Results 3rd June 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h1 Pardoe 2. h9 Cabin Fever 3. h2 Noble Hussler 4. h11 Italia Bella

Pardoe 1st SP($4)/place$1.60, Italia Bella 2nd/$2.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$10.30/$20.50,N.S.W.$10.30/$17,Qld.$12.30/$18.90

B R 2 1. h1 Dream Kisses 2. h10 Black Mink 3. h5 Lady Lark 4. h7 Skate To Paris

Skate To Paris 2nd/$2.20

B R 3 1h1 High Midnight 2. h10 Heart Of A Warrior 3. h2 Man Of His Word 4. h3 Transporter

Man Of His Word 4th

B R 4 1. h1 Preferment 2. h2 Cylinder Bech 3. 5 Single Gaze 4. h3 High Church

Single Gaze 1st SP($3.10)/place$1.80, High Church 3rd n.t.d., Preferment 4th

B R 5 1. h2 Upstart Pride 2. h9 Highly Geared 3. h4 Hidden Pearl 4. h15 Colinelle ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Upstart Pride 2nd/$3.30, Colinelle 4th

B R 6 1h6 Splurge 2. h1 Dothraki 3. h8 The Virginian 4. (h4 Strawberry Boy, h15 Perfect Dare) ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Dothraki 2nd/$2.10, Perfect Dare 3rd/$5.80, The Virginian 4th

B R 7 1. h4 Anna Royale 2. h1 Kenedna 3. h2 Egg Tart 4. h5 Invincebella ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Egg Tart 1st SP($3.30)/place$1.60, Kenedna 4th

B R 8 1.h6 Elegant Composure 2. h4 Bidii Babe 3. h5 Kinshachi 4. h9 Notonyourlife ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h1 Falconic 2. h7 Kanga’s Eye 3. h8 Pendeloque 4. h6 Silence

Silence 1st SP($ 14.30)/place$4.10. Pendeloque 4th

S R 2 1.h1 New Universe 2. h7 Abeitsam 3. h10 Test The World 4. h6 Janneau

Test The World 1st SP($14.70)/$3.20, Arbeitsam 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$22.10/$64.80,N.S.W.$27.10/$63.30,Qld.$23.40/$76.20

S R 3 1.h3 Wang Wah 2. h1 Dagny 3. h7 Rosaruby 4. h5 Labdien

Labdien 3rd/$2.20, Dagny 4th

S R 4 1h3 Zamex 2. h2 Cliff 3. h5 Mister Marmalade 4. h4 Call The Captain

Zamex 1st SP($3.30/place$1.70, Call The Captain 2nd/$5.80,Cliff 3rd/$2.70; Trifecta; Vic.$541.50,N.S.W.$413.10,Qld.$408; Q/Ex; Vic.$53.10/$98.90,N.S.W.$41.70/$51.40,Qld.$38.10/$53.60

S R 51. h7 Just Dreaming 2. h3 Fleeting Stryke 3. h11 Walk TheStreets 4. h4 Cordero

Just Dreaming 1st SP($5.30/place$2, Walk The Streets 3rd/$2.30

S R 6 1h8 Girl Sunday 2. h3 Reincarnate 3. h10 Dream Lane 4. h2 Ziggy WillieWar ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)


S R 7 1. h2 Tucanchoo 2. h5 Alegria 3. h11 Supply And Demand 4. h4 God’s In Him (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Supply And Demand 1st SP($3.40/place$1.50, Tucanchoo 2nd/$2.50 Alegria 3rd/$3.10; Trifecta; Vic.$199.80,N.S.W.$224.20,Qld.$214.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$17/$25.60,N.S.W.$16.50/$28.30,Qld.$16.20/$32.90

S R 8 1. h6 Snoopy 2. h4 Danish Twist 3. h5 Coolring 4. h2 Famous Seamus (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


S R 9 1.h2 Got Unders 2. h14 Dreamforce 3. h6 Sultan Of Swing 4. (h9 Binalong Road,h11 Louie Sea Kay ) (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Louie Sea Kay 1st SP($9.20)/place$2.70, Sultan Of Swing 2nd/$4.10, Dreamforce 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; Vic.$463.50,N.S.W.$384.90,Qld.$338.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$31.30/$90,N.S.W.$49.40/$83.70,Qld.$41.50/$101
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h7 Seductive Miss 2. h1 Wired 3. h3 Wanted Diva 4. h4 Admiral Michelle

Wanted Diva 1st SP($5), Wired 3rd/$1.70

M R 2 1. h4 Hell Or Highwater 2. h3 Vital Importance 3. h1 Whistle Baby 4. h10 Valrouz

Whistle Baby 1st SP($6)/place$2.20

M R 3 1.h2 Core Beach 2. h3 Dance With Fontein 3. h7 Miss Vista 4. h1 Orujo

Orujo 2nd/$7.10, Core Breach 3rd/$3.20, Miss Vista 4th

M R 4 1.h9 Fortify 2. h7 Atlantic Express 3. h5 What A Shock 4. h10 Snipfit


M R 5 1.h10 Cosmic Lights 2. h11 New Graduate 3. h4 Coldstone 4.h8 Mr. Individual

