Results 20th January 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h3 Clockwise 2. h6 Snicki Minaj 3. h1 Spirits Pride 4. h4 Man Of Envy

Snicki Minaj 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.75, Clockwise(3L) 2nd/$2.15, Spirits Pride 3rd/$3.20, mAN oF eNVY 4TH($5.50); fIRST fOUR; vIC.$100.70,N.S.W.$110.30,Qld.$93.40; Trifecta;Vic.$34.70,N.S.W.$26.10,Qld.$29.80;Q/Ex; Vic.$5.60/$9.30,N.S.W.$4.80/$9.20,Qld.$5/$7.90

BR21. h3 Don’t Tell Mama 2. h7 Social Vampire 3. h2 Zahspeed 4. h8 Benfica Princess

Don’t Tell Mama(1.5L) 3rd/$2.70, Zahspeed 4th($3)

BR31. h2 Canongate 2. h13 Iowa 3. h 4. h9 Syamantaka Mani

Syamantaka Mani 3rd/$15

BR41. 4 Trommelschlagen 2. h1 Bat A Kat 3. h3 Cruze 4. h2 Dream Kisses

Bat A Kat 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.05, Cruze 3rd/$1.35, Trommelschlagen 4th($4.60)

BR51. h1 Stella Ombre 2. h5 Tarzan 3. h4 Lucky Black 4. h6 Tisani Tomso

Tarzan 1st sp($7)/place$3, Tisani Tomso 3rd/$2.10, Stella Ombre 4th($3)

BR61.h1 Desmon’s Pride 2. 10 Dapper One 3. h2 Courtza King 4. h8 Rosie Posie

Desmon’s Pride 1st sp($2.80)/place$1.35, Courtza King 2nd/$1.35, Rosie Posie 4th($13);Q/Ex; Vic.$4.30/$8.30,N.S.W.$3.50/$6.80,Qld.$4.50/$8.40

BR71.h9 Duke Of Christophe 2. h2 Kirini 3. h13 Expertea 4. h7 Dazzle Us Again, h4 Balboa Rocks

Expertea 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.95, Duke Of Christophe(3.3L) 3rd/$2.80

BR81.h4 Oink 2. h10 Prioritise 3. h3 Divine Service 3. h1 Il Mio Destino 4. h6 Land Office

Oink(1L) 2nd/$2.80, Divine Service 3rd/$4.80, Prioritise 4th($3.30)

BR91. h14 Miss Kindilan 2. h6 Happy Hooves 3. h9 Brigadoon Rise 4. h10 Conniving, h8 Sharpamal

Brigadoon Rise 2nd/$1.50

Sydney Races
SR11.h6 Ligulate 2. h8 Estijaab 3. h2 Dio Dóro 4. h4 Ruling Symbol

Estijaab 1st sp($3.40)/place$1.40, Dio Dóro 2nd/$4.60; Q/Ex;Vic.$41.60/$53.50,N.S.W.$38.20/$56.80,Qld.$42.40/$54.50

SR21. h7 Shumookh 2. h4 Wooshka 3. h5 Paret 4. h1 Intuition

Shumookh 2nd/$2.35, Wooshka 3rd/$2.45, Intuition 4th(5.50)

SR31.h4 Bel Diablo 2. h6 Editors 3. h10 Acquittal 4. h1 Kopi Luwak

Acquittal 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.40, Kopi Luwak 2nd/$1.40, Editors 4th($12); Q/Ex; Vic.$4.40/$12.30,N.S.W.$4.10/$11.30,Qld.$4.30/$9.10

SR41.h5 Medaille 2. h4 Cellarman

Cellarman 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.75

SR51h1 Boss Lane 2. h6 Memes 3. h3 Hidden Pearl 4. h4 Royal Tudor

Memes 1st sp($2.05)/place$1.35, Boss Lane(1L) 2nd/$4.60, Royal Tudor 4th(5.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$11.90/$15.50,N.S.W.$10.40/$15.10,Qld.$18.10/$23.50

SR61.h9 High Opinion 2. h6 Zourkhan 3. h1 Carzoff 4. h4 More Energy

Carzoff 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.40, Zourkhan 4th($6.50)

SR71.h4 Level Eight 2. h5 Flow 3. h10 El Venetian 4. h2 Estkhraaj

Flow 1st sp($1.70)/place$1.14, Level Eight(3.5L) 2nd/$1.35, El Venetian 4th(12); Q/Ex; Vic.$1.70/$2.50,N.S.W.$1.60/$2.90,Qld. $1.60/$2.60

SR81.h9 Viceroy 2. h5 Fortensky 3. h4 Top Striker 4. h6 Burradoo

Fortensky 2nd/$2.15

SR91.h6 Jaunty 2. h4 Live To Dream 3. h5 Siren’s Fury 4. h1 Pioneering, h9 Bye See

Bye See 2nd/$1.55, Siren’s Fury 3rd/$1.40

Melbourne Races
MR1 1. h2Shoreham 2. h11 Mutarakem 3. h6 Royal Ace 4. h7 Archery Peak

Royal Ace 3rd/$1.85

MR21. h3 Goodwood Zodiac 2. h4 Serenade The Stars 3. h6 Dornier 4. h8 Last Week

Last Week 1st sp($3)/place$1.35, Dornier 4th($19)

