Results 20th May 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h6 Gully Command 2. h8 American Diva 3. h11 Honey Holt 4. h7 Blackjack Bella

Gully Command 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.70, Blackjack Bella 2nd/$1.40 American Diva 4th; Q/Ex;Vic.$4.60/$8.30,N.S.W.$4.90/$8,Qld.$4.40/$10.

B R 2 1h11 Cabin Fever 2. h10 Real Princess 3. h9 Dream Kisses 4. h1 Pardoe

Pardoe 1st SP($7.50)/place$3.10, Cabin Fever 4th

B R 3 1.h1 Mount Nebo 2. h5 Mr. Manhattan 3. h2 Into The Red 4. h3 Hidden Pearl


B R 4 1.h2 Ringo’s A Rockstar 2. h1 Tactical Advantage 3. h15 Inspired Estelle 4h10 Tiiyatrolani

Tactical Advantage 1st SP($4)/place$1.70, Inspired Estelle 3rd/$4.90

B R 5 1.h7 Elegant Composure 2. h10 Bidii Babe 3. h5 Untamed Diamond 4. h1 Brook Road (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Bidii Babe 1st SP($9.50)/place$2.90, Untamed Diamond 2nd/$1.70; Q/Ex;Vic.$15.60/$37.40,N.S.W.$16.30/$31.30,Qld.$13.60/$43.50

B R 6 1. h1 Candika 2. h2 Kenedna 3. h6 The Pinnacle 4. h5 Oklahoma Girl ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Kenedna 1st SP($3)/place$1.60, Oklahoma Girl 2nd/$2.60; Q/Ex;Vic.$15.70/$17.70,N.S.W.$13.70/$22.40,Qld.$11.10/$20.90

B R 7 1.h1 It’s Somewhat 2. h7 Cylinder Beach 3. h5 Star Exhibit 4. h2 Preferment, ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Star Exhibit 2nd/$2.70

B R 8 1. h1 Jungle Edge 2. h8 Splurge 3. h5 Ulmann 4. h14 Jopa ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Jungle Edge 1st SP($6.50)/place$2.10, Ulmann 3rd/$1.70

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h2 Ipso Facto 2. h1 Viridine 3. h7 Pendeloque 4. h6 Silence

Viridine 1st SP($3.50), Pendeloque 2nd/$2.70, Silence 4th; Q/Ex;Vic.$18.50/$33.60,N.S.W.$16.20/$26.40,Qld.$17.70/$22.80

S R 2 1.h2 Gretna 2. h3 White Moss 3. h7 Passage Of Time 4.h5 Fleeting Stryke

White Moss 2nd/$2.30, Fleeting Stryke 3rd/N.T.D.SP($81), Passage Of Time 4th

S R 3 1. hh3 Memes 2. h1 New Universe 3. h4 Diplomacia 4. h8 Vienna Queen
New Universe 1st SP($1.80)/place$1.30,Vienna Romance 2nd/$4.70, Memes 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta;Vic.$79.80,N.S.W.$109.30,Qld.$98.40; Q/Ex;Vic.$14.20/$19.40,N.S.W.$16.60/$19.40,Qld.$17.80/$18.30
S R 4 1. h4 Schedule 2. h13 Roseito 3. h5 Attainment 4. h10 Hay Now
Hay Now 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.80
S R 51.h1 Secret Trail 2. h4 Elemenohpee 3. h5 Allez Chival 4. h14 Timing

Secret Trail 4th

S R 6 1.h4 Broadside 2. h6 Nothing Box 3. h7 My Psychiatrist 4. h12 Red Dubawi ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Broadside 1st SP($5)/place$2

S R 7 1. h1 Moher 2. h13 So Willie 3. h4 Alegria 4. h16 Timeless Prince (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Moher 3rd/$3, So Willie 4th

S R 8 1. h12 Bonny O’reilly 2. h9 Butterboom 3. 13 Dream Lane 4. h4 Reincarnate (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Bonny O’reilly 1st SP($3.30)/place$1.70, Dream Lane 3rd/$8.30

S R 9 1. h19 Countess Marinov2. h7 Knit ‘N’Purl 3. h15 Chloe’s Comet 4. h13 Firebird Flyer (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h2 Grandioso 2. h1 American Genius 3. h12 Aloisia 4. h5 Salsamor

Aloisia 1st SP($16)/place$3.60, Salsamor 2nd/$5.60; Q/Ex;Vic.$101.30/$199.50/N.S.W.$61.80/$205.50/Qld.$108.10/$257.20

M R 2 1.h5 Divine Quality 2. h2 Wasabi 3. h10 Summer Glen 4. Moonlites Choice

Divine Quality 3rd/$1.30

M R 3 1. h12 Almonteel 2. h7 Loving Home 3. h14 New Graduate 4. h8 Curragh

New Graduate 2nd/$2.90

M R 4 1h4 Spanner Head 2. h3 The Passage3. h9 Willi Willi 4. h8 Havadash


M R 5 1. h14 Mr. Individual 2. h6 Rock For The Ladies3. h2 Charmed Harmony 4. h3 Tucanchoo

