Results 3rd February 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h2 Pinch Memory 2.h6 Accomplish 3.h3 Spirit of Cherokee 4.h8 Sassy Style

Pinch Memory 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.65, Accomplish 2nd/$1.55, Spirit Of Cherokee 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; Vic.$50.90,N.S.W.$49.50,Qld.$44.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.20/$20.40,N.S.W.$10.50/$19,Qld.$9.50/$24.80

BR21.h5 Expertea 2.h7 Duke Of Christophe 3.h4 Perilous Love 4.h11 Sornja

Perilous Love 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.60, Expertea 4th($3.30)

BR31.h12 Spiral 2.h19 Mysterium 3.h13 Syamantaka Mani 4.h15 Maybe Even You

Maybe Even You 1st sp($4)/place$1.50, Mysterium 3rd/$3.10

BR41.h1 Rancho Montoya 2.h3 Johnny Whitesox 3.h8 Sussuri 4.h2 Dream Kisses

Sussuri 1st sp($4)/place$1.60, Johnny Whitesox 2nd/$1.70, Dream Kisses 3rd/$4; Trifecta; Vic.$118.10,N.S.W.$139.40,Qld.$127.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.80/$18.40,N.S.W.$8.50/$17.90,Qld.$7.60/$17.70

BR51.h2 Stella Ombra 2.h3 Tarzan 3.h4 Dream Finnish 4.h6 Tisani Tomso

Tisani Tomso 1st sp($6)/place$1.95, Stella Ombra(3.6L) 3rd/$1.45

BR61.h6 Tversky 2.h15 Now You See 3.h7 Zendaye (4.h9 Reigning Thunder h5 Upstart)


BR71.h6 Deep Image 2.h9 Suggan Buggan 3.h1 Last Armageddon 4.h7 Diamonds Are


BR81.h1 Someday 2.h4 Brazen Moss 3.h2 Torgersen 4.h6 Glendara


BR91.h5 Time To Torque 2.h2 Oink 3.h h10 She’s Miss Devine 4. h6 Zin Zan Eddie


Sydney Races
SR11. h5 Sheikha 2. h3 Puppet Master 3.h2 From Within 4.h7 Charlayne

Charlayne 1st sp($3.80)/place$1.45, Sheikha(1.1L) 3rd/$2.10

SR21.h1 Performer 2.h4 Exceltic 3.h2 Dio D’oro 4.h5 Stratosphere

Performer 1st sp($1.75)/place$1.16, Stratosphere 2nd/$2.80, Exceltic 3rd, Dio D’Oro 4th; First Four;Vic.$23.20,N.S.W.$20.70,Qld.$23.80; Trifecta;Vic.$10.80,N.S.W.$12.80,Qld.$16; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.80/$5,N.S.W.$5/$6.90,Qld.$4.90/$6.10

SR31.h1 Secret Lady 2.h3 Into The Abyss 3.h7 Bold Arial 4.h2 Fiesta

Fiesta 1st sp($4)/place$1.65, Bold Arial 4th($8)

SR41.h4 Cellerman 2.h1 Admiral Jello 3.h7 Flow 4.h5 King Darci

Cellarman 1st sp($6.50)/place$2, King Darci 2nd/$1.40, Flow 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; Vic.$60.20,N.S.W.$51.80,Qld.$61.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.10/$24.60,N.S.W.$11.30/$25.20,Qld.$11.60/$35.20

SR51.h13 Acquittal 2.h7 Mate Story 3.h11 Upside Rock 4.h1 Danetrille

Mate Story 1st sp($5)/place$1.50, Acquittal(0.3L) 2nd/$1.12; Q/Ex; Vic.$4/$12.40,N.S.W.$4.10/$12.40,Qld.$3.50/$12.10
EARLY QUADDIE;Performer/Fiesta/Cellarman/Mate Story; divis.$358.10

SR61.h3 Sizzling Bullet 2.h9 Bye See 3.h2 Pioneering (4.h1 Samadoubt h4 Quick Defence)

Bye See 1st sp($3.10)/place1.40

SR71.h8 Addictive Nature 2.h2 Global Glamour 3.h4 Ace High 4.h5 Trapeze Artist

Trapeze Artist 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.85, Addictive Nature(1.5L) 3rd/$1.40, Global Glamour 4th($4.20)

