Results 25th November 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11. h1 Blue Look 2. h2 Grim Reaper 3. h7 Keirabella 4. h3 Rock ‘N’Sol

Blue Book 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.35, Grim Reaper 3rd/$2.50, Keirabella 4th($7)

BR21.’h14 Don’t Doubt Da Wife 2. h5 Chamulu 3. h8 Monasterio 4. h9 Silom Road

Monasterio 1st sp($7.500/place$2.45, Don’t Da Wife(0.8L) 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.40/$18.60,N.S.W.$7.20/$11.50,Qld.$6.90/$16.80

BR31. h6 Mehmeto 2. h8 Aqua Vite 3. h3 Chariot Of Gold 4. h1 Rock Mylady

Mehmeto (1L) 2nd/$2.70, Aqua Vite 4th($4.20)

BR41. h1 Zofonic Dancer 2. h3 Colosimo 3. h4 Zukaz 4. h9 Boom Boom Epic

Boom Boom Epic(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80, Colosimo 3rd/$1.85, Zukaz 4th($11)

BR51.h12 Colinelle 2. h6 Tycoon Ace 3. h3 Wicked Intent 4. h10 Khalama

Khalama 1st sp($8)/place$2.70, Colinelle(0.2L) 3rd/$1.80

BR61.h4 Karakabeel 2. h16 Kirini 3. h3 Concessions 4. h2 The Rumour File

Kirini 1st sp($11)/place$3.10, The Rumour File 2nd/$2.80, Karakabeel(3.8L) 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$441.90,N.S.W.$422.30,Qld.$422.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$43.70/$103.20,N.S.W.$36.60/$57.90,Qld.$49.50/$99.40

BR71. h6 Our Beebee 2. h2 Sheiswhatsheis 3. h4 Rare Occurrence 4. hh1 Denmagic

Our Beebee(0.5L) 2nd/$2.15

BR81. h6 Frespanol 2. h4 Hopfgarten 3. h10 Too Good To Refuse 4. h5 Sir Moments

Hopfgarten 3rd/$4.60, Too Good To Refuse 4th($21)

BR91. h1 Amanaat 2. h4 Ringo’s A Rockstar 3. h20 Bauhinia Sid 4. h14 St. Hilary

Amanaat 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.70, Ringo’s A Rockstar 4th($6.50)

Sydney Races
SR11. h7 Secret Lady 2. h4 Plague Stone 3. h8 Californiasurprise 4. h1 Cosimo

Secret Lady 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.10, Plague Stone 2nd/$1.10, Cosimo 4th($9); Q/Ex; Vic.$2.80/$13.30,N.S.W.$2.70/$11.10,Qld.$2.90/$6.30

SR21.h4 Poetic Chamber 2. h5 Maid Marilyn 3. h1 Star Sensation 4. h6 Radiant Choice

Poetic Charmer(0.2L) 2nd/$1.65, Star Sensation 3rd/$1.55

SR31h5 Intueri 2. h1 Hogmanay 3. h6 Gambler’s Blues 4. h2 Zahspeed

Gambler’s Blues(1L) 2nd/$1.80, Zahspeed 3rd/$2.90

SR41.h4 Anatola 2. h1 Vigilance 3. h10 Miss Ballantine 4. h7 Zonk

Miss Ballantine(1.3L) 2nd/$7 ($41), Anatola 4th($8.50)

SR51. h8 Athonis 2. h2 Schedule 3. h1 Realing 4. h14 Lasting Shadow

Schedule 1st sp($9/place$2.70, Athonis(1.8L) 2nd/$1.55, Realing 3rd/$1.75; Trifecta; Vic.$135.40,N.S.W.$137.20,Qld.$128; Q/Ex; Vic.$14.80/$30.40,N.S.W.$16.10/$40.80,Qld.$13.80/$56.80

SR61. h6 Just Dreaming 2. h10 Time To Torque 3. h9 Wayanka 4. h2 Zumbelina

Just Dreaming(0.2L) 2nd/$1.75, Time To Torque 3rd/$4.60 ($17)

SR71. h13 Zamex 2. h4 Allzin 3. h14 D’break 4. h10 Wildflower, h18 Madame De Ban

Wildflower(0.8L) 2nd/$5 ($26), D’break 3rd/$8.50 ($31)

SR81. h6 Test The World 2. h9 Bon Amis 3. hh3 Secret Trail 4. h12 Don’t Tease Me

Don’t Tease Me 1st sp($30)/place$4.20, Bon Amis 2nd/$1.28, Test The Worl(0.7L) 3rd/$2.30, Secret Trail 4th(($15); FIRST FOUR; Vic.$4,136.60,N.S.W.$4,134.80,Qld.$5,496.20; Trifecta; Vic.$432.40,N.S.W.$533.30,Qld.$383.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$20.90/$75,N.S.W.$20.80/$87.20,Qld.$18/$95.50

