Results 1st April 2017

Brisbane Races
AR 1 1. h1 Danger Deal 2. h3Angel’s Wish 3. h4 Unscopeable

Danger Deal 2nd SP($1.40)/place$1.10, Unscopeable 3rd SP($6)n.t.d.

A R 2 1. h2 Goose Green 2. h3 Elzette 3. h5 Lucky Flipper 4. h1 Autumn Sunset

Elzette 2nd SP($3.30)/place$2.30, Goose Green 3rd SP($11)/ n.t.d.

A R 3 1.h5 Enzo The Barber 2. h11Arleigh 3. h1 Lets Tango 4. h4 Cool Maverick

Arleigh 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.70, Cool Maverick 2nd SP($10)/place$3.20, Enzo The Barber 3rd SP($8)/place$2.40; Trifecta; Vic.$153.80,N.S.W.$145.30,Qld.$191.20; Q/Ex;Vic.$18.50/$30.50,N.S.W.$19.80/$29.20,Qld.$19.60/$36.20

A R 4 1.h3 Roselli Sting 2. h4 Ask Me I Know How 3. h2 Hard At It 4. h9 Marco Polo

Marco Polo 2nd SP($5)/place$2.10, Roselli Sting 3rd SP($4.50)/place$1.90

A R 5 1.h1 Ustinov’s Fury 2. h5 Time To Test 3. h12 Sassy Jo 4. h14 Thespinis

Time To Test 1st SP($2.90)/place$1.50, Sassy Jo 2nd SP($7)/place$2.80, Thespinis 3rd SP($31)/place$6; Trifecta;Vic.$394.90,N.S.W.$410.70,Qld.$559.30; Q/Ex;Vic.$16.40/$24.90,N.S.W.$16.40/$26.80,Qld.$16.50/$20.60

A R 6 1.h11 Arizona Widcat 2. h4 Red Fire Lady 3. h3 Omaru Owl 4. h10 Rock Status, h7 Snip Of Magic (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Rock Status 1st SP($4.80)/place$1.90, Arizona Wildcat 2nd SP($4.800/place$2; Q/Ex;Vic.$8.20/$19.60,N.S.W.$8.10/$18.90,Qld.$9.60/$18.60

A R 7 1. h1 Another Coldie 2. h9 Smart Manouvre 3. h3 Aghna 4. h4 Game Of War ( SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

Another Coldie 1st SP($3.30)/$1.90

A R 8 1. h5 The New Boy 2. h9 Tycoon Queen 3. h3 Sandhill Warior 4. h6 Hank’s Nephew ( THIRD LEG QUADDIE)


A R 9 1. h8 Viddora 2. h7 I Am Gypsy 3. h4 Cavaloce 4. h1 Casino Wizard, h5 Karacatis ( FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Viddora 2nd SP($3.30), Karacatis 3rd SP($15)

Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h2 Condor Heroes 2. h1 Property 3. h6 Dissolution 4. h3 Mr. Kylin

Property 1st SP($4.80)/place$1.70, Condor Heroes 2nd SP($4.80)/place$1.70; Q/Ex;Vic.$9.50/$16.80,N.S.W.$9.70/$19.40,Qld.$10.10/$20.90

S R 2 1.h2 Eusebio 2. h9 Zenalicious 3. h6 Mr. Sneaky 4. h4 Theanswermyfriend

Theanswermyfriend 2nd SP($2.40)/place$1.04, Mr. Sneaky(L/S)

S R 3 1h1 Big Duke 2. h5 Alegria 3. h3 Aloft 4. Rock On

Big Duke 1st SP($2.50)/place$1.40, Aloft 2nd SP($4.50)/place$1.70, Rock On 3rd SP($8.50)/place$1.90, Alegria 4th; First Four;Vic.$60.60,N.S.W.$57.80,Qld.$60.80;Trifecta;Vic.$30.90,N.S.W.$30.80,Qld.$29.10; Q/Ex;Vic.$4.20/$6.80,N.S.W.$3.40/$4.90,Qld.$4.10/$9.80

S R 4 1. h1 Distinctive Look 2. h6 Careless Love 3. h10 Nic’s Vendetta 4. h15 Pumpkin Pie


S R 51.h3 Raiment 2. h6 Sweet Sherry 3. h11 Manaya 4. h12 Zumbelina


S R 6 1h8 Invader 2. h14 Frolic 3. h 2 Menari 4. h15 Tulip, h11 Sircconi( FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Invader 1st SP($8)/place$2.80

S R 7 1. h3 Inference 2. h2 Gingernuts 3. h1 Prized Icon 4. h4 Jon Snow (SECOND LEG QUADDIE)

JonSnow 1st SP($7.50)/place$2.40

S R 8 1. h14 Russian Revolution 2. h 1 Chautauqua 3. h13 Astern 4. h3 Terravista (THIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Chautauqua 1st SP($5.50)/place$2.50