Cosmic Lights 2nd/$3, Coldstone 3rd/$1.90, Mr. Individual 4th

M R 6 1.h2 Have Another Glass 2. h9 Miss Universe 3. h1 Every Faith 4. h14 Four Sisters (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Every Faith 3rd/$3.80

M R 7 1.h6 Camdus 2. h4 Chase The Horizon 3. h7 Chamois Road 4.( h1 Le Bonsir, h11 This Kid Rocks)(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Camdus 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.70, Chase The Horizon 2nd/$3.10, Chamois Road 4th; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.80/$29.20,N.S.W.$14.90/$29.80,Qld.$16.70/$31.60

M R 8 1.h12 Gallic Chieftan 2. h7 Show A Star 3. h2 Longeron 4. h13 Snitzelwood (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Gallic Chieftan 1st SP($3.20)/place$1.80

M R 91.h11 Katsuro 2. h1 Ken’s Dream 3. h2 Benz 4. (h3 Highland Beat, h5 Mystified)(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Katsuro 1st SP($4.60)/place$2.10, Benz 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$18.40/$37.20,N.S.W.$19.60/$34.20,Qld.$16.50/$35.40

BR6 H6 Splurge, SR3 H3 Wang Wah, BR8 H6 Elegant Composure

Splurge; really disappointing, got well back tried to make ground out wide, race was dominated by the on pacers

Wang Wah; she was never a chance from where she was ridden, closed late for a solid 5th(2L)

Elegant Composure; caught up in traffic but never likely

SR7 H1 Tucanchoo, MR3 H2 Core Beach

Tucanchoo; had a nice run in transit, pulled out at the distance but the winner had flown the coop, ran on well for second

Core Breach; lead as we anticipated  battled on well for 3rd

MR5 H10 Cosmic Lights

Cosmic Lights; this fellow was absolutely bolting could not gain a clear advantage till the race was over ran on strongly for 2nd, next time?

 Egg Tart was a very good winner in the Oaks, but the filly we will be following out of the race is Ana Royale, this filly was climbing ovcr their backs at the 2oom and by the time she saw daylight it was game over. I have no doubt with clear running she was right in the finish. The old saying “live and learn”, we had four ahead of Bonnie O’reilly in our assessment because she was coming out of BM racing, but the market place had her clearly on top and she never looked like losing, racing aphorism (a filly or mare in form is exactly that) she was simply too good. After watching the Doomben replays again we might have been a tad harsh on Splurge he sat 3 and 4 deep the  entire race, in a race dominated by the leaders he finished 5.5L from the winner and the first and second horse were 2L in front of the third, not an excuse but the facts. Damien Oliver, take a bow your ride on Payroll was a master class, when Ollie is on song there is none better. We had 14 winners again in our top four including 6 on top and three nice trifectas in Sydney and came home with a rush the last three races at Moonee Valley with our on top selections successful in all three. Stradbroke day this weekend we will be bringing our A GAME to this meeting. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

Doomben Good Track, Rosehill Good Track, Moonee Valley Good Track. Best Bets; Doomben race 6 Splurge($7.50), kiwi invader that failed last start behind Jungle Edge on a heavy track, got well back and never made ground. He will race back again but should be able to travel forward before the corner and be ready to strike,he is a group 3 winner in N.Z. Enough speed here for him and also back to his favourite distance, GROUP races are not easy but we expect him to be rIght in the thick of things. Doomben race 8 Elegant Composure($12), Cassidy should be able to give her a quality run here behind the speed, she is a good mare in a quality race, last start was a super run (2L) 6th on a track she didn’t handle and at those odds is definitely worth a punt. Rosehill race 3 Wang Wah($4.80) we will make this simple, she meets Dagny 4kgs better this time and back on a dry surface we expect her to be on top at the business end. Best Eachway; Rosehill race 8 Tucanchoo($11) we like it when this bloke goes forward,he is adept at all conditions and this distance will suit him at this stage of his prep. When he chimes in at the distance he will be a tough nut to crack. Mooney Valley race 3 Core Beach($9.50) drawn beautifully here, does go fast and loves the circuit and distance, has been placed 3 from 3 second up and should hold the lead from that draw. Three kilo claim brings him at 58.5kgs not badly in, Miss Vista has gate 14 and we think that is enough to give our horse the advantage. Mooney Valley race 5 Cosmic Lights($26) we had him pencilled in last Saturday but he was scratched and he went around on Sunday in the Echuca Cup and ran 4th behind Tshahitsi (gougudthing) and on a quick back up we expect him to be prominent. We think the Oaks is a cracking field and Anna Royale is coming off a great win in the S.A. Fillies Classic and she just might finish over the top of them. Whatever happens these fillies are heading for a great Spring. Just to reiterate on the Kiwi Splurge, he is one of those Nzedders that come over and you just get that feeling that he has plenty to offer, there was only going to be one winner the other day in the heavy conditions(Jungle Edge) so his run in that race is a total forget. The weather in Queensland is outstanding, it should be a cracking days racing especially the fillies and mares events. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck followers. HORSEBUCK$

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