Results 16th September 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11. h1 Straturbo 2. h3 With A Promise 3. h5 Hi I’m Back 4. h6 Another Whiskey

Another Whiskey 1st sp($5.40)/place$3.10, Hi I’m Back 2nd/$3.60, With A Promise 3rd(n.t.d.); Trifecta; Vic.$130.90,N.S.W.$144.40,QLD.$139.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$18.80/$30.20,N.S.W.$15/$34.80,Qld.$17.90/$28.40

BR21.h3 Stanley 2. h2 Ingeegoodbe 3. h4 The Rumour File 4. h5 Rock On Ivy

Ingeegoodbe 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.60, Stanley 3rd/$2.30

BR31. h9 Snitzel’s Joy*** 2. h1 Super Suave 3. h8 The Ambassadore 4. h4 Polskie Prince

The Ambassadore 2nd/$1.20, Snitzel’s Joy 3rd/$2.10, Super Suave 4th($7.50)

BR41.h6 Lothario 2. h4 Manias 3. h13 Plucky Girl 4. h1 War Jet

Manias 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.50, Plucky Girl 3rd/$1.70, War Jet 4th($51)

BR51.h2 Snitz 2. h1Mishani Bullitt 3. 10 Hi Lizzy 4. h8 Miekas

Snitz 1st sp($1.60)/place$1.20, Meikas 2nd/$7.50, Mishani Bullitt 3rd(n.t.d.), Hi Lizzy 4th($12); First Four; Vic.$117.30,N.S.W.$123.40,Qld.$125.60; Trifecta; Vic.$52.30, N.S.W.$54.40,Qld.$49.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$14.50/$14.60,N.S.W.$8.80/$20.30, Qld.$10.80/$21.10

BR61. h5 Mishani El Lobo 2. h4 Khaleesi 3. h11 Impregnable 4. h8 Apolobloom

Impregnable 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.50, Mishani El Lobo 2nd/$2, Denarius 4th($6.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.40/$9.10,N.S.W.$7/$9.80,Qld.$7.40/$11.30

BR71. h3 Spring Tycoon 2. h6 Lifesaver 3. h1 Blinkin Fast 4. h14 Beaudacious

Spring Tycoon 1st sp($8.20)/place42.30

BR81.h3 Dreams aplenty 2. h4 Punta Norte 3. h9 Monteux 4. 6 One Inch Punch, h8 Alpha Beat

Dreams Aplenty(0.3L) 2nd/$1.90

BR91. h5 One Golden Day 2. h2 Cash Spinner 3. h11 Capetown Hussey4. h7 Moonlight Dancer

Capetown Hussey 1st sp(9.80)/place$3.30, Moonlight Dancer 2nd/$5; Q/Ex; Vic.$96.80/$195.80, N.S.W.$65.20/$194.30,Qld.$93.20/$186.70

Sydney Races
SR11.h5 Oakfield Time 2. h3 Surprise Party 3. h6 Heidsieck 4. h7 Malachi Crunch

Oakfield Time(0.4L) 4th($3)

SR21. h5 Darci’s Affair 2. h10 Royal Navy 3. h9 Prada Miss 4. h4 Veladero

Darci’s Affair(1.8L) 2nd/$2.70

SR31.h6 Malahat 2. h2 Viridine 3. h1 Single Bullet 4. h3 Goodfella

Viridine 1st sp($7)/place$2.10, Single Bullet 2nd/$1.90, Malahat(2L) 4th($2.90); Q/Ex; Vic.$13.70/$26, N.S.W.$13/$29.20,QLD.$15.80/$28.50

SR41.h7 Comin’Through 2. h4 Burning Passion 3. h3 Tom Melbourne 4. h2 Havana Cooler

Çomin’Through 1st sp($2.30)/place$1.60, Tom Melbourne 2nd/$1.70, Burning Passion 3rd(n.t.d.); Trifecta; Vic.$14.40, N.S.W.$14.90,Qld.$13.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.30/$4.90,N.S.W.$2.20/$4.60,Qld.$2.20/$4.60

SR51.h1 Tulip 2. h2 Champagne Cuddles 3. h5 Cellargirl 4. h9 Pandemonium

Champagne Cuddles 2nd/$1.60, Cellargirl 3rd/$3.30, Tulip(2.8L) 4th($3.30)

SR61. h7 WINX 2. h9 Foxplay 3. h1 Hapy Clapper 4. h2 Ecuador

WINX 1st sp($1.12)/place$1.04, Happy Clapper 2nd/$1.70, Foxplay 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$7.70,N.S.W.$7.30,Qld.$8.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.80/$2.90,N.S.W.$2.70/$2.70,Qld.$2.90/$2.70

SR71.h1 Chautauqua 2. h2 Redzel 3. h3 Takedown 4. h4 Fell Swoop

Redzel 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.40

SR81. h3 Chocante 2. h11 Life Less Ordinary 3. h6 Antonio Giuseppe 4. h9 Kinema, h10 Megablast

