Results 17th June 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h7 Eljetem 2. h9 Moonlight Dancer 3. h13 Fasta Than Light 4. h15 Fleur D’Orage

Fleur D”Orage 2nd/$3, Fasta Than Light 4th($51) Eljetem (scr.)

B R 2 1. h16 Seeking Asylum 2.h12 Heart Skipt A Beat 3. h6 William Wallace 4. h10 Snitzel Knight

William Wallace 1st SP($6.50)/place$2.50

B R 3 1.h8 Call The Captain 2. h11 Beckoning Light 3. h5 Snapper 4. h2 Lord Cocnuts

Lord Coconuts 1st SP($7.20)/place$2.50

B R 4 1. h2 Bring It Home Pop 2. h5 Bold Xavvi 3. h6 Revinire 4. h1 Acceptile

Revenire 1st SP($4)/place$1.70, Acceptile 2nd/$3.10, Bold Xavvi 4th($10); Q/Ex; Vic.$14.60/$33.60, N.S.W.$14.50/$26.60,Qld.$20.80/$32.80

B R 5 1. h2 Sundance 2. h9 Prues Angel 3.Tiyatrolani 4. h11 Cambooya Rock

Tiyatrolani 2nd/$1.40, Sundance 4th($4)

B R 6 1.h9 Hot Money 2. h14 Outstrip 3. h6 War Baby 4. h4 Last Sight ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

War Baby 1st SP($8.20)/place$2.80

B R 7 1. h2 Jumbo Prince 2. h1 Benzini 3. h6 Self Sense 4. h13 Tessastock ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Self Sense 1st SP($3.60)/place$1.90, Benzini 2nd/$2, Jumbo Prince 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta; Vic.$55,N.S.W.$55.60,Qld.$55.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.40/$11.70,N.S.W.$8.20/$13.60,Qld.$7.20/$14

B R 8 1. h1 Shiraz 2. h9 Casual Choice 3. h11 Acatour 4. (h6 The Virginian, h7 Cantbuybetter) ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


B R 91. h3 Dee Nine Elle 2. h1 Kinshachi 3. h7 Hermosa Beach 4. h10 Lucky Show Girl (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Kinshaci 2nd/$2

Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h1 Hualalai 2. h2 Gaulois 3. h7 Guipure 4. h9 Momentum To Win

Gaulois 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.40, Hualalai 2nd/$1.50, Guipure 4th($51)

S R 2 1. h3 Just Dreaming 2. h2 Faraway Town 3. h5 Arbeitsam 4. h10 Insensata

Just Dreaming 1st SP($8.20)/place$2.30, Insensata 2nd/$3, Faraway Town 4th($7.50); Q/Ex; Vic.$37.10/$52,40,N.S.W.$38.60/$74.80,Qld.46.70/$144.50

S R 3 1 h5 Trying 2.. h2 Zamex 3. h13 Strada Prince 4. h4 Mister Marmalade

Zamex 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.50

S R 4 1.h10 Nonpareil 2. h6 Test The World 3. h5 Feelin The Love 4. h8 Foreign Affair

Test The World 1st SP($2.60/place$1.70, Foreign Affair 2nd/$4.7, Nonpareil 4th($40; Q/Ex; Vic.$13.30/$16.90,N.S.W.$14/$21.80,Qld.$11.60/$23.60

S R 5h1 Kellyville Flyer 2. h2 Moss’ N’ Dale 3. h3 Signposted 4. h12 Kingsguard

Moss’N’ Dale 2nd/$1.40

S R 6 1 h4 Tucanchoo 2. h1 Destiny’s Kiss 3. h6 Supply And Demand 4. h7 Alegria ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Supply And Demand 1st SP($4)/place$1.80, Tucanchoo 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.20/$17,N.S.W.$5.50/$12.40,Qld.$6.30/$15.60

S R 7 1. h3 Badajoz 2. h4 Pioneering 3. h2.Zin Zan Eddie 4. h11 Fickle Folly. (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Badajoz 2nd/$1.60, Fickle Folly 3rd/$1.80, Pioneering 4th($6)

S R 8 1. h6 King’s Officer 2. h8 Speed Hero 3. h12 Collateral 4. h7 Carzoff (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Collateral 1st SP($6.50)/place$1.90, Carzoff 2nd/$1.30, Speed Hero 3rd/$4.20; Trifecta; Vic.$149.80, N.S.W.$160.10, Qld.$176.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.50/$14.50,N.S.W.$5/$16.50,Qld.$6.10/$23.10

S R 9 1.h11 Helensburgh Ham 2. h Pakaya Prince 3. h10 Lay Down The Law 4. h9 Kiseki Dane (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Pakaya Prince 3rd/$2.40

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1h4 Behave 2. h9 Speak Softly 3. h8 Pure Emotion 4. h6 Zelsignoret

