results 11th November 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h9 Rains Aplenty 2. h7 Injustice 3. h10 Rosa’s Charm 4. h1 Archade

Rains Aplenty(2.4L) 3rd/$1.90

B R 2 1. h1 Miss Exfactor 2. h3 Zukas 3. h4 Dazzling Red 4. h6 Cooroi Chase

Dazzling Red 1st sp($6)/place$2.40, Miss Exfactor(0.8L) 2nd/$1.28, Zukas 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta; Vic.$56.60,N.S.W.$42.80,Qld.$48.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.50/$14,N.S.W.$3/$16.90,Qld.$5.10/$11.90

B R 3 1. h5 Bold Peak 2. h15 Hot Talk 3. h6 Don’tbabylon 4. h8 Scrabble

Don’tbabylon 1st(on protest) sp($5.50)/place$1.80, Bold Peak(3.9L) 4th($21)

B R 4 1. h10 Duke Of Christophe 2. h2 Snapper 3. h12 I’ll Miss You 4. h4 Karakabeel

Karakabeel 2nd/$1.85

B R 5 1. h2 With A Promise 2. h8 Slypheed 3. h5 Brooklyn Storm 4. h10 Sweet Repeat

Brooklyn Storm 1st sp($9.50)/place$2.45, Slypheed 3rd/$1.40

B R 6 1. h14 Don’t Doubt Da Wife 2. h8 Prolific Belle 3. h3 Beau Isa 4. h5 Monasterio

Don’t Doubt Da Wife 1st sp($2.35)/place$1.30, Monasterio 2nd/$2.60, Prolific Belle 4th($11); Q/Ex; Vic.$11/$15.90,N.S.W.$9.80/$15.10,Qld.$9.80/$13.90

B R 7 1. h6 Mishani El Lobo 2. h7 Raido 3. h5 Ringo’s A Rockstar 4.h9 Just Orm

Just Orm 3rd/$1.60, Mishani El Lobo(1.7L) 4th($8.50)

B R 8 1 . h1 Frespanol 2. h2 Cantbuybetter 3. h7 Fiery Heights 4. h5 Beckham

Frespanol 1st sp($6.50)/$2.15

B R 91. h8 Hay Now 2. h6 No Annimosity 3. h7 One Golden Day 4. h1 Gully Command

No Annimosity 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.45, One Golden Day 4th($21)

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h8 Secret Lady 2. h2 Rheigau 3. h7 Sangita 4. h5 Madam Rouge

Secret Lady(0.5L) 2nd/$1.50, Rheingau 3rd/$1.70, Sangita 4th($3.80)

S R 2 1. h2 Unforgotten 2. h7 Falster 3. h5 Popular 4. h6 Caljetan

Unforgotten 1st sp($1.50)/place$1.05, Caljetan 2nd/$2.90, Popular 4th($6); Q/Ex;Vic.$9.80/$8.30,N.S.W.$9.60/$11.80,Qld.$10.30/$16.60

S R 3 h3 Karavali 2. h6 Lycurgus 3. h1 Vassal 4. h4 Last Wish

Vassal 1st sp($9.50)/place$3.80, Lycurgus 2nd/$2.05, Karavali(2.9L) 4th($2.70); Q/Ex; Vic.$16.50/$46.30,N.S.W.$18.60/$43.50,Qld.$17.10/$38.30

S R 4 1. h1 Curdled 2. h6 Bon Amis 3. h2 Alaskin Wolf 4. h8 Hillary Step
Bon Amis 1st sp($1.30)/place$1.03, Curdled(2L) 3rd (D.H.)/$2.35
S R 51. h6 Intueri 2. h1 Mortar Platoon 3. h7 Miss Dubois 4. h3 Shalmaneser

Intueri 1st sp($4.40)/place$2, Miss Dubois 2nd/$2.15,Mortar Platoon 3rd/$1.95; Trifecta;Vic.$35.20,N.S.W.$35.70,Qld.$45.30;Q/Ex; Vic.$5.40/$13.40,N.S.W.$6.50/$10.70,Qld.$5.10/$13.90

S R 6 1 h2 Schedule 2. h4 Prince Planet 3. h8 Isla Tristana 4. h5 Whirlwind Accent
Schedule(2.3L) 4th($5.50)
S R 7 1 h5 Just Dreaming 2. h4 Stonebrook 3. h1 Zenalicious 4. h6 Dagny

Just Dreaming 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.75, Dagny 2nd/$2.30, Zenalicious 4th($12); Q/Ex;Vic.$11.10/$23.20,N.S.W.$13/$23.90,Qld.$12.60/$16.90

S R 8 1. h5 Vigilance 2. h2 Your Way 3. h1 Magic Alibi 4. h7 Positive Problems


S R 9 1 h9 Darts Away 2. h3 Dreamforce 3. h1 King Darci 4. h2 After All That

Dreamforce 2nd/$1.45, King Darci 4th($5)

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h1 Bionics 2. h4 Encryption 3. h3 Run Naan 4. h7 Northern Voyage

Run Naan 1st sp($13)/place$3.30, Ecryption 2nd/$2.05, Bionics(1.9L) 4th($5); Q/Ex; Vic.$35/$74.40,N.S.W.$36.40/$62.80,Qld.$31.60/$77.20

M R 2 1. h8 Meet And Greet 2. h5 Have Plenty 3. h1 Kourkham 4. h3 Oncidium Ruler

Oncidium Ruler 1st sp($9.50)/place$2.80, Have Plenty 3rd/$3.20

M R 3 1. h1 Fastnet Tempest 2. h2 Man Of His Word 3. h6 Coldstone 4. h4 Jacquinot Bay

