Results – 22 July 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h3 Arrestar 2. h4 Snapchat Girl 3. h1 Diomedes 4. h Meyiwa Hitam Mawar

Snapchat Girl 1ST sp($4.20)/place$1.90, Arrestar 3RD/$2.60

B R 2 1. h6 Brilliant Jet 2. h9 Viva Espana 3. h3 I Feel Good 4. h14 McGill

Brilliant Jet 3RD/$240

B R 3 1. h2 Calligrapher 2. h6 Hingis Rose 3. h3 Excelebrazione 4. h18 Umberto

Hingis Rose 1ST sp($9.20)/place$2.20, Umberto 2ND/$2.40, Calligrapher 3RD/$2.30, Excelebrazione 4TH($2.70); First Four; Vic.$1,712.10,N.S.W.$1,482.30,Qld.$1,143.20; Trifecta; Vic.$567.30,N.S.W.$663.30,Qld.$494.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$39.40/$74.90,N.S.W.$28.40/$81.10,Qld.$36.70/$66.80

B R 4 1.h7 Khalama 2. h1 Trevinder 3. h6 Powerful Saga 4. h13 Bonsho

Khalama 1ST sp($2.40)/place$1.40, Powerful Saga 2ND/$2.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.50/10.10,N.S.W.$6/$9.90,Qld.$5.50/$8.40

B R 5 1. h1 Backslapper 2. h8 Pinch Mountain 3. h12 Magic Diamond 4. h14 Lady Cromac

Backslapper 1ST sp($2.50)/place$1.30, Lady Cromac 3RD/$3.30, Magic Diamond 4TH($3.50)

B R 6 1. h2 Flamboyer 2. h3 Frespanol 3. h6 Primal Flight 4. h4 Irish Constabulary

Irish Constabulary 4TH($4)

B R 7 1. h5 Cruising Speed 2. h2 Sheiswhatsheis 3. h3 Crack Me Up 4. h8 Glendara

Crack Me Up 1ST sp($4.20)/place$1.80, Cruising Speed 2ND/$3.20), Glendara 4TH($21); Q/Ex; Vic.$23.90/$26.30,N.S.W.$23.20/$40.50,Qld.$25.60/$44.20

B R 8 1.***h12 Shipwrecked 2. h1 Marksfield 3. h4 Monster Of Energy (4. h6 Yaba Dabl Doya h9 Jackpot)

Yaba Dabl Doya 2ND/$4.10, MonsterOf Energy 3RD/$2.10

B R 91.*** h1 Alassak 2. h3 Raja Ampat 3. h4 Care To Think (4. h14 Victory Downs h2 Prioritise)

Care To Think 1ST sp($2.70)/place$1.70, Prioritise 4TH($3.80)

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h4 Colosimo 2. h1 Dracarys 3. h2 Assimilate 4. h3 Commanding Witness
Assimilate 1ST sp($4.20)/place$2.50, Dracarys 2ND/$2.40, Commanding Witness 4th($3.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$7/$19.10,N.S.W.$9.80/$22,Qld.$10.30/$32.40
S R 2 1. *** h7 Salesman 2. h1 Nic’s Vendetta 3. h6 Poor Corner 4 h10 Magic Arli
Poor Corner 3RD/$10.10
S R 3 1.*** h7 Clipper 2. h4 Sangiovese 3. h1 Memes 4. h 3 Secret Trail
Memes 1ST sp($4.20)/place$1.60, Clipper 2ND/$1.40, Sangioves 3RD/$3.40, Secret Trail 4TH($15); First Four; Vic.$520.60, N.S.W.$514,Qld.$499.60; Trifecta; Vic.$87.30, N.S.W.$84.10,Qld.$72.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.30/$8.70,N.S.W.$3.20/$8.60,Qld.$3.80/$10.30
S R 4 1. h6 Salerno 2. h5 Super Too 3. h9 Cudabeen 4. h1 Pro Consol

Salerno 1ST sp($31)/place$5.60, Cudabeen 2ND/$1.70, Pro Consul 3RD/$4.80; Trifecta Vic.$2,376.80,N.S.W.$2,375, Qld.$2,423.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$81.80/$235.40,N.S.W.$86.60/$249.50, Qld.$85.40/$231.50

S R 51. h2 Spending To Win 2. h10 Chatuchak 3. h8 Super Star Bob 4. h11 Aquatic

Spending To Win 2ND/$1.50, Chatachuk 3rd (n.t.d.), Aquatic 4TH(4.50)

S R 6 1. h1 Sound Propostion 2. h9 Loophole 3. h3 Man Of His Word 4. h10 Avroson

Sound Proposition 1ST sp($3.50)/place$1.60

S R 7 1. h5 Kudero 2. h1 That’s A Good Idea 3. h2 Felines 4. h4 Reldas

Felines 3RD (N.T.D.), Kudero 4TH ($4.50)

