Results – 26 August 2017

Brisbane Races
R11.h8 Of The Day 2.h9 Final Zero 3.h4 Positive Problems 4.h11 I Like Candy

Of The Day 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.60, Final Zero 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; Vic. $4.70/$7.90,N.S.W.$5.40/$9.40,Qld.$4.30/$8.10

R21.h6 Profiler 2.h2 Londehero 3.h4 Sony Legend 4.h8 Hydrazine

Sony Legend 3rd/$2

1.h12 Hingus Rose 2.h9 Make Her Own Whey 3.h7 Bonsho 4.h1 Excalibrator

Hingus Rose 2nd/$2.80, Bonsho 3rd/$1.60, Make Her Own Way 4th($9)

R41.h5 Anton En Avant 2.h2 Eights A Party 3.h1 Mr Epic 4.h3 Lordag

Mr. Epic 1st sp($3.40)/place$1.70

R51.h11 Jadedfox 2.h5 Really Reilly 3.h2 Malkara 4.h1 Jackpot


R61.h6 Bushy 2.h11 Neptune Palace 3.h13 Always Sacred 4.h5 Tycoon Ace

Tycoon Ace 1st sp($3)/place$1.50, Neptune Palace (L.SCR.)

R71.h1 Shogun Sun 2.h2 Paradis Imperial 3.h3 Italia Bella 4.h5 Setoga

Shogun Lodge 2nd/$1.40, Italia Belle 3rd/$2.20

R81. h5 Alassak 2.h11 Lothario 3.h4 Star Of Night 4.h13 Landmarks

Lothario 1st sp$9.80)/place$3

R91.h14 Gypsy Miss 2.h5 Snapper 3.h4 Scotty Be Gotti 4.h13 Choice Princess
Choice Princes 1st sp($17.20)/place$5.80, Scotti Be Gotti 2nd/$4.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$165.50/$290.80, N.S.W.$173.40/$330.90,Qld.$121.40/$338.80
Daily Double; Qld. $311
Sydney Races
R11.h3 Lifesaver 2.h5 Menneke Belle 3.h1 Nic’s Vendetta 4.h4 Undaoaf

Nic’s Vendetta 2nd/$2.30, Lifesaver 3rd/$1.10, Underoaf 4th($31)

R21.h5 Prada Miss 2.h2 Chatuchak 3.h1 Awoke 4.h6 Elouera

Awoke 2nd/$1.20, Chatuchak/$1.50, Prada Miss 4th($5)

R31.h11 Marsupial 2.h5 Pumpkin Pie 3.h3 Tango Rain 4.h1 Isorich

Tango Rain 1st sp($4.10)/place$1.50, Marsupial(0.8L) 2nd/$1.60, Isorich/$4.90, Pumpkin Pie 4th($5); First Four; Vic.$826.70,N.S.W.$687.30,Qld.$640; Trifecta; Vic.$154.20,N.S.W.$154.60,Qld.$164.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.10/$15,N.S.W.$4.90/$12.80,Qld.$5.20/$11.70

R41.h8 Meet And Greet 2.h4 Alward 3.h3 Not A Gypsy 4.h9 Miss Dubios

Alward 1st sp($1.70)/place$1.20

R51.h4 Centre Pivot 2.h2 Classic Uniform 3.h7 Broadside 4.h8 Hipparchus

Classic Uniform 2nd/$1.50, Centre Pivot 3rd/$3.50

R61.h2 Assimilate 2.h4 Sambro 3.h1 Astoria 4.h3 Hypnotist

Assimilate 2nd(0.1L)/$1.80, Astoria 3RD/$2.90, Mahalangur 4th($6.50)

R71.h9 Madeenaty 2.h1 Pariah 3.h2 Taking Aim 4.h5 Condor Heroes

Pariah 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.30, Madeenaty 4th($7)

R81.h2 Special Missile 2h12 Mapmaker 3.h4 The Pharoah 4.( h1Hogmanay, h13 Know Who)

Special Missile 1st sp($4.40)/place$1.80, Mapmaker 2nd/$2.20, The Pharoah 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta Vic.$105.30,N.S.W.$77.80,Qld.$84.60; Q/Ex; Vic. $14.70/$27.20, N.S.W.$15.70/$24.50,Qld.$14.70/$22.40

R91.h3 Sir Bacchus 2.h4 No Doubt 3.h11 Selita (4.h1 Bonny O’ Reilly h7 Sir Plush)

Bonny O’Reilly 1st sp($4)/place$1.70, No Doubt 2nd/$2.60, Sir Plush 4th($11); Q/Ex; Vic.$13.80/436.90,N.S.W.$17.30/$20.40,Qld.$16.70/$32.30;
Sir Bacchus pulled up cardiac arythmia

Melbourne Races
R11. h4 Charlevoix 2. h8 Cismontane 3.h7 Crafty Cruiser 4.h1 Loresho

Cismontane 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.40, Loresho 2nd/$1.60

R21.h6 Divine Chills 2.h4 Merriest 2.h10 Fragonard 4.h13 Wasabi

Fragonard 1st sp ($4.10)/place$1.80

R31.h1 Tulip 2.h3 Limestone 3.h5 Garrard 4. h4 Roomooz

Roomooz 1st sp($7)/place43.10, Tulip(0.1L) 2nd/$1.40, Limestone 4th($6); Q/Ex; Vic.$7.20/$19.50,N.S.W.$7.40/$20.70,Qld. $7.20/$23