MR31h4 Mahamedeis 2. h1 Civil Disobedience 3. h8 Anneka 4. h6 Sukoot

Mahamadeis 1st sp($5)/place$1.65, Civil Disobedience 3rd/$1.26

MR41.h8 So Splendid 2. h3 Shennandoah 3. h2 Addison 4. h10 One For Later


MR51.h6 Krusty 2. h2 Forthefunofit 3. h4 Stylish Assassin 4. h12 Tan Tat Trusting


MR61.h3 Murphy’s Reward 2. h4 Play Master 3. h5 Leodoro 4. 11 Sheriff John Stone

Leodoro 3rd/$3

MR71.h4 Nature Strip 2. h2 Onehundred Percent 3.h3 Prezado 4. h1 Overshare, h10 Ultra Smart

Nature Strip 1st sp($1.50)/place$1.04, Prezado 2nd/$1.35; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.20/$3.10,N.S.W.$2.30/$3.40,Qld.$2.30/$3.10

MR81.h2 Amber Sky 2. h1 Flamberge 3. h3 Lord Of The Sky 4. h5 Thermal Current

Flamberge 4th($9)

MR91.h3 Wise Hero 2. h10 Malaise 3. h12 The Avenger 4. h6 Curragh

Malaise 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.65, Wise Hero(0.2L) 2nd/$1.35;Q/Ex;Vic.$5.10/$10.80,N.S.W.$6/$13.90,Qld.$4.60/$11.60

MR5 H6 Krusty, MR6 H3 Murphy’s Reward, BR8 H4 Oink, MR9 H3 Wise Hero.                                                                

Krusty; (1.1L) 7th ($4.60); he settled at the tail of the field until into the straight made ground out wide in a bunched finish slightly disappointing.                                            

Murphy’s Revenge; (4.5L) 10th ($10 – $9.50); settled 3rd and 4th then just battled away bitterly disappointing on face value ; he did suffer a exercise heammorage and needs a vet. Certificate before starting again.

Oink; (1L) 2nd ($5 – $18 – $10); settled back until they turned then started making ground out wide and for a while looked like he would salute, until Of The Day got the split and darted through to win. He got out to ridiculous odds late in the betting, ran well.

Wise Hero; (0.2L) 2nd ($4.20 – $2.70); had to work a little bit to get across and then Dan Zephyr took him on but he shook him off and was still in front with 20m to go but Malaise was too strong ( sat wide entire trip so a very good win)

SR9 H6 Jaunty, BR9 H14 Miss Kindilan

Jaunty; (4.5L) 7th ($11 – $10); the real world didn’t take shape here, she got a long way back and made ground steadily.

Miss Kindilan; (8.8L) 10th ($7 – $4.20); up on the speed and everything going to plan until they turned, you could tell she was done and rider pulled her out of the race ( vets found nothing)

ONE FOR LATER  a $151 WINNER in our top four selections, our biggest priced winner to date, we rated this particular race as average. She had good form over this distance and had a history of going up in distance and then dropping back to the 2000m, her form has been consistent this season and the 51kgs a big factor (her price was massively overs) always going to be in our top four. We have documented on many occasions that we rate every horse in our top four as a winning chance. We had 16 winners in our top 4, OUR BEST we had two seconds and a couple of very disappointing results. The Australia stakes is on this Friday night at the Valley, Brave Smash is the best horse in the race but just remember he has never won first up, been placed a few times but never won. Mr. Sneaky could be just that in this race. Off on holidays now, my colleague will be the lone wolf for two weeks.To get all our results for last Saturday and all the previous weeks along with post race summaries go to our web site and on that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$.

Doomben Track Good; Randwick Track Good; Flemington Track Good; OUR BEST; Flemington race 5 Krusty($4.60) he will settle back but finishes hard, with the claim (M.Aitken 3) he comes into this race beautifully dropping some 3kgs on his last run in this class, he did beat Bedford home which has come out and won at Caulfield on Wednesday.Super hard to beat. Flemington race 6 Murphy‘s Reward($10) we think all he has to do is handle the straight and with 56kgs, which is .5 of a kilo less than he carried when he beat Wise Hero 2 starts ago (Wise Hero has since won) and 2.5kgs less than he carried last start in this grade. He is OUR BEST. Doomben race8 Oink($5) he is the best horse in this race, he has a tricky gate but there is enough speed in this race to cuddle in behind them, with clear running in the straight he will pounce at the distance and that just might be game set and match. Flemington race 9 Wise Hero($4.20) we really think this is a quality horse, he might have to work a little bit from his gate but his 3kilo claim should help the situation and if he kicks clear it should be struggle street for his opposition. Doomben race 9 Miss Kindilan($7) has come back in good form, she likes to roll along and from this gate should be able to be forward. Drops back from the 1350m to the 1200m that won’t worry her she has the same weight as last time we expect her to be there when the whips are cracking. Randwick race 9 Jaunty($11) she should be up handy (in the real world) as long as she doesn’t let Live To Dream get to far in front of her, she might just swoop on that mare at the distance and hold on. We will be going wider in some of the legs of the main quaddies today. What did we write about Wahng Wah? There he was last night at Canterbury pulled out to the centre of the track and steaming down the outside to go under by a breath of wind, unlike his two previous starts(soft). Every now and then a horse will defy logic and win against the odds, but 9.9 times out of ten stats stand true. My colleague will be flying solo for the next two weeks as I am on holidays, looking forward to getting some serious holiday cash from OUR BEST.On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all players.

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