Results – 10th June 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 1 1. h4 Ringo’s A Rockstar 2. h14 All Over Bosanova 3. h2 Tactical Advantage 4. h13 Rare Occurrrence

All Over Bosanova 1st SP($4.40)/place$2, Tactical Advantage 2nd/$2, Rare Occurrence 3rd/$4.10; Trifecta;Vic.$126.20,N.S.W.$146.90,Qld.$131.30;Q/Ex; Vic$7.60/$16.80,N.S.W.$7.20/$14.30,Qld.$8.60/$16.50

B R 2 1. h11 Miss Gunpowder 2. h7 Too Good To Refuse 3. h4 Quatronic 4. h6 Casual Choice

Miss Gunpowder 1st SP($4.10)/place$1.80, Too Good To Refuse 2nd/$2.80, Casual Choice 4th; Q/Ex; Vic.$12.40/$21.50,N.S.W.$13.90/$21.90,Qld.$13.30/$25

B R 3 1. h1 Religify 2. h6 Moher 3. h3 Col ‘N’Lil 4. h10 Mystic Opal

Religify 1st SP($3.80/place$1.60, Moher 3rd/$1.70

B R 4 1. h1 Tycoon Tara 2. h7 Raiment 3. h9 Bonny O’reilly 4. h2 French Emotion

Bonny O’reilley 3rd/$2.30

B R 5 1 h4 Niccanova 2. h 12 River Racer 3. h8 Billy The Kid 4. h5 Careless Choice

Niccanova 3rd/$2

B R 6 h13 Melody Belle 2. h1 Taking Aim 3. h14 Aloisia 4. h2 Tangled

Aloisia 2nd/$3.50, Taking Aim 3rd/$2.10

B R 7 1. h16 Ana Royale 2. h2 Ruthven 3. h1 Volatile Mix 4. h11 Here He Comes

Ruthven 1st SP($3.40)/plac$1.60, Ana Royale 3rd/$2.60

B R 8 1. h 2. h10 Ulmann 2. h9 Hopfgarten 3. h8 Mackintosh 4. h1 Clearly Innocent

Clearly Innocent 3rd/$2.10

B R 91. h3 Benzini 2. h1 Single Gaze 3. h7 Emerald City 4. (h2 Rudy, h11 Zambesi Warrior)

Single Gaze 2nd/$2.80, Benzini 4th

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h4 Champagne Cuddles 2. h1 Florid 3. h5 Lipizzan 4. h2 Pymble

Champagne Cuddles 1st SP($2.10)/$0, Lipizzan 2nd/$0, Pymble 3rd/$0, Florid (scr.); 4starters; Trifecta; Vic.$5.50,N.S.W.$6,Qld.$5.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$1.90/$3.70,N.S.W.$2/$3.90,Qld.$1.70/$2.10

S R 2 1. h4 Best Guess 2. h5 Memes 3. h3 In Times Of War 4. h7 Geneteau

Memes 1st SP($4.60)/place$2, In Times Of War 2nd/$1.50, Geneteau 4th; Q/Ex; Vic$7.40/$16.60,N.S.W.$8.70/$18,Qld.$9/$15.80

S R 3 1. h3 Clipper 2. h10 can’t Skate3. h6 I’m Imogen 4. h8 Plucky Star

Clipper 1st SP(1.75)/place$1.30, Plucky Star 4th

S R 4 1. h1 Broadside 2. h2 Soviet Courage 3. h3 M Psychiatrist 4. h4 Richard Of Yorke

Richard Of Yorke 2nd/$1.40, Broadside 3rd/$1.40

S R 5 1. h5 Mandalay Bay 2.h9 So Splendid 3. h13 Roseita 4. h7 Outback Rain

Roseito 3rd/$4.30, So Splendid 4th

S R 6 1. h4 Heavenly Anna 2. h2 Wine Tales 3. h3 Dagny 4. h11 Tennessee Hussey

Heavenly Anna 1st SP($3.80)/place$2, Dagny 2nd/1.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.50/$16.20,N.S.W.$6.40/$17.20,Qld.$8.30/$15.60

