Results 24th March 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11. h5 Jetsonic 2. h13 Now You See 3. h4 Yarrapower 4. h3 Secret Mo

Yarrapower 1st sp($6)/place$2.40, Now You See 2nd/$2.70, Secret Mo 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$293.90,N.S.W.$350,Qld.$371.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$26.30/$57.30,N.S.W.$35.40/$62.30,Qld.$32.90/$51.90

BR21.h1 Grand De Lago 2. h3 Mishani Khrishna 3. h2 Greyt Love 4. h4 Gypsy Toff

Grand De Lago (0.2L) 2nd/$2.20, Gypsy Toff 3rd/$1.60

BR31. h9 Shockfactor 2. h13 Sweet Adeline 3. h1 Mysterium 4. h2 Sharpamal

Sharpamal 1st sp($5)/place$1.50, Sweet Adeline 2nd/$1.60, Mysterium 3rd/$4.50; Trifecta; Vic.$200.40,N.S.W.$185.20,Qld.$195.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.60/$19.60,N.S.W.$7.20/$17.20,Qld.$7.10/$18.30

BR41.h1 Rudy 2. h4 Gully Command 3. h2 My Diamantine 4. h6 Constantine

My Diamantine 3rd/$1.80, Gully Command 4th($5.50)

BR51.h7 First Crush 2. h1 Morendi 3. h2 Honey Toast 4. 4 Doukhan

First Crush 1st sp($4.80)/place$2, Honey Toast 2nd/$1.70, Morendi 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta; Vic.$72.50,N.S.W.$66.50,Qld.$74.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.50/$25.50,N.S.W.$15.70/$33.30,Qld.$15.60/$40

BR61. h2 Mr. Marbellous 2. h4 Suggan Buggan 3. h5 Denarius 4. h6 Ringo’s A Rockstar

Mr.Marbellous 1st sp($1.45)/place$1.10, Rongo’s A Rockstar 3rd/$2.10

BR71. h6 Criquette 2. h4 Viaductress 3. h9 Reward For Fashion

Reward For Fashion 1st sp($4.20)/place$2.30, Viaductress 2nd/$1.50, Criquette 3rd n.t.d.; Trifecta; Vic.$18.50,N.S.W.$16.30,Qld.$19.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.30/$10.70,N.S.W.$5.50/$11.10,Qld.$5.50/$10.80

BR81.h2 Tisani Tomso 2. h6 Sonny Legend 3. h3 Hi I’m Back 4. h Amanaat

We like the quinella here 2/6

Amaanat 1st sp($2.50/place$, Hi I’m Back 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.70/$18.50,N.S.W.$16.50/$18.90,Qld.$15/22.10

BR91. h2 Zofonic Dancer 2. h1 Hang 3. h4 Umberto 4. h11 Excelebrazione

Zoffonic Dancer(0.8L) 3rd/$2.80

Sydney Races
SR11. h3 I Am Excited 2. h10 Twilight Song 3.h9 Manicure 4. h6 Isaurian

IAm Excited 1st sp(3.60)/place$1.60, Isaurian 2nd/$1.90, Manicure 4th($17); Q/Ex;Vic.$6.50/$15.70,N.S.W.$6.10/$11.20,Qld.$5.90/$18.90

SR21.h8 The Pinnacle 2. h2 Consommateur 3. h7 Nettoyer 4. h3 Karavali

The Pinnacle 1st sp($9)/place$2.30, Nettoyer 3rd/$1.60

SR31. h5 Patrick Erin 2. h4 Master Of Arts 3. h2 Lord Fandango 4. h7 Admiral Jello

Mater Of Arts 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.70

SR41. h1 Gailo Chop 2. h2 Classic Uniform 3. h3 Harlem 4. h8 Single Gaze

Gailo Chop 1st sp($2.05)/$1.10, Single Gaze 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex;Vic.$3.10/$4.50,N.S.W.$2.80/$4.20,Qld.$3.60/$5.30

