Results 15th April 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h9 Scarlet Poet 2. h2 Tony May 3. h7 Bronte Babe 4. h10 Nelumbo

Tony May 2nd SP($ 2.30) place $1.40

B R 2 1.h3 Snitz 2. h8 Bold Xavvi 3. h2 Capital Gain 4. h1 Bold Kingston

Bold Kingston 1st SP($12), Snitz 2nd SP($3) place $1.30, Bold Xavvi 3rd SP($13) place $3.60
Q/Ex; Vic.$15.90/$40.40; N.S.W. $16/$47.50; Qld. $15.90/$37.40; Trifecta; Vic. $373.30, N.S.W.$415.50, Qld. $328.30; First Four;(1/3/8/2) Vic.$778, N.S.W.$683.50,Qld.$761.60

B R 3 1. h3 Skate To Paris 2. h1 Make My Own Luck 3. h5 Laura’s Star 4. h8 Pricing Power


B R 4 1h2 Straturbo 2. h7 Lady Jetsetter 3. h12 Tumbler 4. h3 Sony Legend

Tumbler 1st SP($1.90), Straturbo 2nd SP($11) place $2.90; Q/Ex; Vic.$7.20/$9.60, N.S.W.$6.60/$8.50,Qld.$9.50/$9.80

B R 5 1.h2 I’m A Ripper 2. h10 Our Beebee 3. h3 Realing 4. h5 Bold Shot ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

I’m A Ripper 2nd (0.2L) SP ($26) place $4.60

B R 6 1h16 Marabel 2. h7 Alseey 3. h1 Bold Peak 4. Ironborn SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Bold Peak 2nd (0.4L) SP($8.50) place $3.20

B R 7 1.h6 Beatniks 2. 5 Siegfried 3. h8 Feltre 4. h4 Jopa, h2 Sakhee’s Soldier( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Siegfried 1st ($2.90), Jopa 3rd SP.($13) place 3.50

B R 8 1. h1 Guest Of Honour 2. h5 Deconstructed 3. h11 Mr Lebrock 4. h2 Ruling Force( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Ruling Force 1st SP.($5.50) D/D $17.60

Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h4 Attainment 2. h3 Fermanagh Lad 3. h6 Supreme Lad 4. h2 Mercurial Lad

Mercurial Lad 1st SP($4.50)

S R 2 1.h6 Burradoo 2. h4 Cannyescent 3. h2 Almighty Girl 3. h13 Knit ‘n’Purl


S R 3 1.h1 Acatour 2. h8 Rokda Kasba 3. h2 Veladero 4. h4 Captain Duffy

Veladero 2nd SP($7.50) place $2.10

S R 4 1. h4 Counterattack 2. h8 Hellbent 3. h1 Takedown 4. h6 Federal

Counterattack 2nd SP($7) place $1.90, Hellbent 3rd SP($4) place $1.60

S R 51.h4 Astronomos 2. 5 Green Sweet 3. h6 New Tipperary 4. h2 Rudy

Rudy 3rd SP($17) place$3.70

S R 6 1.h1 Invader 2. h8 Whispered Secret 3. h3 Eshtiraak 4. h2 The Mission ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

The Mission 1st SP($9), Invader 2nd SP($1.90) place$1.20, Whispered Secret 3rd SP ($6) place$1.70. Q/Ex.; Vic.$6.60/$20.80,N.S.W.$7/$21.90,Qld.$7.40/$19.30; Trifecta; Vic.$77.50, N.S.W.$77.20,Qld.$95.50

S R 7 1.h9 English 2. h5 McCreery 3. h1 Le Romain 4. h4 Voodoo Lad (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Le Romain 2nd SP($4) place $1.70

S R 8 1.h1 Raiment 2. h3 Prompt Response 3. h2 Didums 4. h12 Fleeting Stryke4(THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Raiment 1st SP ($5.50)

S R 9 1.h9 God’s In Him 2. h1 Fabirizio 3. h8 Sort After 4. h3 Marenostro (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h7 Hot Ruby 2. h5 Ma Jones 3. h6 Stella Etoile 4. h4 Amerela

Ma Jones 1st SP($4.50)

M R 2 1. h1 Al Passem 2. h6 Premio Memento 3. h5 Many Rewards 4. h9 Redcore

Al Passem 1st SP($13), Redcore 2nd SP($5.50) place $2
Q/Ex; Vic.$32.50/$76.40, N.S.W.$27.30/$52.30,Qld.$27.20/$25.10

M R 3 1. h5 Chase The Horizon 2. hh16 Miss Vista 3. h15 Grey Street 4. h12 First Hand

Miss Vista 1stSP($4.50), Grey Street 2nd SP($9) place$3, Chase The Horizon SP($9) place$2.90

Q/Ex; Vic.$19.50/430.50,N.S.W.$19.60/$33.40,Qld.$19/$37.60;Trifecta; Vic.$222, N.S.W.$249.60, Qld.$222; First Four; (1/15/5/12) Vic.$864.30, N.S.W$1,005.20, Qld.$911.20

M R 4 1h1 Throssell 2. h9 Waterloo Sunset 3. h6 So Poysed 4. h2 Another Coldie

Waterloo Sunset DH1st SP($5), So Poysed 3rd SP($16) place $3.60

M R 5 1. h3 Merriest 2. h1 Scarlet Rain 3. h4 Modern Wonder 4. h13 Snitty Kitty

Merriest 1st SP($8), Snitty Kitty 2nd SP($9) place$3.20. Q/Ex.; Vic.$36/$75.60, N.S.W.$39.20/$70.50, Qld.$38.40/$87.50

M R 6 1. h3 Hans Holbein 2. h1 Boom Time 3. h7 Lucques 4. h2 Araldo Junior

Boom Time 1st SP($6), Hans Holbein 3rd SP($1.90) place $1.40. XD Qld Merriest/Boom Time$39.30, Early Quaddie Vic. Miss Vista/ Waterloo Sunset/ Merriest/ Boom Time $533

M R 7 1. h5 Shakesperean Lass 2. h11 Miss Gunpowder 3. h1 Rock The Ladies 4. h6 Gallant Harmony, h16 Boomwaa( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Miss Gunpowder 1st SP($5.5), Boomwaa 2nd SP($9) place$2.90;Q/Ex.; Vic.$22.90/$39.30,N.S.W.$22.50/$39, Qld.$22.80/$37.70

M R 8 1. h7 Hellova Street 2. h8 Entirely Platinum 3. h9 Rocket Commmander 4. h1 Arod(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)


M R 91. h16 O’lonera 2. h1 Leebaz 3. 4 Grey Lion 4. h9 Purple Smile (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


M R 101. h5 Nevis 2. h2 Hazzabeel 3. h3 French Emotion 4. h1 Great Esteem ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


BR7 H6 Beatniks, SR5 H4 Astronomos, MR8 H7 Hellova Street

Beatniks finished off for 5th, Astronomos disappointed for 4th conditions to suit, Hellova Street sat 3 deep entire race weakened out of it (7th)

BR4 H2 Straturbo, MR5 H3 Merriest

Straturbo 2nd SP ($11) place $2.90, Merriest 1st SP ($8)

  MR7 H5 Shakesperean Lass

She had a good run in behind leaders didn’t go on with it

All in all a pretty good day,with yet another $8 winner in our best bets, two first fours $761 & $1,oo5, early quaddie in Melbourne $533, 14 winners once again in our top four selections.

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