Results 23 September 2017

Brisbane Races
R11.h1 Snitzcraft 2.h3 Noble Hussler 3.h4 Warface 4.h5 Maharni

Snitzcraft 1st sp($2)/place$1.40, Maharni 2nd/$5.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.80/$13.90,N.S.W.$11.10/$13.80,Qld.$17/$23.80

R21.h5 Miss Exfactor 2.h3 Colosimo 3.h9 Perfect Rain 4.h7 Red Hot Miss

Colosimo 1st sp($6.10)/place$1.50, Miss Exfactor 3rd/$1.04, Red Hot Miss 4th($21)

1.h2 Flamboyer 2.h3 Someday 3.h2 Fresponal 4.h1 Charlie Boy

Charlie Boy 1st sp($8.50)/place$2.80, Frespanol 2nd/$2.80, Flamboyer(2.8L) 3rd(n.t.d.), Someday 4th($2.60); First 4; Vic.$218.70,N.S.W.$157,Qld.$215.40; Trifecta; Vic.$107.60, N.S.W.$130.20, Qld.4124.60; Q/Ex; ViC.$12.10/$27.10,N.S.W.$13.90/$31.50,Qld.$14/$29.90

R41.h4 Vassal 2.h2 Outraged 3.h1 Ruling Force 4.h6 Loving Home

Loving Home 1st sp($5.70)/place42, Vassal(0.3L) 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$5/$16, N.S.W.$5.80/$14.30, Qld.$6.10/$17.30

R51.h9 Dream Of Ascot 2.h10 Ice Frost 3.h5 Moving Press 4.h4 Dansu

Ice Frost 2nd/$1.30

R61.h4 Brooklyn Storm 2.h9 Our Beebee 3.h5 Dream Finnish 4.h1 Fiery Heights

Dream Finnish 1st sp($18.30)/place$3.50, Brooklyn Sorm(0.2L), Our Beebee 4th($2.60); Q/Ex; Vic$92.70/$214.80, N.S.W.$66.50/$216.70, Qld.$59.70/$190.70

R71.h9 Red Handle 2.h14 Bagus 3.h19 Sailor Gerri 4. h13 Passion To Win

Red Handle(1.8L) 4th($2.80)

R81.h9 Moonlight Dancer 2.h1 El Campeador 3.h13 Snapper 4.h2 Spring Tycoon

Moonlight Dancer 1st sp($9.50)/place$2.80, Snapper 2nd/$2.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$22.30/$49.80, N.S.W.$20/$58.50, Qld.$26.60/$59.80

R91.h6 Bourbon Road 2.h1 Arena Salon 3.h3 Star Of Night 4.h7 Flying Charger

Bourbon Road 1st sp($5.30)/place$2.10, Arena Salon 3rd/$3.30, Star Of Night 4th($6)

Sydney Races
R11.h3 Molten 2.h7 Bright Idea 3.h2 Beau Geste 4.h1 Charlie Chap

Beau Geste 1st sp($2.40)/place$1.50

R21.h1 Broadside 2.h3 Auvray 3.h4 Admiral Jello 4.h2 Dee I Cee

Auvray 1st sp(3.20)/place$1.80, Admiral Jello 2nd/$1.90, Broadside(0.3L) 3rd(n.t.d.), Dee I Cee 4th($7.50); First 4; Vic.$19.40, N.S.W.$17.90, Qld.$18.20; Trifecta; Vic.$12.50, N.S.W.$12.90, Qld.$12.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.90/$7.40, N.S.W.$4.90/$8.10, Qld.$4.20/$6

R31.h3 Majestic Pedrille 2.h2 Don’t Give A Damn 3.h6 Only Choice 4.h4 Apocalyptic Fun