Pure Emotion 1st SP($16.30)/place4.40, Zelsignoret 4th($4.80)

M R 2 1.h5 Airino 2. h6 Ariaz 3. h9 Unique Lady 4. h11 She’s A Pluck

Unique Lady 1st SP($5.50)/place$2.20

M R 3 1.h4 Appalachan Annie 2. h3 Miss Vista 3. h8 Daisy Doutes 4. h10 Our Vidia

Appalachian Annie 3rd/$1.80, Our Vidia 4th($13)

M R 4 1h2 Every Faith 2. h4 Vandancer 3. h11 Soho Ruby 4. h1 Beluga Blue

Vandancer 4th ($10)

M R 5 1.h4 Military Reign 2. h1 Reldas 3. h5 Whistle Baby 4. h6 Fast Cash

Fast Cash 4th($10)

M R 6 1. h7 Mystified 2. h4 Highland Beat 3. h3 Yulong Sheng Hui 4. h8 Go Public (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Highland Beat 3rd/$1.80

M R 7 1.h11 Hursley 2. h13 Goodwood Zodiac 3. h2 Megablast 4.( h1 Extra Zero, h6 Rose Of Virginia) (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Megablast 2nd/$2, Extra Zero 4th($21)

M R 8 1.h4 Rhythm To Spare 2. h1 Amavatio 3. h8 Heart Starter 4. h10 Lord Durante (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


M R 91. h4 Leodoro 2. h11 Fire Agate 3. h9 Star Stealer 4. h14 Forbidden Kisses(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


   BR7 H2 Jumbo Prince, MR5 H4 Military Reign, SR6 H4 Tucanchoo

Jumbo Prince; every chance, battled on well for 3rd

Military Reign; this mare has not come up this time, Ollie took her to the front but she showed  little fight and weakened out of it.

Tucanchoo; he had a beautiful run right on the leaders hammer hit the front at the distance, but Supply And Demand proved too good he battled on for a good 2nd

 MR8 H4 Rhythm To Spare, BR9 H3 Dee Nine Elle

Rhythm To  Spare; he was getting a beautiful run in behind the leader Mr. Individual until that horse started to weaken and he was shuffled back along the rail, ran on strongly once clear(unlucky) maybe that was his peak run.

Dee Nine Elle; missed the start and that was the end of her chances, she definitely runs her best races when ridden on the pace.

SR9 H11 Helensburgh Ham

Helensburgh Ham; he had the living daylights knocked out of him by Rachael King on Raajinz, never a moments peace, not surprised to see them both  finish at the tail of the field. Interesting!!

13 winners once again in our top four selections on a super tough day. Melbourne again  played host to a plethora of longshots, super tough to find them. At present there seems to be quite a few horses out of form that are winning like horses “IN FORM”. The Group one Tiara is on this Saturday at Doomben, always attracts a cracking field of  in form mares it should be a beauty. Music is  a passion of mine but seriously they have lost the plot on racecourses, with Mega Doof Doof music blaring out unsettling horses and jockeys alike, soon they will be placing boom boxes in the barrier stalls (tongue in cheek or maybe not). On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all.

Ipswich Heavy Track, Rosehill Heavy Track, Moonee Valley Good Track; Ipswich race 7 Jumbo Prince($5), was in the perfect position last start 3rd on the fence, but when let down floundered in the shifting Eagle Farm surface. Lloyd is a significant riding change here, we are super confident that he will coax the best out of him. Rosehill race 6 Tucanchoo($5), good run last start, we thought he got a little too far back in the conditions last start, we would hope he will be ridden a tad closer this time and expect him to round up Supply And Demand at the distance and be too good. Also well in at the weights here. Melbourne race 5 Military Reign($8.50), the general concensus is she didn’t handle the straight last start, but we feel she was just being lazy and out for a stroll. Damien Oliver is the key to her success today, Ollie is being aggressive lately and she will certainly know it is game day as he drives her into the bend, if she is within a length or two of them on the corner it could just be the end of the section. Moonee Valley race 8 Rhytmn To Spare($5), this horse can be inconsistent but this time in he is in good form and hopefully from his gun draw they have him up close and personal. He certainly thrives at this distance, a nice drop back from Group 3(3rd) and nicely in with 54.5kgs after the claim. Ipswich race 9 Dee Nine Elle($8.50), she has everything to suit here, I certainly would expect Byrne to drive her forward from her good gate and she does relish this circuit, the track could be a slogfest by the last with showers predicted throughout the day, which should suit her even more she will be there when the whips are cracking. Rosehill race 9 Helensburgh Ham($21), nice price will go forward from the good draw and relishes the conditions, we expect him to be there when the whips are cracking. Our best bets might look like Groundhog Day and it should as we tipped the three of them at their last starts, we think they are even a better play today. Showers predicted at Ipswich today so it should stay heavy. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. Horsebuck$

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