Results 31st March 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h5 Savwell 2.h2 Irish Optimism 3.h1 Xebec 4.h3 Magnatune

Xebec 1st sp($3)/place$1.40, Irish Optimism 2nd/$2.50, Savwell 4th($2.35); Q/Ex; Vic.$5.10/$10.60,N.S.W.$5.70/$10,Qld.$5.60/$11.70

BR21.h3 Improvise 2.h1 Epic Rant 3.h12 Naked 4.h7 Yankee Tango

Naked 3rd/$2.30, Epic Rant 4th($4)

BR31.h3 Miss Sara 2.h1 Mishani Hustler 3.h7 First Class Miss 4.h5 Out For Justice

Mishani Hustler 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.80

BR41.h6 Final Zero 2.h2 Helarocity 3.h5 Khaleesi 4.h1 Sunny Victory

Helarocity 3rd/$2.80, Khaleesi 4th($9)

BR51.h2 Setoga 2.h5 Susurri 3.h7 Bold Endeavour 4.h6 Coral Bay

Bold Endeavour 2nd/$3.90, Setoga 3rd/$1.60, Susurri 4th($4.40)

BR61.h6 Gracida 2.h5 Another Whiskey 3.h1 Del Cielo 4.h8 Tiyatrolani

Gracida 1st sp($3.10)/place$1.50, Dal Cielo 3rd/$1.40, Tiyatrolani 4th($5.50)

BR71.h 2 King Lear 2.h10 Thunder Rocker 3.h12 Saxton Rock 4.h19 Valfierno

Thunder Rocker 1st sp($12)/place$2.70

BR81.h7 Aqua Vite 2.h6 Punte Norte 3.h3 Fortensky (4.h2 Mr Epic h5 Pelethronius)

Aqua Vite 1st sp($6)/place$1.80, Pelethronius 3rd/$2.20, Fortensky 4th($2.30)

BR91.h11 Sea The Sparkle 2.h16 Wild Ava 3.h9 Bred For Luck 4.h8 Lyricst, h7 Denbern

Bred For Luck(0.2L) 2nd/$2.80

Sydney Races
SR11.h1 Spin 2.h11 Sweet Ava 3.h10 Perfect Pitch 4.h13 Nasaayim

Spin(1.5L) 2nd/$1.90

SR21.h2 Mackintosh 2.h3 Tally 3.h6 Arbeitsam 4.h11 Harlow Gold

Arbeitsam 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.80

SR31.h3 Kaepernick 2.h2 Fell Swoop 3.h1 Dothraki 4.h4 Burning Passion

Dothraki(0.4L) 2nd/$2.50

SR41.h1 Daysee Doom 2.h2 Foxplay 3.h5 Zanbagh 4.h3 Dixie Blossoms

Dixie Blossoms 3rd/$2, Foxplay 4th($6)

SR51.h2 Levendi 2.h6 Mongolian Marshal 3.h3 Belfast 4.h7 Primitivo

Lenedi 1st sp($4)/place$1.90, Mongolian Marshal 4th($4.40)

SR61.h2 Almandin 2.h9 Single Gaze 3.h1 Gailo Chop (4.h4 Harlem h.6 Auvray)

Almandin 1st sp($3)/place$1.40, Gailo Chop 4th($2.30

SR71.h7 Unforgotten 2.h9 Hiyaam 3.h3 Bring Me Roses 4.h1 Aloisia

Hiyaam 1st sp($13.10)/place$3.50, Unforgotten 2nd/$1.50, Aloisa 3rd/$2.20; TRIFECTA; Vic.$396.70,N.S.W.$427.70,Qld.$254.30;Q/Ex; Vic.$24.20/$69.60,N.S.W.$25.20/$73.80,Qld.$23.30/$50

SR81.h2 Ecuador 2.h7 Spectroscope 3.h6 Shiraz (4.h9 Radipole h.8 Mister Sea Wolf)

Ecuador(0.8L) 2nd/$2.60, Mister Sea Wolf 3rd/$3.30, Radipole 4th($4.60)

SR91.h8 Stonebrook 2.h5 Osbourne Bulls 3.h10 Tribal Wisdom 4.h13 Beau Geste

Osbourne Bulls 1st sp($3.20)/place$1.40, Tribal Wisdom 4th($10)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h3 Sunset Watch 2.h8 Yulong Pluto 3.h2 Sanglier 4.h5 Juthoor

Sunset Watch 1st sp($1.95)/place$1.30, Sanglier 2nd/$2.60, Yulong Pluto 3rd/$4.20; TRIFECTA;Vic.$37.50,N.S.W.$31.20,Qld.$30.60; Q/Ex;Vic.$3/$5,N.S.W.$3/$4.70,Qld.$3.70/$4.60