Don’t Give A Damn 1st sp($1.70)/place$1.20

R41.h3 Up ‘n’Rolling 2.h2 Alward 3.h5 Quick Defence 4.h6 Thewaywewere

Alward 1st sp($4.50)/place$1.40, Up ‘n’Rolling(0.8L) 2nd/$1.10, Quick Defence 4th($10); Q/Ex; Vic.$3/$8.20, N.S.W.$2.60/$7.60, Qld.3/$8.20

R51.h7 Dark Eyes 2.h5 Washington Heights 3.h2 Mighty Lucky 4.h9 Dawn Wall

Washington Heights 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.90, Mighty Lucky 2nd/$7.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$116.80/$173.40, N.S.W.$104.20/$162.60, Qld.$107.80/$154

R61.h1 Astoria 2.h3 Sanctioned 3.h2 Ace High 4.hThy Kingdom Come

Ace High 1st sp ($9.20)/place$2.60, Sanctioned 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$17.30/$30.80, N.S.W.$17.90/$42.80, Qld.$14.20/$37.80

R71.h10 Assimilate 2. h2 Menari 3.h7 Merchant Navy 4.h4 Gold Standard

Menari 3rd/$1.40, Gold Standard 4th($10)

R81.h1 Dixie Blossoms 2.h7 Bonny O Rielly 3.h3 Sweet Redemption 4.h2 Omei Sword

Dixie Blossom(0.2L) 2nd/$2.40, Omei Sword 3rd/$1.90

R91.h5 Zumbelina 2.h3 Hogmanay 3.h2 Souchez 4.h7 Wayanka

Hogmanay 2nd/$2.60, Zumbelina(4L) 3rd/$1.40, Souchez 4th($13)

Melbourne Races
R11.h4 Aloisia 2.h8 Banish 3.h1 I’ll Have A Bit 4.h5 Blondie

Banish 3rd/$3.50, I’ll Have A Bit 4th($31

R21.h1 Eshtiraak 2.h4 Watchmespin 3.h3 Padraig 4.h6 Sunquest

Sunquest 2nd/$2.40

R31.h11 Sin To Win 2.h10 Meet And Greet 3.h8 Goodwill 4.h4 Anaheim

Anaheim 1st sp ($9)/place$2.50, Sin To Win(0.5L) 2nd/$1.50, Goodwill 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta; Vic.$84.20, N.S.W.$83.90,Qld.$85.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.90/$22.60,N.S.W.$9/$23.70, Qld.$9.50/$23.10

R41.h4 I Did It Again 2.h1 Bandipur 3.h3 Tycoon Dancer 4.h12 Counter Play

Bandipur 1st sp($5.200/$1.70, I Did It Again(0.1L) 2nd/$1.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.30/$11, N.S.W.$4.60/$15.50, Qld.$4/$10.20

R51.h1 He Or She 2.h3 Duke Of Brunswick 3.h9 Sircconi 4.h4 Here To There

Sircconi 1st sp($12.30/place43.50, Duke Of Brunswick 4th($6)

R61.h1 Keen Array 2.h3 Brave Smash 3.h5 Malibu Style 4.h4 Fast N Rocking

Brave Smash 2nd/$1.20, Fast ‘n’Rocking 3rd/$6.70, Malibu Style 4th($21)

R71.h6 Stampede 2.h3 Big Duke 3.h10 Abby Marie 4.h2 Tally(h11 Second Bullet)

Stampede(3.4L) 3rd/$2

R81.h4 Legless Veuve 2.h5 Fuhryk 3.h6 Ravi 4. h3 Savanna Amour

Savanna Amour 1st sp($15)/place$4.10, Legless Veuve(0.2L) 2nd/$4.30, Ravi 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; Vic.$650, N.S.W.$645.10, Qld.$443; Q/Ex; Vic.$56.70/$160.10, N.S.W.$50.70/$186; Qld.$58.10/$106

R91.h11 Petition 2.h1 Rocket Commander 3.h9 Princess Of Queens 4. h2 Vital Importance

Petition(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80, Prince Of Queens 3rd/$2.20

MR6 H1 Keen Array, BR9 H6 Bourbon Road, SR8 H1 Dixie Blossoms

Keen Array; ($9 -$8.50) 5th(3.6L); he had a beautiful run behind the leaders on the rail got clear in plenty of time but didn’t finish off.