Antonio Giuseppe 2nd/$1.90, Life Less Ordinary 3rd/$1.50

SR91. h11 Pumpkin Pie2. h15 Missile Coda 3. h6 Isorich 4. h12 Dagny

Isorich 1st sp($24.30)/place$4.80, Dagny 3rd/$4

Melbourne Races
MR11. h3 Ploverset 2. h1 Jorda 3. h7 True Excelsior 4. h5 Roomooz

True Excelsior 4th($17)

MR21.h1 Royal Symphony 2. h4 Muraahib 3. h 2 Showtime 4. h15 Garrard

Royal Symphony 1st sp($2)/place41.30

MR31. 6 Snitzon2. h4 Choclate Holic 3. h12 Mr Sneaky 4. h1 Dibiyani

Mr. Sneaky 2nd/$1.70

MR41. h3 Redkirk Warrior 2. h1 Lucky Hussler 3. h4 Voodoo Lad 4. h2 Scales Of Justice

Redkirk Warrior 1st sp($4.50)/place$2, Scales Of Justice 2nd/$2.10, Voodoo Lad 4th($4.30); Q/Ex; Vic.$11.60/$20.80,N.S.W.$12/$21.20,Qld.$12.20/$23.20

MR51. h2 Jukebox 2. h1 Summer Passage 3. h6 Catchy 4. h4 Taking Aim

Catchy 1st sp($3.60)/place$1.70, Jukebox(0.8L) 2nd/$2.40, Taking Aim 4th($31); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.90/$9.80,N.S.W.$6.60/$11.30,Qld.$7.70/$16.40

MR61. h1 I Am A Star 2. h5 Jennifer Lynn 3. h6 Flying Jess 4. h10 Schism


MR71. h1 Hartnell 2. h2 Blackheart Bart 3. h3 Le Romain 4. h5 Gailo Chop, h7 Ventura Storm

Hartnell(3.3L0 2nd/$1.30, Black Heart Bart 3rd/$2, Gailo Chop 4th($17)

MR81. h6 Hans Holbein 2. h1 Almandin 3. h12 Yogi 4. h13 Crocodile Rock

Almandin 1st sp($5.30)/place$2, Crocodile Rock 2nd/$1.70, Yogi 4th($7.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.50/$16.80, N.S.W.$5.50/$14.10, Qld.$6.10/$22.50

MR91.h3 Amelie’s Star 2. h9 Nozomi 3. h11 Gallic Chieftan 4. h1 Amavatio

Nozomi 2nd/$5.80

MR8 H6 Hans Holbein, BR9 H5 One Golden Day,Mr9 h3 Amelie’s Star

Hans Holbein;($5.50) finished last 14 lengths from the winner Almandin, had a great run behind the leaders gave up without a kick, nothing in stewards report.

One Golden Day;($4.30) 5.3l from winner also had a nice run behind the leaders held up for a little while at the top of the straight, simply not good enough.

Amelie’s Star;($5.50) 2.7L still in the foetal position after watching that race unfold, a good ride or a  bad ride makes no difference she didn’t get clear till it was all over.

 BR3 H9 Snitzel’s Joy, SR9 H11 Pumpkin Pie

Snitzel’s Joy;($13) 1 length; sat on the eventual winners girth for entire trip the was moving along side her to challenge in the straight when Girl In A Million veered to the left bumping our horse and that was the end of her, she ran on again to finish a good third.(protested against the winner:dismissed.

Pumpkin Pie;($13) 11th(1.9L) she was enjoying a nice run just behind the leaders in traffic coming to the turn and hung up between runners for a while in the stretch she did finish off well (a race soon)  


Doomben Track Good; Randwick Track Good; Flemington Track Good; OUR BEST; Flemington race 8 Hans Holbein($8) this horse is a super chance here he relishes soft conditions but is more than capable on a good track better suited here than last start at the Valley when he finished his race off strongly, loves the distance and we envisage him getting a gun run from his good gate. When he strikes the lead in the straight he will take some running down. Doomben race 9 One Golden Day($7.50) this mare has drawn perfectly for her style of racing and is racing in great heart, any luck in the stretch she will be super hard to run down. Flemington race 9 Amelie‘s Star($3.50) no fancy odds but gee she is a pistol third up and distance is perfect at this stage, she will drift back a bit but the big Flemington straight will suit seriously hard to beat here. Doomben race 3 Snitzel’s Joy($13) short and sweet straight to the front and catch me if you can, not sure they can(: Randwick race 9 Pumpkin Pie($14) second up unbeaten, whereas this is a super hard race tricky gate but she has some nice speed drawn out side her in Echo Effect and Missile Coda with a nice run just off them she will put herself in the thick of things at the 100m and that might just be enough. Lets not sugar coat todays proceedings it is a SUPER TOUGH DAY all round but we think we have nailed a couple at decent odds and of late we have been having a good run of exotics as well may the trend continue. The mighty mare WINX goes around again today, we don’t think she will be as far back today as her previous two starts. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers.

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