Results 2nd September 2017

Brisbane Races
R11.h7 Ignite The Light 2.h4 Impregnable 3.h10 Beaudacious 4.h11 Captain Eyche

Impregnable 1st sp($3.20)/place$1.50

R21.h4 Mystic Opal 2.h2 Sony Legend 3.h5 Havasay 4.h1 Someday

Havasay 1st sp($1.30)/place$1.10, Mystic Opal(0.4L) 2nd/$3.50, Sony Legend 3rd(n.t.d.); Trifecta; Vic.$20.60,N.S.W.$17.90,Qld.$17; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.60/$3.70,N.S.W.$4.20/$6.80,Qld.$4.20/$6

1.h2 Stanley 2.h5 Ingeegoodbe 3.h7 Brilliant Jet 4.h8 Gorda

Ingeegoodbe 1st sp($6.70)/place$2.60, Gorada($4) 4th

R41.h5 Passionflower 2.h10 Capatain Hussy 3.h4 Rosie Posie 4.h2 Dee Nine Elle

Passionflower(0.1L) 2nd$2.30, Rosie Posie($4) 4th

R51.h3 Hanwritten 2.h12 Prime Target 3.h15 Klalama 4.h4 Le Val

Khalama 3rd$1.60

R61.h15 Rancho Montoya 2.h11 Pinolino 3.h9 Ahndras 4.h7 Mehmeto

Rancho Montoya 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.90, Ahndras 2nd$1.80,Mehmeto($21) 4th; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.20/$15.40,N.S.W.$7.80/$15.60,Qld.$6.60/$12

R71.h11 Yaba Dabl Doya 2.h4 Sheiswhatsheis 3.h3 Ruling Force 4.h6 L’Entrocote

Sheiswhatsheis 2nd$1.60, Yaba Dabl Doya($17) 4th

R81.h4 Umberto 2.h1 Mashani Bullet 3.h3 Legadema 4.h2 Cellagirl

Cellargirl 2nd$1.90, Mishani Bullitt($5) 4th

R91.h5 Denarius 2.h11 Manias 3.h7 Backslapper 4.h4 Sabkhat

Manias 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.60, Sabkhat 2nd$1.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.20/$11.10,N.S.W.$6.50/$11.10,Qld.$7.80/$14.70

Sydney Races
R11.h2 Andaz 2.h3 Beau Jeste 3.h4 Dissolution 4.h6 Super Ex

Super Ex 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.50, Beau Geste 3rd$1.70

R21.h1 Admiral Jello 2.h8 Up N Rolling 3.h2 My Giuliano 4.h7 Plymouth Road

Up ‘n’ Rolling 1st sp($1.40)/place$1.20, Admiral Jello 3rd$1.90

R31.h3 More To Gain 2.h4 Jaminzah 3.h5 Muraqaba 4.h8 Miami Dade

More To Gain(0.1L) 2nd$1.90, Jaminzah($4) 4th

R41.h5 Schedule 2.h8 Makfi Lass 3.h15 Critical Touch 4.h4 My Tagoson

My Tagason 1st sp($7.30)/place$2.40, Makfi Lass 2nd$2.40, Schedule($6.50) 4th; Q/Ex; Vic.$25.90/$52.80,N.S.W.$24.50/$52.60,Qld.$22.70/$47.90

R51.h1 Redzel 2.h5 Nieta 3.h3 Speith 4.h2 The Monstar

Redzel 1st sp9$2.40)/place$nil, Spieth 2nd, Nieta 3rd,The Monstar 4th; First Four; Vic.$6.10,N.S.W.$6,Qld.$6.40; Trifecta; Vic.$7.70,N.S.W.$6.90,Qld.$6.50; Q/Ex;Vic.$1.70/$3.10,N.S.W.$1.90/$4.50,Qld.$1.60/$6.30

R61.h1 Formality 2.h3 Champagne Cuddles 3.h5 Alizee 4.h6 Joyfully Ours

Formality 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.70, Champagne Cuddles 2nd$2.20, Alizee(43.50) 4th; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.70/$8.30,N.S.W.$4.70/$8.10,Qld.$4.50/$6

R71.h11 Winx 2.h7 Chocante 3.h6 Antonio Giuseppe 4.h9 Lifes Less Ordinary

WINX 1st sp(1.10)/place$1.20, Chocante 3rd$8.70, Antonio Guiseppe($21) 4th

R81.h1 Happy Clapper 2.h6 Ecuador 3.h7 Invincible Gem 4.h3 McCreery

Happy Clapper 1st sp($6)/place$2, Invincble Gem 3rd$1.60, Ecuado($3.50) 4th

R91.h4 Rocket Commander 2.h12 Free Standing 3.h6 My Nordic Hero 4.h7 Washington Heights

Washington Heights 1st sp($2.50)/place$1.20, Rocket Commander 3rd$1.70;

Quaddie; Formality/Winx/Happy Clapper/Washington Heights/N.S.W.$47.50

Melbourne Races
MR11.h6 Judy In Disguise 2.h1 Justic Glory 3.h2 Prosecution 4.h4 Watchmespin

Watchmespin 1st sp($19)/place$3.50, Judy In Disguise(0.8L) 2nd$1.50, Prosecution($4.30) 4th; Q/Ex; VIC.433.30/$76.50,N.S.W.$24.90/$72.70,Qld.$23.70/$107.20

