Results 7th October 2017

Brisbane Races
R11.h3 Rains Aplenty 2.h2 Brinkmanship 3.h6 You Know The One

You Know The One 1st sp($21)/place$4, Brinkmanship 2nd/$1.30, Rains Aplenty(2.3L) n.t.d.; Trifecta; Vic.$91.30, N.S.W.$82.70, Qld.$83.40; Q/Ex; ViC.$23.20/$50.50, N.S.W.$24/$48.20, Qld.$22.90/$31.50

R21.h4 Miracles Aplenty 2.h2 Baby Boo 3.h3 Fish ‘N’ Snitz 4.h6 Mystic Mist

Baby Boo 4th($4.60)

1.h2 Exceedingly 2.h12 Freddie Fox Trot 3.h6 Lord Marmaduke 4.h4 Honour ‘N’ Strength

Freddie Fox Trot 1st sp($2.45)/place$1.35, Exceedingly(1.3L) 2nd/$2.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.90/$12.90, N.S.W. $7.60/$9.70, Qld.$10.50/$16.30

R41.h2 Dreams Aplenty 2.h1 Fresponal 3.h3 Dream Finish 4.h4 Torgesen

Torgensen 1st sp($7.50)/place$1.60, Dreams Aplenty(1L) 2nd/$1.06, Dream Finish 3rd/$1.80, Frespanol 4th($8); First Four; Vic.$115.70, N.S.W.$112.70, Qld.$101.20; Trifecta; Vic.$43.50, N.S.W.$54, Qld.$48.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.10/$10.10,N.S.W.$3.10/$10, Qld.$2.90/$11

R51.h5 Anton En Avont 2.h2 Vassel 3.h9 Stanley 4.h4 Monteux

Vassal 2nd/$1.35, Monteux 3rd/$1.70, Stanley 4th($4.60)

R61.h2 Colisimo 2.h3 Miss Exfactor 3.h8 Meikas 4.h10 Kim’s Tarzan

Miss Exfactor 1st sp($4.50)/place$1.50, Colosimo(0.3L) 2nd/$1.35, Miekas 3rd/$3; Trifecta; Vic.$83.20, N.S.W.$85.70, Qld.$91.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.70/$12.30,N.S.W.$5.20/$13.60,Qld.$7.20/$11.70

R71.h3 Jetintoit 2.h11 We Built This City 3.h4 Revaldor 4.h10 Red Handle


R81.h10 Prolific Belle 2.h15 Snapchat Girl 3.h12 All That Is (4.h1 Mercurian h13 Deer Mountain

All That Is 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.40, Deer Mountain 2nd/$1.60, Mercurian 3rd/$4.60, Prolific Belle(1.1L) 4th($12); FIRST FOUR; Vic.$3,438.60, N.S.W.$3,740.90, Qld,$2,764; Trifecta; Vic.$414.90,N.S.W.$374.90, Qld.$278.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$13.80/$32.70, N.S.W.$13.50/$34, Qld.$12.90/$29.70

R91.h8 Rockmylady 2.h5 Kincaple Chief 3.h1 Bodegra Negra 4.h9 Tap This


R101.h12 Gatlinburg 2. h8 Lucky Meteor 3.h4 Another Whiskey 4.h3 Bullpit

Bullpit 2nd/$2.45, Gatlinburg(1.6L) 4th($7.50)

Sydney Races
R11.h2 Regent 2.h6 Sparky Lad 3.h4 Our Mantra 4.h9 Caberian

Our Mantra 2nd/$2.10, Sparky Lad 3rd$1.60,

R21.h2 Alward

FIRST SP($3.30)/PLACE$1.30

R31.h3 Interlocuter 2.h6 Mapmaker 3.h7 Spring Tycoon 4.h2 Darci’s A ffair

Interlocuter 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.22, Mapmaker 2nd/$1.35; Q/Ex; Vic.$4/$6.40, N.S.W.$4.40/$6.80, Qld.$3.60/$8.50

