Results – 12 August 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11. h1 Mr Epic 2.h3 Monteux 3.h4 Budget Bender 4.h5 Viva Espana

Monteux 1st sp($2.90)/place$1.60, Mr. Epic 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.50/$4.40, N.S.W.$2.40/$5.50,Qld.$2.60/$5.10

BR21.h10 Pinolino*** 2.h15 Asalwas 3.h2 Brigadier 4.h3 Bronzegate

Pinolino 3rd/$1.60, Brigadier 4th($21)

1.h11 Bonsho 2.h3 Navua Mist 3.h2 Madame Lily 4.h6 Red Handle

Bonsho 1st sp($3)/place/$1.60

BR41.h2 Hardstride 2.h5 Hanwritten 3.h1 Stella Ombra 4.h3 Rocky King

Stella Ombra 1st sp($2.30)/place/$1.20, Hard Stride 4th ($8)

BR51.h5 Bettabet Red 2.h12 Really Reilly 3.h4 Sagamama 4.h6 Cashing Up


BR61.h9 Cornrow 2.h12 Oink 3. h1 Brotherly Secret 4.h2 Lordag

Oink 1st sp($1.90)/place$1.20

BR71.h8 Always Sacred h2. Saipan 3.h3 Tycoon Ace 4. h9 Jack Lancaster

Tycoon Ace 1st sp($20.30)/place$4.90

BR81.h9 Whypeeo 2.h12 Perfect Rain 3.h 14 Felino Bel 4.h17 Proof Perfect

Whypeo 4th ($2.90)

BR91.h4 Magnus Cor 2.h1 Star of Night 3.h5 Sorority Sister 4.h9 Final Zero

Final Zero 2nd/$2.90, Star Of Night 3rd/$1.90

Sydney Races
SR11.h1 Lifesaver 2.h10 Another Sin 3.h6 Never So Sirius 4.h7 Prince Jacko

Another Sin 1st sp(3.30)/place$1.60, Lifesaver 2nd/$1.90, Prince Jacko 3rd/$3.90; Trifecta; Vic.$138.10,N.S.W.$161.60,Qld.$125.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.50/$12.10,N.S.W.$5/$12.80,Qld.$6.30/$9.70

SR21.h5 King Viv 2.h1 Vaucluse Bay 3.h4 Multifacets 4.h2 Zourkhan

King Viv 1st sp ($9.50)/place$2.10, Multifacets 3rd/$2.50

SR31.h3 Centre Pivot*** 2.h1 Classic Uniform 3.h6 Sultan Of Swing 4.h7 Arbeitsam

Arbeitsam 1st sp($1.95)/place$1.20, Classic Uniform 2nd/2.80, Sultan Of Swing3rd/$2.80, Centre Pivot 4th ($31); First Four; Vic.$622.80,N.S.W.$733.50,Qld.$620.80; Trifecta; Vic.$90.40, N.S.W.$91.20,Qld.$79.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.80/$10.30,N.S.W.$10/$14,Qld.$8.70/$12.80

SR41.h7 Sir Plush 2.h4 Badajoz 3.h8 Denpurr 4.h9 Selita

Badajoz 1st sp($3.70)/place$1.50, Selita 3rd/$1.80

SR51.h3 Hogmanay 2.h2 Wild N Famous 3.h6 Dorf Star 4.h7 The Pharoah

The Pharoah 1st sp($2.80)/place$1.30, Hogmanay 2nd/$2.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.60/$14.20, N.S.W.$10.40/$15, Qld.$8.50/$15

SR61.h2 Menari 2.h4 Siege Of Quebec 3.h1 Diamond Tathagata 4.h3 Trekking

menari 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.60, Siege Of Quebec 2nd/$1.60, Trekking 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; Vic.$30.70,N.S.W.$22.70,Qld.$31.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.10/$11.60,N.S.W.$5.10/$10.10, Qld.$4.60/$13.30

SR71.h2 Oxford Poet*** 2.h3 Sarrasin 3.h1 That’s A Good Idea 4.h4 Tom Melbourne

Tom Melbourne 2nd/$1.70

SR81.h1 Hetty Heights 2.h8 Slumber Party 3.h6 Faiths Encore 4.h2 Suspenders

Faith’s Encore 2nd/$1.70

SR91.h4 Special Missile 2.h8 Imanui 3.h6 Nat King Cu 4.h12 Tahsin

Special Missile 1st sp ($2.90)/place$1.50, Nat King Cu 3rd/$2.50, Imanui 4th($3)

Melbourne Races
MR11.h5 Mulk h3 Nistaan3.h1 Peruggia 4.h6 Regal Embrace


MR21.h1 Alrado Junior 2.h3 Master Zephyr 3.h4 Super Haze 4.h2 Kilimanjaro

Master Zephyr 1st sp ($3.60)/place$1.50, Kilimanjaro 2nd/$1.50, Super Haze 4th 9$3.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$4.60/$11.60,N.S.W.$5.70/$11.70,Qld.$5.40/$9.40

MR31.h3 Tried And Tired 2.h1 Tally 3.h2 Sovereign Nation 4.h5 Onerous

Sovereign Nation 1st sp ($2.40)/place$1.60, Tally 2nd/$3.10, Tried And Tired 3rd/(n.t.d.), Onerous 4th ($3.50); First Four; Vic,$79.50,N.S.W.$74.50,Qld.$78.40; Trifecta; Vic.$37.20,N.S.W.$37.90,Qld.$36; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.60/$7.40,N.S.W.$6.10/$8.50,Qld.$7.60/$9

