Tips 29th April 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h4 Johnhro 2. h2 Taillevent 3. h3 Stella Ombre 4. h6 Frequendly
B R 2 1.h4 Desert General 2. h9 Chivadahlii 3. h8 Slydini 4. h6 Pindan Pearl
B R 3 1.h3 Feltre 2. h6 Dream Finish 3. 4 Dance Of Heroes 4. h2 Ruling Force
B R 4 1.h4. Bold Kingston 2. h2 Snitzerkraft 3. h5 Capital Gain 4. h10 Cool Mover
B R 5 1.h3 Billy The Kid 2. h1 Oink 3. h7 Storm Girl 4. h10 Chief Joseph( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
B R 6 1.h2 Music Magnate 2. h7 Tumbler 3. h6 Miss Cover Girl 4. h1 Takedown ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
B R 7 1.h1 Dreams Aplenty 2. h5 Realing 3. h6 Kubis 4. h3 Spring Tycoon ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
B R 8 1h5 Lord Coconuts 2. h7 Privlaka 3. h3 Trubia 4. h9 Mystic Opal, h10 In His Stride ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h3 Mortar Platoon 2.h5 Lookin’At You 3. h1 My Giuliano 4. h2 Lord De Air
S R 2 1. h1 Serna Bay 2. h5 So Bizarre 3. h4 Icon Of Dubai 4. h6 Dragoneight
S R 3 1h2 Ruthless Agent 2, h6 Loves A Hassle 3. h3 Moss My Name 4. h4 Major Sharpe
S R 4 1. h6 Straturbo 2. h3 Clearly Innocent 3. h7 Brook Road 4.h 1 That’s A Good Idea
S R 51.h6 Astara 2. h5 Miscievious Devil 3. h11 Conarchie 4. h14 Il Mio Destino
S R 6 1.h2 Artistry 2. h7 Kinshaci 3. h6 Serene Melody 4. h8 Daysee Doom ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
S R 7 1h4 Spright 2. h11 Prompt Response 3. h3 Generalissimo 4. h1 Good Standing (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
S R 8 1h3 Havana Cooler 2. h13 Moher 3. h5 Fabrizio 4.h2 Famous Seamus, h7 Testashadow (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
S R 9 1h2 Broadside 2. h6 Classic Rewards 3. h1 Beretta 4. h9 Louie Sea Kay (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. hh2 Fomo 2. h8 White Lady 3. h6 Winkleman 4. h1 Soju Warrior
M R 2 1.h6 Overberg 2. h4 Hursley 3. h3 Zahspeed 4. h2 Gooathland
M R 3 1. h11 Mr. Sneaky 2. h14 Wind Force 3.h2 Silver Bolt 4. h12 Typhoon Jolie
M R 4 1.h1 Merriest 2. h2 Moonlites Choice 3. h4 Snitty Kitty 4. h11 Menabrea
M R 5 1. h1 Doubt I’m Dreaming 2. h2 Al Passem 3. h4 Seized 4. h5 Indernile
M R 6 1. h4 Leotie 2. h9 Widgee Turf 3. h8 Wise Hero 4. h3 Highland Beat (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)
M R 7 1.h6 Miss Vista 2. h9 Pink Purrfection 3. h2 Estaminet 4. h10 Grey Street (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)
M R 8 1h1 Charmed Harmony 2. h2 Star Exhibit 3. h6 Dan Zephyr 4. h4 Zebulion THIRD LEG QUADDIE)
M R 91.h1 Onpicalo 2. h9 Curragh 3. h4 Lord Durante 4.h6 The Chairman (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

  MR4 H1 Merriest, MR8 H1 Charmed Harmony, SR7 H4 Spright

MR6 H4 Leotie, SR8 H3 Havana Cooler

  BR8 H5 Lord Coconuts

Eagle Farm Track Soft, Hawkesbury Track Good, Caulfield Track Soft. Best Bets; Caulfield race 4 Merriest($4.40) meets similar field as last time with only a kilo difference after the claim, this filly has an affinity for Caulfield, she will get a similar run as last start with Snitty Kitty taking it up again. If she handles the soft (her breeding suggests she will) it should be game set and match. Caulfield race 8 Charmed Harmony($3.70) will pounce straight on the lead, he loves this distance and although Top Me Up will probably take him on, we think he will be too seasoned for him, he is back to a level now where he is super competetive. Hawkesbury race 7 Spright($5.25) we think this is her grand final(Calanda & Good Standing going on to better races), she is a consistent filly that doesn’t like wet tracks, she will get back but be steaming home late McEvoy will get her home in a driving finish. Best Eachway; Caulfield race 6 Leotie($11), this filly loves give in the track, forget her last run as she had an issue (tongue tie on today) she is a quality horse when right and we are hoping she races a little closer to the speed todayand with conditions to suit should be there when the whips are cracking. Hawkesbury race 8 Havana Cooler($13) we know he has been off the scene for 12 months but has had the benefit of three trials and he is a cracker fresh. He does tend to get back in his races but he usually gets going before the corner to be lurking just behind the speed on straightening, anyway he has blinkers on today so he might race a little closer and we also like the fact that Josh Parr is on, we are expecting him to be there on the line. Longshot; Eagle Farm race 8 Lord Coconuts($21) this horse ticks a lot of boxes here and the fact that he relishes racing fresh is a bonus. Eagle Farm who knows how it will play, we are hoping Fradd has him a little closer here as he does tend to find traffic when ridden back, with clear running they will know he is in the race. Very competetive racing today right across the board with races chock full of chances. Redcore in the first race at Morphetville might just break his duck today and at the $7 available each way all day. GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers today and we might have pinned a couple down today at juicy odds on a super tough day. HORSEBUCK$

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