Tucanchoo 3rd/$8.20

M R 6 1. h1 De Little Engine 2.h4 Lucques 3. h6 Refrectory 4. h7 See Line Woman (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

De Little Engine 1st SP($3.30)/place$1.50

M R 7 1h8 Karlovasi 2. h4 Malibu’s Style 3. h9 Ruettiger 4. h14v Oak Door (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Oak Door 4th

M R 8 1. h5 Longeron 2. h14 Hursley 3. h1 Ventura Storm 4. h4 Second Bullet THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Second Bullet 4th

M R 91h8 Scapa Cove 2. h14 Stormsabrewing 3. h2 Fastnet Latina 4. h7 Like The Clappers (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Fastnet Latina 3rd/$1.90, Scapa Cove 4th

  BR3 H1 Mount Nebo, BR6 H1 Candika, SR6 H4 Broadside,

Mount Nebo; got back as expected, unable to get a run through the field, only a place chance if he had.

Candika; had conditions to suit, skipped clear on straightening but failed to run the 2000m out.

Broadside; took the lead at the half way mark and was never headed.

MR8 H5 Longeron, MR9 H8 Scapa Cove 

Longeron; had a beautiful run outside leader to take the lead on straightening kicked clear to be collared 50m out to finish just behind the placegetters.

Scapa Cove; struggled to get clear at the 300m when he did, he ran home strongly to be photo finished out of third.

  MR3 H12 Almonteel

Almonteel; he also had a beautiful run outside the leader raced a couple in front  down the stretch only to be run down and finish on the placegetters heels.

Broadside was our only runner in Sydney and duly saluted at good odds($7-$5) all our other runners ,with the exception of Mount Nebo, had their opportunity to win but didn’t go on with it. We have an EXCELLENT strike rate in our BEST BETS and our Best Eachway and Longshots have been a bit lean of late, but overall we have had some great results in this area also. All our past results are available on our site and while there check some of our great trifecta and first four results. As stated previously there is something for every punter on our site and again we iterate that you must be disciplined and have a decent betting structure, if you play every which way you can your chances of success are very limited. We play our best bets on a very simple plan (there are usually only 3 selections) we play level stakes and if our first horse happens to lose we play the next selection plus enough to retrieve our stake from our first play, if that wins we stop proceedings for the day as we have achieved our goal, if it doesn’t, then we do the same play as previously plus enough to retrieve our stake from the previous two plays. We play for win only or eachway depending on the odds, as most of our selections are around the each way quote. If that is not enough action make sure you put aside part of your winnings (50% at least) that way there should be some shekels left at the end of the day.  On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK”to all.

Doomben Heavy Track, Rosehill Soft Trrack, Flemington Soft Track; Best Bets; Doomben race 3 Mount Nebo($8.50) this horse loves the mud and this track, up front will be no place for the faint hearted and that will suit this horse, watch for him steaming home over the top of them. Doomben race 6 Candika($11) this filly also excels in wet ground, she has been in outstanding form this prep, we feel with a nice sit in transit she can strike the lead turning for home and be super hard to run down. Rosehill race 6 Broadside($7) this horse can either lead or take a sit, he is up a notch class wise but drops 1.5kgs, he is ultra consistent and should get the perfect run from gate 3. Once he gets to the front it should be game, set and match. Flemington race 8 Longeron($12) we really fancy this horse, this is his pet distance, barrier 9 is a little tricky but he will go forward and either lead or hopefully get a nice sit. He handles soft or good conditions so he is adaptable we expect him to be there when the whips are cracking. Flemington race 9 Scapa Cove this fellow is drawn to get a beautiful run, he also can handle good or soft conditions, originally we thought Stormsabrewing could win again but there is a nice 3kilo weight turnaround in favour of Scapa Cove, that should be enough. Longshot; Flemington race 3 Almonteel($16) he is also up in grade but it is not the strongest BM84 around, beat a subsequent winner last start and drops 5kgs after the claim. Another that likes to settle up on the speed and with 51.5kgs that just might be the clincher in a tight finish. Remember Ringo‘s A Rockstar and Tshahitsi, we had both as best bets at their last start, both ran unplaced but should have saluted, they are both in today and the only reason we don’t have them in our best today is because of their barriers. We do have Ringo’s on top in his race but Tshahitsi second in his, the outside gate at Flemington over 1400m is suicidal, but whatever you do in those races I would be having something on at the good odds on offer. Notice we have done the form for Flemington as soft(5), there are some showers around down there. Already been downgraded from a good 3 to a good 4. Tshahitsi has been scratched, we will wait for him another day. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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