SR51.h4 Winx 2. h6 Kementari 3. h1 Happy Clapper 4. h2 Clearly Innocent

WINX 1st sp($1.16/$1.04, Happy Clapper 2nd/$2.90, Kementari 3rd n.t.d.; Trifecta;Vic.$5.30,N.S.W.$5.50,Qld.$6.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.50,N.S.W.$3.30/$3.40,Qld.$4/$4.20

EARLY QUADDIE; The Pinnacle/Master Of Arts/Gailo Chop/WINX; Divis.; N.S.W.$199.90

SR61.h4 Cliff’s Edge 2. h2 Vin De Dance 3. h14 Main Stage 4. h 15 Furore

Furore 3rd/$3.90, Vin De Dance 4th($15)

SR71.h2 Santos 2. h10 Sunlight 3. h7 Prairie Fire 4. h8 Sandbar, h6 Ef Troop

Sunlight 3rd/$2.20

SR81h13 Viridine 2. h2 Jungle Edge 3. h3 In Her Time 4. h1 Le Romaine

In Her Time 1st sp($4)/place$1.40, Viridine 3rd/$1.70

SR91. h8 Fragonard 2. h3 Sugar Bella 3. h4 Tulip 4. h11 Slow Burn

Sugar Bella(1.3L) 2nd/$1.60; FRAGONARD (L.SCR.)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h2 Sir Donald 2. h4 Matty 3. h3 Gibbon 4. h6 Rockets Red Galore

Gibbon 2ns/$2.10, Rockets Red Galore 3rdn.t.d. Sir Donald (L.SCR.)

MR21. h1 Angelology 2. h5 Brimham Rocks 3. h7 Ashlee Marie

Brimham Rocks 2nd/$2.40, Angelology 4th($7.50)

MR31.h1 Louie The Legend 2. h4 One Belt One Road 3. h6 Gheedaa 4. h3 Fighting Fury

Gheeda 2nd/$2.30, Fighting Fury 4th($3.20)

MR41. h8 So Far Sokool 2. h5 Freehearted 3. h3 Costa Bomb 4. 11 Niamh Chinn Oir

Niamh Chinn Oir 2nd/$2.40, So Far Sokool 3rd/$1.50

MR51. h1 Rich Luck 2. h4 My Paisann 3. h7 Brahmos 4. h5 Bob Of The Head

Brahmos 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.50, Bob Of The Head 2nd/$1.70, My Paisann 4th($7)

MR61.h11 Leodoro 2. h8 Lucky Liberty 3. h1 First Among Equals 4. h1 Stellar Collision,h4 Prussian Vixen

Stellar Collision 1st sp($5)/place$2, Leodoro(0.8L) D.H 4TH ($4.40)

MR71.h11 King’s Will Dream 2. h9 Oncidium Ruler 3. h4 Gallic Chieftan 4. h3 Cismontane

King’s Will Dream 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.30, Gallic Chieftan 4th($8)

MR81. h4 Peruggia 2. h5 Barbeque 3. h8 Parsifal 4. h6 Silverhawk

Barbeque 3rd/$2.70

MR91. h9 Mandalay Bay 2. h3 Ma Jones 3. h5 Heptagon 4. h4 Sly Romance, H6 Our Peaky Blinders

Heptagon 1st sp($5.50)/place$2, Our Peaky Blinders 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$6/$15.70,N.S.W.$6.90/$16.30,Qld.$6/$15.30

MR5 Rich Luck, MR9 H9 Mandalay Bay,BR9 H2 Zofonic Dancer

Rich Luck;(2.25L) 5th ($6.50 – $4.80); settled 5th and ran on okay to finish 5th disappointing.

Mandalay Bay;(1.75L) 5th ($9.50 – $12); got further back than we anticipated, apparent a fair way out that he was never going to be in a challenging position on the corner. Once balanced up he finished strongly.

