Results – 29 July 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Naranja 2.h7 Deitch 3. h15 Finnomony 4. h4 Really Reilly

Finnomony 2nd(0.1L)/$12.10, Deitch 3rd/$1.90

BR21. h7 Proof Perfect 2.h2 Snitz 3.h10 Felino Bel 4.h9 Black Mink

Snitz 4th($5.50)

BR31. h4 Live Fast 2.h2 Saipan 3.h1 Misery 4.h8 Nardoo

Misery 2nd(0.2L)/$1.50, Saipan 4th($7)

BR41.h2 Mr Epic 2.h4 Monteux 3.h6 King Viv 4.h11 Brigadier

Mr. Epic 1st$3/place$1.50, King Viv 2nd/$2, Monteux 3rd/$3.10; Trifecta Vic.$91.80, N.S.W.$85.50, Qld.$95; Q/Ex; Vic $6.50/$10.90, N.S.W.$5.70/$9.20, Qld.$7.20/$14

BR51.h8 Pinolino 2.h19 Ingeegoodbe 3.h2 Lascar 4. h15 Sweet Adeline

Ingeegoodbe 1st sp($13.50)/place$4.20, Pinolino 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$17/$58.30, N.S.W.$16.30/$45.90, Qld.$15/$40.30

BR61.h3 Real Mystique 2.h5 Rhyming 3.h2 Heart Skipt A Beat 4.h6 Sharpamal

Sharpamal 2nd/$3, Rhyming 4th($3)

BR71.h1 Eat My Trust 2.h5 Reset Me I’m Wild 3.h7 Meet And Greet 4.h4 Natural Black

Meet And Greet 1st sp($3.90))/place$1.70, Natural Black 3rd/$2.60

BR81.h1 Oxford Poet 2.h5 Ruling Force 3.h7 Punta Norte 4.h3 Steel Zip

Oxford Poet 1st sp($3.90)/place$1.70

BR91.h2 Oink 2.h1 Prioritise 3.h16 Legadema 4.h9 French Jet

Prioritise 1st sp($2.70)/place$1.50, Oink 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.70/$5.70, N.S.W.$2.70/$5.20,Qld.$2.50/$4.30

BR101.h5 Espritu 2.h17 Blackslapper 3.h16 Sorority Sister (4.h14 Magnus Cor h19 Neptune Palace)

Neptune Palace 2nd (0.3L)/$2.60, Sorority Sister 4th($51)

Sydney Races
SR11.h4 D’Argento 2.h2 Condor 3.h3 Hostwin Meraki 4.h9 Lets Get Nauti Girl

D’Argento 1ST sp($1.75)/place$1.20

SR21.h4 Clear The Beach 2.h8 Rockafella 3.h3 Wide Acclaim 4.h5 Parker’s Piece

Clear The Beach 1st sp($3.90)/place$1.60, Wide Acclaim 4th($10)

SR31.h1 Arbeitsam 2.h2 Insensata 3.h3 Cosmic Engine 4.h7 Reach For The Heaven

Arbeitsam ist sp($4.30)/place$1.50, Reach For Heaven 3rd/$1.60, Cosmic Engine 4th($8.50

SR41.h8 Prada Miss 2.h3 Force Of Magic 3. h7 Jackknife 4.h14 Chandana

Prada Miss 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.90

SR51 h3 Suspenders 2.h 3.h2 Faith’s Encore 3. h7 Lady Chalfont 4.h12 Miss Parkin

Suspenders 1st sp($9.20)/place$3.10, Faith’s Encore 3rd/$1.90
EARLY QUADDIE; Clear The Beach/ Arbeitsam/ Prada Miss/ Suspenders $708

SR61.h6 Zourkhan 2.h13 Vaucluse Bay 3.h8 Life O Brian 4.h2 Encosta Line

Vaucluse Bay 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.90, Life Ó’Brien 3rd/$1.80

SR71.h3 Centre Pivot 2.h5 Shiraz 3.h1 Gold Symphony 4.h4 Classic Uniform

Shiraz 1st sp($7.80)/place$2.50, Classic Uniform 2nd/$2.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$19.80/$41, N.S.W.$22.70/$51.60,Qld.$19.40/$36.40

SR81.h3 Embley 2.h8 Hetty Heights 3.h6 Wild ‘N’Famous 4.h10 Richard The First

Wild ‘N’Famous 2nd/$1.90 (beaten on protest), Hetty Heights 3rd/$2.80

SR91.h5 Philosophy 2.h12 Long Time Ago 3.h10 Queen Misty 4. h2 Violent Snow, h4 Reiby Rampart

Philosophy 1st sp($6.10)/place$2.50,

Melbourne Races
MR11.h3 Sullivan Bay 2.h2 Forgeress 3.h6 Devine Chills 4.h1 Rocket Commnader

Divine Chills 2nd (0.1L)/$1.60, Sullivan Bay 3rd (0.3L)/$1.40, Rocket Commander 4th($5.50)

