Results 4th November 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Hopes Eternal 2. h3 Ef Troop 3. h6 Kuri Fox 4. h4 Only Wanna Sing

Ef Troop 1st sp($2.15)/place$1.24, Only Wanna Sing 2nd/$8); Q/Ex; Vic.$35.60/$37,N.S.W.$36.40/$40.30,Qld.$28.20/$30

BR21.h3 Valfierno 2. h6 Mr. Strachan 3. h8 Don’t Doubt Marley 4. h5 Ignite The Light

Ignite The Light 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.60, Don’t Doubt Marley 3rd/$2.60

BR31. h3 Monteux 2. h5 Capetown Hussey 3. h6.My Giulino 4. h1 Outraged

My Giuliano 1st sp($7)/place$2.35, Monteux(3.2L) 3rd/$2.25, Capetown Hussey 4th($2.80)

BR41.h7 Plucky Girl 2. h5 All That Is 3. h4 Light Shows 4. h9 Luna Fiore

Plucky Girl(1.3L) 2nd/$1.40, All That Is 3rd/$1.90

BR51.h6 Tyatrolani 2. h2 Bidii Babe 3. h7 Tarzan 4. h1 Perfect Dare

Tarzan 1st sp($3.80)/place$1.40, Bidii Babe(1.3L) 4th($4.40) Tiyatrolani (L.SCR.)

BR61. h2 D’Harmony 2. h5 Beaumaris 3. h9 Snapper 4. h1 Benico’s Prince

Snapper 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.40, D’Harmony(1.1L) 4th($6)

BR71.h2 Urban Knight 2. h4 Emphasis 3. h3 Montauk 4. h5 Lauterbrunnen

Emphasis 2nd/$2.45

BR81.h3 Miss Exfactor 2. h4 Adoradancer 3. h1 Colosimo 4. h6 Maharni

Colosomo 3rd/$2.45, Malharni 4th($17)

BR91. h7 Mystical Renegade 2. h6 The Amateur 3. h12 Chamulu 4. h3 Heart Of A Warrior, h4 Brettan

Chamulu 4th($3.3L)

Sydney Races
SR11. h5 Stunts 2. h4 Neutrality 3. h1 Gone West 4. h3 Hemsted

Neutrality 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.40, Stunts(2L) 2nd/1.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.90/$5.70,N.S.W.$3.10/$6.70,Qld.$3/$7.30

SR21. h8 Rekindled Force 2. h1 Marsupial 3. h2 Beacon 4. h7 Unforgotten

Unforgotten 1st sp($4.60)/$2.15, Beacon 2nd/$2.30, Marsupial 3rd/$1.70, Rekindled Force95.4L) 4th($3.50); First Four; Vic.$84.60,N.S.W.$76.50,Qld.$93.20; Trifecta; Vic.$50.90,N.S.W.$47.90,Qld.$43.60;Q/Ex; Vic.$10.80/$20.90,N.S.W.$10.40/$18.60,Qld.$10.90/$20.40

SR31. h2 Tango Rain 2. h7 Ozark 3. h8 Best Guess 4. h1 Diamond Oasis

Ozark 2nd/$2.50, Best Guess 3rd/$1.35

SR41. h3 New Tipperary 2. h4 Prince Cheri 3. h2 Dark Eyes 4. h6 Black On Gold

Black On Gold 1st sp($2.50)/$1.40, New Tipperary(0.2L) 2nd/$2.20, Prince Cheri 3rd/$6; Trifecta Vic.$62.90,N.S.W.$66.90,Qld.$64.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.10/$8.80,N.S.W.$5.10/$9,Qld.$5.10/$9.30

SR51.h14 O’Lordy 2. h5 Southern Flight 3. h7 Equal Balance 4. h1 Realing

O’Lordy 1st sp($23)/place$4.80, Realing 2nd/$2.70, Southern Light 3rd/$3.60; Trifecta; Vic.$2,730.70,N.S.W.42,379.70,Qld.$1,933; Q/Ex; Vic.$120.30/$287.30,N.S.W.$77.40/$152,Qld.$76.20/$112.40

SR61.h4 Carzoff 2. h8 Zamex 3. h10 Victime De Lamour 4. h2 Social Element

Carzoff 1st (sp$5)/place$1.85

SR71.h6 Slow Burn 2. h2 In Times Of War 3. h4 Anatola 4. h11 Picardy Rose

Slow Burn 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.28, Anatola 2nd/$3.10, In Times Of War 4th($3.30); Q/Ex;Vic.$15.40/$22.10,N.S.W.$17/$22.60,Qld.$16.80/$27.30