SR9h6 Istria 2. h4 Dreamforce 3. h2 Our Belisa 4. H9 The Gavel

Dreamforce 1st sp($3.90)/place$1.50, Our Belisa 2nd/$1.90, Istria(3.8L) 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; Vic.$47.90,N.S.W.$41.50,Qld.$40.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$9/$17.50,N.S.W.$10.30/$19,Qld.$9.40/$20.70

Melbourne Races
MR11. h2 Brugal Reward 2. h4 Royal Fashion 3. h3 Go Down 4. h1 Single Note

Brugal Reward 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.60, Royal Fashion 2nd/$1.55; Q/Ex; Vic.$13.20/$30.80,N.S.W.$16/$37.40,Qld.$15.10/$38.20

MR21. h4 Mistoffelees 2. h1 Judges 3. h15 El Rada 4. h9 Sacred Sham

El Rada 3rd/$2.25, Sacred Sham 4th($4.80) JUDGES (L.SCR.)Siga La Vca 3rd

MR31.h13 Rokda Kasba 2. h11 Cedar Grande 3. h6 Lycurgus4. h10 Etah James

Etah James 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.05, Cedar Grande 3rd/$2.20, Lycurgus 4th($5)

MR4 1. h9 La Pomme De Pin 2. hh11 Speedy Kitty 3. h1 Akkadian 4. h7 Farthing Wood

La Pomme De Pin 1st sp($5)/place$1.95, Akkadian 4th($8.50)

MR51. h1 Tezlah 2. h6 Captain Harry 3. h3 Gaudi 4. h2 Pique

Tezlah 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.05, Captain Harry 3rd/$2.80, Pique 4th($7.50)

MR61. h12 Wenner 2. h9 Siga La Vaca 3. h 5 Burrum’s Buzz 4. h1 Rib Eye

Siga La Vaca 3rd/$2.70, Wenner(1.8L) 4th($7.50) RIB EYE (L.SCR.)

MR71. h13 The New Boy 2. h7 Urban Ruler 3. h1 Dan Zephyr 4. h14 Milwaukee, h12 Oz Choice

Ozi Choice 2nd/$2.05; Dan Zephyr (SCR.), MILWAUKEE (L.SCR.) NEW UNIVERSE 1ST (O.C.F.)

MR81. h5 Grey Lion 2. h10 Oncidium Ruler 3. h11 Grand Dreamer 4. h3 Extra Zero

Grand Dreamer 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.45, Oncidium Ruler 2nd/$3, Grey Lon(2.2L) 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta; Vic.$341.60,N.S.W.$316.50,Qld.$353.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$39.10/$62.70,N.S.W.$33.50/$71.70,Qld.$45.90/$68

MR91.h7 Divine Quality 2. h5 Modern Wonder 3. h2 Senor Gaudi 3. h11 Debonairly

Debonairly 1st sp($4.80/place$1.55, Divine Quality(0.4L) 2nd/$1.35, Senor Gaudi 3rd/$3.50, Modern Wonder 4th($4.40); FIRST FOUR; Vic.$259.40,N.S.W.$259.20,Qld.$272.60; Trifecta; Vic.$89.90,N.S.W.95.90,Qld.$85.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.10/$11.70,N.S.W.$6/$11.20,Qld.$5.60/$12

MR101. h2 Chamois Road 2. h10 Got The Goss 3. h3 Suspense 4. h12 Oberland

Got The Goss 1st sp($8/place$2.45; OBERLAND (L.SCR.)

QUADDIE; (O.C.F)/Grand Dreamer/Debonairly/Got The Goss Vic.$1,679.70; Qld.$2.228.00

SR3 H5 Intueri, BR5 H12 Colinelle, MR8 H5 Grey Lion, MR10 H2 Chamois Road

Intueri; 8th (8.8L) $6.50; overraced early did nothing in the straight poor.

Colinelle; 3rd (0.2L) ($5.50-$4.60); did everything right in the run skipped clear in the straight and it looked like “HAPPY DAYS” BUT WAS COLLARED RIGHT ON THE POST TO GO DOWN IN A THREE WAY GO.

Grey Lion; 3rd (2.2L) ($6-$3.60); got back further than we thought, maybe the wet track played its part. He loomed strongly in the stretch battled on strongly for third.