SR81.h3 Vaucluse Bay 2.h1 Gamblestown 3.h4 Hunter Jack 4.h8 Magical Stance

Gamblestown 2nd/$3.80

SR91.h4 Insensata 2.h12 Kaonic 3.h8 Don’t Give A Damn (4.h3 Wild Heart h2 Careless)

Don’t Give A Damn 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.24, Insensata(1.8L) 2nd/$1.90, Wild Heart 3rd/$1.75; Trifecta; Vic.$39.10,N.S.W.$45.90,Qld.$44.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.80/$11.30,N.S.W.$8.10/$13.30,Qld.$7.50/$13.50

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h4 Aristocratic Miss 2.h5 Kinky Boom 3.h1 Messerschmitt 4.h7 Queen’s Authority

Kinky Boom 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.85, Aristocratic Miss(2.3L) 3rd/$2.25

MR21.h3 Logan River 2.h5 Sunset Watch 3.h1 Encryption 4.h6 Ennis Hill

Ennis Hill 1st sp($6)/place$2.70, Encryption 2nd/$1.70, Logan River(4.1L) 4th($4.20); Q/Ex; Vic.$7.20/$15.20,N.S.W.$6.10/$16.40,Qld.$6.70/$15.20

MR31.h2 Twitchy Frank 2.h3 Paris Rock 3.h4 Earth Angel 4.h5 Lucky Cat

Paris Rock 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.85, Earth Angel 2nd/$2.50,Lucky Cat 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta; Vic.$72.30,N.S.W.$74.30,Qld.$63.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$11.90/$23.70,N.S.W.$12.50/$22.10,Qld.$12.60/$24.60

MR41.h1 Sayed 2.h4 Al Haram 3.h5 Last Week 4.h6 Bint El Bedu

Al Harem 3rd/$1.50, Sayed(4.5L) 4th($8)

MR51.h12 Eurack 2.h6 Miss Wonderland 3.h1 Handsome Thief 4.h5 Highland Beat

Eurack 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.28, Handsome Thief 2nd/$1.35,Highland Beat 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta;Vic.$43.80,N.S.W.$65.20,Qld.$43.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.30/$7.40,N.S.W.$3.30/$5.50,Qld.$3.90/$5.10

MR61.h3 Snitty Kitty 2.h5 Nesdex 3.h1 Crystal Dreamer 4.h4 Palazzo Pubblico

Snitty Kitty(0.4L) 2nd/$1.22, Nasdex 3rd/$1.65, Crystal Dreamer 4th($7)

MR71.h1 O’lonera 2.h2 Willi Willi 3.h9 Bedford 4.h3 Portion Control

Bedford 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.14, O’Lonera 2nd(0.2L) 2nd/$3.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$15.20/$20.80,N.S.W.$15/$20.50,Qld.$16.10/$19.80

MR81.h1 Cliffs Edge 2.h8 Crystal Spirit 3.h5 Muraaqeb 4.h10 Bravo Tango

Cliff’s Edge 1st sp($7)/place$2.30, Muraaqeb 3rd/$2.05

MR91.h13 Trogir 2.h5 Malaise 3.h10 Chippenham 4.h15 Manolo Blahniq

Manolo Blahniq 1st sp($4.40)/place/$1.75,Chippenham 3rd/$3.10


Sayed;(4.5L) 4th ($7-$8); had to work early to sit outside leader then eased behind, challenged in the straight but never a realistic chance. This horse loves wet tracks and races well into a prep ,another chance.

Stella Ombre;(3.6L) 3rd ($5.50-$3.30); Sat three wide entire trip, came again in the straight to get third in a slog fest. He will be winning soon.


Sizzling Bullet;(2.5L) 6th ($11-$13); Nice run behind leaders in third possie, held up momentarily in the straight, every chance though and raced like a horse that needed the run. NEXT TIME?

Insensata; (1.8L) 2nd ($10-$7); Dragged back to last after they jumped and leader had a good time of it up front, never going to win but ran home strongly along the rails, we certainly wont be dropping off him next start.