R41.h6 Exacting 2.h3 Schedule 3.h7 Bronzed Venom 4.h2 Red Knot

Bronzed Venom 1st sp($13)/place$3

R51.h1 Mighty Lucky 2.h2 Burning Passion 3.h10 Souchez 4.h9 Sir Plush

Sir Plush 1st sp($2.25)/$1.28, Mighty Lucky(0.8L) 2nd/$3.10, Souchez 4th($12); Q/Ex; Vic.$11.50/$16.70,N.S.W.$12.20/$17,Qld.$10.20/$17.10


R61.h3 Virdine 2.h2 Single Bullet 3.h5 Beau Geste 4.h1 Chauffeur

Viridine 1st sp(2.25)/$1.35, Single Bullet 2nd/$2.35, Beau Geste 3rd/$2.20; Trfecta; Vic.$21, N.S.W.$20.50, Qld.$19.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.50/$5.30,N.S.W.$3.90/$6.40,Qld.$4.80/$6.40

R71.h7 Sully 2.h2 Astoria 3.h4 Sactioned 4.h1 Ace High

Ace High 1st sp($3.10)/place$1.40, Sully(1.6L) 3rd/$2.45, Sactioned 4th($4)

R81.h4 Dawn Wall 2.h2 Dixie Blossoms 3.h3 Imposing Las 4.h1 Daysee Doom

Dixie Blossoms 1st sp($2.70)/place$1.35, Daysee Doom 2nd/$1.75; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.30/$6.10,N.S.W.$3/$5.80, Qld.$3.70/$6.20

R91.h12 Redouble 2.h4 First Hand 3.h9 My Country 4. h1 Tudor

Redouble(0.6L) 2nd/$1.55, First Hand 3rd/$2.30

Melbourne Races
MR11. h9 Nomothaj 2. h11 Sunlight 3. h7 Crossing The Abbey 4. h1 Akkadian

Nomothaj 1st sp($5)/place$1.85, Sunlight 3rd/$1.55, Crossing The Abbey 4th($21)

MR21.h2 Sircconi 2. h7 Esperance3. h4 Plutocracy 4. h10 Hulme

Sircconi(1.6L) 3rd/$2.45

MR31. h3 Eshtiraak 2. h1 Cliff’s Edge 3. h4 Sunquest 4. h9 Main Stage

Main Stage 1st sp($9)/place$3, Cliff’s Edge 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$

MR41. h6 Silent Sedition 2. h4 Spieth 3. h5 Malibu Style 4. h7 Bons Away

Malibu Style 3rd/$5, Bons Away 4th($10)

MR51. h2 Winx 2. h1 Humidor 3. h6 Sir Isaac Newton 4. h4 Assign

WINX FIRST sp($1.20)/place1.03, Humidor 3rd/$1.70, Assign 4th($51)

MR61.h2 I’ll Have A Bit 2. h3 Anchor Bid 3. h4 Leather ‘N’Lace 4. h16 Pres De Toi

Leathe’r ‘n’ Lace 3rd/$1.40

MR71. h1 Almandin 2. h11 Yogi 3. h2 Tally 4. h13 Granddukeoftuscany

Granddukeoftuscany 2nd/$16, Almandin(3.4L) 4th($2.20

MR81. h4 Sword Of Light 2. h5 Eckstein 3. h7 Euro Angel 4. h3 Kenedna, h14 Now Or Later

Now Or Later 1st sp($10)/place$3.30, Kenedna (L.SCR.)

MR91. h8 New Tipperary*** 2. h1 Burning Front 3. h11 Mongolian Wolf 4. h6 Tashbeeh, Pay Up Bro

Mongolian Wolf (L. SCR.)

