Results 27th May2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11.h6 Burning Passion 2. h7 Sony Legend 3.h5 Savoureux 4. h10 Top Tone

Burning Passion 1st SP($ 2.60)/place$1.40, Savoureux 4th

B R 2 1h1 Religify 2. h4 Pajaro 3. h7 Elle Lou 4. h3 Duca Valentinois

Duca Valentinois 2nd/$2.10,Elle Lou 3rd/$1.70, Pajaro 4th

B R 3 1.h14 Melody Belle 2. h13 Pierata 3. h5 Saint Patrick’s Day 4. h1 Tangled

Melody Belle 1st SP($5)/place$2.20, Pierata 3rd/$5.90

B R 4 1h2 Jumbo Prince 2. h10 Feltre 3. h9 Chocante 4. h1 Benzini

Benzini 4th

B R 5 1.h1 Prized Icon 2. h5 Shocking Luck 3. h3 Veladero 4. h9 Order Again ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Order Again 1st SP($4.30)

B R 6 1.h18 Mystic Opal 2. h14 Eckstein 3. h8 Raiment 4, (h2 Artistry, h10 Cavaloce) ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Eckstein 1st SP($12)/place$3.70

B R 7 1h6 Clearly Innocent 2. h14 Impending 3. h4 Music Magnate 4.( h2 Under The Louvre, Black Heart Bart) ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Clearly Innocent 1st SP($11)/place$3.30, Impending 4th

B R 8 1. h8 Tessera 2. h7 Calanda 3.5 Dream’s Aplenty 4. h12 Billy The Kid ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h5 Lord Cecil 2. h2 Padraig 3. h13 African Rainbow 4. h8 Easy Go Easy Win
Easy Go Easy Win 2nd/$2.20
S R 2 1. h10 Clipper 2. h7 Lélu 3. h4 Somebody 4. h3 Conniving

Clipper 1st SP($3)/place$1.50

S R 3 1. h1 Sizzling Bullet 2. h6 Garbhan, 3. h7 Lord Macau 4. h3 Obscura


S R 4 1.h3 It’s A Shamozzle 2. h1 Signposted 3. h10 Chandana 4. 6 Supply And Demand

Supply And Demand 2nd$1.60

S R 51h1 Siren’s Fury 2. h5 Istria 3. h2 Brulee 4. h16 Chadana


S R 6 1 h2 Heavenly Anna 2.h3 Yuma Desert 3. h12 In Times Of War 4. h9 Khaleesi ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

In Times Of War 1st SP($2.50)/place$1.40

S R 7 1. h1 Allergic 2. h3 Big Duke 3. h6 Broadside 4. h5 Danjeu. (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Allergic 1st SP($4.50)/place$1.90, Broadside 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex;Vic.$5.20/$13.70,N.S.W.$4.60/$14.50,Qld.$4.70/$16

S R 8 h11 Badajoz 2. h1 Big Money 3. h5 Inz ‘N’Out 4. h9 Madotti (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Badajoz 2nd$1.80

S R 9 1. h12 Imperator Augustus 2. h9 Wayanka 3. h13 Ruthless Agent 4. h11 Orcym Sam (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Imperator Augustus 2nd$3.70

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h1 Star Search 2. h6 Cliff’s Edge 3. h10 Lone Eagle 4. h12 Joseph Sea

Cliff’s Edge 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.70, Lone Eagle 2nd$1.70, Josephine Sea 3rd$1.80; Trifecta; Vic.$70,N.S.W.$87,Qld.$86.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$9.70/$19.20,N.S.W.$10.30/$17.90,Qld.$9.50/$25.20

M R 2 1.h10 The Card Players 2. h13 Galaxy Raider 3. h3 Kalashani Lad 4. h2 Sullivan Bay

Kalashani Lad 3rd$16.10, Sullivan Bay 4th

M R 3 1.h2 Zed Em

Zed Em 2nd$1.50

M R 4 1.h3 Urban Explorer 2. h2 Renew 3. h1 Wells 4. h5 Honey Steel’s Gold

Renew 1st SP($2.40)/place$1.30, Urban Explorer 2nd$2.10, Honey Steel’s Gold 3rd$1.40; Trifecta; Vic.$33,N.S.W.$28.30,Qld.$25.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.80/$12.20,N.S.W.$8.10/$9.40,QLD.$8.20/$10.10

M R 5 1.h6 Goathland 2. h8 Grand Dreamer 3. h12 Castle Hackett 4. h5 Try Four

Grand Dreamer 1st SP($5.50/place$2, Goathland 3rd$1.30

M R 6 1. h3 Jacquinot Bay 2. h10 Plein Ciel 3. h6 Petrology 4. h5 Onpicalo (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Plein Ciel 1st SP($2.10)/place$1.30, Petrology 2nd$2.40; Q/Ex; Vic.9.90/$13.80,N.S.W.$10.40/$12.10,Qld8.70/$9.70