SR81.h2 Isorich 2. 3 Invinzabeel 3. h11 My Country 4. h9 Zumbelina

Zumbelina 1st sp($3.30)/$1.40, My Country 3rd/$2.25, Isorich(1.9L) 4th($8)

SR91. h1 Crafty Cop 2. h9 Bring A Secret 3. h7 High Mist 4. h10 Gambler’s Blues. h2 Gamblestown

Gambler’s Blues 2nd/$2.40, Gamblestown3rd/$4.60

Melbourne Races
MR11.h2 Beau Geste 2. h1 Snitzpeg 3. h12 Almighty 4. h11 Octabello

Beau Geste(0.6L) 4th($10)

MR21. h1 Bring Me Roses 2. h5 Hiyaam 3. h3 Glam Guru 4. h10 Teodora

Glam Guru 2nd/$6.10, Hiyaam 4th($11)

MR31. h7 Lake Como 2. h1 Sheidel 3. h3 Zestful 4. h12 Crystal Fountain


MR41. h7 Cismontane 2. h9 Alward 3. h2 Harlem 4. h3 Havana Cooler

Cismontane 1st sp($16)/$4, Alward 4th($7.50)

MR51. h16 Catchy 2. h2 Kementari 3. h15 Houtzen 4. h8 Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy 1st sp($19)/place$4.60

MR61.h2 Global Glammour 2. h8 Dixie Blossoms 3. h16 Shoals 4. h5 Silent Sedition

Shoals 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.95, Dixie Blossoms 3rd/$4

MR71. h12 Greycliffe 2. h7 Weather With You 3. h3 Astoria 4. h1 Ace High

Ace High 1st sp($7)/place$2.45, Astoria 3rd/$2.80

MR81. h1 Tosen Stardom 2. h10 Sovereign Nation 3. h6 Egg Tart4. h7 Dibayani


MR91h11 Rich Charm 2. h8 Bons Away 3. h2 Keen Array 4. h1 Illustrious Lad

Rich Charm 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.15

BR4 H7 Plucky Girl, SR4 H3 New Tipperary, MR9 H11 Rich Charm

Plucky Girl;(1.3L) 2nd($4.40-$3.10); she enjoyed a dream run behind the leaders, she tried to push between the two leaders to make her run was held in there for w few strides, meanwhile Manaya had a full head of steam down the middle of the track. She finished on for a good second.

New Tipperary;(0.2L) 2nd($5-$4.60); this was definitely his race, he had a beautiful run in transit got to the front in the straight wandered around a bit under pressure but fought on strongly to the finish, the 4kgs swing on the winner was the difference.

Rich Charm; FIRST ($5.50); this little horse is being placed beautifully by his trainer, he looked in trouble at the halfway mark, but once pulled to the outside he unleashed for a very good win.

BR9 H7 Mystical Renegade, MR1 H2 Beau Geste

Mystical Renegade;(3.5L) 5th($13-$20); third last on the fence into the straight,Fraad obtained a beaut run through the field to be challenging at the 100m but he faded on his run. We might stick with him.

Beau Geste;(0.6L) 4th($10); huge run, he began with the leaders but was dragged back to last with Snitzpeg, in the straight Lane tried to extricate him to the centre of the track to make his move, but Williams was having none of that and had Snitzepeg all over him until the last 50m when he finished strongly, no doubt he would have won if allowed to unwind. We will be sticking.  

SR5 H14 O’Lordy

O’Lordy; FIRST($23); second last at the half way mark and by a margin, started making ground as they turned and O’Hara saved every inch of ground, got the split at the distance and the horse did the rest. GOUGUDTHING!

There were a few jewels in the crown on Saturday, O’LORDY saluting at the great price of $23 and RICH CHARM a sterling performance to win at $5.50 both in our best, as stated before we take great pride in this area as we are always striving for value and our results here are second to none. Trifecta players would have had a winning day with 3 results in total with the biggest being a nice collect of $2,730 from Rosehill race 5. Also we had 17 winners in our top four selections again, the best being O‘Lordy($23), Cismontane($16), Merchant Navy($19), Ignite The Light($8.50), My Giuliano($7) and Ace High($7). A great day out indeed. On Saturday we had our Melbourne Cup selections Max Dynamite, Hartnell, Almandin and Single Gaze, in my summation I had Max running second in last years Cup WRONG!! HE DID RUN SECOND BUT IT WAS THE YEAR BEFORE(a brain fade) having cleared that up it certainly doesn’t alter my selection. My astute colleague would like to add Tiberian to the equation ,he certainly does his homework on all the overseas horses. Flying solo this week for this weekends tips as my offsider is off overseas with his Fiancee. On that note have a great week and GOOD LUCK to all.

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