Results 8th April 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h2 Ruby Red Heart 2. h5 Girl In A Million 3. h1 Hinngis Rose 4. h7 Skate To Paris;

Skate To Paris 2nd (0.3L) SP $21 place $3.90

B R 2 1.h5 Fab’s Cowboy 2. h1 Cantbuybetter 3. h2 Good Job Bro 4. h3 Counter Meal ;

Cantbuybetter 1st SP ($7)/ $2.60; Counter Meal 3rd (1L) SP ($7) place $2.60

B R 3 1. h2 Helarocity 2. h11 Real Ego 3. h5 Uno Best 4. h6 Arthur Le Roi ;

Real Ego 1st SP ($13)/ $3.70; Uno Best 2nd (0.8L) SP ($41) place ($7.30); Helarocity 3rd
(1.6L) SP ($3.50) place ($1.70)

Q/Ex; Vic. $135.60/ $279.70 Trifecta; Vic.$1,592
N.S.W. $115,80/ $206; N.S.W. $1,771.20
Qld. $133.40/ $422.40; Qld. $1,229.20

B R 4 1.h5 All That Is 2. h1 Don’t Tell Mama 3. h3 Kuznetsova 4. h11 Swindlers Miss;
Kuznetsova 1st. SP. ($4.50)/ $1.90; Don’t Tell Mama 2nd (3.5L) SP ($4) place $1.90

Q/Ex.; Vic.$7.10/ $15.30
N.S.W. $7/ $9.20
Qld. $7.70/ 12.70

B R 5 1. h1 Ruling Force 2. h2 Deconstructed 3. h6 Raffinato 4. h4 Gully Command

Ruling Force 1st SP ($7.50)/ $2.60

B R 6 1. h3 Spring Tycoon 2. h9 Don’t Doubt Da Wife 3. h5 Atouchmore 4. 11 Isn’t She Elegant (4th);

Spring Tycoon 2nd (0.2L) SP ($8) place $2.30

B R 7 1. h1 Cylinder Beach 2. h3 Emerald City 3. 6 Dream Finnish 4. h11 Caillebotte( FIRST LEG QUADDIE);

Cylinder Beach 1st SP ($2.90) / $1.50

B R 8 1. h1 Mount Nebo 2. h3 Jumbo Prince 3. h2 Upstart Pride 4. 12 Tribua, h13 Choice Bro( SECOND LEG QUADDIE);
Jumbo Prince DH 1st SP ($9) $4.90/ $2.90
B R 91. h9 Land Office 2. h2 Fiery Heights 3. h4 Quatronic 4. h1 Emphasis ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE);

Quatronic ist SP ($9)/ $3; Land Office 3rd SP(6.50) place $2;

B R 101. h2 Hi I’m Back 2. h11 Rhyme Nor Rhythm 3. h13 Precipitate 4. h14 Forbidden Kisses (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE);

Forbidden Kisses 3rd SP ($13) place $3.20

Sydney Races
S R 1 1. h3 Toga Picta 2. h4 Banish 3. h1 Muraahib 4. h5 Medal Kun; Toga Picta 2nd SP ($8) place $2.70
S R 2 1.h3 Peacock 2. h11 Red Hearts 3. h4 Bryneich 4. h9 Ubatuba;


S R 3 1. h4 Serena Bay 2. h1 Formality 3. h3 Shoals 4. h6 Almanzora;

Shoals 1st SP($3); Formality 2nd SP $(9) place $3.80); Serena Bay 3rd SP ($4.30) Trifecta; Vic. $64.30
Q/Ex; Vic.$10.80/ $18; N.S.W. $72.10
N.S.W. $11.90/ $18.40; Qld. 460.50
Qld. $12.20/ $18.30;

S R 4 1.h9 Pomelo 2. h11 Clevedon Bay 3. h14 Reiby Rampart 4. h8 Mayore;

Mayore 1st SP ($21)/ $7;

S R 51h11 Global Glamour 2. h1 Saracino 3. h6 Tactical Advantage 4,.h5 Glenall;

Global Glamour 2nd SP ($3.80) place $1.90

S R 6 1 h5 Harlow Gold 2. h3 Bonneval 3. h4 Nurse Kitchen 4. h1 Lasqueti Spirit;

Bonneval 1st SP ($4.30)/ $1.80; Lasqueti Spirit 3rd SP ($11) place $3.40

S R 7 1h9 WINX 2. h1 Hartnell 3. h2 Exospere 4. h4 The United States ( FIRST LEG QUADDIE);

WINX 1st ($1.10); Hartnell 2nd SP ($17)

Q/Ex; Vic. $3.10/ $2.80
N.S.W. $2.60/ $2.70
Qld. 3.50/ $3

S R 8 1h7 Big Duke 2. h1 Who Shot Thebarman 3. h3 Almoonquith 4. h14 Polarisation ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE):

NO RACE all four alive in Quaddie

S R 9 1. h17 Foxplay 2. h1 Silent Sedition 3. h2 First Seal 4. h3 Heaven’s Above, h5 Zanbagh( THIRD LEG QUADDIE);

Foxplay 1st SP ($7.50); Zanbagh 2nd SP ($21) place $7;

