Results 17th February 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11. h2 She’s Choosi 2. h3 Only Wanna Sing 3. h5 Acclompish 4. h1 Pinch Memory

Only Wanna Sing 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.80, Pinch Memory 3rd/$1.75, Accomplish 4th($10)

BR21.h12 Now You See 2. h5 Secret Mo 3. h4 Squeemi 4. h8 Prue’s Angel

Prue’s Angel(0.1L) 2nd/$1.65, Secret Mo 4th($5)

BR31.h3 She’s Our Star 2. h6 Excelebrazione 3. h5 Alleviator 4. h4 Skate To Paris

Excelebrazione 3rd/$2.80, Skate To Paris 4th($6.50)

BR41.h3 Brazen Moss 2. h1 Torgensen 3. h5 Magnatune 4. h4 Chivildahlii (Bodega Negra- multiples)

Brazen Moss 1st sp($3)/place$1.60, Torgensen 3rd(n.t.d.), Bodega Negra 4th($17)

BR51. h1 Diamonds Are 2. h14 Sweet Adeline 3. h5 Spiral 4. h3 Mustarid

Diamonds Are 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.45, Sweet Adeline 2nd/$2.70, Spiral 3rd/$4.20; Trifecta; Vic.$233.80, N.S.W.$276.60,Qld.$216; Q/Ex; Vic.$18/$31.80, N.S.W.$16/$20.90, Qld.$17.90/$38

BR61h14 Criquette 2. h2 Beaudragon 3. h7 Courtza King 4. h3 Colinelle

Criquette(1.3L) 2nd/$1.65, Courtza King 4th($10)

BR71. h4 Perilous Love 2. h5 Kirini 3. h11 Maybe Even You 4.h3 Court’s Star

Court’s Star 3rd/$2.45, Perilous Love 4th($10)

BR81.h3 Stella Ombra 2. h7 Tyzone 3. h1 Supreme Effort 4. h4 Tisani Tomso, h13 Just Orm

Just Orm 3rd/$3

BR91.h13 Clockwork Orange 2. h11 Oink 3. h7 Magnajoy 4. h1 Weinholt, h3 Fortensky

Fortensky 1st sp($6)/place$2.20, Oink 3rd/$1.80, Clockwork Orange 4th($10)

Sydney Races
SR11. h6 Fui San 2. h1 Mate Story 3. h2 Cliff 4. h5 Lady Guissel

Mate Story 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.40, Fui San 2nd/$1.65; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.60/$12.40,N.S.W.$7.20/$12.70,Qld.$6.30/$14.50

SR21.h2 Legend Of Condor 2. h4 Santos 3. h3 Stunts 4. h1 Irish Bet

Santos 1st sp($6)/place$1.75, Irish Bet 3rd/$2.35, Legend Of Condor(3.5L) 4th($2.70)

SR31.h2 Sizzling Bullet 2. h1 Emperor’Way 3. h4 Zourkhan 4. h9 El Novio

Emperor’s Way D.H. 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.45, Zourkhan 3rd/$2.25, Sizzling Bullet(2.2L) 4th($9)

SR41.h2 Deploy 2. hh4 Boss Lane 3. h3 Dothraki 4. h7 Big Money
Dothraki 2nd/$1.70, Boss Lane 3rd/$3.90
SR51.h9 Promethius 2. h2 Pelethronious 3. h8 The Pinnacle 4. h1 King Darci

The Pinnacle 2nd/$1.35, Promethius(2.9L) 4th($9)

SR61.h8 Global Glamour 2. h2 Prized Icon 3. h4 Stampede 4. h1 Classic Uniform

Global Glamour(0.2L) 2nd/$1.75, Prized Icon 4th($7)

SR71.h2 Eckstein 2. h5 Rainment 3. h4 Miss Gunpowder 4. h10 Faraway Town, H3 Zestful

Faraway Town 1st sp($8)/place$2.70, Zestful 2nd/$3.30, Raiment 3rd/$2; Trifect; Vic.$675.90,N.S.W.$696.30,Qld.$626; Q/Ex; Vic.$53.30/$110.30,N.S.W.$52.50/$116.20,Qld.$56.80/$93.70

SR81h3 Alizee 2. h1 Frolic 3. h2 Melody Belle 4. h4 Debonairly, h13 Shumookh

Alizee 1st sp($2.15)/place$1.20, Shumookh 2nd/$1.95, Frolic 4th($13; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.50/$12.90,N.S.W.$8.70/$8.90,Qld.$7.60/$13.60

SR91.h14 No Interest 2. h2 Osborn Bulls 3. h8 Suncraze 4. h16 Mishani Honcho, h17 Missile Coda

Suncraze 1st sp($4)/place$1.50, No Interes(0.1L) 2nd/$3.50; Q/Ex;Vic.$24/$32.30,N.S.W.$24.20/$41.60,Qld.$21.70/$40.20
Osbourne Bulls (L.SCR.)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h7 Khulaasa 2. h2 Sanglier 3. h10 Pierro Belle 4. h6 Roobena

Khulaasa(1L) 2nd/$1.70

MR21. h5 Cry If I Want To 2. h9 Midas Man 3. h2 Khutulin 4. h7 Stormy Shore

Midas Man 2nd/$2.35, Cry If I Want To(1.3L) 3rd/$2.90

MR31.h7 Bellaria 2. h3 Mamzelle Tess 3. h4 Spanish Reef 4. h6 Sharing

Spanish Reef 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.70, Sharing 4th($3.60)