Zofonic Dancer;(0.8L) 3rd ($6 – $9); got a long way back early rolled forward in between horses but got hung up on the inside of Hang which didn’t drop off until late in the straight, rider couldn’t produce the persuader at a crucial point, he ran on solidly when in the clear.  

SR6 H4 Cliff’s Edge, SR9 H8 Fragonard, br8 h2 Tisani Tomso

Cliff’s Edge;(3L) 5th ($8 – $8.50); ran to front as anticipated but tended to over race a tad when Condor took him on early, ran off on the corner still there at the distance,he is as game as a bull ant.

FRAGONARD  late scratching

Tisani Tomso;(3.5L) 6th ($9.50 – $7); not good enough on the day

No joy in Our Best this weekend with Mornington turning to Soft conditions, a late scratching in Sydney and one a tad unlucky in Brisbane but that is the roll of the dice. We did get some positives out of the Rosehill meeting though, Ace High, how are they going to beat him in the Derby, this horse is as tough as old boots his last two runs have been beauties, especially in the Rosehill Guineas, sat three wide entire trip and was challenging at the distance only beaten about 3 lengths. If he gets a decent run in the Derby or he may even lead, none of his combatants from Saturday will beat him. Santos in the Slipper had no chance 3 deep entire trip in a high pressure race like this even if they weren’t going that “quick” he deserves another chance, but we have found another one from this race, we think it was the run of the race and hope connections back it up in the Sire’s or the Champagne (disclose next Saturday in our tips summary). WINX what an outstanding win, her best I think, why take this great mare overseas she has nothing to prove, I know times have changed but we have never judged our CHAMPIONS of years past by taking them overseas, the ones that did performed extremely well as far back as the great Tobin Bronze an even the great jumper Crisp. Maybe the racing scribes want it more than the  connections, enough said. Sixteen winners in our top four selections with a few of those picking themselves, WINX, Gailo Chop and King’s Will Dream . Five Trifectas, nine Quinella/Exacta and early quaddie at Rosehill. So on that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all

Doomben Track Heavy; Rosehill Track Soft; Mornington Track Good; Our Best; Mornington race5 Rich Luck($6.50) this horse is a pistol first up in pretty well here after the claim, unplaced before a spell in a hot BM78 (Mr. Sneaky 1st) with 61.5kgs and got along way back, we don‘t envisage him being any further back than 4th here and unleashing as they circle super chance. Mornington race 9 Mandalay Bay($9.50) he should settle just off the speed and roll forward before the turn, he should be prominent as they circle. He is up a tad in class but the 53kgs should offset that and he handles all conditions, once he strikes the lead it should be game over. Doomben race 9 Zofonic Dancer($6) he likes to sit just off the speed and stalk, bred to be an olympic swimmer( by Zoffany) he is a very talented galloper and we expect him to show that today. Rosehill race 6 Cliff’s Edge($8) this horse is slightly under-rated, he will ping from the gates and take it up, once in control of the tempo he will be super hard to run down in these conditions, he is definitely not a shrinking violet.Rosehill race 9 Fragonard($15) this mare is better off in Sydney and racing closer to the speed, she is ultra consistent and relishes the conditions,she is well up to this level. Food for thought she has led in the past and won so from the good gate and 53kegs AND a wet track it might make her impossible to run down. Doomben race 8 Tisani Tomso($9.50) from the gate you would think he he would either lead or be outside the leader another that relishes the conditions, it is not his optimum distance but he just might have the fitness edge on most of these. He will be there when the whips are cracking. Golden Slipper day at Rosehill and we like SANTOS this horse had a fantastic trial after his last win and letting this bloke sit just off the speed and watching him unwind was impressive. He is super tough and with Ef Troop up front rolling along, this horse will be chiming in at the distance and prove too strong, we really fancy him. There will be no excuses from us with regards to track conditions (assessing form) as most of our selections handle both soft and heavy (Brisbane and Sydney). There are lots of chances in most races today but we think we have sorted a couple out so on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all hosebuck$ followers.

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