Q/Ex; Vic. $80.50/ $128.20
N.S.W. $83.50/ $119.50
Qld. $77/ $ 130.30

S R 101. h1 Tycoon Tara 2. h15 Painted Firetail 3. h11 Ravi 4. h3 Secret Agenda ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE);

Secret Agenda 1st SP ($9)/ $3.30
DAILY DOUBLE;N.S.W. $112.90 Qld. $89.30
QUADDIE; N.S.W $133.50X4
Qld. $$89.30×4

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h1 Plutocracy 2. h6 Banish 3. h5 Shamar 4. h2 Kobayashi

Kobayashi 1st SP ($8)/ $3.30; Plutocracy 2nd SP ($2.10)/ place $1.40; Banish 3rd SP ($4.30)

Q/Ex; Vic.$7.30/ $17.90; Trifecta; Vic. $56.20
N.S.W. $7.10/ $17.70; N.SW. $56
Qld. $6.69/ $12.10; Qld. $55.80

M R 2 1.h11 Stone Warrior 2. h3 Khutulin 3. h2 Overberg 4. h5 Use The Lot

Overberg 2nd SP ($8)/ place $2.50

M R 3 1.h9 Star Patriot 2. h6 Toffee Nose 3. h4 Fragonard 4. h10 Sequoia Lady

Toffee Nose 3rd SP ($3.50)/ place $1.60

M R 4 1.h14 High Bounty 2. h11 Miss Strathallan 3. h4 Fontein Lad 4. h1 Wine Bush

Miss Strathallan 2nd SP ($4)/ place $1.70

M R 5 1.h9 Crystal Dreamer 2. h2 Demonstrate 3. h6 Gun Case 4. h1 Thermal Current

Crystal Dreamer 1st SP ($3.30)/ place $1.50

M R 6 1.h1 Hear The Chant 2. h9 Verstappen 3. h Ken’s Dream 4. h14 Creativity (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Kens Dream 1st SP ($3.50)/ place $1.70; Creativity 3rd SP ($26) place $7.30.

M R 7 1. h2 Great Esteem 2. h1 Leebaz 3. h5 Purple Smile 4. h11 O’loneraL(SECOND LEG QUADDIE)


M R 8 1. h5 Hans Holbein 2. h6 De Little Engine 3. h1 Boom Time 4. 7 Self Sense (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


M R 91.h8 Tykiato 2. h13 Grey Street 3. h14 Themis 4. h2 Atmospherical (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)


BR 5 H1 Ruling Force, BR10 H2 Hi I’m Back, SR5 H11 Global Glamour,

Ruling Force first SP ($7.50), Global Glamour 2nd SP ($3.80)/ place $1.90

MR6 H1 Hear The Chant, MR9 H8 Tykiato

Hear The Chant unplaced, Tykiaoto scr. race abandoned

 MR3 H9 Star Patriot unplaced SP ($41)

Toowoomba Good Track, Randwick Heavy Track, Caulfield Good Track; Best Bets; Toowoomba race 5 Ruling Force($7.50) this fellow is a gay deceiver but here is a race he could get away with. He has three things going for him, likes the track, the distance and is drawn to get a beautiful run or he could take it up himself, either way he will be extremely hard to beat here. Toowoomba race 10 Hi I‘m Back($11), he has been racing very consistently ran a cracking race in the Goldmarket back to a class 6 today (albeit a strong one), usually likes to race just off the speed, we feel all he has to do is handle the tricky Toowoomba circuit to be right in the finish. Randwick race 5 Global Glamour($3.40), there seems to be a concensus around that she can’t win, she has had a nice freshen since the Coolmore where she drew out in the mulga (there were a lot of failures in that race for various reasons) a barrier trial win over Artistry. Mcevoy will exude the best out of her. Best Each Way; Caulfield race 6 Hear The Chant($12) racing well and is consistent 58.5kgs after the claim and she can race on speed or back, this is a strong race but her class will take her a long way. Caulfield race 9 Tykiato($15) Flemington isn‘t her go, much better suited here, has a great second up record and relishes the distance great price, great chance. Best Longshot; Caulfield race 3 Star Patriot($31) her last two runs have been crackers, she has chased home Montoya’s Secret and Odeon her last two, not bad form indeed and the $31 on offer again that will do us. You will have noticed we haven’t done our horsebuck$ roundup the last two weeks, we are working on a new format for results to make it easier to digest especially for new patrons. Just remember our top four selections are geared mainly for the exotic players (there are a plethora of them) and those that like to play two or more horses in the one race and our best bets section are the races that will serve you best at a single play. We have had some great results in this area over our short exsistence, in just the last four weeks alone we have had TULIPS($4.80), PALENTINO($5.50), RICH CHARM($5), ZANBAGH($8) and INVADER($8.50) if you have youself a decent betting strategy you should be ahead. Next week we are going to publish our best bets results from the beginning of our operations and the following week all our exotic results and there have been some cracking results in there also. Two things that are a pre- requisite to be a successful player and that is DISCIPLINE along with a successful betting strategy. WINX back in action this weekend GOUGUDTHING! On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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