Results 22nd April 2017

Brisbane Races
BR 11.h1 Emerald City 2. h5 Caillebotte 3. h4 Comacina 4. h7 Mr. Lebrock

Mr. Lebrock 1st SP($6), Emerald City 2nd SP($6.50) place$1.90, Caillebotte 3rd SP($4.80) place$1.90; Trifecta;Vic.$148.90,N.S.W$163.60,Qld.$138.40; Q/Ex;Vic.$19.90/$35.50,N.S.W.$18.40/$37.40,Qld.$16.20/$39.40

B R 2 1.h1 Calligrapher 2. h5 Cooroi Chase 3. h9 Splitter 4. h10 Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever 1st. SP($26)/place$4.70, Cooroi Chase 2nd SP($3)/place$1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$33.50/$74.40, N.S.W.$29.90/$108.70,Qld.$33.10/$113.10.

B R 3 1h1 Candika 2. h3 Siren’s Fury 3. h8 Prada Miss 4. h5 Benefica Princess

Candika 1st SP($1.90)/place$1.20, Prada Miss 2nd SP($31)/place$5.90, Siren’s Fury D.H.3rd SP($6)/place $1,Benfica Princess D.H. 3rd SP($26)/place$2; First Four; Vic.$458.90/$693.10,N.S.W.$549.70/$775.20,Qld.$563.40/$1,086.60; Trifecta;Vic.$70/$148.30,N.S.W$83.70/$165.20,Qld.$81.10/$212.20; Q/Ex; Vic.$25.30/$32,N.S.W$29.90/$34.30,Qld.$26./$48.80.

B R 4 1h4 Land Office 2. h7 Magnus Cor 3. h13 El Campeador 4. h2 Shadow Lord

El Campeodor 1st SP($17)/place$3.80, Land Office 2nd SP($2.30)/place1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$16.40/$48.70,N.S.W.$15.80/$32.40,Qld.$14.80/$49.60

B R 5 1.h7 Hi I’m Back 2. h1 Into The Red 3. h6 Divine Centuri 4. h2 Casual Choice (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)


BR 6 1 h2 Guard Of Honour 2. h1 Ringo’s A Rockstar 3. h6 River Racer 4. h10 All Over Bosanova (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

River Racer 2nd SP($7.50)/place$2.50, Ringo’s A Rockstar 3rd SP($11)/place$3.50

B R 7 1. h7 Beatniks 2. h1 Sir Moments 3. h3 Jumbo Prince 4. h10 Sheiswhatsheis( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


B R 8 1.h15 Shipwrecked 2. h10 Don’t Tell Mama 3. h14 Real Ego 4. h13 Kuznetsova( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Don’t Tell Mama 1st SP($8.50)/place$2.40, Kuznetsova 2nd SP($3)/place$1.80; Q/Ex;Vic.$9.50/$26.60,N.S.W.$11.10/$29.70,Qld.$12.20/$2710

Sydney Races
S R 1 1h4 Debonairly 2. h5 Siam 3. h3 Silence 4. h1 The Mighty Fed

The Mighty Fed 1st SP($7)/place$3.10,Debonairly 2nd SP($2.40), Siam 3rd SP($6)/place n.t.d., Silence 4th SP($5.50);
First Four; Vic.$176.40,N.S.W.$207.80,Qld.$248.40; Trifecta;Vic.$78.90,N.S.W.$88.40,Qld.$8.10;Q/Ex;Vic.$5.40/$16.40,N.S.W.$6.80/$19.90,Qld.$6.70/$88.10

S R 2 1h3 I Thought So 2. h1 Tessera 3, h7 France 4. h2 Twist Tops

Tessera 2nd SP($7.50)/place$2.20

S R 3 h1 Sizzling Bullet 2. h6 The Pinnacle 3. h7 Oklahoma Girl 4. h9 Mull Over

Oklahoma 1st SP($4)/place2, Sizzling Bullet 2nd SP($5.50)/place2.80, The Pinnacle 3rd SP($5)/place n.t.d.
Triecta; Vic.$60.70,N.S.W$53.50,Qld.$51.60; Q/Ex;Vic.$8/$20.80,N.S.W.$11.10/$15.40,Qld.$10.40/$16.30

S R 4 1. h8 Richard Of Yorke 2. h1 Survived 3. h7 Paragon 4. h6 More Energy

Richard Of Yorke 1st SP($2.30)/$1.50, Paragon 3rd SP($7.50)

S R 51.h2 Spiral 2. h4 Like A Shot 3. h10 Class Clown 4. h3 Not For Export

Not For Export 3rd SP($13)/place$3.50

S R 6 1. h9 Grand Dreamer 2. h2 Montauk 3. h7 Timeless Prince 4. h4 Soviet Courage

Grand Dreamer 1st SP($2.80), Montauk 2nd SP($5.50)/place$2.70,Timeless Prince 3rd SP($9)/place n.t.d.