R41.h14 Spunlago 2. h19 Rebellious Lord 3.h12 Sin To Win 4.h17 Gouldian

Spunlago 1st sp($7)/place$2, Sin To Win 2nd/$1.50, Rebellious Lord 4th($3.80); Q/Ex; Vic.$9.50/424.50,N.S.W.$9.40/$25.90,Qld.$11.70/$20.90

R51.h6 Pacodali 2.h7 Time To Test 3.h4 Second Bullet 4.h3 Foundation

Pacodali 1st sp($2.90)/place$1.50, Foundation 3rd/$7.70

Early Quaddie; Fragonard/Roomooz/Spunlago/Pacodali; Vic.$966

R61.h4 Al Passem 2.h3 Bandipur 3.h2 Sirconni 4.h6 Lone Eagle


R71.h10 Heatherly 2.h2 Keen Array 3.h12 Lady Espirit (4.h1 Jungle Edge h11 Miss Rock)
Miss Rock 1st sp($7.30)/place$2.10, Heatherly(0.3L) 2nd/$1.40, Lady Esprit 3rd/$2.90, Keen Array 4th($7.50); First Four; Vic.$520, N.S.W.$506.70, Qld.$544.20; Trifecta; Vic.$101.20,N.S.W.$94,Qld.$105; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.10/$13.50,N.S.W.$5/$13.70,Qld.$5.70/$17.80
R81.h4 Duke Of Brunswick 2. h3 Tashbeh 3. h13 Here To There 4.h8 Tried And Tired

Here To There 1st sp($7.10)/place$2.60

R91.h10 Oberland 2.h7 Rocket Tommy 3.h2 Ruettiger (4.h14 Sovereign Duke h12 Hay Bale)

Oberland(0.5L) 2nd/$2.20, Ruetiger 3rd/$3.70

BR3 Hingus Rose, SR6 H2 Assimilate, SR 9 H3 Sir Bacchus

Hingus Rose; ($10) 2nd (1.25l); she had a great run just behind the speed, peeled out in the straight to let down and all she wanted to do was lay out, beaten a fair way.

Assimilate; ($5) 2nd(0.1L); we knew he would get back but maybe a couple of lengths closer than he was, he unleashed in the straight to just miss, very good racehorse.

Sir Bacchus; ($6) unplaced; PULLED UP IN THE STARIGHT (cardiac arrhythmia)

 MR6 H4 Al Passem

 Al Passem; ($26) 5th(2.7L); ran an even race just in behind them all the way every chance.


Another good day for players with 17 winners in our top four selections, early quaddie in Melbourne $966, 2 first fours Rosehill race7 $826 and Moonee Valley race8 $544, 8 Q/Ex. biggest being Gold Coast race9 $338.40. Our Best resulted in two seconds this week with Assimilate going down by a nostril WE WILL BE FOLLOWING HIM ALL THROUGH HIS SPRING CAMPAIGN. We should have had the quaddie at the Coast if I had listened to my astute colleague, he was pushing for Whypeeo but my logic was if he misses the start in this field it was good night, he didn’t miss the start and ran a class record to boot, HIND SIGHT. Just a recap on why we always include our winners in the top four, our theory is if you like to punt on all races and are a win or each way player and play the one horse per race your chances of success are minimal. This is why we are always looking for the best possible odds, form permitting, best yesterday were Choice Princess ($17.30), Lothario ($9.80), Spunlago ($7), Roomooz ($7) and Miss Rock ($7.30). Playing the exotics is a different story there is a plethora of them these days multis, running doubles, first fours,T2’S etc., it is certainly up to the individual how they play these. As players my colleague and I play OUR BEST which at the most would give us a four horse play, as stated previously once we strike a winner it is game over for us. We have an outstanding strike rate in this area. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK”to all.

Tips In Sydney are assesed on a Good Tarck, Brisbane Good Track and Melbourne Good Track; Best Bets; Gold Coast race 3 Hingus Rose($21) we feel this filly is way over the odds, she is beautifully weighted here (51.5kgs) after the claim and with plenty of speed in the race she should get a beaut run just off them. She handles all conditions and the distance is perfect for her, so if she is a length or so off them at the distance after enjoying a good run it could be game, set and match. Rosehill race 6 Assimilate($6) this fellow is unbeaten, last start he beat Dracarys which came out and won last Saturday and as long as the cursed leader bias doesn‘t come into play as he does like to drift back, the Bowster should be able to extricate him from there and finish over the top of them. Rosehill race 9 Sir Bacchus($6) this horse is a smart galloper his last four runs have yielded one placing but he has run well in all of them, up in grade, the key factor with him today is, he has had an 8week freshen and is back to his PET DISTANCE, down in grade slightly we expect him to be right there when the whips are cracking, super chance. Moonee Valley race 6 Al Passem($16) this colt has a nice record with his last run before a spell being his best, he should get a nice possie up behind Sircconi and strike the lead on straightening and super hard to run down, he handles all conditions. We think he is the value bet of the day. Another great day for OUR BEST players last Saturday with Deploy successful at nice odds lets hope the trend continues today. We are due for another quaddie many times we have had the first three legs in only to be bloused in the last leg let’s hope that trend DOESN’T continue. Tread carefully at the Gold Coast today as there was a storm there Thursday afternoon and there might a little give in the track, we have done our form on a track rating of good, the weather has been fine since with a slight breeze. We think we have pinpointed a couple today DISCIPLINE & STRATEGYare the key. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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