MR41.h2 Sin To Win 2. h7 King’s Will Dream 3. h10 Notio 4. h5 So Poysed

King’s Will Dream 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.20, Notio 2nd/$2.40, Sin To Win(3.1L); Q/Ex;Vic.$10.10/$14.10,N.S.W.$10/$14.10,Qld.$9.80/$12.40

MR51.h7 Atlantic City 2. h3 Ken’s Dream 3. h4 Lucky Liberty 4. h11 Portman

Ken’s Dream 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.50, Lucky Liberty 2nd/$4.20, Portman 4th($9.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$29.40/$38.60,N.S.W.$30.10/$52.40,Qld.$30.90/$61.40

MR61.h3 Banish 2. h4 Twitchy Frank 3. h7 Paris Rock 4. h5 Rimraam

Rimraam 1st sp($8)/place$2.50, Paris Rock 4th($4.80)

MR71.h2 Embellish 2. h6 Sully 3. h11 Island Missile 4. h13 Peaceful State


MR81h3 Hey Doc 2. h1 Redzel 3. h8 Miss Rock 4. h10 Formality

Redzel 2nd/$1.14, Miss Rock 3rd/$4.20

MR91.h12 Kingsguard 2. h11 Zebrinze 3. h2 Tally 4. h3 Royal Rapture, h7 Chamois Road

Kingsguard(0.9L) 3rd/$5, Chamois Road 4th(13)

SR6 H8 Global Glamour, MR5 H7 Atlantic City

Global Glamour;(0.2L) 2nd ($7 – $5); worked a little early to keep the lead and then travelled well a massive kick in the straight to go down by an eyelash, close but no cigar.. She is as tough as teak this mare, could she win a Doncaster? 

 Atlantic City;(3.5L) 8th ($9 – $8.50); Probably a little to close to the speed in this event, better ridden a touch back midfield, having said that had his chance.

SR1 H6 Fui San, SR3 H2 Sizzling Bullet,BR8 H3 Stella Ombre

Fui San;(1.5L) 2nd ($9 – $4.40); had a great run in transit in behind the leader every possible

Sizzling Bullet;(2.2L) 4th ($9 – $8.50); also seemed to have every chance in behind the speed very one paced .

Stella Ombra;(2.2L) 6th ($8.50 – $14); blew like a sou’wester in the betting and ran accordingly, posted 3 wide(again) and did well to finish where he did although there was only 2.7L covering the entire field. This horse would be better served going forward.

SR9 H14 No Interest

No Interest;(0.1L) 2nd ($41 – $17); What can we say a great ride by R.King to go down by no more than a flared nostril. An inch closer in the run (: The favourite was a late scratching here which put a dent in our place dividend, that’s racing.

SUMMARY: The words of Maxwell Smart were ringing in our ears after the last at Randwick on Saturday”missed by that much” as No Interest missed by exactly that(: and at big odds and earlier the good mare Global Glamour missed by the proverbial in the Apollo Stakes. Fui San in race 1 also ran second to give us 3 seconds in the best bets section. Next week we certainly will be going full throttle to go one better maybe the Blue Diamond will be the race, there is one there that we feel is going along very nicely. Thirteen winners in our top 4 selections along with 2 trifectas $276 and $696 and seven quinella/exactas no first four or quaddies this week(which is unusual for us), go to our web site for our full results and all previous meetings. There was another late scratching  of a well tried favourite on Saturday, seems to be a plethora of them these days with huge reductions “just saying”. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. from HORSEBUCK$ 

Doomben Track Heavy(upgrade possible); Randwick Track Good; Flemington Track Good; Our Best; Randwick race 6 Global Glamour($7) this mare is a pistol third up and she is a genuine group one(Group Two here) mare. Stampede should take it up and she will get a beaut run just in behind, we were a little disappointed in her run last start(4th Group 2) but on reflection she never really fires second up she will be there when the whips are cracking. Flemington race 5 Atlantic City($9) nicely in here on 57kgs drops some 2.5kgs here and meets Leodoro 4kgs better for beating that galloper home last start. This horse got the nod over Ken‘s Dream(beautifully placed here by Weir) because that horse is best on wet tracks. Atlantic city has had 6 goes here for 2 placings but is in superior form this time in he will get back but watch him rocket to the line. Randwick race 3 Sizzling Bullet($10) as documented by us after his last run that in our opinion he raced like a horse that needed the run. He gets his chance here, down 1.5kgs on last run and he will possie up behind the speed and as long as the track doesn’t firm up too much he will be in the finish. Doomben race 8 Stella Ombra($8.50) this galloper races best into a prep and endured a torrid run last start (wide entire trip) and handles all conditions. McGillivray should be able to get him into a good possie as he likes to go forward and there is enough speed here to tow him there, if he is in the first three at the distance Giddyup! Randwick race 1 Fui San($9) we have put this horse in here purely on his big weight turnaround on Mate Story some 6.5kgs although beaten 5.6L and it wasn‘t one of the greatest rides you would expect from one of the best, we expect massive improvement here. Our Longshot; Randwick race 9 No Interest($41) third up watch the improvemnt in this mare, has a nice weight and that should let her get into a good possie, her 2 runs after a break have been very good so lets see where she takes us. Lightning stakes Group One well we are going against the general consensus here and putting Hey Doc on top, this horse is a very good SPRINTER and we have stated on here before that there probably isn’t a better fresh horse around than this fellow(at this level) he will stalk them and if a length or so near Redzel at the distance he will go on with it. Always be mindful of track ratings especially when they start upgrading or downgrading them, we just feel on this site that some ratings leave a lot to be desired the Good 4 rating in particular. Any way a great days racing in every state with some quality gallopers going around so on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers.