Results 17 Of March 2018

Brisbane Races
BR 11.h2 Valfierno 2.h8 The Real Boss 3.h1 Mini Meld 4.h3 Whycatchhim

Whycatchim 3rd/$2.30

BR 21.h3 Irish Optimism 2.h1 Exoteric 3.h10 Sornja 4.h6 Courts Star

Exoteric 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.30, Irish Optimism 3rd/$2.50

BR 3
1.h5 Hounour ‘n’ Strength 2.h7 Dutch Treat 3.h3 Reigning Thunder 4.h10 Char Char

Char Char 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.20

BR 41.h1 Epic Rant 2.h8 Supernormal 3.h2 Full Diamond 4.h5 Le Drama

Epic Rant 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.20

BR 51.h6 Capetown Hussy 2.h8 Doubt Defying 3.h1 Honey Toast 4.h4 Glendara

Doubt Defying 1st sp($2.35/$1.20, Glendara 2nd/$2.50, Capetown Hussey 3rd; Trifecta; Vic.$40.20,N.S.W.$42.60,Qld.$36.50; Q/Ex;Vic.$8.30/$11.70,N.S.W.$8.10/$12.10,Qld.$7.30/$11.30

BR 61.h3 Mishani Hustler 2.h9 Plumaro 3.h1 Hopes Eternal (4.11 Mystic Mist h13 Red Doulton)

Plumaro 2nd(1L)/$1.60, Hopes Eternal 3rd/$1.70,Mishani Hustler 4th($4)

BR 71.h2 Johnny Whitesox 2.h7 Skate To Paris 3.h6 Paradis Imperial 4.h1 Umberto

Skate To Paris 2nd/$1.80, Paradis Imperial 3rd/$3.30, Johnny Whitesox 4th($3.70)

BR 81.h2 Upstart Pride 2.h4 Snitzkraft 3.h14 Aqua Vite 4.h3 Man Of His Word

Aqua Vite 3rd/$7.10, Man OF His Word 4th($8.50)

BR 91.h5 Karakabeel 2.h6 Mishani Slueth 3.h3 Martinelli 4.h15 Show ‘Em


Sydney Races
SR 11.h8 Tamarack 2.h1 Quick Defence 3.h9 All Too Soon 4.h6 Cyrus Rocks; All Too Soon 2nd/$1.40, Tamarack(0.7) 3rd/$1.70
SR 2 1.h2 Libran 2.h6 Stampede 3.h1 Whoshotthebarman 4.h9 Salsamor; Libran(1.3L) 2nd/$1.40, Salsamor 4th($7)
SR 31.h1 Sunlight 2.h2 Stesuna 3.h9 Terminology 4.h8 Sweet Ava; Sunlight 1st sp($1.35)/place$1.04, Sweet Ava 3rd/$2.50
SR 41.h1 Written By 2.h11 Virtual Insanity 3.h Sandbar 4.h5 Spin; Written Bye 1st sp($1.70)/place$1.04, Sandbar 2nd/$3.70, Spin 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta; Vic.$46.80,N.S.W.$$46.10,Qld.$$48.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.60/$13,N.S.W.$10.90/$10.80,Qld.$10.90/$15.20
SR 51.h2 Nieta 2.h3 Palazo Pubblico 3.h1 Dothraki 4.h12 Sprightly Lass; Dothraki 1st sp($14)/place$3.40, Sprightly Lass 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.60/$54.20,N.S.W.$17.70/$48.10,Qld.$16.10/$58
SR 61.h2 Muraaqeb 2.h1 Holy Snow 3.h8 Shumookh 4.h10 Unforgotten; Unforgotten 1st sp($9.50)/place$2.70, Holy Snow 2nd/$1.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$25.50/$62.20,N.S.W.$25.90/$58.10,Qld.$25.90/$55.70
SR 71.h9 Aide Memoire 2.h 13 Raiment 3.h7 Egg Tart (4.h15 Bring Me Roses h3 Daysee Doom); Daysee Doom 1st sp($21)/place$6.90
SR 81.h3 Comin’ Through 2.h1 Prized Icon 3.h7 Cellarman 4.h2 Tom Melbourne; Comin’ Through 1st sp($5)/place$2, Tom Melbourne 2nd/$1.40, Cellarman 4th($10); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.50/$15.40,N.S.W.$9.20/$20.80,Qld.$7/$11.40
SR 91.h5 Up ‘n’ Rolling 2.h13 Peacock 3..h10 Eagle Bay 4.( h4 Jaminzah,h12 Level Eight); Peacock 1st sp($15)/place$4.10, Up ‘n’ Rolling 3rd/$1.80, Level Eight 4th($31); SUPER SIX; Written Bye/Dothraki/Unforgotten/Daysee Doom/Comin’Through/Peacock; DIVIS; $37,073.40; QUADDIE;Unforgotten/Daysee Doom/Comin’Through/Peacock; DIVIS; vIC.$19,362.60,N.S.W.$18286,Qld.$17,533.20; TREBLE; DIVIS; Qld.$2,109.10
Melbourne Races
MR 11.h4 Hear The Chant 2.h1 French Emotion 3.h3 Quilista 4.h7 Written Era; Quilista 1st sp($2.80)/place$1.70, French Emotion 2nd/$2.60, Hear The Chant 3rd/n.t.d., Written Era 4th($8.50); First Four; Vic.$84.90,N.S.W.$74.50,Qld.$76; Trifecta; Vic.$33.40,N.S.W.$27.90,Qld.$29.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.20/$12.30,N.S.W.$7.20/$12.80,QLd.$7.20/$12
MR 21.h4 Muraahib 2.h2 Scarecrow 3.h7 Indernile 4.h3 Iconolasm; Indernile 3rd/$2, Scarecrow 4th($4); Iconoclasm (L.SCR.)
MR 31.h3 FoxSwift 2.h7 She Know’s 3.h5 Demerara 4.h6 Luqyaa; Demerara 1st sp($1.75)/place$1.10
MR 41.h2 Khulaasa 2.h4 Sundarbrans 3.h1 Krone 4.h7 Des Moines; Khulaasa 1st sp($2.20/place$1.04, Krone 2nd/$1.90
MR 51.h2 Humidor 2.h1 Tosen Stardom 3.h3 Hellova Street 4.h5 Cool Chap; Humidor 1st sp($3)/place$1.60, Cool Chap 2nd/$3.50, Hellova Street 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; Vic.$122.20, N.S.W.$109.80,Qld.$103.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$21.60/$31.70,N.S.W.$23.40/$34.20,Qld.$21/$28.20
MR 6 1.h7 Addison 2.h11 Big Pat’s Pontiac 3.h4 He Eckles 4.h13 No Commitment; No Comitment 1st sp($8)/place$2.40, Addison 3rd/$2.50, He Ekscels 4th($3.80)
MR 71.h9 Coldstone 2.h8 Theanswermyfriend 3.h13 Burrum’s Buzz 4.h3 Kiwia
Theanswermyfriend 2nd/$1.40
MR 81.h2 Portman 2.h3 Top Of The Range 3.h7 Balcazar (4.h5 Soho Ruby h9 Nova Joe)