S R 7 1. h9 Super Maxi 2. h6 Nieta 3. h7 Painte 4. h8 Highly Geared ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Nieta 1st SP($2.30)/place$1.30, Super Maxi 3rd SP($4)/place$1.50

S R 8 1. h3 Tally 2. h14 Polarisation 3. h6 Big Duke 4. h1 Who Shot Thebarman, h12 Lasquetti Spirit (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Polarisation 1st SP($6.50)/place$2.60, Who Shot Thebarman 2nd SP($12)/place$2.60, Big Duke 3rd SP($3.80)/place$1.90; Trifecta;Vic.$240.20,N.S.W.$175.60,Qld.$219.50;Q/Ex;Vic.$46.10/$91.60,N.S.W.$40.70/$80,Qld.$49.20/$101.80

S R 9 1. h1 Moss’N’Dale 2. h4 Supply And Demand 3. h10 Pianissimo 4. h2 Roaring To Win ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Moss ‘N’Dale D.H.1st SP($6)/place$2, Roaring To Win D.H.1st SP($8)/place$2.10, Supply And Demand 3rd SP($3.30)/place$1.60; Trifecta;Vic.$48.30/$58,N.S.W.$45.60/$44.70,Qld.$50.30/$54.10; Q/Ex;Vic.$15/$15.90,$14.80,N.S.W.$16.60/$14.50,$15.30,Qld.$16.70/$16.30,$19.40.

S R 10 1. h3 Anisha 2. h2 Via Napoli 3. h7 Gretna 4. h10 Countess Marinov ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Gretana 2nd(0.2L) SP($4.50)/place$1.80, Anishe 3rd SP($7.50)/place$2.20 Double Trio(T2) Race 8/Race 9 14/1/6/1/2/4 Qld. divis.$609.20

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h4 Prize 2. h2 Reflectory 3. h5 Spur On Gold 4. h7 Trending Hard

Refectory ist SP($6)/place$3

M R 2 1. h1 Elite Tiger 2. h10 Mr. Churchill 3. h4 Aurum Spirit 4. h6 Celtic Tiger

Elite Tiger 3rd SP($6.50)/place$2

M R 3 1. h1 Burning Front 2. h5 Entre Nous 3. h2 Zebring 4. h10 Bel Burgess

Burning Front 1st SP($1.50)/place$1.20, Bel Burgess 2nd SP($21); Q/Ex;Vic.$8.90/$9.10,N.S.W.$8.50/$9.50,Qld.$11.10/$7.80

M R 4 1. h3 Hard Call 2. h1 Adirondack 3. h2 Tarquin 4. h9 Ruthven

Ruthven 2nd SP($2.80)/$1.40,Tarquin 3rd SP($11)/place$2.90

M R 5 1.h14 Riverina Romance 2. h2 Danger Deal 3. h11 Pure Scot 4. h3 Seized

Pure Scot 1st SP($6)/place$2.30, Seized 2nd SP($7)/place$2.70, Danger Deal 3rd SP($8.50)/place$2.60; Trifecta; Vic.$208.70,N.S.W.$218.10,Qld.$186.30;Q/Ex;Vic.$22.60/$43.40,N.S.W.$23.50/$36.70,Qld.$23/$45.30

M R 6 1.h12 Gold Fontein 2. h1 French Emotion 3. h7 Diamond Baroness 4. h4 Tidy Prophet (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

French Emotion 1st SP($2.40)/place$1.50

M R 7 1. h3 Kaepernick 2. h6 Crystal Dreamer 3. h8 Malibu Style 4. h 11 Legless Veuve ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Malibu Style 1st SP($21)/place4.20, Legless Veuve 2nd SP($26)/$5.80, Crysatl Dreamer 3rd SP($4)/place$1.80; Trifecta;Vic.$2,053.30,N.S.W.$3,061.10,Qld.$2,377;Q/Ex;Vic.$178.50/$280.90,N.S.W.$195.60/$376.80,Qld.$184.20/$194.60

