Results 24th June 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h15 Cruising Speed 2. h12 Notonyoulife 3. h4 Trubia 4. h7 Cashing Up

Cruising Speed 1st SP($4.50)/place$1.90, Notonyourlife 2nd/$3; Q/Ex; Vic.$25.70/27,N.S.W.$23.70/$41.10,Qld.$24/38.20

B R 2 1. h3 Mishani Wrangler 2. h12 Pretty Fast 3. h2 Curdled 4. h7 Lady Lark

Curdled 1st SP($6.40)/$2.10

B R 3 1 h6 Sista Act 2. h12 Boscabella 3. h3 She’s Our Star 4. h5 Red Hot Miss

She’s Our Star 3rd/$1.60, Boscobella 4th($31)

B R 4 1.h4 Double Superlative 2. h1 Ringo’s A Rockstar 3. h2 I’m A Rippa 4. h13 Cushion Pink

I’m A Rippa 2nd/$2.60, Ringo’s A Rockstar 3rd/$2.20

B R 5 1h1 Rudy 2. h3 Pemberley 3. h4 Feltre 4. h8 More Energy ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Rudy 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.80, More Energy 2nd/$4.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$14.50/$20.30,N.S.W.$15.10/$20.80,Qld.$12.50/$15.20

B R 6 1.h1 Religify 2. h2 Hopfgarten 3. h3 Man Of His Word 4. h9 Sagaronne ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Religify 1st SP($2.90)/place$1.50, Man Of His Word 3rd/$1.90

B R 7 1.h8 Miss Gunpowder 2. h16 Rare Occurrence 3. h12 Nancy 4. (h13 Kinshachi, h14 Prompt Response) ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Prompt Response 2nd/$2.60

B R 8 1h5 Too Good To Refuse 2. h2 Deploy 3. h4 Flippant 4. h3 Upstart Pride ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Too Good To Refuse 3rd/$2.20, Deploy 4th($2.90)

Sydney Races
S R 11.H3 Florid 2. h8 Lipizzan 3. h6 Evict 4. h4 Last Starfighter

Lipizzan 1st SP($5.10/place$2.70, Last Starfighter 2nd/$2.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.50/$18.50,N.S.W.$8.80/$19.40,Qld.$9.50/$23

S R 21h3 Ghostly 2. h4 Memes 3. h7 Suspenders 4. h Jeanneau

Memes 1st SP($3)/place$1.50, Ghostly 3rd/$1.50, Suspenders 4th($13)

S R 31. h1 Heavenly Anna 2. h5 Reiby Rampant 3. h 2 Test The World 4. h7 Love’s A Fantasy

Test The World 2nd/$1.80, Reiby Rampart 3rd/$n.t.d., Love’s A Fantasy 4th($8)

S R 41.h13 Runway Ready 2. h2 Atlantic Sentinel 3. h9 Unyielding 4. h5 Conniving

Conniving 1st SP($3.20)/place$1.50, Runway Ready 4th($21)

S R 51h2 Richard Of Yorke 2. h4 Collatereal 3. h5 Northern Journey 4. h1 Danjeu

Collatereal 1st SP($2.50)/place$1.40, Northern Journey 3rd/$2.50

S R 61.h1 Destiny’s Kiss 2. h7 Liapari 3. h5 Old North 4. h10 Zayam (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Zayam 2nd/$9.30,Liapari 3rd/$1.70

S R 71 h9 Tessera 2. h7 Inz ‘N’Out 3. h10 Lord Von Costa 4. h3 Mount Nebo(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Mount Nebo 3rd/n.t.d., Tessera 4th($2.80)

S R 81.h8 Metallic Crown 2. h5 Pelethronius 3. h14 Imperator Augustus 4. h3 Recaculate (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Pelethronius 1st SP($9)/place$2.60, Imperator Augustus 4th($7)

S R 91. h1 Ice Bucket 2. h8 Lion Couchant 3. h3 Isorich 4. h2 Sangiovese ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Lion Couchant 3rd/$3.30

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h10 Wired 2. h2 Royal Symphony 3. h8 Sully 4. h1 American Genius