Bourbon Road; FIRST ($6-$5.30);  this horse delivered in bucket loads, he had a beautiful run on the rails in about 6th position got sucked into the race by Star Of Night and peeled 3 wide on the corner gap appeared raced away for a good win.

Dixie Blossom;($7.50-$7) 2nd(0.2L); she had a lovely run in transit in 9th position 3 wide with cover peeled off Sort After’s back in the straight and made a sustained  run in the middle of the track to just fail.

 BR8 H9 Moonlight Dancer

Moonlight Dancer; FIRST ($14-$9.50); this mare bolted in, Lloyd had her back midfield and travelling in space he went forward approaching the corner held up momentarily switched back to the inside pounced on the lead and it was GIDDYUP! 

OUR BEST followers cleaned up big time after 3 weeks of placegetters and a couple of unlucky runs when BOURBON ROAD and MOONLIGHT DANCER delivered AT SUCCULENT ODDS ($6-$5.30) AND ($14-$9.50) and Dixie Blossoms nearly making it a hat-trick with a very close second at $7.00, a GEM of a ride by J.BYRNES on Bourbon Road a master of the Ipswich circuit. Also 17 WINNERS in our top four selections with some at juicy odds such as Dream Finnish($15),Sircconi($12),Savanna Amour($15), Ace High($9.20),Anaheim($9) and of course Moonlght Dancer($9.50) to name a few for the multi horse player(2 or more per race) and some nice exotics with 4 trifectas biggest being Caulfield race 8($650), 2 first fours biggest($218) and 11 quinella/exactas biggest MR8($50.70/$186), SR5 ($116.80/$173.40), BR6 ($92.70/$214.80) to name three. It was a pretty exciting day all round to go with the 16 winners we had in our top four last week. We will be keeping a look out for ASSIMILATE in coming weeks he has a BIG WIN waiting for him. Results are our adrenalin rush and we certainly had that this weekend but we get it more often than not. Lets keep the party going so on that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

Ipswich Good Track; Rosehill Good Track; Caulfield Good Track; Our Best; Caulfield race 6 Keen Array($9) we stated last time when this horse ran 5th behind Brave Smash that we thought he would be a good play at Caulfield from a good gate, he has both of those today and meets Brave Smash 2.5kgs better for a 1.7L defeat. Brave Smash is the spruik horse going to the Everest but we feel if our horse is any where near him at the distance he just might have the edge. Rosehill race 8 Dixie Blossoms($7.50) this mare is a proven top grade performer with placings in group one company she will possie up just behind them here and although she has had 6 starts here for 3 placings they were all in top company, we certainly expect her to be there when the whips are cracking. Ipswich race 9 Bourbon Road($6) this horse flies around this circuit and he should also get a nice run from the good gate,he has a weight drop of some 4.5kgs and this only a 0MW race. The Byrnes, Gollan combo should send punters home on a winning note. Ipswich race 8 Moonlight Dancer($14) this mare meets quite a few runners her much better at the weights including Capetown Hussey(been scr.) whom she meets 2.5kgs better, Lloyd sticks and she will be looming large at the 200m Giddyup! Players will notice that we have tipped against the grain in a couple of races today, Assimilate on top to beat Menari, this horse’s run last start to be beaten in a photo after coming from an impossible position was amazing, we do think he is a top class galloper, that is taking nothing away from Menari which is obviously very good. The other is Brave Smash this horse might have improved out of sight but he would need to, he would need to win this race today easily to be even a remote chance in the Everest, we think Keen Array will severely test him today. We could put favourites in OUR BEST section each week we try to come up with value for players and a majority of the time we succeed. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers.

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