Results 27th January 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h2 Outraged 1ST SP $2.40 PL $1.40 2.h7 Toni May 4TH 3.h1 Tumultuous 4.h3 Kaiser Franz
QN $4.50 EX $13.00 TRI $26.00 F4 $72.20
BR21.h2 Cruze 3RD PL $1.70 2.h5 Francisca 3.h1 Pinch Passion 2ND PL $2.70 4.h7 Conquering Lass
BR31.h11 Kubis 4TH 2.h6 Savwell LS 3.h5 Realing 4TH 4.h13 Godzone Girl
BR41.h1 Hopes Eternal 3RD PL NTD 2.h2 King Of The North 4TH 3.h5 Pennino 1ST SP $4.20 PL $2.70 4.h7 Sizzling Ace 2ND PL $1.30
QN $4.50 EX $13.00 TRI $26.00 F4 $72.20
BR51.h1 Colinelle 2ND PL1.60 2.h3 Just Orm 3.h8 Invincible Heart 4.h9 Malvern Estate $1ST SP $5.40 PL $1.90
QN $11.90 EX $21.00
BR61.h4 Winter Bride 2.h5 Basara 3RD $1.40 3.h7 Showusyadiamonds 4.h6 Sista Act 1ST SP $19.00 PL $3.90
BR71.h4 Prioritise 2ND PL $1.40 2.h13 Nilette 3RD $1.60 3.h11 Ragazzo Del Corsa 4.h2 Beaudragon IST SP $9.40 PL $2.30
QN $9.50 EX$28.30 TRI $114.40
BR81.h13 Prue’s Angel 2.h2 Victory Eight 3.h10 I’ve Gotta Nel 2ND PL $1.50(4.h9 Bold Gypsy h12 Bergerac 1ST SP $8.60 PL $3.10)
QN $19.90 EX $43.40
BR91.h1 Most Important 1ST SP $4.40 PL $1.90 2.h10 Dreams Aplenty 3.h3 Someday 4.h9 Mighty Like
BR101.h2 Really Reilly 2.h10 Dapper One 3RD PL $2.30 3.h6 Clockwork Orange 1ST SP $3.30 PL $1.40 4.h17 Honey Holt 4TH