Royal Symphony 1st SP($2.10)/place$1.40, Sully 3rd/$4.40

M R 2 1.h2 Ken’s Dream 2. h1 Ashlor 3. h7 Blue Tycoon 4. h9 Mistoffelees

Blue Tycoon 3rd/$3.50

M R 3 1 h5 Schism 2. h3 Hell Or Highwater 3. h8 Mamzelle Tess 4. h7 Wine Tales

Schism 1st SP($4.80)/place$1.80, Mamzelle Tess 3rd/$2.10

M R 4 1.h10 Portion Control 2. h14 Ashlee Marie 3. h13 Sir Van Dyke l 4. h5 Sayed

Sayed 2nd/$2, Portion Control 4th($8.50)

M R 5 1.h10 Charlevoix 2. h4 Cougar Express 3. h8 Bullish Stock 4. h5 Falago

Charlevoix 1st SP($5)/place$1.90, Bullish Stock 3rd/$3

M R 6 1. h 9 Lake Como 2. h8 Rough Justice 3. h5 Palazzo Publico 4. h4 Mighty Like (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Rough Justice 3rd/$3.90

M R 7 1h11 Zagaya 2. h6 Rewarding Effort 3. h7 Hot Ruby 4. h13 Super Rockstar (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Zagaya 2nd/$2.50, Rewarding Effort 3rd/$1.30, Hot Ruby 4th($9)

M R 8 1. h3 Hard Call 2. h1 Royal Rapture 3. h2 Tshahitsie 4. (h6 Loyalty Man, h9 Cannyescent)(THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Cannyescent 1st SP($2.70)/place$1.40, Tshahitsi 3rd/$1.80

M R 91.h2 Widgee Turf 2. h3 Samovare 3. h1 Urban Ruler 4. h11 Captain Rhett(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Samovare (L.SCR.), Urban Ruler 4TH($5.50)

BR6 H1 Religify, BR7 H8 Miss Gunpowder, MR9 H2 Widgee Turf

Religify; ($4- $2.90) 1ST; This horse is a real street fighter once in front Bowman had the race under control, a couple of cracks at the distance, he dug in as usual and it was game,set and match.

Miss Gunpowder; ($10 – $21) 13th; She blew like a sou’wester and raced accordingly.

Widgee Turf ($5.50 – $3.50) 6th;   he began well outside leader then dragged back to sit behind leaders, from then on he overraced and that was the end of his chances he did well to finish 6th 2L from winner.

MR8 H3 Hard Call, SR9 H1 Ice Bucket

Hard Call; ($21 – $21) 9th; Had every chance 5L from winner.

Ice Bucket; ($8.50) 9th; Disappointing, had his chance along the inside wound up 5L from the winner. 

SR6 H1 Destiny’s Kiss

Destiny’s Kiss; ($17 – $21) 6th; He got a long way back an ran home ok through the middle, would suggest we stick next start with the right conditions.

Doomben Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, Flemington Track Good. Best Bets; Doomben race 6 Religify($4) this bloke is racing‘s version of the boxing kangaroo, he puts himself right on the speed and once into the straight really digs in for the fight. The track will be perfect for him by the time his race comes around and with the Bowster on to compensate for his 60.5kgs we expect him to have his nose in front at the finish. Doomben race 7 Miss Gunpowder($10) no guts no glory, so we have thrown ourselves in the deep end here, this mare is in outstanding form with a great win in open grade last start to prep her for this, she will get the gun run from her draw with an abundance of pace here and if she gets room in the straight watch out. Flemington race 9 Widgee Turf($5.50) strode clear last start for a very decisive win, he has identical conditions here again today and a nice weight again after the claim. He will be ready to strike at the 200m after enjoying an ideal run from his good gate, he just might be a little better than them. Flemington race 8 Hard Call($21) we think this fellow is super odds , he ticks a lot of boxes and still in with a nice weight 55.5kegs, he will be lurking just behind them at the distance and if they let their guards down he will strike. Randwick race 9 Ice Bucket, my colleague really likes this one he can race up close or back in the pack he thinks he will race closer in the soft conditions. He certainly likes this course and distance and forget his last run where he finished only 3.2L from the winner, he just might look the winner right on the wire. Randwick race 6 Destiny’s Kiss($17) this guy is in the top ten swimmers in the land, he had no chance last start where he was situated in the run with 61.5kgs, we aren’t concerned about him dropping back to the mile and with a much better run today we do expect him to be right in the finish. We have done our form in Brisbane on a drying track and the same in Sydney. on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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