Results- 1st July 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 1 1. h 2 Badajoz 2. h 4 Misery 3. h 7 Sir Donald 4. h 6 Another Whiskey

Badajoz 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.20 , Misery 3rd/$2.50

B R 2 1. h 1 Blackjack Bella 2. h 5 Dontpokethetiger 3. h 3 Cheval Le Vent 4. h 7 Courageous Rock

Blackjack Bella 2nd/$1.60, Courageous Rock 3rd/$2.00, Cheval Le Vent 4th($15)

B R 3 1. h 5 Red Scarlet 2. h 11 Natural Black 3. h4 Bold Peak 4. h13 Unbowed


B R 4 1. h 2 Acceptile 2. h4 Dynastic 3. h1 Our’s To Keep 4. h 5 Bold Xavvi

Dynastic 2nd/$ 1.80, Acceptile 4th($4.80)

B R 5 1. h 2 Secret Mo 2. h 3 Raja Ampat 3. h 7 Bold Gypsy 4. h 8 Care To Think

Care To Think 2nd/$2.10, Raja Ampat 4th($16)

B R 6 1. h 1 Benzini 2. h 3 Supply And Demand 3. h 4 Neverland 4. h6 My Diamantine

Supply And Demand 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.60, My Diamantine 2nd/$2.90; Q/Ex;$28.80/$42.30

B R 7 1. h 3 Flamboyer 2. h8 Monsieur Gustave 3. h 5 Too Good To Refuse 4.h13 Banda Spice

Monsieur Gustave 1st SP($6)/place$2.80, Flamboyer 4th($8)

B R 8 1. h 1 Acatour 2. h 4 Crack Me Up 3. h 5 Zamex 4. h 2 Ringo’s A Rockstar, h3 Careless Choice

Crack Me Up 1st SP($6.50)/place$ 2.90, Careless Choice 4th($12)

B R 95 Reigning Thunder 2. h7 Jack Lancaster 3. h12 Real Ego 4. h 13 Cobra Quick

Cobra Quick 4th($12)

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h 2 Hualalai 2. h6 Uncle Rodriguez 3. h 3 Heliosphere 4. h 4 Condor

Hualalai 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.30, Condor 2nd/$2.10, Heliosphere 3rd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.30/$13,N.S.W.$11.50/$12.80,Qld.$10.40/$14.10

S R 2 1. h 2 Just Dreaming 2. h 3 High Mist 3. h 4 Faraway Town 4. h7 Lope De Lope

Just Dreaming 2nd/$1.70, High Mist 3rd/n.t.d. , Faraway Town 4th($6)

S R 3 1. h 4 La Courbette 2. h 8 Fournette 3. h 10 Domed 4. h 9 Walk The Streets

Walk The Streets 2nd/$1.70

S R 4 1. h 3 Call The Captain 2. h 5 Itsa Fait Accompli 3. h 12 O’lordy 4. h 10 Supreme Lad

Itsa Fait Accompli 1st SP($8)/place$2.80

S R 5 1. h 1 Destiny’s Kiss 2. h 2 Black Tomahawk 3. h3 Gallic Chieftan 4. h9 Soviet Courage

Gallic Chieftan 1st SP($2.15)/place$1.20, Destiny’s Kiss 3rd/$2.30, Soviet Courage 4th($9)

S R 6 1. h 4 Hetty Heights 6 Fickle Folly 3. h 3 Memes 4. h 2 Upscale

Memes 2nd/$1.50, Hetty Heights 3rd/$3, Fickle Folly 4th($8.50)

S R 7 1. h 2 Gold Symphony 2. h 1 The Monstar 3. h 6 Extensible 4. h 5 Mount Nebo ( h12 Girl Sunday)

Gold Symphony 1st SP($5.60)/place$2.10, The Monstar 2nd/$3.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$28.70/$62.90, N.S.W.$32/$51.70,Qld.431.30/$76.20

S R 8 1. h 11 Calanda 2. h 4 Princefamous 3. h 3 Savoureux 4. h 1 Oxford Poet

Calanda 1st SP($4.60)/place$1.70

S R 9 1. h 7 Carzoff 2. h 4 Reneged 3. h 11 Speed Hero 4. h15 Kiseki Dane

Reneged 3rd/$2.20, Carzoff 4th/$2.60

Melbourne Races
M R 11. h 3 Lone Eagle 2. h 5 Pure Emotion 3. h 1 Royal Phoenix 4. h 4 Prevailing Winds