Soho Ruby 1st sp($6.50)/place$1.90, Top Of The Range 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.50/$16.20,N.S.W.$5.60/$15.10,Qld.$6.50/$15.30

MR 91.h1 Milwaukee 2.h4 Handsome Theif 3.h7 Highland Beat (4.h8 Bord De Gain h12 Essence of Terror)

Milwaukee 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.50, Handsome Thief 2nd/$2; Q/Ex; Vic.$18.50/$38.60,N.S.W.$20.60/$36.90,Qld.$16.90/$37


Capetown Hussey; 3rd ($4 – $4.20); she didn’t look like she was enjoying her day out but to her credit she ran on strongly for third.

Milwaukee; FIRST ($11 – $7.50); this horse missed the kick slightly but did travel beautifully just behind the speed and when the gap appeared he didn’t hesitate and pounced on the lead and fought on strongly for a comfortable win.


Coldstone; 9th ($13 – $15); tried to lead all the way, still there at the 4oom only finished 1.8L from the winner maybe listed grade just a little strong.


Aide Memoire; 8th ($26 – $17); we certainly are not dropping off this mare she was cluttered up behind the leaders at the business end and the rider had no choice but to go to the inside, not the place to be we certainly seen enough to suggest next time.  She was only 1.2L from the winner.

SUMMARY; Another fantastic result for Our Best followers when Milwuakee saluted in the last at Flemington, plenty of $10 available into his starting price of $7.50. He missed the kick but always seemed to be travelling in behind a wall of horses then the “SEAS” parted and he sprinted through to strike the front and never looked like losing from that point GOUGUDTHING! A MOTZA for our QUADDIE players at Rosehill when Peacock led all the way to crack the last leg and pay $19,000 in Vic. $18,000 in N.S.W. and $17,000 in Qld. not bad dosh in any one’s language. Another SUPER SIX as well paying a healthy $37,000(jackpot) it could have been anything if players had secured the full divi. but who’s complaining (: Eighteen winners in our top 4 selections for the multi runner punters a few shorties in that lot but they did stand out (Sunlight, Written Bye and Humidor) but there was also some great longer priced ones too such as Dothraki($14), Peacock($15), Unforgotten($9.50) and Daysee Doom($21.70) so some OUSTANDING RESULTS FOR ALL THOSE PUNTERS THAT FOLLOW HORSEBUCK$. To see all of Saturday’s results and all previous results go to our web site and check it out. So on that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from horsebuck$

Gold Coast Track Good; Rosehill Track Good; Flemington Track Good; Gold Coast race 5 Capetown Hussey($4) this mare should get a nice run just off the speed and she is still on the limit in this grade. Has a nice record third up and her two runs this time in have been excellent we expect her to be fighting out the finish. Flemington race 9 Milwaukee($11) will be right up on the speed here, races particularly well fresh. He hasn’t been down the straight before, it just might be something he rellishes, weighted to his best here, but we think he will produce exactly that here. Flemington race 7 Coldstone($13) will settle up just behind the speed, this horse has been consistent every run since a spell and does race well deep into a prep, he is strong at the finish of his races he is slightly over the odds and is super fit and that will be the telling factor. Rosehill race 7 Aide Memoire($26) seeing is believing she probably should have won the Guy Walter with a better run. She has an outstanding record on wet tracks and third up, she has been dismissed in some circles as just a wet tracker but we think that is way off the mark. She has won a Group one in N.Z. on a good track (2 starts all up on good) we are going to take the odds on offer and run with it. A late mention Gold Coast race1 VALFIERNO($7) might just have what it takes to get away with this lickety split affair. Super tough day all round but that is what gets us pumping and we think we have snared a couple at nice odds. We have been having a super run with our BEST bets lets keep it going today. We have been getting a lot of exotics up but not the big game changers lets hope we can rectify that today. So on that note have a fantastic weekend an GOOD LUCK to all HORSEBUCK$ followers.

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