QUADDIE $2064.00

Sydney Races
SR11.h8 Sizzling Belle 1ST SP $8.00 PL $2.20 2.h6 Omar 3.h3 Outrageous 2ND PL $1.20 4.h7 Pembroke Castle
QN $17.00 EX $41.90
SR21.h2 Seige Of Quebec 1ST SP $1.50 PL $1.20 2.h1 Single Bullet 3RD NTD 3.h3 Kennedy 2ND PL$2.20 4.h5 Roman Typhoon 4TH
QN $2.90 EX $3.50 TRI $8.40 F4 $11.70
SR31.h9 Prometheus 2ND PL $2.30 2.h1 Show A Star 1ST SP $5.50 PL $2.00 3.h5 Eusebio 4.h3 New Universe 3RD PL $1.40
QN $15.70 EX $29.90 TRI $132.80
SR41.h6 Another Sin 2ND PL $1.30 2.h11 Big Reg 4TH 3.h2 Ori On Fire 4.h7 The Lion 1ST SP $28.40 PL $5.00
QN $61.40 EX $131.80
SR51.h4 Bratislava 1ST SP $4.70 PL $1.60 2.h11 Merovee 3.h10 Mashani Honcho 4TH 4.h3 Samadoubt 3RD PL $1.50
SR61.h4 The Pinnacle 2ND PL $3.40 2.h10 Eloura 3.h11 Moss Trip 3RD PL $1.20 (4.h6 Miss Ballentine h8 Witches 4TH)
SR71.h7 Lanciato 1ST SP $3.60 PL $1.50 2.h9 Magnajoy 4TH 3.h5 Oxford Poet 4.h3 Endless Drama 3RD PL $1.50
SR81.h7 Emperor’s Way 1ST SP $3.60 PL $1.60 2.h2 Gamblestown 3RD PL $2.80 3.h10 Atlantic Fox 4.h1 Get On The Grange 2ND PL $2.60
QN$15.60 EX $23.10 TRI $128.00
SR91.h8 My Maher 2.h9 Knight Templar 2ND PL $8.80 3.h2 Satirical Magic 4TH 4.h7 Difficult To Get 1ST SP $3.60 PL $1.30
QN $82.30 EX$117.50
Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h6 Pretty Punk 4TH 2.h8 Golden Mane 3RD. PL $2.10 3.h1 Master Of Arts 4.h11 Nights Watch 1ST SP $4.10 PL $1.80
MR21.h1 Run Naan 3RD NTD 2.h2 Long Leaf 1ST SP $3.50 PL $1.80 3.h3 Ollivander 2ND PL$2.00 4.h8 Robe De Fete
QN $5.40 EX $12.10 TRI $22.70
MR31.h2 Crossing The Abby 2ND PL $1.90 2.h4 Oohood 3RD PL $1.50 3.h10 Pure Elation 4.h9 Lake District Girl
MR41.h1 Magnesium Rose 5TH 2.h3 Smart Coupe 2ND PL $1.30 3.h4 Lady Magnus 3RD $2.20 4.h2 Holy Seal 1ST SP $3.90 PL $1.40
QN $4.60 EX $9.30 TRI $43.80
MR51.h4 Top Of The Range 2.h5 Notio 3ND PL NTD 3.h7 Bellaria 4.h3 Epic Moment 2ND PL $1.80
MR61.h5 Jesta Halo 1ST SP $3.00 PL $1.30 2.h1 Mamzelle Tess 3RD PL $1.90 3.h4 Sharing 2ND PL $1.70 4.h6 Evil Lil
QN $5.70 EX $11.30 TRI $37.60
MR71.h3 Barbeque 3RD NTD 2.h1 One Hundred Percent 3.h8 Kedleston 4TH 4.h4 Cao Cao 1ST SP $3.50 PL $2.00
MR81.h3 Dollar For Dollar 2ND PL $1.50 2.h2 Tshahitsi 1ST SP $4.20 PL $1.60 3.h7 Chamois Road 4TH 4.h5 Wyndspelle 3RD PL $2.20
QN $4.20 EX $9.90 TRI $53.30 F4 $151.30
MR91.h8 Plot The Course 2ND PL $2.40 2.h10 Sohool 3.h2 Jacquinot Bay 4.h9 Khutulun 3RD PL $1.90

BR9 MOST IMPORTANT, Great ride from jimmy byrn. Got a beautiful trail in behind the leaders 4 back one out peeled out wide the top of the straight and kicked away for an impressive win.  MR6 JESTA HALO Beautiful ride. Sat midfield with cover peeled to the outside was hard held passed the leaders easy. held off all of them for a great win.    MR4 MAGNESIUM ROSE what can i say jumped then dipped and almost through craig willaims off .Settles last and never in after that. But ran home for 5th defiantly going to follow up on him next start in the right race.

BR10 REALLY REILLY Was a bit further back than i thought he would be. Got a nice sit with cover got out at the top of the straight ran home ok without threatening.  but was running throught line nicely. watch out for him next start over a bit further.

What a fantastic weekend all round !!. After being unlucky in our best last week we sure made up for it this weekend. Also on top of that we got 22 winners in our top four!.  I love when we right about horses and it all comes together on the day!!. There’s no greater thrill for us then getting winners for our clients especially our best !!. Jesta Halo what a fantastic ride. Sat in behind the pace and ran down the outside for victory. Most Important from barrier 12 Jim Byrn got the horse into 4 back 1 of the fence and peeled out wide and absolutely bloused them. It was great ride. Magnesium Rose almost through Craig Williams off just after jumping and went straight back to last ran home nicely. Should have been fighting out the finish. Really Reilly had a good run in transit but was not good enough wait for him in something a little easier. Magnajoy what a huge effort to run fourth !!. Was last the whole way peeled widest around the turn. I was whipping him home for place at that stage !!. Ran super!!  Great racing this weekend with the Expressway Stakes on Saturday at Rosehill Gardens a quality field and a good card of racing with it. Its starting to Get exciting now with good horses returning for the riches of the autumn carnival. On that note have a good week!!. Horsebuck$

Sunshine Coast Track Good; Rosehill Track Good; Caulfield Track Good;