she can be elusive but today is the day. Randwick has an outstanding programme today the Group one Coolmore Legacy is a very good race Dixie Blossoms is the key here drawn wide but she gets back any how, if the track is playing fair she will steam home over them, if not then Alizee might be the one  as she can race closer. Back both and quinella maybe. All things being equal Almandin should be winning the Sydney Cup, 57kgs is a gimme. The Oaks is a lottery the kiwi’s have a strong hand here, we think Savvy Coup is the best of them. Last week we had a blowout in Our Best  we are set to atone today. We did manage to get the early QUADDIE in Melbourne ($1,000) and a nice TRIFECTA  in Toowoomba($1300) Morendi/Honey Toast/First Crush and 15 winners in our top four with 7 on top, not a bad result all round. So on that positive note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to all horsebuck$ followers.