Results 4thAugust 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11. h2 Arrestar 2. h1 Diomedes 3. h3 Lady Lark 4. h4 Real Princess

Arrestar 1st sp($5)/place$1.90, Lady Lark 2nd/$2, Diomedes 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta; Vic.$90.90,N.S.W.$103.30,Qld.$80.80; Q/Ex;Vic.$12.10/$21.90,N.S.W.$13/$26.10,Qld.$10.30/$29.80

BR21. h2 Loving Home 2. h4 Viva Espana 3. h6 Stanley 4. h3 Devil Hawk

Devil Hawk 1st sp($8.50)/place$3.10, Stanley 2nd/$2.20, Loving Home 3rd/ (n.t.d.); Trifecta; Vic.$77.10,N.S.W.$48.40,Qld.$42.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.20/$40.80,N.S.W.$18/$41.10,Qld.$16.80/$28.40

BR31. h5 Skillful 2. h7 Moonlight Dancer 3. h8 Chloe’s Comet 4. h3 Comacina

Chloe’s Comet 2nd/$2.10, Skilful 3rd/ (n.t.d.), Comacina 4th($7)

BR41. h2 Star Reflection 2. h7 Fleur DÓrage 3. h6 Shoreline 4. h4 Rosie Posie

Rosie Posie 1st sp($6.50)/place$2

BR51.h5 Pindarn Pearl 2. h2 Sheiswhatsheis 3. h3 Allknight Saint 4. h7 Glendara

Sheiswhatsheis 1st sp($2.90)/place$1.60, Pindan Pearl 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.70/$7.10,N.S.W.$3.40/$9.10,Qld.$3.80/$7.50

BR61. h10 High Degrees 2. h7 Brocson 3. h15 Gypsy Miss 4. h5 Little Wealth

Gypsy Miss 2nd/$1.80, Brocson 3rd/$3.10, High Degree 4th($5.50)

BR71.h7 Alassak 2. h4 Mishani Sleuth 3. h1 Marksfield 4. h6 Rolling Roman

Alassak 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.70, Mishani Sleuth 2nd/$1.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.20/$10.60,N.S.W.$4.30/$11.60,Qld.$4.10/$11.30

BR81. h5 Song One 2. h7 Ignite The World 3.10 Manias 4. h2 Impregnable

Manias 3rd/$1.90, Impregnable 4th($16)

BR91. h7 Tumbler 2. h3 Irish Constabulary 3. h6 Sunny Victory 4. h9 Trevinder

Tumbler 2nd (0.2L)/ $2, Trevinder 3rd/$2.60

Sydney Races
SR11. h1 The Mighty Fed 2. h2 Brave Song 3. 5 Shogun Sun 4. h3 Wild Heart

Shogun Sun 1st sp($21)/ place$5.20, Wild Heart 4th($9)

SR21. h1 Miss Dubois 2. h3 Diapason 3. h5 La Chica Bella 4. h4 Long Time Ago

Miss Dubois 2nd(1.3L)/$3, Diapason 3rd/$1.80

SR31.h3 Francesco 2. h5 King Darci 3. h8 Imperator Augustus 4. h6 Zaukonig

King Darci 1st sp($3.40)/place$1.50, Imperator Augustus 2nd/$1.90, Francesco 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$38.30,N.S.W.$30.40,Qld.$26.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.50/$9.40,N.S.W.$6.10/$9.80,Qld.$5.50/$9.40

SR4 1.h4 Gitan 2 h2 Care To Think 3. h3 Super Star Bob 4. h9 Magic Arli

Care To Think 1st sp($2)/place$1.40, Super Star Bob was a scratching

SR5 1. h3 Sayed 2. h4 Vassal 3. h10 Ashlee Marie 4. h12 Go Benny

Sayed 1st sp($4.60)/place$2, Go Benny 3rd/$2

SR61.h2 Invincible Knight 2. h1 So Willie 3. h6 Zayam 4. h8 Admiral Jello

Admiral Jello 2nd/$2, Invincible Knight 4th($3.80)

SR71. h1 Le Romain 2. h2 Jungle Edge 3. h3 The Monstar 4. h7 Tycoon Tara

Le Romain 2nd(1.3L)/$1.30, The Monstar 3rd/$2

SR81.h13 Cudabeen 2. h7 Salerno 3. h2 Sangiovese 4. h3 Tango Rain,h6 Lion Couchant

Sangiovese 1st sp($11)/place$3, Tango Rain 3rd/$1.90

SR9 1. h5 Last Witness 2. h7 Denarius 3. h6 Mana 4. h10 Spending To Win, h8 Star Crossed

Mana 1st sp($15.40)/ place$4.40, Denarius 4th($16)

Melbourne Races
MR11.h1 Azazel 2. h2 Wait For No One 3. h4 Indian Thunder 4. h3 Cao Cao

Azazel 1st sp($5.10)/place$1.70, Wait For No One 2nd/$1.90, Cao Cao 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.58.40,N.S.W.$55.40,Qld.$51.90; Q/Ex; Vic. $10/$15.80, N.S.W.$10.90/$15.20,Qld.$9.90/$28.60;