S R 8 1. h7 Torpenhow 2. h6 Bolero King 3. h8 Kings Of Leon 4. h5 Last Witness

Kings Of Leon 1ST sp($1.90)/place$1.20, Last Witness 2ND/$3, Torphenhow 3RD/$2.10; Trifecta; Vic.$121, N.S.W.$133.90,Qld.$137.60; Q/Ex; ViC.$18.40/$25.70, N.S.W.$17.40/$17.70, Qld.16.90/$30.80

S R 9 1. h9 Muraqaba 2. h15 Steyne 3. h6 Pelethronius (4. h3 Invincible Knight h7 Admiral Jello

Pelethronius 1ST sp($7.70)/place$2.50, Invincible Knight 2ND/$2.70, Admiral Jello 4TH($9); Q/Ex; Vic.$24.30/$58, N.S.W.$28.70/$67.20, Qld.$30.50/$55.50

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h3 Electric Fusion 2. h5 Gervais 3. h2 Erediyn 4. h1 Riyadh

Riyadh 1ST sp($13)/place$3, Electric Fusion D.H.2ND/$4.70, Gervais D.H.2ND/$2.20; Trifectas; Vic.$355.70/$329.30, N.S.W.$307.20/$384.70, Qld.$405.20/$341.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$48.80,$9.90/$92.10,$36.10, N.S.W.$44.70,$10.30/$70.30,$27, Qld.$49.40,$13.50/$66.30,25.90

M R 2 1. h1 Hell or Highway 2. h6 Diapason 3. h5 Sea The Sparkle 4. h3 Dulverton

Dulverton 1ST sp($5.70)/place$3.10, Diapason 2ND/$2, Hell Or Highwater 3RD (n.t.d.); Trifecta; Vic.$65.80, N.S.W.$76.90,Qld.$79.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.90/$18.40, N.S.W.$9.20/$21.60, Qld.$7.90/$19.40

M R 3 1. h4 Anchor Bid 2. h3 St Vaduz 3. h1 Antipas 4. h6 Wanted Harmony

Anchor Bid 1ST sp($1.40)/place$1.04), St. Valduz 4TH($11)

M R 4 1. h1 Del Prado 2. h4 Ken’s Dream 3. h8 Portman 4. h3 Eximius

Portman 1ST sp($2.05)/place$1.20

M R 5 1.*** h6 Lovani 2. h7 Ruby Sea 3. h2 Jaminzah 4. h3 Atlantic Fox

Lovani 1ST sp($8)/place$2.70, Jaminzah 2ND/$4; Q/Ex; Vic.$69.80/$130.40, N.S.W.$66.20/$94, Qld.$73.60/$87

EARLY QUADDIE; Dulverton/ Anchor Bid/ Portman/ Lovani….. $177

M R 6 1. h2 Ruettiger 2. h1 Mighty Like 3. h4 Moss ‘N’ Dale (4. h8 Divine Mr Artie h11 Kirani)

Kirani 2ND/$7.20, Divine Mr Artie 3RD/$1.40

M R 7 1. h1 Killarney Kid 2. h4 Kilimanjaro 3. h2 Extra Zero (4. h3 Loresho h8 Pacodali)

Pacodali 1ST sp($4.70)/place$1.80, Killarney Kid 3RD/$2.80, Extra Zero 4TH($12)

M R 8 1. h2 Invictum Domina 2. h10 Special Diva 3. h11 Good Oh 4. h3 Zolani

invictum Domina 4th($6)

M R 9 1.*** h4 Knowable 2. h2 Highland Beat 3. h11 Tahi 4. h3 Invincible Al

Tahi 2ND/$2

 SR3 H7 Clipper, BR8 H12 Shipwrecked, MR5 H6 Lovani, MR9 H4 Knowable

Clipper; 2nd ($3.30)  she ran very well as usual, Memes just a little too strong on the day

Shipwreccked; 7th($6) just an honest run had every possible chance

Lovani; FIRST($8) this filly delivered in bucket loads, she pounced on the lead at the start and toughed it out to the finish. Why she blew in the betting is beyond us ($4- $8) but THANKYOU, FOLLOWERS HAD ANOTHER WINNING DAY.

Knowable; 8th($5) did he handle the straight or not? Williams had him there at the distance but he didn’t go on with it

 SR2 H7 Salesman, BR9 H1 Alassak

Salesman; 7th($7.50) just forget this horse went around on Saturday, he was never going to win being that far back in the run, we will be following him up.

Alassak;($16)  it is hard enough to win even when a horse gets a gun run, but it is impossible when pratted three deep the entire trip, he had the audacity to finish 6th (3.25L) from the winner. We are giving this horse another try but only on a good surface, as we stated he hates moisture.


Horsebuck$ followers had a great weekend with some nice exotics including two first fours, seven trifectas and 12 quinellas plus another winner in our best bets section Lovani ($8) to follow up on Sagamamma ($5) from last week. Eighteen winners in our top four selections and a massive result with Salerno saluting at ($31) our on top selection, also the trifecta in this race $2,423.90 a handsome divi. indeed. Should have been smiles allround but remember DISCIPLINE is the key. On that note have a great week and GOOD LUCK to all. HORSEBUCK$

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