M R 7 1.h1 Leotie 2. h7 Windbern 3. h2 Pedrena 4. (8 Iheartpoppy,13 Silver Pathfinder)(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Pedrena 2nd$1.30

M R 8 1. h4 Widgee Turf 2. h2 Royal Ace 3. h8 Barbie’s Boy 4. h5 What A Shock (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Widgee Turf 1st SP($3.50)/place$1.60, Barbie’s Boy 2nd$2.40;Q/Ex;Vic.$11.40/$20.70,N.S.W.$12.40/$22.50,Qld.$11.10/$20.20

M R 91.h14 Data Point 2. h1 Cannyescent 3. h6 Tykiato 4. h10 Bradman (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Cannyescent 1st SP9$4.50)/place$1.80, Data Point 2nd$1.80;Q/Ex; Vic.$8.70/$18.80,N.S.W.$8.20/$17.30,Qld.$8.40/$18.10

   BR4 H2 Jumbo Prince,SR3 H1 Sizzling Bullet, SR5 H1 Siren’s Fury

Jumbo Prince; when you have a horse like this sitting 3rd on the fence in clear running you start to think by how far, he just floundered in the conditions when let down.

Sizzling Bullet; a perfect ride looked the winner at the distance but the 60.5kgs told and he finished a close up 5th.

Siren’s Fury; ran well but the leader had a cosy run in front and was too good, maybe she is at the end of her prep.

SR9 H12 Imperator Augustus, MR7 H1 Leotie

Imperator Augustus($12); had a beaut run on the fence behind the leader, when leader left the rail in the straight he went through to take the lead only to be run down by Magical Stance for a good second.

Leotie; didn’t finish off like we thought she would, maybe a wet tracker.

BR6 H18 Mystic Opal

Mystic Opal; forget she went around, she didn’t handle those conditions.

Jungle Edge was once again ready to prove he was the best mudder in the land until the big horse Clearly Innocent,$11 and our top pick, with giant strides ploughed through it with ease, he is now unbeaten in the wet (4 from 4), he is a good horse on good tracks but on wet he is superior. We have to take out of the Eagle Farm meet yesterday that a lot of these gallopers have  had gut busters and we will have to tread wearily when assessing them at their next run. Black Heart Bart’s run was very good coming from last on the corner to run a very good fifth, he was back with Clearly Innocent  on the corner but couldn’t go with that horse when he sprinted, simply because he didn’t handle the conditions the same, he is in the memory bank. Melody Belle , also our top pick at $5, she is a Group one performer and our opinion is simple a group horse is exactly that,here or in N.Z. Hope she goes to Melbourne for the Thousand Guineas. We had the quaddie going in Brisbane with four serious chances in the last leg(smallest being just over $3000), on the corner I thought were a huge chance of being successful with 3 of our runners right up on the speed but they failed to go on with it and two of them namely Tessera and Calanda both finished near the tail very tired horses, these two had outstanding wet track form going into the race so it just shows how trying these conditions were. Fourteen winners in our top four selections with six on top. Some late news before we go TSHAHITSI which was one of our best bets at Flemington a few weeks ago and we stated was luckless and should have bolted in, we suggested to all Horsebuck$ followers that they back up at his next start, he started in the Echuca Cup this afternoon and duly saluted at the great odds of $12 GOUGUDTHING. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all.

Eagle Farm Heavy Track, Randwick Soft Track, Sandown Good Track. Best Bets; Eagle Farm race 4 Jumbo Prince($9) we tipped this horse at his last start and he hit the line hard for a good third he is a serious racehorse that always gives his best. He relishes wet tracks and Shinn takes over this week,lets hope he has him a little more forward turning for home so he can unleash. Randwick race 3 Sizzling Bullet ($4.60) 60.5 kegs we don‘t think that is enough to stop him here, he raced outside the leader last start but he might go back today from this draw (he can do either) another that relishes soft conditions a huge surprise if he is not there when the whips are cracking. Randwick race 5 Siren’s Fury($9) better suited at this distance she will get back, we expect her to be steaming home and the 3kilo claim by up and coming apprentice B.Ryan just might be the edge she needs. Best Eachway; Randwick race 9 Imperator Augustus($15) this bloke ticks a lot of boxes here, he likes to lead (The Bull might have something to say about that) so he might have to take a sit here, either way M.Dee will have him a winning position at the distance giddyup! Sandown race 7 Leotie($6.50) this filly is ready to produce after a couple of unlucky runs and then a nice closing third last start, she has a touch of class and the Sandown stretch should suit he. Best Longshot; Eagle Farm race 6 Mystic Opal($17) class 6 to a G3 interesting but she has the ability to cope with such an assignment, as long as Cassidy gives her a good ride from gate 2 she will be right in the thick of things in a quality field. Caulfield was crazy last week, we did the form for a track bordering on soft but it got to a good 3 and more than half the programme was won by horses with superior wet track form and that is what racing can throw at you at times. We think we have nailed a couple of little gems this weekend and we are due to snare another quaddie GOUGUDTHINGS. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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