MR21. h7 Whyouask 2. h1 Hell Or Highwater 3. h2 Dulverton 4. h8 Mulinello

Hell Or Highwater 1st sp($6)/place$1.90, Dulverton 2nd?$1.50, Whyouask 4th($4.80); Q/Ex; Vic.$6.90/$14.60,N.S.W.$7.70/$18.80,Qld.$7.30/$23.50

MR3 1. h1 Madeenaty 2. h2 Chateau Giffo 3. h9 Watchmespin 4. h3 Crown Witness

Crown Witness 1st sp($3.50)/place$1.40, Madeenaty 2nd(0.5L)/$1.30, Chateau Griffo 3rd/1.50; Trifecta; Vic.$18,N.S.W.$17.30,Qld.$20.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.30/$10.20,N.S.W.$5.30/$8.40,Qld.$5.40/$12.10

MR41h1 Bondi Beach 2. h2 Killarney Kd 3. h5 Aloft 4. h4 Second Bullet

Aloft 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.90, Second Bullet 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.70/$20,N.S.W.$10.10/$19.90,Qld.$9.80/$20.70

MR51. h3 Playmaster 2. h7 Nikitas 3. h8 Kirani 4. h6 Lord Von Costa

Lord Von Costa 2nd/$2.70, Playmaster 4th($11)

MR6 1. h7 Yogi 2.h13 Kawabata 3. h11 Cismontane 4. h5 Xebec

Yogi 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.60, Kawabata 3rd/$3.10, Xebec 4th ($16)

MR7 1. h4 Andrea Mantegna 2. h13 Rebellious Lord 3. h12 Jaminzah 4. h15 Praesentia

Jaminzah 1st sp($7)/place$2.30, Rebellious Lord 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$13/$30.70,N.S.W.$12.40/$29.70, Qld.$12.70/$27.20

MR81.h11 Show A Star 2. h2 Amavatio 3. h3 Foundation 4. h1 Amralah

Amavatio 2nd/$1.80

MR9 1. h12 Portman 2. h17 Sin To Win 3. h6 Rich Luck 4. h16 Electric Fusion

Sin To Win 3rd/$2.10, Rich Luck was a late scratching

MR101. h3 Spanish Reef 2. h7 Shadow Prince 3. h12 Summer Glen 4. h10 Seattle Park

Spanish Reef 2nd(0.4L)/$1.90, Summer Glen 3rd/$4.40

BR7 H7 Alassak, SR3 H3 Francesco, MR10 H3 Spanish Reef

Alassak; ($4.80) First; he jumped straight to the front and led all the way for a very gutsy win, a very satisfying result for all; GOUGUDTHING!

Francesco; ($5.50) third; he definitely got further back than we thought he would but ran on fairly for a game 3rd $1.90 place.

Spanish Reef; ($4.50) second; they decided to ride her in front from gate 9 seemed to be going to plan until the last 50 when Eureka Street collared her, to her credit she battled on strongly for 2nd. The distance just ashade too far maybe? $1.90 place.

BR 6 H2 Endless Puzzle (scr), SR 8 H13 Cudabeen

Cudabeen; ($7) unplaced; very disappointing did nothing, just a fresh horse perhaps.


Another great result for  our BEST  yesterday with Alassak saluting at the good odds of $4.80, we had 17 winners in our top four selections once again , with some very good priced winners amongst them, so with all the multis available these days along with bundle betting followers should be achieving some great results, week in week out we achieve great results. Remember if your a serious player backing one horse per race is not the go, that is why we are always searching for those longer priced horses in our top four. Anyway as we have said those that strictly follow our best should be having some great results.  Remember“DISCIPLINE PLUS STRATEGY”  is the key. Thought Portman was very disappointing at Flemington, Forget Tycoon Tara ever went around , missed the kick end of story and we can forgive Tumbler also missed the start just nosed out, we will be sticking with her next outing. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK”to all.

Doomben Track Good; Randwick Track Soft; Flemington Track Good; Best Bets; Doomben race 7 Alassak($4.80) this horse has had 4 runs back for zip, but his first three runs were on soft tracks which he detests and last start sat 3 and 4 deep the entire race he was entitled to run last. He fought on to finish only 3L from Care To Think, drops 2.5kegs on that run with even luck he will be fighting out the finish. Randwick race 3 Francesco($5.50) 4th run in should be cherry ripe for this. He loves wet conditions and tends to race best well into his prep, drops in class here but having said that ,this is a strong BM81 enhancing his odds. Flemington race 10 Spanish Reef($4.40) this is one of the races abandoned from last weeks Caulfield meeting we had her as a best bet then, we see no reason to change here she likes this track in actual fact this will probably suit her better, she has improved so much this prep and with 54kgs we expect her to win again, she can handle all conditions(showers are forecast today). Doomben race 6 Endless Puzzle($15) we think this race is light on legitimate chances, this bloke could lead this field and if he does it might just be game over.With 56.5kgs he is well in and has raced well here in the past, we expect him to be there when the whips are cracking (has been scratched we will save him for another day). Super hard to find our best this week but think we have nailed a couple to keep our strike rate in tact. Remember the Bletchingly is being run tomorrow at Sandown and we had Duke Of Brunswick on top and he is even a better chance at this venue on a softish track and is at the good odds of $12, he will run a cracking race. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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