MR41.h3 Riyadh*** 2.h5 Portion Control 3.h11 Jaminzah 4.h7 Mr Gustavo

Jaminzah 1st sp ($4)/place$1.70, Portion Control 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$6.20/$14.30,N.S.W.$6.80/$14.30,Qld.$6.40/$15

MR51.h6 Swampland 2.h2 Samovare 3.h3 Niminypiminy 4.h7 Phoenix Park

Swampland 1st sp ($4.80)/place$1.60, Samovare 2nd/$1.30, Niminypiminy 3rd/$2; Trifecta; Vic.$45.70,N.S.W.$41.30,Qld.$46.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.80/$10.90,N.S.W.$4.60/$11.40,Qld.$4.20/$11.50

MR61.h9 Kilmacurragh 2.h3 Knowable 3.h11 Invictum Domina 4. h12 Shockaholic

Invictum Domina 3rd/$1.90

MR71.h1 Hey Doc*** 2.h2 Iam A Star 3.h5 Flippant 4.h7 Cannyescent

Hey Doc 1st sp ($5.60)/place$2, Cannyescent 2nd/$1.60, I Am A Star 4th ($5.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$9.20/$23.90,N.S.W.$9.40/$21.70,Qld.$8.50/$29.80

MR81.h16 Alward 2.h1 Crocodile Rock 3.h5 Electric Fusion 4.h9 Galaxy Raider

Alward 1st sp ($5.50)/place$2, Electric Fusion 2nd/$9.50, Crocodile Rock 3rd/$1.60, Galaxy Raider 4th ($4.50); First Four; Vic.$2.885.40,N.S.W.$2.768,Qld.$2.665.40; Trifecta; Vic.$911.50,N.S.W.$913.60,Qld.$713.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$137.10/$198.70,N.S.W.$120.70/$168.60,Qld.$137.10/$134.30

MR91.h7 Rocket Tommy*** 2.h8 Orujo 3.h10 Runson (4.h1 Gun Case h14 Seattle Boom)

Orujo 4th ($15)

BR2 H10 Pinolino, MR7 H1 Hey Doc,M R 9 H7 Rocket Tommy

Pinolino; 3rd ($3.50); had a great run behind the leaders made a dash at them along the fence but her run peaked at the 100m. Held on for third every chance.

Hey Doc; FIRST ($7-$5.50); As we said in our preview this fellow is classy, they bought the fight to him and he dug deep just like a good horse should. He will be winning better races but remember he likes to race on the fresh side.

Rocket Tommy; 7th ($5-$6.5) the grey dwelt at the start and that was game over, this horse loves to lead and once cluttered he was never a real chance, ran to the line well to be beaten 2.1L another chance for sure.

 MR4 H3 Riyadh, R7 H2 Oxford Poet

Riyadh; 6th ($6-$8.50); made up some ground to be beaten 2.5L but realistically never a chance.

Oxford Poet; 9th ($9-$13); had a beaut run in front as soon as heads were turned for home he gave up,disappointing

S R 3 H2 Centre Pivot

Centre Pivot; 4th($29-$31); got beaten a long way but did help us get a nice first four in the smallish field, he got caught three wide at the back so Shinn took him forward to sit up outside the leader (only option) 

Great weekend all round for players, once again OUR BEST delivered with a great result HEY DOC saluting at $5.50, three first fours Rosehill race 3 $733.50, Flemington race 8 $2,885.40 and a small one $79.50, 6 Trifectas Flemington race 8 $911.50, Rosehill race 1 $138.10 & 4 smaller ones, also eleven Quinellas/Exactas. There were 18 winners in our top four selections with 7 on top successful plus two small early quaddies Sydney $331.30 & Melbourne $186.80 making for a successful day all round. Sir Plush forget he went around I have no idea WHAT WAS HE DOING BACK THERE, anyway that’s racing. Remember DISCIPLINE & STRATEGY are the key. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all.  

Brisbane Track Good, Sydney Track Good and Melbourne Track Good; Our Best; Doomben race 2 Pinolino($3.40) this mare is drawn to get the gun run here, she drops 1.5 kgs on her last run when beaten a long head in the same class and meets the winner of that race 3kgs better here. Price is a little short but we reallly like her chances. Flemington race7 Hey Doc($7) this horse is classy and he will be winning better races than this, He is a pistol fresh and whilst he likes it a little longer he will sprint well fresh. Super hard to hold out Flemington race 9 Rocket Tommy($5) he is a fast horse and we expect the grey to lead again, this bloke loves the straight. Ollie shoud have a trouble free run, provided he has come back from a bleed he should be too fast for these. Best Eachway; Flemington race 4 Riyadh($6) this horse is in super form, he has won three on the trot but we think he has one more in him,loves the track and the distance is perfect for him. He gets a long way back but makes a sustained run to be in within striking distance at the 200m, he has been placed to perfection. Rosehill race 7 Oxford Poet($9) we know , he only beat Inz ‘N’Out last start at Doomben but Waugh has placed him to perfection here, brought him back against horses that are just getting started on their campaigns with 58.5kgs, we expect him to be solid at the finish again. Best Longshot; we haven‘t had one for a while but at Rosehill Centre Pivot($29), whilst his last run looks ordinary we seem to think he got too far back and when pulled out (widest) he was definitely in the wrong part of the track. He loves this track and distance and does race well into a prep.One we don’t have in our best but think will race well is Cornrow($6.50) at Doomben he is very well weighted here with 54.5kgs dropping a whopping 5 kegs on his last win, he is not the most consistent conveyance but this time in is having a crack, we think he will be there when the whips are cracking today. I won’t say it , yes I will another cracking day here in Queensland with big fields at Doomben and plenty of action in all states. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD lUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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