S R 7 1. h2 The Monstar 2. h11 Mr. Manhattan 3. h8 Inz ‘N’Out 4. h12 Wouldn’t It Be Nice

The Monstar 1st SP($8.50)/place$2.40, Inz ‘N’Out 3rd/$2.20, Wouldn’t It Be Nice 4th

S R 8 1. h8 El Novio 2. h11 Dowdstown Charlie 3. h2 Curragh 4. h12 Birds Of Tokyo

Birds Of Tokyo 3rd/$2.70, Curragh 4th

S R 9 1.h8 Bratislava 2. h13 Three Sheets 3. h6 Conarchie 4. h7 Stella Ombre

Stella Ombre 1st SP($12)/place$3.20

Melbourne Races
M R 11. h2 Lone Eagle 2. h6 Royal Phoenix 3. h4 The Consigliere4. h9 Evil Cry

Royal Phoenix D.H. 1st SP($11)/place$3, Evil Cry 3rd/$3.90

M R 21. h2 Pedrena 2. h11 Miss Siska 3. h1 Samovare 4. h8 Swampland

Pedrena 1st SP($3.60)/place$1.40, Samovare 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$4.20/$7.10,N.S.W.$3.60/$7.10,Qld.$3.40/$7.60

M R 31. h4 Military Reign 2. h5 O’Malley 3. h1 Husson Eagle 4. h9 Play Master

Play Master 3rd/$5.50, Husson Eagle 4th

M R 4 1.h5 Goathland 2. H4 Shoreham 3. h8 Unfurl 4. h9 Charlevoix

Goathland 2nd/$1.20, Charlevoix 4th

M R 51. h1 Kilinmanjaro 2. h8 Zourkhan 3. h11 Portion Control 4. h6 Amarela

Zourkhan 2nd/$2, Kilimanjaro 3rd/$2.40, Portion Control 4th

M R 6 1. h2 Kiwia 2. h14 Windbern 3. h3 Docker Pav 4. (h7 Royal Order, h12 Tell The Truth)

Royal Order 1st SP($8)/place$2.40, Kiiwia 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$8.50/$18.50,N.S.W.$8.30/$21.90,Qld.$9.20/$22.70

M R 71. h7 Tshahitsie 2. h8 Zebrinz 3. h10 Airalign 4. h1 Charmed Harmony

Tshahitsie 1st SP($4.10)/place$2.10, Charmed Harmony (scr.)

M R 8 1. h3 Dam Ready 2. h2 Removal 3. h5 Overstep 4. h7 Lessyd

Overstep 4th

M R 9 1. h5 Schism 2. h4 Roselli Sting 3. h12 Manapine 4. h16 Miss Universe

Schism 4th

 BR 7 H16 Ana Royale, SR7 H2 The Monstar,MR3 H4 Military Reign, MR8 H3 Dam Ready

Ana Royale; 3rd($8.50)/place$2.90, she had a beautiful run this week ran home gamely but the winner far too good

The Monstar;  1st at $8.50 way over the odds a super result we were expecting much shorter, he jumped in front and that was game over, “his mudder was a mudder” that is exactly what this bloke is..

Military Reign; ($4.50) from the time they jumped this horse never looked likely and finished last but only 3.7L from the winner so there might be something coming soon.

Dam Ready;($3.50) as above, he jumped okay was in clear running then rider ducked him in behind a few probably to get a drag into the race but he just ran to the line to finish 2.7L from the winner.

BR 4 H1 Tycoon Tara

Tycoon Tara; ($13) 7th 2.3L from winner she got held up at the 600m behind Smart Amelia when she was looking to stride forward.

SR8 H8 El Novio

El Novio; he was $21 when we rated him our longshot started at $5.50  and did nothing

14 winners in our top four selctions this week with 8 on top. The Monstar keeping the coffers replenished at the nice odds of $8.50 in our best bets. “GOOD LUCK” to all.

Doomben Track Good, Randwick Track Heavy, Flemington Track Good. Best Bets; Due to on site technicalities ,this weekend there will be no summary of our best bets. Apologies for any inconvenience,all tips are available though. Have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$