MR21.h8 Kiwia 2.h10 Hot Ruby 3.h2 Sammy The Snake 4.h1 Charlevoix

Kiwia 1st sp($1.90)/place$1.30

MR31.h1 Nistaan 2.h9 Lui Bei 3.h3 Mulk 4.h6 Confluence

Confluence 2nd (2.3L)/$5, Mulk 3rd/$2.40, Nistaan 4th($2.60)

MR41.h1 Oberland 2.h2 Danuki 3.h13 Saint Valorem 4.h9 Squeaky Squirrel

Saint Valorem 1st sp($9)place$2.90

MR51.h4 Spanish Reef 2.h1 Alloutfolove 3.h14 Eurka Street 4.h8 Shadow Prince
MR61.h8 Mandee 2.h5 Ifnotnowwhen 3.h4 Abriola (4.hORachael h12 Nil Desperandum)
MR71.h2 Nikitas 2.h3 Revolving Door 3.h10 Iron Machine 4.h6 Engiman
MR81.h8 Duke Of Brunswick 2.h7 Supido 3.h12 Ability 4.h2 Keen Array
MR91.h11 Cosmics Lights 2.h5 Portion Control 3. h1 Lucky Paddy 4.h8 Mr Gustavo


MR1 H3 Sullivan Bay, SR2 H4 Clear The Beach, MR5 H4 Spanish Reef, BR8 H1 Oxford Poet

Sullivan Bay; 3rd ($3.30- $3.50) She went straight to the front but pestered the entire trip by Stylemaker which in turn dropped off to run last, she did well to hang on and go down in a three way photo.

Clear The Beach; FIRST (3.40-$3.90) STRAIGHT TO THE FRONT AND FOUGHT ON WHEN CHALLENGED FOR A GUTSY WIN . He does relish the 1100m.



 SR7 H3 Centre Pivot, SR8 H3 Embley                                                                                           >Centre Pivot; ($18 – $21) unplaced (4.9L) settled at rear made a run at them out wide entering the straight, but seemed to labour, not convinced they were making ground today.                                                                                                                   >Embley; ($10-$6.50) unplaced (2.6L) also settled well back made ground steadily in the straight to finish just behind the placegetters, next time?

NIL.                                                                                                                                                          >Suspenders ($9) also delivered for us at very nice odds, we highlighted how unlucky she was at her previous start and should be followed next start. We had a great day Saturday with many winners 15 all up in our top four with 9 on top successful(from 23 races). A big day at Rosehill with 6 on top selections saluting from nine races and securing the early quaddie $708. Our Best bets once again delivered with both Clear The Beach ($3.90)/ Oxford Poet ($5.50 – $3.90) successful and Sullivan Bay caught near the line for a gallant third. The best of players are having a field day of late, this is what our site is all about finding winners for players without any outside influence, it is bloody hard work but a passion nevertheless. We take a lot of pride in the results we have achieved over the last twelve months , like a good red wine we just keep getting better. Remember the last 5 races at Caulfield were abandoned and assuming they run these we would keep the same tips provided the track conditions don’t change. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

Rosehill Good track (rail true),Caulfield Good track (rail 5m), Brisbane Good track (rail true); Best Bets; Caulfield race 1 Sullivan Bay($3.30) she will go straight to the front, Forgeress will probably sit on her hammer again but a nice little 1.5 kilo turnaround in the weights should be enough to swing it in her favour. Rosehill race 2 Clear The Beach($3.40) back to 1100m today, he should lead or be right on the leaders hammer here, clearly the one to beat. Caulfield race 5 Spanish Reef($4.50) drops to 53.5kgs today, she was spanked at her only start this distance(2nd beaten 4.5l) but she is a different filly this time in and will need a little luck going forward from gate 10, as she likes to race up on the pace, this should see her in the finish. Doomben race 8 Oxford Poet($5.50) we think this bloke is our best for the day, he isn’t harshly treated at the weights(58.5) and from his gate(2) should get a beaut run, he has had three goes at the actual trip for one third, but has won at 1400m, we think he is better than this field. Super hard to beat. Rosehill race 7 Centre Pivot($18) this horse ticks a lot of boxes here 3rd up, track and distance and not harshly treated at the weights, J.Ford knows how to get a horse home in the better races. Rosehill race 8 Embley($10) if he starts at this price we will be very surprised a great run first up and goes just as well second up. Distance no problems, runs his best races when ridden up on the pace, if McEvoy can get him into a good spot it just might be game over. Remember Suspenders last start how unlucky she was, she is better with some give in the track but there is a lot of pace in this race and even with 60.5 kegs she might run over them. Another super tough day with 28 races to get through, we think we have nailed a couple of nice plays here. Last week we produced some great exotic results lets hope that trend continues today. Another cracking day here in Queensland with ten races at Doomben, Lankan Rupee back today, we have left him out of our four today but he will be winning soon. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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