Fastnet Tempest 1st sp($2.70)/place$1.50, Jacquinot Bay 3rd/$2.35, Coldstone 4th($7)

M R 4 1. h2 Lord Aspen 2. h7 Lite ‘N’ In My Veins 3. h11 Mubakkir 4. h9 Sadaqa


M R 5 1. h8 Violate 2. h3 Kiwia 3. h5 Cool Chap 4. h7 Grey Lion

Grey Lion 2nd/$4.80, Violate(4.8L) 4th($26)

M R 6 1.h1 Prompt Response 2. h1 Heavens Above 3. h10 Savapinski 4. h7 Tahanee

Savapinski 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.80, Prompt Response(4.3L) 4th($4.20)

M R 7 1. h1 Chautauqua 2. h6 Impending 3.h2 Redzel 4. h 3 Vega Magic

Redzel 1st sp($4)/place1.65, Impending 3rd/$3, Chautauqua(2.6L) 4th($4.80)

M R 8 1.h10 Gingernuts 2. h1 It’s Somewhat 3. h3 Gailo Chop 4. h15 Cliff’s Edge

It’s Somewhat(1.7L) 3rd/$4.60, GINGERNUTS (L.SCR.)

M R 9 1. h3 Trekking 2. h2 Muraaqeb 3. h4 Andaz 4. h1 Sircconi, h6 Tezlah

Muraaqeb 2nd/$2.70, Sircconi 3rd/$4

Prompt Response;(4.3L) 4th ($6.50-$4.40); she had a beautiful run in transit, tried hard to move into the finish but failed to run the distance.

With  A Promise;(3.7L) 8th ($9.50-$9); she jumped with the leaders but copped a check at the 800m and lost 5-6lengths from then on she had to play catch up.

Hay Now;(4.8L) 7th ($9-$3.80; Bled from both nostrils.

 SR6 H2 Schedule, SR9 H9 Darts Away

Schedule;(2.25L) 4th ($5.50); this horse had a beautiful run in transit and was there if good enough, unfortunately he wasn’t. VERY DISAPPOINTING

Darts Away;(2.5L) 5th ($11-$16-$12); he was always thereabouts just behind the speed, he did his best.

Super tough day at the office as we predicted, managed 16 winners in our top four selections with the best being Run Naan($13), Oncidium Ruler($9.50), Brooklyn Storm($9.50), Vassal($9.50), Frespanol($6.50) and Dazzling Red($6) and 6 on top. Our Best had a blowout a coulple were very disappointing indeed and two had legit reasons for failure. The ride of the day goes to Jim Byrne in Brisbne; Frespanol  jumped with them from the inside but  couldn’t stay with the leaders, Byrne’s eased him then bustled him for a time to keep in touch with them , then the horse relaxed in clear running until around the 55om mark when Byrne’s started hustling him by the time they turned for home he had him out wide with a full head of steam the horse did the rest for a good win. This was a master class take a bow JIM BYRNE. Trekking on the other hand was absolutely cantering and at the distance looked like by how far, but was swamped to finish 5th, is he genuine or was it the distance? Redzel once again proved the value of the Queensland Winter, he was a good sprinter before then but WOW! has he blossomed since TO NUMBER ONE IN THE LAND. I will say it again to all those that say the Brisbane carnival is too long RUBBISH. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all.

Doomben Track Good; Rosehill Track Good; Flemington Track Good; Our Best; Flemington race 6 Prompt Response($6.50) this mare is racing like this distance will suit now, she should be able to roll along behind the speed and get a great run from her draw(4). She has endured a wide passage at her last two starts and still produced, a mare of some quality we expect her to be right in the finish. Doomben race 5 With A Promise($9.50) this mare has been racing well in open grade, she is not badly in here after the claim(57.5kgs) she loves to be right up on the speed and can lead if need, drawn beautifully here and handles all conditions. If ridden behind the leader lets hope apprentice Murphy can extricate her off the fence as they swing into the straight, otherwise it could be a Valfierno and Plucky Girl(both got caught in that fashion at their last starts) all over again. With A Promise has a touch of class and we expect her to be ultra competetive here. Doomben race 9 Hay Now($9) this horse is a pistol second up and also handles all conditions(showers predicted today here) also drawn to get a gun run, Fradd should have her in the sweet spot at the distance (not to sweet) and if she is WATCH OUT! Rosehill race 6 Schedule($5.50) we would have had him in the OUR BEST section if he wasnt his own worst enemy, always seems to find a way to get done, but we think with the right ride today this is definitely his race. Rosehill race 9 Darts Away($11) he has won over the 1400m twice but is now dropping back to the 1300m which he relishes, he was beaten only 1.2L in a quality BM83(1400m) last start and the same weight here today, where to in the run I am not sure but we do expect him to be super hard to beat. Lots of short prices in Sydney today so tread carefully and at Flemington there seems to be a lot of out of form horses going around and the ones that are in form are of a lesser level so we will be playing with caution there. Doomben is exactly that good sized fields with lots of chances so it could be a tough day all round but having said that we think we have nailed a couple at nice odds. We won’t take anything away from the Darley though a great field of sprinters with a miriad of chances I personally think the GREY FLASH can do it but my offsider(who is holidaying overseas) thinks the Stradbroke winner Impending can do it so we might quinella that race. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all hosebuck$ followers.

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