Results 8th July 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h2 Ilovevegas 2.h3 Naked 3. h5 Rancho Montoya 4. h7 Real Princess

Ilovevegas 1st SP($9)/place$2.60, Rancho Montoya 2nd/$1.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.10/$22.30, N.S.W.$7.40/$22.10, Qld.$6.60/$25.80

B R 2 1. h11 Bonsho 2. h7 Khalama 3. h2 Song One 4. h9 King’s Legend

Khalama 1st SP($6.80/place$2.40, Song One 2nd/$2.80, Bonsho 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; Vic.$212.50, N.S.W.$223.90,Qld.$179.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$25.80/$43.80,N.S.W.$27.10/$55.90,Qld.$29.60/$44.30

B R 3 1. h2 She’s Our Star 2. h5 Darktown Strutter 3. h1 Legadema 4. h4 Wonder Boom

She’s A Star 1st SP($5.90)/place$1.90

B R 4 1. h2 Anymore 2. h1 Loving Home 3. h10 Brigadier 4. h9 Rogali

Brigadier 3rd/$5.60

B R 5 1. h2 Mr. Epic 2. h4 Sheiswhatsheis 3. h 7 William Wallace 4. h 9 Fuerza

Sheiswhatsheis 1st SP($3.90)/place/$1.70, Mr. Epic 3rd/$1.60, William Wallace 4th($4.30)

B R 6 1.h1 Irish Constabulary 2. h5 El Sasso 3.h 7 Counter Meal 4. h 8 Taillevent ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Irish Constabulary 1st SP($3)/place$1.40, Taillevent 2nd/$2.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$14.80/$19.40,N.S.W.$13.70/$19.30,Qld.$12.40/$21.20

B R 7 1. h 4 Better Land 2. h6 Monster Of Energy 3. h7 Neuschwanstein 4. h10 Bushy ( SECONDLEG QUADDIE)

Bushy 1st SP($9)/place$2.70

B R 8 1. h 5 Cruising Speed 2. h9 Abohar 3. h 6 Queen Of Wands 4. h 12 Madame De Ban ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Albohar 1st SP($5.20)/place$2.20

B R 91. h 14 Runway Ready 2. h 3 Eat My Trust 3. h4 Nicconi Leggera 4. h 1 I’m A Ripper ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Eat My Trust 1st SP($6.10)/place$2.50; Quaddie; Qld. $1009.70; Treble; Qld.$340..40

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h9 Manicure 2. h 1 Lipizzan 3. h 7 Star Galaxy 4. h 2 Wild Heart

Manicure 1st SP($18)/place$3.40, Wild Heart 4th($13)

S R 2 1. h1 Pioneering 2. h 4 Philosophy 3. h 2 Yuma Desert 4. h 7 Noire

Philosophy 4th($4.30)

S R 3 1. h 4 El Novio 2. h1 Collateral 3. h 5 Epsom Hill 4. h 2 Sayed

Sayed 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.50, ElNovio 3rd$2.50, Collateral 4th($4.50)

S R 4 1. h 2 Ghostly 2. h 1 Cosmic Engine 3. h 3 Arbeitsam 4. h 8 Aquatic

Arbeitsam 1st SP($4.40)/place$1.80, Aquatic 2nd$3.10, Q/Ex; Vic.$23.90/$38.90,N.S.W.$24.30/$40.90,Qld.$22.20/$36.30

S R 51.h 4 Marco Man 2. h 1 Nic’s Vendetta 3. h 2 Suncraze 4. h 7 Sonic Girl

Nic’s Vendetta 1st SP($9.20)/plac$2.20, Suncraze 2nd$1.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$5.40/$16.20,N.S.W.$5.10/$15.40,Qld.$5.80/$25.70

S R 6 1. h 10 Launch Code 2. h7 Suspenders 3. h 13 Difficult To Get 4. h 15 Once Your A Lady ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Difficult To Get 4th(13)

S R 7 1. h 4 So Willie 2. h7 Gold Ambition 3. h 6 Zayam 4. h 5 Olympic Academy (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

So Willie 2nd$2.70, Gold Ambition 3rd(n.t.d.)