MR21.h2 Hear The Chant 2.h3 Crystal Fountain 3.h7 Scuzi 4.h1 Sullivan Bay

Crystal Fountain 1st sp($5)/place$1.90,Sullivan Bay 4th($31)

MR31.h10 Chippenham 2.h6 Sabotage 3.h14 Catesby 4.h20 O’lonhro Bay

Chippenham(4L) 2nd/$2.20, Catesby 3rd/$2.20

MR41.h5 Fox Swift 2.h6 Tarcoola Spirit 3.h7 Doves Cry 4.h4 Ploverset


MR51.h7 Han Xin 2.h14 Silent Roar 3.h6 Creedence 4.h3 All Hard Wood

Han Xin 1st sp($10.50)/place$3.60, Credence 3rd/$3

MR61.h9 Chequered Flag 2.h13 Addison 3.h12 Savatag (4.h6 Prima h3 Quick Defence)

Prima 3rd/$5.80

MR71.h4 Odeon 2.h9 Golden Mane 3.h8 Life Less Ordinary 4.h11 Shoreham

Shoreham 1ts sp($61)/place$10.50, Odeon(1L) 2nd/$1.50, Life Less Ordinary 3rd/$1.80;TRIFECTA; Vic.$1,015.70,N.S.W.$1,343.70,Qld.$1,346.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$72.10/$165.60,N.S.W.$79.90/$163.80,Qld.$81.20/$221.80

MR81.h6 Theanswermyfriend 2.h15 Steel Frost 3.h13 Glenall 4.h5 Turnitaround

Turnitaround (sp$81)/ 2nd/$12.20, Steel Frost 4th($8.5)

MR91.h1 Milwaukee 2.h12 Handsome Thief 3.h4 Murphy’s Reward 4.h10 Pick Me Up

Handsome Thief 1st sp($2.35)/place$1.20, Milwaukee(2.9L) 3rd/$1.60


Mackintosh;(6.1L) 7th ($6 – $6.5); did nothing disappointing a light of other days

Odeon;(1L) 2nd ($4.80 – $2.90); beautiful run in transit struck the lead at the right time but Shoreham($61 we had him in our top 4) finished too strong along the rails.

Milwaukee;(2.9L) 3rd ($4 – $3.20); sat outside the leader and appeared to have every opportunity slightly disappointing, but he is well worth another go.


Ecuador;(0.8L) 2nd ($8- $8); this bloke always does his best and yesterday was no exception he was coming again on the line


Fox Swift;(4.2L) 5th ($31 – $21); we stated in our pre race summary if she gets a good ride, well I am afraid she didn’t too many wrong options. She got well back and and never got clear at any stage, she would have been fighting out the finish if she had.

Doomben track Soft, Sydney track Good, Melbourne track Good; Our Best; Rosehill race 2 Mackintosh($6) this horse hasn‘t won for an eon but we think Waller has him on song for this. We also think he is a much better horse ridden just off the pace and definitely a better horse third up McEvoy will extricate the best from this galloper. Caulfield race 7 Odeon($4.80) this horse has his fair share of ability and his run in the G2 Blamey last start was good, he drops 1.5kgs here and the 2000m should be perfect for him. He likes Caulfield and handles all conditions he will settle up just behind the speed and will be looming large at the distance,a super chance. Caulfield race 9 Milwaukee($4) we are going with this galloper again (not the $10 on offer this week) but he is a smart horse with 1.5 kegs less than last start. He loves this distance, he has never been around this circuit but that won’t matter as he can race anywhere in the field and still finish off. He is loaded with ability and we expect him to go back to back. Rosehill race 8 Ecuador($8) there is life in the old boy yet, he loves racing fresh and is tough as teak. He has been out of the winner’s list for a while but has contested some good races, he has the right hoop on in Hyeronimous and if he can get him to the front it just might be game,set and match. Caulfield race4 Fox Swift($31) this price is overs we think she is well weighted here after her claim(54kgs) she is a Listed winner and ran a great race in Group 3 behind the quality filly Houtzen she likes the distance and third up. She can possie up and as long as she gets a good ride she will be there when the whips are cracking. No best for Doomben today as the track is soft now but will be drying out, if we do get some showers later in the day and the track stays soft it might pay to have something on Sea The Sparkle in race 9. Long Leaf is the horse we think will win the Sires, a fantastic run in the Slipper coming from last I am sure most avid replay students would have seen it. The $9 on offer now in all in betting is appealing as we here at Horsebuck$ are not advocates of early all in betting (hence our 9am publish on Saturday morns.) but occassionly one will come up that needs our early attention. Value was difficult to find this week but there are some serious chances in our best bets. So on that note have a great Easter break, there should be plenty of eggs in the basket tomorrow after todays festivities and GOOD LUCK to all hosebuck$ followers.

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