Twenty winners from twenty three races run(in our top four) plus 7 Trifectas, 10 Quinella/Exactas and a first four plus the Early Quaddie at Rosehill. Two placings in Our Best but we will definitely be following up on all four selections at their next start in SUITABLE races. My colleague had an outstanding two weeks whilst I was on holidays with 42 WINNERS FROM 50 RACES RUN (in our top 4) plus 4 QUADDIES, TRIFECTAS, FIRST FOURS and a PLETHORA of QUINELLA/EXACTAS. Also 2WINNERS in OUR BEST so there was something on offer for everyone. Let’s just go over our PHILOSOPHY here at HORSEBUCK$, there are a lot of players out there that love to punt all day, playing one horse per race is a recipe for disaster,that is why we strive to find horses in our top four that are supreme odds (we believe every horse in our top four is a genuine winning chance) and succeed more often than not, it is also the same for exotic players especially those playing quinella/exactas, your chances of getting these from 2 selections per race are minimal. Early Quaddies seem to be forgotten as the Main Quaddie is the bigger fish, but we strike quite a few here at Horsebuck$ with a lot paying from $1200 -$2,500 so they are well worth having a look at. We have had some fantastic results in our exotics over the last 18 months QUADDIES($11,000 our biggest) big TRIFECTAS/FIRST FOURS/QUINELLA/EXACTAS also T2, Big Six and the Super Six. Our Best and eachways also has an outstanding strike rate. So jump on our web site and check out all of our results from last Saturday and all the way back it is OUTSTANDING. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from Horsebuck$

Doomben Track SOFT(7) Caulfield Track GOOD Rosehill Track SOFT (6)

What an outstanding weekend in our best last week!. Lets keep the SIZZLING form going this weekend with a few more winners in this department!. The first of our best comes from Melbourne in race 4 horse called SAYED. He had a great run first up. As his form suggest his second up form is not great but ran well last start only beaten 2.45 lengths from the winner 2nd up. Comes into this race 3rd up with 1 win from 1 start. He has stepped up to the 2400m a distance which  suits him perfectly. He has had 3 runs for 2 wins and a placing and 1 go at the track which was last start but handled it well. Should get a nice sit in behind the pace hopefully 4 back 1 out with cover and peeling wide and steaming home down the outside!. Has 59kg which he has won with before. Not a very strong race and the 7 bucks looks like fantastic odds!. The second of our best comes from Brisbane race 5 horse called STELLA OMBRA. Has been racing well this prep without winning. But the key to this horses success is racing him over the 1200m. Which he gets too in this race. Should be super fit now after 3 runs from a spell and is 4th up over the 1200m. Carries 57 kg with Damian Brown aboard. Loves the track and the distance stats are outstanding 6 wins from 12 starts and 4 placings. Loves the wet track conditions which is a huge bonus, all positives here!.  Should get a nice sit just in behind the leaders with Upstart Pride being the likely leader in this race which should bring STELLA OMBRA across and able to slot in from barrier 6. $5,50 is  a fantastic price cant wait to see him hitting the line hard for the win !!.  We go into our best each ways now. Sydney race 6 horse called SIZZLING BULLET. Does nothing first up of a spell. But did run well considering he had an interrupted run in the straight. Second up stats are fantastic 2 from 2. The step in distance is ideal. He goes up 2kg of last run but has dropped in class to a benchmark 82. Loves the soft conditions as well. From barrier 5 should get a nice trail in behind the leaders and be running home nicely to fight out the finish!. $11 bucks looks like a good each way play !!. The next one comes from Sydney as well in race 9 Horse called INSENSATA. A great run first up when just missing in a three way go. Has won second up before and the distance IS KEY HERE WITH 3 FROM 3 WINS AT THE 1300M. Loves Rosehill with 2 wins and a placing from 5 goes. Only carriers 1kg more than last start. Should get a beautiful sit in behind the leaders hopefully ambling up to them approaching the turn and kicking away for the win. Great each way price again at $10 bucks! There has been a few changes in track conditions over night. We have been up since the crack of dawn working hard and fine tuning our final selections. A gloomy showery day here in Southeast Queensland. So track should stay heavy in Brisbane. Good track for Melbourne and Sydney racing on a soft track with Group 3’s  on offer. Cant wait!!. On that note good luck to all and have a winning day!. Horsebuck$