S R 8 1. h 4 Sangiovese 2. h 2 Your Way 3. h 7 Hot Hit 4. h 8 Isorich (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Isorich 1st SP($16)/place$3.40, Hot Hit 3rd$2.40

S R 9 1. h 8 Meiner Freccia 2. h 1 Hollywood Bound 3. h 5 Spy Decoder 4. h 14 Nonpareil, h9 Imanui (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Imanui 3rd$2.10

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h 9 Spanish Reef 2. h 4 Ruby Sea 3. h 3 Alma’s Rossa 4. h 12 Niccodame

Spanish Reef 1st SP($7.50)/place$2.30, Ruby Sea 2nd$1.40; Q/Ex;Vic$10.10/$27.50,N.S.W.$8.90/$27.10,Qld.$8.70/$30.10

M R 2 1.h 1 Killarney Kid 2. h 8 Hot Ruby 3. h 4 Lord Durante 4. h 2 Extra Zero

Extra Zero 2nd$1.90, Hot Ruby 4th($8.50) Killarney Kid (L.SCR.)

M R 3 1.h 1 Tsaritsa 2. h 5 Schism 3. h 2 A Lotta Love 3. h 10 Phoenix Park

Schism 1st SP($3)/place41.50

M R 4 1.h 1 Royal Symphony 2. h 2 Evil Cry 3. h 6 Whoomph 4. h 9 Anchor Bid

Royal Symphony 1st SP($1.50)/place$1.20, Anchor Bid 2nd 2.40, Evil Cry 3rd$1.40; Trifecta; Vic.$32.90, N.S.W.$30, Qld.$24.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.10/$8.20,N.S.W.$7.60/$8.90,Qld,$7.40/$7.70

M R 5 1. h 1 Ken’s Dream 2. h 2 Invincible Al 3. h 3 Overstep 4. h 12 Fast Stryke

Ken’s Dream 3rd$1.70

M R 6 1.h 4 Charlevoix 2. h 8 Bullish Stock 3. h 14 Jimivag 4. h5 Hursley (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Charlevoix 3rd$1.80

M R 7 1. h 5 Rhythm To Spare 2. h 6 Petrology 3. h8 Sovereign Nation 4. h 1 Amavatio, h 10 Loyalty Man (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Amavatio 2nd$2.40, Sovereign Nation 3rd$2.50, Loyalty Man 4th($9)

M R 8 1. h 1 Tashbeeh 2. h 7 Ability 3. h 11 Playmaster 4. h 6 Rough Justice, h8 CamdusTHIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Ability 1st SP($2.90)/place$1.60, Rough Justice 4th($8.50)

M R 91.h 6 Jaminez 2. h 9 Atlantic Express 3. h 4 What A Stock 4. h 1 Urban Ruler (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Urban Ruler 2nd$2

 MR 3 H1 Tsaritsa, MR8 H1 Tashbeeh, SR4 H2 Ghostly, BR8 H5 Cruising Speed

Tsaritsa; this mare was held up in the straight until around the 150m mark when an opening appeared, she didn’t respond to Newitt’s urgings and weakened, maybe she didn’t appreciate being held up or she is just not GENUINE.

Tashbee; up with leaders as soon as the pressure went on he went backwards, poor effort.

Ghostly; 4th, missed the start slightly but then got into a good possie threatened momentarily at the distance, maybe his 59.5kgs was to big an ask.

Cruising Speed; not sure why she was restrained in the early speed battle, if she had stayed there she would have  made Madame De Ban work twice as hard to get around her and kept Dee Nine Elle posted three wide, maybe Lloyd thought she couldn’t go around the leader and still win, having said all that a split came momentarily in the straight and she had a full head of steam up and went to dart through it when it closed and stopped her in her tracks got going again to finish strongly. We think she should have won easily.

SR8 H4 Sangiovese, BR9 H14 Runway Ready

Sangiovese; Good effort seemed to get bogged down a bit when she was ready to let loose, we wouldn’t be sacking her off that run she is pretty consistent maybe one more.

Runway Ready; had a great run just wasn’t good enough.


Some great results for us on the weekend including the Doomben QUADDIE $1009.70 QLD. and $1082.80 N.S.W., 17 WINNERS IN OUR TOP FOUR selections. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK”to all.

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