Lone Eagle 1st SP($3.40)/place$1.60

M R 21. h 2 Kiwia 2. h 9 Savvy Dancer 3. h 11 Iheartpoppy 4. h 4 Royal Order

Kiwia 1st SP($2.70)/place$1.40, Savvy Dancer 2nd/$3.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.40/$22.10,N.S.W.$17.90/$28.70,Qld$16.60/$28.90

M R 31. h 15 Walloon Region 2. h 5 Cosmic Lights 3. h 7 Happy As Hell 4. h 2 Curragh

Cosmic Lights 3rd/$1.80

M R 4 1. h 1 Clipper 2. h 11 Miss Vesper 3. h 4 Run Gypsy Run 4. h 9 Prince Of Queens

Prince Of Queens 2nd/$4, Clipper 3rd/$1.80

M R 51. h 9 Swiss Kiss 2. h 1 Whistle Baby 3. h 11 Forbidden Kisses 4. h 5 Snake Charmer

Whistle Baby 4th(8.50), Forbidden Kisses (L. SCR.)

M R 6 1. h 3 Throssell 2. h 2 Nikitas 3. h 1 Revolving Door 4. h 12 My Paissan

My Paissan 1st SP($22.30)/place$5.70, Revolving Door 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$56.90/$148.40,N.S.W.$73.90/$170.80,Qld.$60.60/$134.50

M R 71. 2. h 14 Violent Snow 2. h 6 Here To There 3.h 15 So Does He

Here To There 2nd/$2.90

M R 8 1. h 5 Act Of Valour 2. h 2 Divine Mr. Artie 3. h 11 Wind Force 4. h 10 Zara Bay

Wind Force 2nd/$3.50, Act Of Valour 4th($4.80)

M R 9 1. h 5 Magic Consul 2. h 15 Overberg 3. h 1 Loresho 4. h 12 Beluga Blue ( h14 Freshwater Storm)

Magic Consul 2nd/$2

BR 5 H2 Secret Mo, BR8 H1 Acatour, MR8 H5 Act Of  Valour

Secret Mo; had every chance just off the speed on the rails, clear running not good enough.

Acatour; TORRID RUN  3 and 4 deep pushed forward, dropped back then surged did well to finish where he did, forget he was ever in Brisbane.

Act Of Valour; was given a beautiful run by Williams momentarily looked a chance in the straight hung on for 4th.

SR5 H1 Destiny’s Kiss, BR9 H5 Reigning Thunder

Destiny’s Kiss; 3rd. he wanted to duck in behind the horse in front of him at the distance that probably cost him 2nd, we certainly won’t be dropping off him on that run, he had 61kgs so if he can get in a race a bit lighter on a wet track he will be a super bet.

Reigning Thunder; jumped in front then restrained otherwise he would have been caught 3 wide still there with an opportunity at the top of the staright but didn’t go on with it.


Sunshine Coast Good Track; Roshill Soft Track; Caulfield Good Track; Best Bets; Sunshine Coast race 5 Secret Mo($7.50) will get the perfect trail from his draw as he likes to sit up just on the speed, he is very consistent, relishes the track and in a hard race we expect him to be fighting out the finish. Sunshine Coast race 8 Acatour($4.20) this bloke was desperately unlucky in the Eye Liner last start and allthough he has won in the wet he is much better suited on top of the ground. Lloyd stays on (a positive), he has a touch of class and with any luck in running we expect him to win. Caulfield race 8 Act Of Valour($6) all things being equal he should get a beaut run here from gate 5 or sit up outside the leader either way we expect Williams to have him ready to pounce entering the straight and go on with it. Rosehill race 5 Destiny’s Kiss($9) may we say his last run was like a barrier trial settled way back at the tail of the field and ran through the field nicely, we tipped him as our best longshot last week and we expect him to be right in the finish here even with 61kgs. Sunshine Coast race 9 Reigning Thunder($13) he will roll forward from his gate (13) he is a natural on pacer, if McGillivray can get him over and in the LEAD he will be a tough nut to crack. He meets a few of these better at the weights after his unlucky run at Kilcoy. The weather at the Sunny Coast is glorious so the track should be in perfect condition for racing. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$