Chamois Road; 7th (5.9L) ($6-$3.60); one comment AVERAGE.

MR2 H4 Mistoffelees 

Mistoffolees; 9th (6.4L) ($31-$12); Lead them a merry dance and still clear in the staright  but capitulated.

MR7 H13 The New Boy

The New Boy; 6th (7.8L) ($34-$41); the old boy hit the barrier as they jumped and then was posted three wide the whole trip IT WAS GAME OVER FOR HIM. We will wait for him another day.

SUMMARY; Exotic players had a good time of it on Saturday with 2 FIRST FOURS; ROSEHILL RACE 8 paying $5,496.20 and BALLARAT RACE 9 PAYING $272.60, 6 TRIFECTAS; ROSEHILL RACE 8 $533.30, DOOMBEN RACE 6 $441, BALLARAT RACE 8 $353.50, Rosehill race 5 $137, Ballarat race 9 $95.90 and Rosehill race 9 $47.90 along with 9 QUINELLA/EXACTAS. We achieved the MAIN QUADDIE at Ballarat maybe a little lucky (but you take every edge you can get in racing) with MILLWAUKEE BEING A LATE SCRATCHING and NEW UNIVERSE winning as the O.C.F. paying $2,228 in Qld. and 1,679.70 in Vic. Also 16 winners in our top four selections with plenty of value for those that like to play a number of horses in a race best being DON’T TEASE ME $30, KIRINI $11, SCHEDULE $9, BRUGAL REWARD $8.50, KHALAMA $8, GOT THE GOSS $8, GRAND DREAMER $7.50, MONASTERIO $7.50, SECRET LADY $6.50 an a host at $5. OUR BEST  we thought COLINELE was home for all money in Doomben race 5 only to be nabbed right on the post, we have had a slight lull in this area the last couple of weeks it will be all guns blazing this weekend to get our amazing record back on track, having said that we did have MONSIUER GUSTAVE $8 HIGHLIGHTED from the washed out meeting at Doomben the previous Saturday when he ran at IPSWICH last Wednesday in the KEITH NOUD QUALITY and bolted in so a good result for followers. Let us mention that gay deceiver Schedule, we had him as an OUR BEST at his previous start and he had every chance to run fourth, on Saturday he jumps up in distance and puts them to the sword at $9, he is the sort of horse now that he has won again he just might rack up a brace, so we will be keeping a very close watch on him. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all.

Doomben Track Good; Rosehill Track Good; Ballarat Track Good; Rosehill race 3 Intueri($6.50) this horse is in great form with a good win last start, he likes to chase up just behind the leader, has the same weight and distance as last start and on the same track. He is improving all the time and the Hawkes camp is on fire at the minute he is a SUPER chance. Doomben race 5 Colinelle($5.50) this horse is a pistol first up off a long break, and he likes to roll forward while fresh, we feel he races best this way. He is dropping back in class to the races he contested last prep (LR) and ran extremely well, if he is on their hammer at the distance WATCH OUT. Ballarat race 8 Grey Lion($6) this GREY is super fit, what you see is what you get with this horse, he will be up on the pace or lead if its the latter it will be GAME, SET and MATCH. Ballarat race 10 Chamois Road($6) a very consistent galloper that loves to be right up on the speed, same weight as last start stepping up to open grade here but we think he will handle it with ease he will be there when the whips are cracking. Ballarat race 2 Mistoffelees($34) we feel that this horse deserves more respect in the market than his quote would suggest, he ticks a lot of boxes in this race, he will put himself in the race as he likes to roll forward he drops in weight on his last run in similar class, track is no issue for him and he loves the distance. We certainly don’t think this is an overly strong race, he will be hard to run down. Ballarat race 7 The New Boy($34) this old boy races well third run into a prep and he also likes to be up on the speed, if they let him roll along in front he will be hard to run down he is our longshot for today. Ascot today has the Group One Railway stakes Black Heart Bart, Scales Of Justice will be super hard to beat, Bart always seems to find one a little better over the 1600m and Scales of Justice ran well in Melbourne without winning, I have a thought that Cosmic Storm($26) down on the minimum (53k) will run an absolute cracker here, over the odds in my humble opinion, my offsider (back fresh from his overseas trip) thinks we should throw Disposition in the mix. We hope all Horsebuck$ followers got on Monsieur Gustave on Wednesday he jumped straight to the front in the Keith Noud Quality (transferred from Doomben last Saturday) and it was game over. There was plenty of $8 available during the course of the day he eventually started at $4.40 so HAPPY DAYS. Off to the Gold Coast races today a cracking day up here so on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers.

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