MR2 H2 Sircconi, BR9 H8 Rock My Lady, MR 9 H8 New Tipperary,

Sircconi;(1.9L) 3rd($8); would have preferred him to lead, but having said that he had a good run outside the leader ( which finished last), didn’t shirk his task but winner too good. ( knuckled at start almost fell)

Rock Mylady;( 7.7L) 8th($15).  every second the track dried out his chances disappeared, he had a beaut run in transit, but he didn’t stretch out. We underestimated the track.

New Tipperary;(3.5L) 5th($4.80); a distastrous run, thought Oliver could have got a nice trail from the jump instead of driving him forward and easing and pratted three deep for the entire journey. It was a torrid run and he did well to finish fifth, not sure about next run though might have gassed him.

MR 8 H4 Sword Of Light

Sword Of Light;(1.9L) 6th($11). she found the lead at the start and skipped clear on straightening, thought she would dig a little deeper but she ran well. slightly disappointing.

First four punters had a good day out at horsebuck$ when the 1st 4 arrived in race 8 at the Gold Coast paying a handsome divi. of $3,740.90 and a smaller one in Gold Coast race 4 divi. $115.70 along with 5 trifecta, 9 quinellas/exactors and 16 winners in our top four selections Wait For No One($21), Now Or Later($10, Main Stage($9) & All That Is($7.50) to name a few, a pretty good day all round. The champ Winx won again on Saturday in a jog trot, she is getting better with age. Two horses we will be targeting at their next start are Tashbeeh & Akkadian, firstly Tashbeeh, he finished 9th in race 9 at Flemington(L.R.) he never got a crack at them at all in the straight so provided he starts in Listed grade or Group3 with a similar weight on a good track he should be a decent play. Akkadian (2yo) ran in the Maribyrnong plate finishing 5th going to the line under a hold after having to avoid the heels of Crossing The Abbey (who was busy avoiding Rainier’s heels) this all happened in the last 50m so his run had plenty of merit, we are not saying he would have won but there was enough on show for us to make a play next start. The track at the Gold coast caught us by surprise on Saturday with regard to the rating but we achieved some great results there anyway. Forget Rock Mylady went around, give in the track is her go. We also achieved the early Quaddie in Sydney for the second week in a row paying $429 and the first leg we only the standout selection Alward, we are having a great run in Sydney at the moment, as last week we snared both Quaddies there, the main paying $3800 and the early paying $1300 and a host of winners also. Racing in Melbourne from here on in is going to be scintillating or using another terminology ON FIRE! and we have THE EVEREST on Saturday with a crack field of sprinters going around, it isn’t getting any easier to predict, but the old saying is “WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING”  so on that note have a great week  and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

Gold Coast Track Soft; Randwick Track Good; Flemington Track Good; Our Best; Flemington race2 Sircconi($5.50) free wheeling galloper with a ton of ability, beat the older horses last start after leading, envisage him doing the same here and if allowed to dictate will be super hard to run down. Gold Coast race 9 Rock Mylady($11) another ex sydney sider in the Gollan stable coming along nicely, he is known more for his soft track form(plenty of give in the track today) but his last two runs on good tracks have been encouraging, having led in one and coming from mid field the next(4th both times). We think with a half decent run here he will be there when the whips are cracking. Fleminton race 9 New Tipperary($4.80) this horse is a pistol 2nd up and is endowed with his fair share of abilty, there is a bit of pace in this race and he should be able to get across from his gate if he is anywhere near them at the distance Oliver should be able to get him home GIDDYUP! Flemington race 8 Sword Of Light($13) this mare is probably over the odds considering the form she is in, a continuation of the form she was in last prep. She ticks a lot of boxes here and should be able to possie up from the good draw, once she strikes the lead in the straight it will take a good one to run her down. Another successful day last Saturday and the racing is really hotting up in Melbourne with all the stars comning out to play. Another super tough day but that is what gives us the value especially those that like to play more than one horse per race. Overcast here on the Gold Coast today so the track should maintain the give in it. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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