M R 8 1. h4 Rich Charm 2. h13 Ken’s Dream 3. h5 Lucky Liberty 4. h8 Tycoon Tara, h12 A Lotta Love, h (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Rich Charm 1st SP($5.50)/place$2, Ken’s Dream 2nd SP($4.50)/place$2, Lucky Liberty 3rd SP($8)/place$2.60, A Lotta Love 4th SP($21); First Four;Vic.$1,472.80,N.S.W.$1,491.20,Qld.$1,436.60;Trifecta;Vic.$132.90,N.S.W.$136.10,Qld.$118.60;Q/Ex;Vic.$9.80/$21.40,N.S.W.$10.50/$22,Qld.$10.20/$20.30

M R 91.h7 Kazio 2. h12 Sword Of Light 3. h14 Ana Royale 4. h5 Greviste(FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)
Sword Of Light 1st SP($2.80)/place$1.50, Ana Royale 3rd SP($21)/place$3.60
Quaddie; French Edition/Malibu Style/Rich Charm/Sword Of Light;Vic.$913.80, Qld.$816.20.
Double Trio(T2); Race 7/Race 8;3/11/6/1/13/5 Qld. divis.$15,173.90. Treble;Malibu Style/Rich Charm/Sword Of Light Qld. divis.$288.80

BR6 H2 Guard Of Honour, SR3 H1 Sizzling Bullet, MR8 H4 Rich Charm

Guard Of Honour; missed start ran on okay; Sizzling Bullet; great run outside leader just collared last stride 2nd($5.50).

Rich Charm; he got back a little further than anticipated aided by a great ride proved way too good bolted in ($5.50).

BR7 H7 Beatniks, SR8 H3 Tally

Beatniks; ($11)ran on ok every chance 5th; Tally($13); ran fairly knocked up poor post race recovery, distance may have been a factor.

BR 5 H7 Hi I’m Back

He might need a freshen (5th) ($11)

Outstanding results 22/4/17;  3 first fours, 10 trifectas, 14quinellas/exactas,1 quaddie, 1 best bet, and 19 winners in our top four selections. We have found another form of exotic betting, DOUBLE TRIO or T2, Queensland TAB ( 1st,2nd and 3rd in two nominated races) VIC. T2 $15,173.90 and N.S.W. T2 $609.20 we clinched both of these you can see them documented in the results above, also we found Viddora at Morphetville. All in all a fantastic result. Have a great  ANZAC DAY  and good luck to all.

Doomben Track Good, Randwick Track Heavy, Caulfield Track Soft. Best Bets; Doomben race 6 Guard Of Honour($4.20) quality horse who goes like a pistol first up, he will roll forward from his wide gate but All Over Bosanova will ensure a brisk tempo and Cassidy should have him with a full head of steam into the straight. The cream will rise to the top. Randwick race 3 Sizzling Bullet($4.60) this horse ticks a lot boxes here drops back from a Group one to a BM78 ,loves the sting out super hard to beat. Caulfield race 8 Rich Charm($6) this horse is in super form we tipped him when he won last start, no reason to go off him today. He will possie up behind the speed again and with any luck in running wil be right in the finish. Doomben race 7 Beatniks($11), we would suggest that you give her another chance especially if there is some rain around, she will probably race a tad closer this time, she was driving hard to the line last start to finish just off them. This is a strong lineup but she is equal to the task. The Sydney Cup we like Tally($13) here, we like the way this horse travels into his races which is ideal in 3200m races, he has the class and is super consistent. His breeding and his ability would suggest he will be there when the whips are cracking. Doomben race 5 Hi I’m Back($12) forget he went around at Toowomba last start, did well to finish 2.5L off them, he has a pretty good record and Byrne is still on. He is better than a longshot chance and with the pace on he will be running home hard. Morphetville has a good programme on offer and race 6 is a good race , we were going to tip Atmosperical($12) if she started at Caulfied but she is in here instead, think she will fight out the finish with Viddora. Brisbane is just starting to edge into the winter carnival now, so the racing will go off the next two months. The Winter Carnival is always a blast with plenty of good horses and top jockeys, the atmosphere is electric. On that note have a good weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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