MR21.h13 Princess Of Queens 2.h2 Schism 3.h8 Oregon’s Day 4.h7 Vital Importance

Oregon’s Day 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.90, Princess of Queen’s 3rd$2.40, Schism($4.50) 4th

MR31.h3 Mr Sneaky 2.h1 Rich Luck 3.h7 Dusty Jack 4.h8 Highland Beat

Mr. Sneaky 1st sp($9)/place$2.80

MR41.h10 Ploverset 2.h1 Kobayashi 2.h2 Merchant Navy 4.h5 Muraahib

Merchant Navy 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.50, Muraahib 3rd$5.30

MR51.h9 Sullivan Bay 2.h2 Fuhryk 3.h1 Savanna Amour 4.h6 I’M Zelady Lady

Savannah Amour 1st sp($15)/place43.40, I Am Zelady($21) 4th

EARLY QUADDIE; Oregon’s Day/Mr. Sneaky/Merchant Navy/Savannah Amour $3,603.90

MR61.h4 Sheidel 2.h2 Voodoo Lad 3.h3 Malibu Style 4.h8 Crystal Dreamer

Voodoo Lad 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.40, Crystal Dreamer 3rd$2.30, Sheidel($2) 4th

MR71.h1 Black Heart Bart 2.h8 Hey Doc 3.h5 Vega Magic 4.h2 Le Romain

Vega Magic 1st sp($2.30)/place41.40, Black Heart Bart(1.8L) 2nd$2, Hey Doc($6.50) 4th; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.70/$11.60,N.S.W.$6.70/$8.70,Qld.45.40/$11.30

MR81.h3 Tally 2.h8 Montoya’s Secret 3.h9 Hell Or Highwater 4.h7 Amelie’s Star

Hell Or Highwater 1st sp($4.80)/place$2.20, Amelie’s Star 3rd$3.20, Tally($6.50) 4th

MR91.h16 Divine Mr Artie 2.h2 Grande Rosso 3.h1 Turnitaround 4.h7 Snitzson

Grande Rosso 1st sp($4)/place$1.70, Turnitaround 3rd$8.70, Snitzson(9) 4th; DIVINE MR. ARTIE (L.SCR.)

Quaddie; Voodoo Lad/Vega Magic/Hell Or Highwater/Grande Rosso Vic. divis. $153.00

BR4 H5 Passionflower, SR4 H5 Schedule, MR7 H1 Black Heart Bart

Passionflower; 2nd(0.1L) sp($10-$7.50); ran a super race heads up heads down and beaten a lip, was much closer to speed this time which made all the difference.

Schedule; 4th(1.5L) sp($6.50); had a beautiful run in transit then in the straight, best option would have been to go back to the inside where a gap opened up but McEvoy chose to go to the outside and got held up for a time when clear he finished powerfully. Having said that if he gets the run out wide he would have troubled the winner, next time, he races well fresh.

Black Heart Bart; 2nd(1.75L) sp($6); he had a great run one out one back, peeled out as they turned into the straight but gallant as he is, he was no match for Vega Magic this time. Charmed Harmony being scratched took some of the tactics out of the race.

 BR8 H4 Umberto, MR5 H9 Sullivan Bay

Umberto; unpl.(7.5L) SP ($13-$17); bitterly disappointing got a long way back and never ran on.

Sullivan Bay; unpl.(2.5L) sp($10); every chance momentarily looked a chance at the distance, probably just a little outclassed, she ran well.


22 WINNERS in our top four selections (7 on top)  Watchemespin($19),Savannah Amour($15), Mr. Sneaky($9),Torgason($7) and Happy Clapper($6) to name some of the better priced winners, there were three odds on pops in there as well THE MIGHTY WINX($1.10), Havasay($1.500 and Up ‘n’Rolling($1.50). We also had the early quaddie at Caulfield $3,600 and both of the main quaddies at Randwick and Caulfield small divis. Multi players should have had a field day. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK”to all. 

Doomben Good Track, Randwick Good Track, Caulfield Good Track; Our Best; Doomben race 4 Passionflower($9.50) got a long way back last start and had no luck at all in the straight in a very strong class6, envisage her being much closer this time, she has won second up and has a decent record over this course. This is also a strong BM85 but we expect her to be there when the whips are cracking. Randwick race 4 Schedule($6.50) we expect the 6year old veteran of 7 starts to be right in the finish here, he is a pistol first up and should get a perfect run just off the speed from gate 3. We are not going to wax lyrical about him he is a super chance. Caulfield race 7 Black Heart Bart($6.50) he will get a glorious run behind Charmed Harmony from his gate and we all know his oustanding record at this circuit. On a good surface we think he is an oustanding chance in a very good Memsie. Doomben race 8 Umberto($13) are we missing something here? We think this horse can put it to some of his more fancied rivals he sat three wide last start and toughed it out right to the line. Finally he has drawn a decent gate(3) so he should enjoy a nice run just behind the leaders, if he can strike the lead a little earlier in the straight this time he will be super tough to run down. Caulfield race 5 Sullivan Bay($9)a super fit mare against a lot of mares that are resuming she will be right up on the speed and loves the track and distance, if they let her get away at the top of the straight it might just be the end of the section. If you are a favourite player be careful today of a couple of shorties, you should never say a horse can‘t win but in our opinion we think Washington Heights ($1.85) is a distance query and Up ’n’Rolling ($1.85) second up? The champ WINX back in action today and the Memsie at Caulfield is a cracker. Once again the weather in Queensland is an absolute pearler and on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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