S R 9 1. h2 Le Romain 2. h1 Hauraki 3. h18 Testashadow 4. h5 Happy Clapper , h14 I Am The Star FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Happy Clapper 2nd SP($7)/place$2.80

S R 10 1. h11 Red Heat 2. h3 Mull Over 3. h8 La Chatte 4. h9 Baysa


Melbourne Races
M R 1 1. h4 Marwood 2. h3 Orujo 3. h5 Lonrockstar 4. h10 Savaju

Savaju 2nd SP($9)/place$2.60

M R 2 1. h1 Ashlor 2. h8 Pearl Congenial 3. h5 Sacred Sham 4. h2 Blue Tycoon

Blue Tycoon 2nd SP($10)/place$2.50. Sacred Sham 3rd SP($2.30/place$1.20

M R 3 1.h1 Wait For No One 2. h2 Seized 3. h3 Speed Street 4. h9 Pure Scot

Speed Street 1st SP($3.80)/place$1.60, Pure Scot 3rd SP($8)/place$2.10

M R 4 1h3 Snitzelwood 2. h9 Richard Of Yoke 3. h5 Goodwill 4. h4 Hale Soriano

Richard Of Yorke 2nd SP($3.30)/place$1.50, Goodwill 3rd SP($4.80)/place$1.80

M R 5 1.h2 Ashdam 2. h3 Broadway And First 3. h4 Leodoro 4. h6 Star Fortune

Leodoro 2nd SP($5.50)/place$2.40

M R 6 1. h8 Diamond Baroness 2. h5 Jalan Jalan 3. h3 Whistle Baby 4. h2 Catch A Fire (FIRST LEG QUADDIE)

Whistle Baby 2nd SP($3.30)/place$1.60), Diamond Baroness 3rd SP($7.50)/place$2.30

M R 7 1.h11 Show A Star 2. h7 Zebrinz 3. h1 Burning Front 4. h2 He Or She 9 SECOND LEG QUADDIE)


M R 8 1h10 Waterloo Sunset 2. h13 Nina’s Ballerina 3. h9 Kazio 4. h6 So Poysed, h8 Sherpa’s TrailTHIRD LEG QUADDIE)

Kazio 3rd SP($7)/place$2.50

M R 91.h8 Bradman 2. h6 Sadaqa 3. h11 Pay Up Bro 4. h4 Haradfull (FOURTH LEG QUADDIE)

Bradman 3rd SP($21)/place$4

SR6 H8 Invader, SR9 H2 Le Romain, MR6 H8 Diamond Baroness

Invader 1st SP($8)/place$2.80; Le Romain unplaced SP($4.80); Diamond Baroness 3rd SP($7.50)/place$2.30

MR5 H2 Ashdam, MR7 H11 Show A Star

Ashdam unplaced(6th) SP($31), Show A Star unplaced(8th) SP($8.50)

SR4 H1 Distinctive Look

Distinctive Look unplaced (beaten a long way) SP($17)

As we ventured into Adelaide racing for the first time (owing to unsure track conditions at Doomben) with pretty good results, we did suggest however there could be three horses that would be worth a play at Doomben. Spiral was one of them who duly saluted at the nice odds of $6. Good luck to all. Horsebuck$

Morphetville Track Good, Randwick Track Heavy, Bendigo Track Good. We have decided to do Adelaide races this week instead of Brisbane, this will be the fourth meeting at Doomben in ten days and they called off the races there on Wednesday due to unsafe conditions and they have had 250mls of rain there since, we think the track there will be a little tricky to rate. So we decided to go with Adelaide for this week only. we hope this doesn’t affect followers to much, it just might be a better playing field down there today. Best Bets; Randwick race 6 Invader relishes the conditions and from this draw will sit just off them, yet to race over the distance but races like it will be no problems he will pounce at the 100m. Randwick race 9 Le Romain this fellow is reaaly starting to show off now, he will get a gun run from gate 8 and think he is extremely well weighted, he will get to the front in the straight and that will be game over. Bendigo race 6 Diamond Baroness jump, lead and they will all have to run her down, not sure they can. Best Eachway; Bendigo race 5 Ashdam disqualified last start for weighing in light, he will jump and run not the best draw but he just might have the pace to get across. he will be there when the whips are cracking. Bendigo race 7 Show A Star meets a good field here but he does have his own share of abilty, he will sit just behind Burning Front he has a nice pull in the weights here and loves the distance. Best Longshot; Randwick race 4 Distinctive Look not sure you can really class this horse as roughie we only have him in this catergory because of his crazy price($23) , he has run well on a heavy track he is ultra consistent likes the track and the distance can settle close to the speed or back and he is in great fornm. We really fancy this galloper. If you still like to have a bet in Brisbane maybe Race 2 Spirit Of Kiowa, Race3 Spiral and race 8 Beaudacious. You will have to monitor track conditions there. Adelaide is a new venture for us we hope it is rewarding for horsebuck$ players. So on that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCKto all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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